Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 24
“Peter Florenski once said, ‘Serial murder is an incurable disease, neither time nor medicine can alleviate the killer’s thirst for murder – only killing can ease it’.” Su Hui blinked and said, “But in fact, those people should not have given themselves the chance to start from the beginning. I have heard a story about a man who was already in his thirties and suddenly realized one day that he had inappropriate thoughts about his nephew. He was shocked and didn’t know why he felt that way. Then he went to the hospital and had chemical castration.”

After facing off against two killers in a row, Su Hui was feeling a bit tired and powerless, but he suddenly thought of this story and felt deeply moved.

Lu Junchi paused for a few seconds when he heard this, then propped his chin with his hand and said, “I admire his approach.”

Su Hui continued, “I admit this example is a bit extreme, but after encountering those monsters, I found that they are, to some extent, ordinary people. At least before they commit murder, they are somewhat strange but ordinary people.”

The restaurant was bustling with people coming and going, laughing, chatting, and enjoying various delicious foods in the dazzling city lights and nightlife. Colorful clothes, beautiful appearance, and exquisite food – this is the everyday life that urban people aspire to.

Listening to Su Hui’s words, Lu Junchi was briefly lost in thought. He could understand that there was a line between normal people and those monsters, and everyone stood in their own range and did not disturb each other.

Only Su Hui was different. He seemed to be standing on that line, as if he could take one more step forward and enter the dark world.

Normal people would only think he was a bit strange, and the monsters did not dislike him either. He seemed to be able to easily enter their hearts…

Lu Junchi said, “I think if those people restrained themselves, they might never become a perverted killer in their lifetime.”

Su Hui nodded, “The beastly nature is buried deep in the character of most people. We live in the world and must learn to tame our beastly nature and live in harmony with it. We need to learn to adapt to human laws, which is the price of living in human society. Conversely, once the balance is broken, we will be subject to the law’s punishment.”

Not everyone has the courage to cut off their beastly side.

At this point, Su Hui suddenly remembered a letter sent by the serial killer BTK to the police, “Sometimes I am forced to play games according to the devil’s thoughts. Maybe you can stop him, but I can’t… Happy hunting.”

Lu Junchi was quiet for a while and nodded, “Makes sense.”

After finishing their meal, Lu Junchi paid the bill, and Su Hui stood up, feeling a sudden pain in his waist. He couldn’t help but bite his lips and lean on the table.

Seeing Su Hui’s face turn pale, Lu Junchi asked, “Are you feeling unwell, Teacher Su?” They had been together all afternoon, and he had already noticed that Su Hui was a bit unusual.

Looking at him like this, Lu Junchi’s heart was full of distress and he couldn’t sit idly by.

When they got to the car, Lu Junchi reached out and helped Su Hui up. By accident, he touched Su Hui’s hand. It was midsummer, but Su Hui’s hand was still very cold.

They finally arrived at the hospital after a long journey. Lu Junchi rushed to the emergency department, took X-rays, and went through the entire process. The emergency doctor suggested that Su Hui be admitted to the hospital overnight for observation.

Lu Junchi specially requested a private room for Su Hui, and it was in Room 23 of the Orthopedic Department.

A female doctor on duty from the Orthopedic Department came over and asked, “Patient’s family?”

Lu Junchi corrected her, “Friend.”

The doctor looked at him and then at Su Hui lying on the bed, “Fortunately, no bones were injured, just a sprain. First, let’s give him an infusion to reduce inflammation, and then observe him. If everything is fine, he can go home tomorrow. By the way, I will give you a medical waist support. Remember to wear it in the future, and you should also exercise more after your muscle weakness improves.”

Su Hui didn’t hear it clearly and asked, “What?”

The doctor explained, “Your waist is too thin and has no muscles.”

Lu Junchi: “…”

Su Hui: “…”

“Come on, the family and I will go take the prescription.” After the doctor finished explaining, she turned to Lu Junchi.

Lu Junchi followed her out and corrected her, “It’s a friend…”

After all the trouble, Lu Junchi returned to the ward, and Su Hui was still lying there, not saying a word with his head turned to the side. A little nurse came over and lifted his shirt to put a brace on his waist. Then she started the infusion, and he cooperated, biting his teeth in silence. He seemed to be accustomed to bearing the pain alone.

Lu Junchi watched by the side, feeling that Su Hui’s waist was thin, fragile, and delicate, like a fragile porcelain. There was a bruise on his porcelain-like white skin, which made him feel distressed.

He recalled the doctor’s words and only then noticed that Su Hui’s waist was even slimmer than a girl’s. Suddenly, he noticed something else – Su Hui was prettier than any girl he had ever seen.

The painkiller added to the medicine took effect quickly. Su Hui’s face gradually improved and there was color on his lips.

Lu Junchi checked the time and asked Su Hui, “Feeling better?”

Su Hui nodded, but was still hesitant to move.

The ward was very quiet, and it was a bit awkward if they didn’t talk.

To ease the tension, Su Hui blinked his eyes and said, “My father was very strict before. Every time I got sick, he would criticize me… When I was a child, I went tree climbing with other kids, but later my hand got dislocated. I only admitted it when my mother asked me. My father found out and scolded me fiercely.”

Now Su Hui still felt lingering fear when he remembered his father’s outburst. He had never seen his father so angry before, shaking with rage as if he had committed a huge crime.

At that time, he didn’t cry when his hand was dislocated but he was scolded by his father until he cried.

He didn’t like going to the hospital, even this time, he was almost dragged here by Lu Junchi.

He had a bit of procrastination, thinking that everything would be better if he ignored the problem and hid his head like an ostrich.

But most of the time, things don’t turn out as he hoped.

Lu Junchi said, “I guess your father was worried too. My parents are the same. Every time a child gets sick, they blame each other.”

Talking about this, Lu Junchi remembered an interesting thing that happened when he was a child. He wanted to comfort Su Hui and started to tell him about it. “I still remember that one time my little brother had acute appendicitis. We rushed to the children’s hospital in the middle of the night. My mom blamed my dad for letting us play football right after dinner, and my dad blamed my mom for spoiling my little brother by letting him have fruit after dinner. I stood at the door of the ward, watching my little brother writhing in pain, while my parents almost had a fight in the hallway. I tried to persuade them, but guess what happened?”

It was the first time Lu Junchi had talked so much to Su Hui. Su Hui blinked his eyes, anticipating the outcome. “Did they blame you instead?”

“Pretty much. They finally found a scapegoat and teamed up to question me. Why did I go play football and not take care of my little brother? Why did I let this happen? I was speechless.”

Now, thinking about these things, Lu Junchi couldn’t help but shake his head and chuckle. He usually didn’t talk much, and rarely talked about his family to others. But in the current situation, he couldn’t help but tell this story.

Then Lu Junchi remembered something and asked, “By the way, although the problem seems small now, you still need to stay in the hospital for a night. Do you need to notify anyone in your family?”

“No need,” Su Hui softly closed his eyes. “My parents died in a car accident two years ago.”

At this point, even if he delayed, his father would not scold him.

Lu Junchi was slightly stunned and said, “I’m sorry.”

Su Hui’s face was calm, and his voice was very calm: “There’s nothing to be sorry about. I don’t feel sad anymore.”

He often felt like they were just on a business trip or had gone on a long journey and would come back, opening the door and smiling at him, saying, “Su Hui, we bought your favorite cake.”

Since two years ago, when he took a detour outside the gate of hell and woke up to such news, it seemed that his world had closed off. Those memories were fragmented, and many things could not be remembered. Joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, those emotions no longer existed.

The colors of the whole world faded away.

Just as they were talking, the nurse leaned over and said, “The companion of bed 23, come and get the medicine.”

Lu Junchi went outside, and the nurse handed him the prescribed medicine. Then she looked him up and down, as if she thought he was handsome, and asked shyly, “Are you a patient’s friend or colleague?”

Lu Junchi hesitated and said, “The accompanying family member.”

So Lu Junchi stayed with Su Hui in the hospital that night.

Su Hui’s injury was not too serious, just a nerve-induced pain from a sprain. After the painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs took effect, he quickly recovered. The next day, he was mostly better, but he had to be careful when walking. He had to keep his back straight, not bend, and not bear weight.

Lu Junchi drove Su Hui home. Seeing that Su Hui seemed to be in a good mood, he took the opportunity to ask, “By the way, Teacher Su, our Major Crimes Unit still needs a consultant. Are you interested?”

Su Hui sat in the passenger seat with his head down. His bangs were a bit long and hung down, covering his eyes, making it difficult for Lu Junchi to see his expression for a moment.

He hesitated for a moment and felt that this proposal was not bad. He could see Lu Junchi frequently. But then he calmed down and declined, “Thank you, but no.”

Director Tan had said before that they would talk about work after they finished their current tasks. Su Hui thought it would be better to listen to Director Tan’s arrangement.

Lu Junchi felt a little regretful and smiled gentlemanly, “Anyway, thank you, Teacher Su.”

Su Hui nodded, took his things, and got out of the car, waving, “Bye-bye.”

Lu Junchi also said, “Bye-bye.”

Watching Su Hui’s back leave alone, Lu Junchi still felt a little regretful. He admired Su Hui’s ability and felt a little sorry for this person…

Turning around, Su Hui felt relaxed except for the slight pain in his waist.

Just now, Director Tan sent a message saying that they have dug up a female skeleton in the walnut forest, and they will soon verify if it is Pei Weiwei.

Yesterday, he also helped Lu Junchi catch Fu Yunchu.

After that incident, this was the first time he had been so persistent in matters of good and evil, and now there were results.

Su Hui felt that some power seemed to have returned to his body, and the feeling of being reborn made him somewhat happy.

The author has something to say: 

Su Hui: Director Tan, how is my work arranged?

Tan Ju: The Major Crime Investigation Unit is short of a consultant…

Su Hui: …(! The one I just refused?)

Tan Ju: And the consultant will be sharing a room with you.

Su Hui: …(! Why is the result not what I expected?)

Oh, Teacher Su is in for a surprise. You can’t escape the fate of working with your future husband. He has the ML halo


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