Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 18
Ning Ke curled up and lay on the cold floor.

She fell asleep, then woke up again.

It was a hot summer day, but she couldn’t feel the temperature at all, only the cold coming from the ground.

The lights on the roof were dim, it was a basement, and you could smell the damp, musty smell of the soil below.

She had been locked up here for a few days, and the room was almost empty. There was a toilet in the corner, there was no food here, only the running water in the toilet, so that she would not die of thirst.

Except for the occasional sound of water coming from the sewers, there was no other sound here. Everything was frighteningly quiet. It seemed that she was no longer in the city she was familiar with.

Where was this place, where was she being held?

Ning Ke was groggy, her mouth was dry, and her throat was burning with pain. No matter how much cold water she drank, her condition did not improve.

She regretted it a little now. On the first day she was detained here, she shouted for a day, desperately shouting for help, and desperately smashing the door. Those screams did not attract people, but made her voice completely hoarse, and she used too much of her physical strength. Possibly because of a fever caused by an inflamed throat, she was very weak.

Ning Ke struggled to get up and drank some water, then began to organize her thoughts. She should have been locked here for three days. During this period, no one had come. Her cell phone and schoolbag were taken away, and she was locked in the basement. Time passed like this.

She was so hungry… Her stomach had been suffering, and she felt like she was going to starve to death.

What happened…?

Ning Ke remembered that when she got off work that day, she said goodbye to her colleagues, and was walking in the dark, preparing to take the bus, when someone suddenly hugged her from behind and covered her nose and mouth with a wet cloth.

At that time, she was caught off guard and didn’t hold her breath in time. She smelled a sweet aroma from the cloth. She wanted to struggle, but her body softened and her consciousness fell into darkness.

Was she kidnapped…

But why kidnap her?

She is just a coffee shop waitress who couldn’t be more ordinary. Her salary was meager and her family had no money. She was small and not pretty.

Ning Ke suddenly remembered what the store manager had said recently, but the store clerks didn’t know the specific reasons, and they didn’t take it to heart.

It seems that someone is attacking the waitresses of coffee shops recently…

Ning Ke trembled with her head in her arms. She couldn’t have encountered such unfortunate things, could she?

Her thoughts were running wild when suddenly, there was a sound of a lock outside the door.

Finally, someone came.

Ning Ke struggled to get up, leaning her body against the wall and shivering. A tall man walked in from the door. Through the light, Ning Ke saw that his face was pale, his eyebrows were slender, and he looked somewhat feminine.

Ning Ke felt that she had seen him somewhere, maybe a customer at the coffee shop, but she couldn’t remember the exact time.

The man walked to the light, Ning Ke finally saw his face clearly, her eyes suddenly widened, a little disbelieving.

Ning Ke finally remembered that she had seen the person in front of her, but at that time he was wearing women’s clothes! She felt that the woman was a little tall, so she couldn’t help but glance at her more and whisper to her colleagues afterward.

If she remembered correctly, she saw him in the coffee shop a few times, and several times he came in the afternoon and ordered the same meal…

“Come here.” The man stood at the door looking at Ning Ke and waved to her.

“You… what are you doing to me!” Ning Ke said in a trembling voice, her teeth chattering against each other, and she had a very bad premonition that the man would not give up the plan just because of her cooperation, she wanted to rush out, but the man blocked the door.

“You’re really disobedient.” The man lost his patience, closed the door, and walked over to grab her arm.

Ning Ke resisted desperately, but she hadn’t eaten for a few days. The disparity in strength made her no match for the man in front of her at all.

“Help! Help!” She yelled in a hoarse voice, scratching and kicking desperately.

“Shh, stop screaming, no one will come.” The man said and grabbed her firmly, Ning Ke grabbed him hard and scratched a scar on the man’s wrist, but her resistance ended there.

The man frowned and looked at the wound on his wrist and his expression became bloodthirsty and greedy. He took out a needle from the pocket of his clothes and stuck it on her neck.

Ning Ke’s body trembled, her eyes widened and she could feel the cold liquid injected leisurely flowing into her body.

The man said in her ear, “Be good, it won’t hurt very much.”

Ning Ke soon felt dizzy, and the man dragged her out of the room by her hair.

She could see that there was a long concrete corridor with several rooms around, and the man opened the door of one of the rooms.

With everything shaking and spinning around, Ning Ke tried her best to widen her eyes, she suddenly smelled the pungent scent of blood, and then found that she had been taken to a room full of blood.

In the center of the room was a metal bed, with dark blood splattering on the walls, the ground, and everywhere. There was a rumbling ventilation fan in the room, but there was still a rancid smell.

There were some tools, which looks like some butchering machinery, on display on the table, and they were also covered with blood.

She seemed to be a lamb about to be slaughtered.

And this place was an underground slaughterhouse.

The man picked her up, put her on the steel plate bed, and fixed her hands and feet.

Ning Ke was shivering with cold, she was groggy, and for a moment she thought of the nightmarish fairy tale “Bluebeard“.

The ice cold wrapped Ning Ke’s whole body, her eyes were dizzy, she felt as if she was in a whirlpool, her body was shaking with fear, and even the scene she saw was shaking.

“Help…Help!” Ning Ke struggled gently and made a weak sound. Her consciousness had begun to blur, but fear was swallowing her mouth by mouth, and tears were streaming from the corners of her eyes.

But she didn’t want to die yet. She was only twenty-four years old. Her family still had her parents and brother. If she died, what would they do?

“Shh…” The man made a silent gesture to her, then smiled at her, “Let me turn you into a perfect piece of art.”

The man’s hand stretched out, and the joints were clear. He turned around and took a raincoat. He put it on and start the machine on the side.

Ning Ke saw that there were serrations on the machine. The serrations had not been cleaned and some flesh and blood seemed to still stick to it.

At this moment, Ning Ke heard a voice, which was a little far away, like music, coming from somewhere upstairs…

The man obviously heard that sound too, he frowned unpleasantly and turned around to look…

Ning Ke suddenly realized that the sound seemed to be a doorbell, someone was coming…

Could it be that the neighbors finally heard her cry? Or did the police come to rescue her?

Just when she breathed a sigh of relief, the man suddenly turned around, wrapped her mouth with tape, and slashed her wrist cleanly.

Ning Keng’s eyes widened in an instant, making a struggling sound of ‘woo woo’.

It might be the effect of the drug. She couldn’t feel the pain, but she could feel the blade rubbing against the bones of her hand, almost severing her entire hand from her wrist. Warm blood streamed down her wrist and then dripped to the ground, with her strength and life flowing away.

The doorbell urgently rang a second time.

The man wiped his hands, adjusted his clothes, and whispered in her ear, “I’ll greet the guests, and I’ll treat you when I come back.”

In the Baihushan Prison at this time, Su Hui took out the contents of his bag. This was the third meeting between him and Song Rongjiang. At this time, it was less than three days to Song Rongjiang’s execution, and this may be his last meeting with this perverted murderer.

Song Rongjiang was still brought in by the prison guards, probably because he didn’t rest well, his face was very ugly.

Everything was still the same as the previous two procedures. After the prison guards opened Song Rongjiang’s handcuffs, they walked out of the interrogation room and closed the door.

Su Hui took out the cigarette and lighter from his bag and handed them to Song Rongjiang. He opened the voice recorder and record book: “Let’s talk today…”

Song Rongjiang picked up the cigarette and lit it skillfully, then he took a deep breath, squinted his eyes, and exhaled a puff of white smoke, he interrupted Su Hui: “Teacher Su, I’m about to die. People are really strange. While I was waiting to die, I was in a different mood every day.”

Su Hui sat opposite and listened quietly. Today, it seemed that Song Rongjiang wanted to lead the conversation.

Song Rongjiang continued to take the initiative himself and said, “At the beginning, I thought it was just death. Later, I found that death is still a bit scary. Then, I realized that I can’t be exempted from the custom. I am afraid to die now…”

“I’ve seen so many poems about death.” Song Rongjiang flicked the cigarette butt, “but my experience is different from those. Do you know what it’s like to wait for death? When people are afraid of death, they will start desperately recalling their past, every moment, and many things, time is stretched, senses are magnified, those good and bad things are echoing in your mind, and the cognition of things becomes clear. I think about a lot of people, my mother, the women, the women I killed, and…you…”

When he uttered the word “you”, Song Rongjiang’s eyes rolled up, the whites of his eyes appeared above his lower eyelids, and he stared at Su Hui.

Su Hui was silent, raised his head, and looked back at him fearlessly.

“Teacher Su, although our previous conversations were very pleasant, there are still a lot of things, and I gradually think about it…” Song Rongjiang looked at him with a smile, his eyes were a little sinister, “You didn’t mean to take me as research at all. You came here to see me because of the case, right?”

He smoked a cigarette and continued: “You, you seem to be different from ordinary people, you are fascinated by a pervert like me, you are trying to look into my heart. I knew this from the beginning but I am too lonely to care about this. I don’t hate your temptation, but I don’t really like you going deep into my world…”

Su Hui didn’t deny or admit it, he just listened as Song Rongjiang continued talking so quietly.

“From the beginning, you came here for Pei Weiwei, right? That’s the only thing you care about. You hid your purpose. Unfortunately, when I recall our conversations over and over again, I am more and more sure of this.” Song Rongjiang said, “No matter how many times I tell you and others, I didn’t kill that girl, you always doubt me.”

The prison guards on duty in the interrogation room also found that today’s conversation was unusual. They frowned and looked at each other with some hesitation, but before starting, Su Hui had told them that unless his life was threatened, no matter what happened inside, don’t go in.

In the interrogation room, Su Hui’s expression was the same as usual, and it seems that he had no need to hide anymore.

Su Hui coughed a few times, looked at Song Rongjiang, and said, “I’m not lying, looking for Pei Weiwei is also a part of studying you, a key part even. But I want to correct you on something, I don’t doubt that you killed her. I’m confirming that you killed her. I know you, so I know you’ve been emphasizing this lie.”

Song Rongjiang was smoking a cigarette, his eyes fixed on him, and for a moment, Su Hui could hear the soft sound of his back teeth grinding even if he only had one ear to hear the sound.

Then Song Rongjiang smiled, showing a somewhat hideous smile, he opened his mouth and let out a devilish whisper.

“Stop dreaming, you and those incompetent police officers will never be able to find her.”


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