Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 14
Su Hui looked out of the car, the rain was still falling, some raindrops hit the window, then fell down, and then new raindrops fell, like an endless cycle. 

Looking at those continuous raindrops, he fell into memories. 

Twenty days ago, Tan Ju came to his house to find him. It was not a pre-arranged meeting. He was still wearing pajamas at that time, and the house was messy, with the curtains drawn, it was pitch black. 

When Tan Ju came in, he welcomed him into the living room. Aristotle slept in the center of the sofa. Hearing someone come in, he woke up from a sweet dream and ran to the corner with a swish. 

Su Hui felt that he should pour a glass of water for Tan Ju, but he had run out of disposable cups at some point, and all the glasses hadn’t been used for a long time and were covered with dust. 

In the end, it was Tan Ju who said, “No need to rush, I just drank water, I’ll sit for a while and leave.” 

Su Hui gave up and sat on the chair opposite Tan Ju. 

Tan Ju said: “Su Hui, I received your reinstatement application. I came today to talk to you about returning to the front line.” 

Su Hui whispered: “In the past two years, I have been immersing myself in academics and have been excluded from those cases. But I feel that I am still young, my wounds are almost healed, and I feel that I need to go out into the world, fulfill myself, find something to do.” 

Tan Ju nodded: “Su Hui, I understand your frame of mind and your choice. I will consider your situation and arrange a suitable position for you. And I am here today because I have a case here. The police officers are *helpless and I’m unable to devote more police force, I don’t know if you are willing to try…” 

Show/Hide Note*(shu shou wu ce) lit: to have one’s hands bound and be unable to do anything – Fig: helpless in the face of a crisis.

Su Hui lowered his head and saw a photo of a girl on the top. His eyes were hazy, and when he got closer, he could see it clearly. The girl in the photo was smiling, and people couldn’t help being fascinated by the smile, it was infectious.

Su Hui has seen this photo more than once. Once he passed by the school gate, a girl in the class was volunteering and gave him a missing person notice. The flier used this exact picture of the girl.

At that time, Su Hui stopped and asked, “Who is this?” 

The female student said, “It’s Pei Weiwei.”

Su Hui didn’t read the words carefully, and asked her, “What happened to her?” 

The female student shook her head: “No one knows, she got into a taxi one night and disappeared since then, so everyone is looking for her.” 

Holding the flyers in her arms, the female student continued, “I’m only twenty years old, and she was the same age as me. I’ve thought about how anxious my parents and my siblings would be if I were to disappear, and would my classmates help them find me?…and furthermore would the police be able to find me?

Su Hui nodded, he understood. At the same age, people had a lot of common experiences, and it was easy for these young girls to feel this sense of substitution. 

Pei Weiwei was not distant existence, she just like the people around them… 

Su Hui knew that the materials Tan Ju brought now concerned Pei Weiwei. 

He stretched out his hand and picked up the thick document on the table. He didn’t know who organized the document, but it was obvious that they were very careful.

 Su Hui pursed his lips, flipped the volume, held it before his eyes, and distinguished the words on it.

There was a time when he thought of himself as an ostrich, blind to all the evil in the city. 

Being with those energetic students could make him forget the killings, forget the deaths, and he even skipped the negative information when watching the news on TV and surfing the Internet. 

But just because he avoided it didn’t mean that those evils would disappear, that they would cease to exist. 

This girl, the same age as his student, should have had a bright future. 

Su Hui looked through it carefully, and Tan Ju did not speak. 

Then Su Hui replayed the information and said, “I need to meet the murderer, Song Rongjiang.” 

*Whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it. He had also paid attention to this case before, and the crux of finding Pei Weiwei still lied in Song Rongjiang’s hands. 

Show/Hide Note*(jie ling hai xu xi ling ren) Lit: Whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it (idiom) – Fig: whoever started trouble should end it.

Tan Ju agreed: “Okay, I will contact you when I go back, this is not a job, don’t be too stressed, you can treat it as an adaptation, an excess, I will contact you directly without going through those lengthy procedures. Tell me if you need it, and I’ll let someone arrange it. It’s just that the school is not the same system after all, you need to say hello and stamp it yourself…” 

Su Hui hummed. 

Tan Ju sighed: “There are many people in this city who need you… Su Hui, just as I said to you at the time, the General Bureau will always welcome you back. But now the protection system of anonymity has been broken, It’s too unsafe for you to live alone, and I’m considering arranging a police officer for your daily protection…” 


“Is it here?” Lu Junchi’s voice pulled him back to reality from his memory. 

Only then did Su Hui realize that Lu Junchi had already driven his car into his community and parked it downstairs during the period when he was stunned. For the convenience of taking classes every day, Su Hui bought a house near the Chinese Police Academy. Basically, it took less than ten minutes to walk across the street. 

Su Hui got out of the car, hesitated for a moment, suddenly remembered something, raised his head, and said, “Captain Lu, I have another method about the mutilation case, maybe you can try it.” 

He troubled Lu Junchi tonight and even ate someone’s dinner. He felt that he should do something to make up for it. 

Moreover, sometimes haste is not enough, and he wants to temporarily take himself out of Pei Weiwei’s case in order to find a better breakthrough point. 

Lu Junchi seemed to see the firefly of hope in the dark night, pressed the car window, and asked him, “What is it?” 

Su Hui replied: “I can’t explain in a sentence or two. I need all the details of the case. Can you send it to me tonight?” 

Lu Junchi replied: “Okay.” 

Then Su Hui thought back, “I have two classes tomorrow, wait for me to talk about it after class.” 

“If you want to talk about the case, it’s better to find a conference room, and you can also introduce the method to my team members.” Lu Junchi warmly suggested.

 Su Hui hesitated for a moment and said, “Alright then, I’ll go to the General Bureau after class tomorrow to find you.” 

Lu Junchi didn’t dare to let the half-blind glass beauty come over by himself: “I’m the one who troubled you this time, I’ll go to the Chinese Police Academy tomorrow and pick you up. Let’s make an appointment online for the specific time.”

When Su Hui returned home, he first took a bath and changed his clothes. He was afraid that he would catch a cold, so he filled a cup of cold medicine and sat at the table.

In a messy home, there was only a small blank space on the coffee table. Su Hui suddenly remembered that the WavePuzzle7 he bought last time had not yet been solved. Sitting among the piles of clothes on the sofa, he took out the orange puzzle. 

Just like the last puzzle, this set of puzzles was very small, and the white tray is bigger than the palm of your hand. 

Each piece of the puzzle was like an orange-yellow jelly that looks shiny. 

With the idea from last time, Su Hui first tried to see if he could spell it diagonally, and then he found that this idea was wrong. 

Even in the same series, different puzzles were very different. 

He reflected for a moment, not trying to solve different puzzles with the same idea.

Then Su Hui looked at the undulating color blocks and remembered the name of the puzzle, WAVE. These color blocks were also undulated like waves. There was no solution to fight against the shape of the wave, he can only try to conform to those protrusions.


Determined the idea, found the law. Soon, five pieces were stuck together, and then the other two were stuck at the ends. 

Su Hui put down the puzzle, leaned back on the sofa, and put his hands in Aristotle’s soft fur. 

His thoughts, like this puzzle that had become regular from fragments, became clearer. 

At ten o’clock in the morning of the next day, in the independent conference room of the Major Crimes Unit, the team members arrived early and prepared for the meeting. 

In the Huadu General Bureau, the Major Crimes Unit could be regarded as the top configuration. They not only had special offices and independent conference rooms, but they could also mobilize the manpower of each criminal investigation team, and had the authority to view various documents. And whether it was an autopsy, or physical examination, from top to bottom, level priority, was a green light all the way. 

But correspondingly, they needed to solve various vicious cases in Huadu quickly. 

It had only been more than a week since the discovery of the severed limbs, and a great breakthrough has been made. 

The city’s black market for abandoned cars had been rectified collectively. 

The downstream market of selling stumps was cracked down by the police, multiple platforms and related groups were blocked, and the other two buyers were also arrested. 

But the mysterious butcher was still missing. 

In today’s conference room, the protagonist of the meeting, whom Captain Lu Junchi was late to pick up, had not yet arrived, and several team members started gossiping on their own. 

Although the Major Crimes Unit had great authority in the Huadu General Bureau, apart from the team leader, there were only four core members.

In addition to Qiao Ze and Da Zheng Bai, who often went out with Lu Junchi, there were two others, one was the only female member of the team, Xia Mingxi who was in charge of collating information, and the other was an experienced old criminal policeman Qu Ming. 

These four team members were carefully selected by Lu Junchi from the grassroots police officers, each had their own strengths. 

Qiao Ze had an active mind, had learned to program, and was proficient in computer operation. 

Zheng Bai’s military force was generally recognized as the highest, and his marksmanship was second to none in the General Bureau. 

Qu Ming had a wealth of criminal investigation experience and even had the skills to track and identify based on footprints. He had the best relationship with people outside the team. He had a lot of “relationships” up and down the General Bureau, he was a sly *old fox.

Show/Hide Note*old fox – Fig: cunning personL

As the only girl on the team, Xia Mingxi was absolutely indispensable. She *showed every possible consideration when comforting family members, and she was *thorough when filling in the information. She could effortlessly wangle a few people that even the big guys couldn’t handle, and could ask for testimonies that others couldn’t get. At the same time, she had a bold and vigorous temperament, clear love and hate, and she was never timid in the face of those murderers. She was in a crowd of men all year round, however, she was not emotionally enlightened, and was still single to this day. 

Show/Hide Note*(ti tie ru wei) Lit: To show every possible consideration (idiom) – Fig: Meticulous care

Show/Hide Note*(shi wu ju xi) Lit: Things not separated according to their size (idiom) – Fig: To deal with any matter, regardless of its importance.

The simplicity of personnel meant that there were few office struggles, everyone lived in harmony, *the cooperation was multiplied with half the effort, and the efficiency of solving cases was very high. 


Show/Hide Note(shi ban gong bei) Lit: Half the work, twice the effect (idiom) – Lit: The right approach saves effort and leads to better results/ a stitch in time saves nine

It was the height of summer at this time, however, the air-conditioning in the conference room was strong enough. Qiao Ze incessantly ran his mouth: “It’s not me saying it, this Teacher Su is really miraculous. I haven’t met him many times. Last time he was just sitting on the side eating, spoke casually, and pointed out the crucial points…” 

Xia Mingxi had short hair and a pair of almond-core eyes, and was always straightforward: “This one, you are *blowing excessively, aren’t you?” 

Show/Hide Note*(chui) Blow – talk big and boast

Qiao Ze said: “Really, I’m not exaggerating. He instantly pointed out that the murderer might have changed his appearance to look like a woman, otherwise, I might still be looking through the surveillance videos up to now.”

Xia Mingxi disagreed: “This is because you have no actual combat experience. If I was there, I would have been able to think of it.” 

Qu Ming laughed and said, “Yes ah, some people have two faces with or without makeup, which is comparable to the human skin masks in martial arts novels.”

Qiao Ze remembered something and said, “Oh, by the way, the matter of rummaging through the trash was also proposed by Teacher Su.” 

After hearing this, several team members frowned, as if they had returned to the huge garbage dump full of stench. 

The whole team and more than ten people from the two criminal investigation teams searched for a whole day before they found the trash bags. 

Although everyone was very happy to get the indistinct fingerprints of the murderer, the experience of going to the garbage dump in those days almost caused a psychological shadow on these elites and became a nightmare for the whole team. Now they had finally found the “culprit”. 

Zheng Bai suddenly realized: “Ai, I said that with Captain Lu’s mysophobia, how could he suggest we go to the garbage dump to dig through the trash, it turned out that there was an expert giving him directions!” 

Xia Mingxi unconsciously sniffed her cuffs, but luckily there was only the smell of laundry detergent on it: “I took a shower when I went back that day, I used half a bottle of shower gel to suppress the smell.” 

Qiao Ze continued: “Also, the matter of having us reexamine the scene before was also Teacher Su’s suggestion.” 

Xia Mingxi answered: “Then you mean, this Teacher Su suggested that the Captain should look for other vehicles, told him that the murderer might be a woman, and then asked us to dig through garbage?”

Qiao Ze hummed. 

“So, the images and indistinct fingerprints we obtained were all found under his prompting?” Xia Mingxi narrowed her eyes and said, “It sounds like this teacher is a little interesting, and I’m looking forward to today’s meeting. .” 

Qu Ming said: “I don’t think these are very fine and delicate, I would say they are all stupid methods, and there is an element of luck in it. The main advancement of the case is that the Captain found the identities of several victims, caught that pervert who bought the stump, and then dug up the underground black market. Besides, although we have advanced the progress of the investigation, we are still far from solving the case, and the ‘Butcher’ is still elusive.” 

Sometimes there was a lot of evidence, but that did not mean that the case could be successfully solved. Until the evidence chain is complete and the whole truth is revealed, everything is still variable factors, you could not relax your vigilance.

Qiao Ze said: “Anyway, I think this Teacher Su is quite a god. Of course, he can’t compare to the Poet.”

This sentence caused everyone to feel sad, Qu Ming sighed: “I still miss the time when the Poet was there.”

Among the team members, only Zheng Bai was transferred from the lower bureau last year. He had never dealt with the Poet but had always heard the name mentioned by several colleagues. At this time, he finally couldn’t hold back and asked, “You guys, is the poet you are talking about really that divine?”


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