Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 48

Volume Three: Pure White Hell

After finishing their conversation, Lu Junchi spoke to Su Hui seriously, “Go take a shower. Be careful while washing and check if you have any injuries. Avoid the wounds.”

Today’s explosion had left both of them in a miserable state, especially Su Hui, whose body was covered in bloodstains.

After Su Hui finished showering and changed into his pajamas, Lu Junchi handed him a bowl of dark-colored liquid that looked like Chinese medicine, which was still steaming. Su Hui held the bowl hesitantly and asked, “What’s this?”

Lu Junchi explained, “Ginger ale cola, it can prevent colds. It’s getting colder today.”

Su Hui: “……”

He struggled inwardly for a moment, but eventually buried his head and drank half of the bowl of cola in one breath. The taste was spicy and slightly sweet, and he found it difficult to drink at first, but by the end, he was a bit addicted to it.

Lu Junchi took the bowl back and told him, “Take off your clothes.”

Su Hui: “……” He almost spat out the ginger cola still in his mouth.

TN: Dirty mind dirty mind di-di-dirty mind!

Lu Junchi noticed that Su Hui was hesitant and explained, “Hurry up, I need to check if you are injured.”

Although Lu Junchi’s words were reasonable, Su Hui still felt embarrassed and hesitated to take off his pants. Lu Junchi took a look and saw that Su Hui’s ankle was scratched, there were bruises on his legs, and the most serious injury was on his wrist, which had been scraped and was now bleeding.

Lu Junchi asked with concern, “Didn’t it hurt?”

Su Hui lowered his head and said softly, ‘’If I can’t see it, I can’t feel the pain.’’

Lu Junchi carefully applied medicine to Su Hui, making sure not to miss a spot, and also applied a sterile dressing to his ankle. He disinfected and applied iodine to the wound on his wrist.

Lu Junchi asked, ‘’Is there anywhere else that hurts?’’

Su Hui coughed a few times and shook his head, ‘’Not really, there’s nothing else.’’

But Lu Junchi checked again and found that he had torn a fingernail. He took out a nail clipper and trimmed it for him, thinking that Su Hui usually had trouble trimming his nails because of his poor eyesight, so he might as well trim the others too.

TN: I’m so fuckin soft for domestic Captain Lu 🥺.

Su Hui lowered his head and quietly watched Lu Junchi. Lu Junchi held his hand with a serious expression and clipped his nails carefully. Su Hui was so well taken care of that he didn’t even want to move.

Lu Junchi was very good at taking care of people, and with him around, everything could be handled very well. The gentle person in front of him made him feel a sense of dependence.

Su Hui felt that Lu Junchi was especially good to him, better than his colleagues and roommates. But this care didn’t make him feel uncomfortable or overstepped boundaries. It seemed like he accepted it gradually and naturally.

When Lu Junchi finished trimming his nails, Su Hui saw several red marks on Lu Junchi’s arm. ‘’Your wound hasn’t been treated yet…’’

Lu Junchi was actually the one who was injured, but he had been taking care of Su Hui the whole time.

When Lu Junchi heard him mention it, he remembered and lifted his right arm to look. ‘’It’s okay, the bleeding has stopped. I’ll just clean it up later…’’

“The wound is on the outer side of your arm, which is not easy for you to reach,” Su Hui reminded him. “Let me put some iodine on it, you go and wash up quickly.”

Only then did Lu Junchi get up,he took a shower, and changed his clothes before coming out.

Su Hui unscrewed the lid and dabbed a little bit of iodine, then carefully applied it to Lu Junchi’s wound. He was very careful, painting circles from the center of the wound outward. Then he lowered his head and blew on it gently.

From his perspective, Lu Junchi watched as Su Hui lowered his head. His skin was without any color, as if it had been kept away from sunlight for a long time. His long eyelashes drooped down and fluttered lightly, making him look quiet and handsome.

Even now, Lu Junchi still felt a little scared.

Working in the Criminal Investigation Department, he had faced various dangers and witnessed all kinds of deaths. He had even seen police officers sacrifice themselves right beside him.

He still remembered the moment of the explosion, when he pulled Su Hui into his arms and his heart stopped beating suddenly. He held him tightly…

He realized suddenly that, in the midst of their daily work and life, Su Hui had already taken a special place in his heart without him even realizing it.

He seemed to be slowly, step by step, approaching the person in front of him…

Lu Junchi found it difficult to describe the kind of feeling he had for Su Hui. It wasn’t familial love or friendship, but something very special.

He felt like he was gradually replacing the phantom in his heart…

Time passed without them noticing and it was already past one in the morning.

Su Hui suddenly looked up and said, “I’m a little hungry…”

Lu Junchi said, “There might be some tomato beef stew from earlier, do you want tomato beef noodles?”

Su Hui replied with a “yes”.

Twenty minutes later, the room was filled with the aroma of tomato beef.

The two sat at the dining table and finished two bowls of tomato beef noodles together.

No matter how hard Lu Junchi tried to resist, he couldn’t hold back.

The next morning, after he finished his run, he heard Su Hui coughing in his room. He went in and saw that Su Hui’s face was abnormally flushed.

Su Hui rubbed his eyes and sat up. He couldn’t see very clearly, and he felt dizzy and lightheaded. He hadn’t realized that his body had deteriorated to this extent.

Lu Junchi reached out and touched Su Hui’s forehead. By his temperature, he could tell that he had a fever. He became a little nervous and picked up a thermometer, shook it a few times, and handed it to Su Hui. “Shall I accompany you to the hospital for a check-up?”

Su Hui put the thermometer under his armpit and coughed a few times. “It’s probably just a cold. I have cold and fever medicine at home. Also, aren’t we supposed to interrogate Mi Shu and the others today?” He was still concerned about the progress of the case.

Lu Junchi said, “We have other people in the department. We can have them do the questioning first.”

He asked Su Hui to try the thermometer, and went to rummage through the cabinets to find cold and fever medicine.

Su Hui had all the medicine here, which had already been sorted out by Lu Junchi. In no time, he found them all. Aristotle was also awakened and meowed beside him. Lu Junchi made a gesture to silence it, “Be good, Su Hui is sick. I’ll give you cat food later.”

The kitten seemed to understand and quieted down, obediently following Lu Junchi and watching him work.

Lu Junchi prepared breakfast and brought both warm water and medicine to Su Hui’s bedside. Su Hui was trying to read the thermometer and furrowing his brow. He had thin wrists and long eyelashes that drooped down. The mercury line was too thin, and his eyesight was not good. He couldn’t see the numbers clearly, so he gave up and handed the thermometer to Lu Junchi.

Lu Junchi took it and looked at it. “38.7℃. Should I take you to the hospital?”

Su Hui, who was feverish, remained calm and collected. It was Lu Junchi who didn’t know what to do.

“It’s not too high,” Su Hui was a bit lazy to deal with it. “Let me take some medicine first. There’s no special medicine at the hospital anyway. I actually want to go to the General Bureau to see what’s going on.”

He had been thinking about the fact that Qin Yongchen knew his identity last night and wanted to investigate if there were any clues.

Seeing that he still wanted to go to work, Lu Junchi firmly said, “No. I’ll organize the documents and let you see them later. You must rest today.”

Su Hui couldn’t argue with him, so he rubbed his temples and said, “Then I won’t go today. Let me take a nap.”

Lu Junchi was still a little worried, but then Director Tan called again, urging him to close the case quickly. He couldn’t delay any longer. He had to leave after instructing Su Hui on what to eat and reminding him several times.

Lu Junchi spent the whole day dealing with the case in the Major Crimes Unit.

Zhang Xiaocai and Mi Shu had already confessed to all the crimes, and Qin Yongchen didn’t make it through the rescue. The young couple were no longer in life-threatening danger and should be discharged soon after treatment.

Lu Junchi remembered Su Hui’s inquiry from yesterday and specifically asked if there was someone behind the scenes. Zhang Xiaocai directly said he didn’t know.

Mi Shu hesitated for a long time before confessing that she only knew Qin Yongchen would always make phone calls to someone, and the weapons were provided by that person.

Lu Junchi had Qiao Ze check the phone number, which was registered in Huadu and belonged to an elderly person who had already passed away. The phone number was also now disconnected. 

The trail cut off at that point..

Lu Junchi delegated the work and asked Xia Mingxi to start summarizing the cases. He then went to give a summary report to Director Tan.

After listening to the report, Director Tan asked about Su Hui’s recent situation.

Lu Junchi didn’t dare to tell Director Tan about Su Hui’s dangerous actions that day. He only said that Su Hui was with him as a hostage at that time.

Director Tan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this and said, “That’s good. It’s great that nothing happened in the end.”

After finishing the case, Lu Junchi felt like he had lost his soul. He kept thinking about whether Su Hui had woken up, if he was hungry, if he had eaten on time, and if the cat and him had made a mess of the house.

He finished everything in the morning, took the afternoon off, organized all the materials, and prepared to go home, taking everything to show Su Hui.

At one point, he felt like he was a student earnestly handing in his homework to the teacher.

But when he thought of Su Hui, he couldn’t help but smile.

Lu Junchi didn’t drive today. He walked out of the police station and was about to hail a taxi when he saw a cake shop with its sign lit up on the opposite side of the road. His heart skipped a beat, and he went in to buy a few small cakes.

Finally, he returned home. Lu Junchi opened the door and the house was quiet.

Su Hui’s room door was not locked, and Lu Junchi peered inside from the half-open door. Su Hui was wearing an eye mask and sleeping soundly with his chest gently rising and falling. Lu Junchi looked in the refrigerator and saw that the lunch he had left was already eaten.

But he still couldn’t rest easy. He walked to Su Hui’s bedroom and reached out to touch his forehead. His temperature had dropped a lot.

Finally, Lu Junchi’s heart returned to his chest. He put a small cake on the bedside table next to Su Hui.


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