Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 146

The chloroform gas incident attracted attention not only from the Huadu Bureau but also from higher authorities.

Ironically, the only two fatalities in the chloroform gas incident were Zhang Junzhi and his assistant. Perhaps he did not anticipate that he was digging his own grave while preparing for his plans.

After the incident, the police found a farewell letter on Yang Yuqing’s computer. However, Yang Yuqing claimed to have no knowledge of it, suggesting that Zhang Junzhi may have forged the letter.

Through interrogating Yang Yuqing and searching the mysterious base upstairs, the police discovered evidence and traces left by Zhang Junzhi, as well as numerous clues.

After half a month of recuperation, Su Hui was discharged from the hospital and arrived at the Major Crimes Unit.

During this period, Lu Junchi’s recovery was relatively good. Xing Yunhai had mostly recovered from his injuries, except for a leg fracture that had not yet healed, allowing him to move around in a wheelchair. Yao Fei, using the excuse that the case was not yet solved, stayed at the bureau. Upon hearing of Su Hui’s discharge, Tao Lizhi also came from the Review Division and arrived at the office of the Major Crimes Unit.

The four of them were finally together, but this time it was different from years ago. Back then, they communicated online, but now they were sitting face-to-face.

Beside the table, there was an additional Lu Junchi.

The first thing they did was review all the information they currently possessed.

Tao Lizhi’s writing on the whiteboard was the neatest.

She wiped the whiteboard clean and then began taking notes.

Having experienced a serious injury, Su Hui’s wrist had become thinner, but his gaze was more resolute and calm.

Supporting himself with a cane, he organized his thoughts. “Based on the various testimonies and clues we have, we can now piece together some known information. Zhang Junzhi is one of the key figures. He and Deputy Director Wang, who was only a detective captain at the time, established the 372 Research Institute twenty years ago.”

Tao Lizhi placed the names and photos of these two individuals in the center of the whiteboard.

“They conducted a psychological screening for the city’s teenagers at the Psychological Research Institute, marking those with abnormalities and arranging for their regular visits. At the same time, they provided reception for certain abnormal groups, and word of mouth spread, treating the place as a free psychological clinic.”

“The Psychological Research Institute is housed in an old renovated factory and employs young students, including An Wanyu, the older sister of An Yu Ci. There are also some temporary staff members, without insurance or contracts, such as Pang Shu, the security guard, and some cleaning staff. None of the service staff work here for more than a year; they are usually dismissed after a few months. They also temporarily hire students to participate in psychological experiments.”

“During this period, many people visited this research institute, such as Jie Qiu, Song Lan’en, Fu Yunchu, Qin Yongchen, Chen Xuexian, and others. However, during this time, what they did was not treatment but observation and stimulation. They observed the psychological state of those people, conducted regular follow-ups, and stimulated and guided their psychological changes. The purpose was to exploit these people in the future…”

In the conference room, sunlight shone down, illuminating Su Hui’s pale and calm face. His voice was slightly low and hoarse. The others listened patiently, with only his voice and the sound of the whiteboard pen and eraser in the conference room.

Su Hui’s fingers caressed the cat head on his cane.

“Ten years ago, they set a fire and destroyed the research institute’s data, making great efforts to eliminate traces and disappear. I believe Deputy Director Wang used his authority to conceal subsequent information and erase everything related to this place.”

“Afterwards, An Wanyu, a person who knew about the research institute, committed suicide, while her younger brother An Yu Ci was manipulated by Zhang Junzhi.”

“Zhang Junzhi built a clinic and leased it to Yang Yuqing, using it to monitor and surveil the inside of the clinic upstairs. He learned about the police officers’ situation, making them familiar with the situation at the bureau.”

“Then they started contacting those individuals and used their records from the research institute as a threat, coupled with the lure of money, to induce them to commit crimes.”

“Four years ago, Teacher Yu discovered their actions, investigated the existence of the 372 Psychological Research Institute, and was subsequently silenced by those individuals.”

“After the establishment of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, they deliberately orchestrated the Fine Sand case, leading to the disbandment of the unit.”

“Now, two years later, the Fine Sand case has been reopened, and Deputy Director Wang committed suicide out of fear.”

“To hinder the police investigation, Zhang Junzhi used Yang Yuqing to carry out the chloroform gas incident.”

Everything was organized based on timelines, with each crime recorded.

As Su Hui spoke, Tao Lizhi recorded the information.

Soon, the entire whiteboard was filled, with events listed on the left and corresponding individuals and cases written on the right.

The whiteboard became densely packed with information.

Once Tao Lizhi finished writing, Lu Junchi asked, “Regarding this case, does anyone have any thoughts?”

After a moment of contemplation, Xing Yunhai asked, “What do you think was Zhang Junzhi’s motive for the crimes?”

Zhang Junzhi is a psychology professor, and even if he considered those murderers as research subjects, it’s difficult to explain why he ended up being so deranged.

Su Hui said, “In my analysis, first, he feared the exposure of the secrets of 372. They must have done something that couldn’t be made public and needed to be kept secret. Once these things were discovered or revealed, it would ruin their reputations. That’s why anyone attempting to uncover this history becomes a target for them. As for the second point, I believe he collaborated with Deputy Director Wang to engage in various illegal activities for personal gain.”

Yao Fei nodded, “I checked Deputy Director Wang’s promotion records. He rose through the ranks, but if we investigate further, we will find that some of the suspects in certain cases match the characteristics of the Psychological Research Institute personnel…”

Tao Lizhi realized what was being suggested and furrowed her brow, “So you’re saying these two individuals were working together. Zhang Junzhi had access to twisted information, directing those individuals to commit crimes. They could specify the targets to be killed, and then Deputy Director Wang would have the perfect conditions to apprehend the criminals promptly. This way, Deputy Director Wang would be promoted, and they would profit from it…”

Those murderers were like wild beasts kept in a cage. At a certain point, they would be released to kill the beasts, becoming revered heroes.

Yao Fei looked serious, “I believe Zhang Junzhi might be an important figure, but Deputy Director Wang, although he committed suicide out of fear, I don’t think these two individuals are the masterminds. Just based on these two individuals alone, they aren’t enough to cover up the existence of the 372 Research Institute and Teacher Yu’s death.”

Su Hui nodded slightly. This aligned almost perfectly with his deductions, which led him to make a judgment about Zhang Junzhi in the psychological clinic.

Su Hui spoke up, “There’s another crucial point. The bomb that Song Lan’en ultimately made hasn’t been found yet.”

Although he didn’t know why the explosion hadn’t occurred earlier, it was evident that the matter wasn’t over.

As the group discussed, the door to the Major Crimes Unit’s conference room was pushed open, and Director Tan appeared at the entrance.

He glanced inside and said, “Everyone’s here today. You all are present.”

Lu Junchi quickly stood up and pulled a chair for Director Tan, then turned and asked Qiao Ze to pour a cup of tea for him.

Director Tan waved his hand, “No need for tea. I just came back from a meeting at the provincial office.”

Lu Junchi’s heart fluttered slightly, and he asked, “Does the leadership have any instructions?”

Director Tan smiled wryly, “During the meeting, someone asked me when the 372 case will be closed. They wondered if the bureau needs assistance.”

Upon hearing this, everyone fell silent.

They now had a substantial amount of evidence and had uncovered the truth of the case, but it seemed that they were just one step away from closing it.

That step would lead to victory.

But now, someone was urging them to close the case. Others wanted to take the case away from them.

Tao Lizhi remained silent with her head down.

Yao Fei became somewhat nervous and dropped the pen he was fidgeting with.

Xing Yunhai furrowed his brow.

Director Tan continued, “I’ve heard opposing opinions in recent days. Some say this case is too big, and uprooting it will cause more trouble in dealing with the aftermath. Others say that by not touching certain things, we can live longer. There are also those who say that the case has already been resolved and there’s nothing more to investigate. Some higher-ups want to come down and reap the rewards, while others want to settle things and let you stop investigating.”

They couldn’t and dared not assume how much this case was related to higher-ups or how many people would be implicated…

Su Hui called out, “Director Tan…” His voice was slightly hoarse.

The pressure from superiors and the opposition from colleagues, they could imagine how heavy the burden on Director Tan’s shoulders must be.

All eyes were on Director Tan.

So what should they do now?

Should they continue investigating or stop?

Director Tan sighed, “I’ve made mistakes before. Two years ago, I ordered the temporary closure of the Fine Sand Case, and it almost turned into a disaster… I’m a stubborn old man, sticking to my principles. Even after witnessing so many things, I still believe in justice.”

“I feel that hearing such words now precisely indicates that some people are starting to feel afraid.” Director Tan raised his head, looking at his subordinates with determination. “So this time, I told the higher-ups that because of this case, many people have died, and I owe those lost souls an explanation. There are still doubts and questions in this case, but I believe that within our scope of work, we can resolve them. As long as I’m in this position, I will continue investigating this case every day!”

“I can only do this much.” Director Tan stood up at this point and patted Lu Junchi’s shoulder. “I’m waiting for the day when everything becomes clear.”

These words had a greater impact than any light-hearted support or encouragement.

Lu Junchi said, “Thank you, Director Tan.”

From that day on, the entire Major Crimes Unit, in addition to dealing with routine cases, worked closely with the profilers to search for the final answers to the 372 case.

They continuously gathered various pieces of information and engaged in discussions and repeated deductions.

Zhang Junzhi and Deputy Director Wang had already been exposed, but who else was involved besides them?

Who else had they been in contact with?

During the big fire ten years ago, the other side destroyed most of the records.

Afterward, the testimonies, physical evidence, and all related information gradually disappeared one by one.

Time stood as the greatest obstacle before them. They couldn’t allocate all of their elite police resources to this one case.

When the evidence was gone and people’s memories faded, where could they find the true culprit behind the scenes?

It was a grueling period. Everyone exerted their utmost efforts toward the common goal of discovering the mastermind and leaving no stone unturned.

Although each day brought only fragmentary progress, those pieces of information were like droplets, gradually coming together and gathering to break through the stone wall.

The true culprits behind the scenes seemed to have vanished without a trace, remaining hidden.

But even the most flawless plan would have its loopholes, and even the most cunning fox would reveal its tail.

As the mastermind, he must have had his obsessions and reasons for committing crimes.

As the year came to an end, the weather grew colder.

In Su Hui’s home in Huadu, he looked at the completed jigsaw puzzle before him. He placed the final piece, connecting all the fragments into a cohesive whole.

This wasn’t the first time he had completed this puzzle. Over the past half-month, he had been piecing it together repeatedly.

Lu Junchi finally understood the meaning behind what Su Hui had told him earlier—that the puzzle had no boundaries and no fixed way of fitting together.

The puzzle could extend infinitely, never-ending if one wished.

But now, Su Hui felt that he had completed a beautiful picture.

After thorough scrutiny, it was nearly perfect.

He glued the back of the puzzle together and placed it in a frame.

Lu Junchi helped seal the puzzle and hung it on the bedroom wall. He asked Su Hui, “Are you planning to work on a new puzzle?”

During this period, Su Hui hadn’t received any new deliveries.

Su Hui gazed at the puzzle on the wall, a vast universe.

On the deep purple canvas of the sky, stars twinkled, emitting a radiant light.

He softly said, “No need. I’ve completed all the puzzles that interested me. I feel like I’ve picked up all the pieces of the past. Maybe if there are new interesting puzzles in the future, I’ll give them a try. But for now, it’s enough.”

After speaking, he held Lu Junchi’s hand.

Lu Junchi’s hand was warm, and just by holding it, one could draw strength from it.

The silent night enveloped the city, as if only the two of them existed.

Under the light, Lu Junchi lowered his head and gently kissed Su Hui.

Everything was about to come to an end.

At the end of December, winter had arrived. The weather was getting colder, and darkness fell earlier.

The end of the year was the busiest time for everyone, summarizing the year’s work while planning for the new year.

The headquarters was no exception, with endless meetings, reports to write, and PPT presentations to prepare.

During this time of year, the nearby provinces and cities would conduct year-end inventory together, hold a conference to commend outstanding individuals, and present various awards.

This year, the provincial and municipal police exchange conference was scheduled to be held in Huadu.

The headquarters had started selecting venues, arranging the site, and inviting participants well in advance.

The awards presented at the conference were not only for frontline personnel and grassroots police officers but also included awards for logistics personnel, forensic experts, evidence technicians, and technical talents.

This police conference was considered a major event, and many people had already set their schedules and prepared to come to Huadu.

According to the usual practice, some important awards would be announced on the day of the conference. However, this time was a bit different. Three days in advance, a list of winners was published on the internal police network.

Among them was Su Hui’s name.

Moreover, he was scheduled to receive the final award on the afternoon of the last day.

There were no objections within the Huadu headquarters regarding this award, but people from other provincial and municipal police systems became interested and began inquiring about Su Hui’s identity.

They quickly learned that Su Hui was a student of Weng Yuhua.

Weng Yuhua and Su Liangyi, the two criminal profiling experts, had already confirmed their attendance at the conference. Although they would receive minor awards, it seemed more like they were accompanying Su Hui.

Even before the conference began, many people from the Major Crimes Unit came to celebrate with Su Hui.

Lu Junchi helped explain, “Director Tan helped with the application, and the superiors reviewed the documents and decided on the award. Professor Su doesn’t attach much importance to these things.”

But that’s not all. One day before the conference started, Huadu Legal News published a special interview about Su Hui.

The interview was extensive, spanning over a dozen pages, seemingly in response to Su Hui receiving the award.

The article described him as a genius profiling expert, an outstanding young police officer, and the most exceptional criminal psychological profiler who could delve into the minds of criminals. It highlighted his involvement in solving a series of major cases, handling difficult and dangerous situations, facing criminals head-on, and even risking his life on multiple occasions.

The entire report not only revealed Su Hui’s identity but also featured some of the cases he had solved and various deeds, allowing people to gain a deeper understanding of this seemingly handsome and delicate individual with an unwavering inner strength.

In an instant, Su Hui was showered with glory, surpassing even the admiration he had received as a poet in his hidden identity.

Before they knew it, the conference was officially underway, with all the dining, accommodation, and events held at the Huadu Conference Center.

On the day of the final awards ceremony, the schedule was packed from morning till night.

During the rehearsal in the morning, Su Hui arrived early, with Lu Junchi by his side, staying within a five-step distance.

Inside the venue, Lu Junchi could hear the whispers of the people.

“Isn’t that Su Hui? He looks so refined and accomplished. I never expected someone so young to have such achievements.”

“He’s much more handsome than I imagined.”

“Is this Consultant Su considered Director Tan’s own son?”

“He has genuine talent and expertise. Look at the major cases mentioned in the report. Each one is impressive.”

“That’s right. Not to mention, he received a first-class commendation for the recent gas attack case.”

Today, Su Hui was dressed in a police uniform, with a belt cinched around his waist. His slender waistline looked flexible from the side, and from the back, it seemed like one could easily grasp it. His recent physical condition had improved a bit since Lu Junchi started helping him with exercise. Although he was still thin, his complexion had greatly improved.

Su Hui walked to the front and happened to see Weng Yuhua sitting in a wheelchair, with Sui Liangyi standing behind him, gently pushing the wheelchair, while they went over the award presentation script with the staff.

They had rehearsed their award presentation segment multiple times.

Su Hui walked over and greeted his teacher, “Long time no see.”

Then he turned to Sui Liangyi and greeted him, “Professor Sui.”

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