Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 54
While Lu Junchi came downstairs slowly, Su Hui was sitting by the flower bed, lost in thought.

His slender neck and pale face gave him an icy beauty, with his usual expressionless face, one could feel the chill emanating from him even a few meters away.

When Lu Junchi approached, Su Hui seemed to come alive. He lifted his eyes and softly said, “Let’s go.”

Lu Junchi looked at Su Hui and noticed his tired and haggard appearance. He asked, “Are you okay?”

Su Hui made an en sound and stood up. It took him some time to come out of the suffocating state he was in earlier, but he was calm now.

Lu Junchi guessed that Su Hui’s current state was probably a result of psychological therapy. Spending an hour dissecting oneself with another person was not something he had experienced, but he could imagine it must be a very strenuous process.

After getting in the car, Lu Junchi took out a piece of candy and asked Su Hui, “Do you want some?”

Su Hui took the candy and said softly, “Thank you.” Eating the candy helped him empty his mind and gradually recover from the overwhelming feeling he had earlier.

After leaving the hospital, the two of them went to the Major Crimes Unit.

As soon as they entered, they received bad news.

The painter Fu Yunchu, who was involved in a previous case and had been receiving treatment in Ancheng due to injuries, had mysteriously disappeared from the hospital last night.

 Lu Jun Chi frowned and asked Qu Ming, “When did Fu Yunchu go missing specifically?”

Qu Ming replied, “It was said to be last night after ten o’clock, during the changing of the guards. Fu Yunchu suddenly disappeared without a trace. After reviewing the surveillance footage, there might have been blind spots, and he was not captured on camera. Ancheng knew they were in the wrong and wanted to make amends. Instead of informing us immediately, they tried to find him on their own, but after a whole night of searching, they still couldn’t find him.”

Lu Junchi did not believe that the Ancheng police did not properly supervise Fu Yunchu while he was receiving medical treatment. As far as he knew, Fu Yunchu was being treated at a special prison hospital and was under the supervision of various personnel throughout the entire process. Fu Yunchu’s injuries had almost fully recovered, and he was originally scheduled to be transferred to Huadu in three days. No one had expected that something would happen during this final period.

This matter did not sound so simple, there must be something fishy going on.

The escape of a major criminal during medical treatment was a serious mistake on the part of the Ancheng police. As the responsible party, they were probably more nervous than anyone else now and must be searching with all their might.

Qu Ming said, “The captain in charge over there called this morning and said they need more time, but they will definitely give us an explanation later.”

Lu Junchi crossed his arms and said, “I just hope they can catch him soon and prevent any new victims.”

Xia Mingxi complained, “What’s going on with the Ancheng police? They don’t seem to care unless it’s their own criminal.”

Qiao Ze frowned and murmured, “It’s not easy to escape from that hospital. How did he do it?”

A major criminal escaping from the control of the police was like releasing a brutal tiger into the city, and everyone was a little worried.

Sitting on the sofa, Su Hui heard this and suddenly spoke up, “I have a strange feeling.”

When they heard his words, everyone’s gaze fell on him.

Su Hui turned his head and recalled what Qin Yongchen had said to him earlier. After clearing his throat a few times, he said, “I feel like Fu Yunchu alone couldn’t have escaped. It seems like someone is secretly helping these serial killers.”

The members of the task force were suddenly silent.

Su Hui thought about it again and felt that his statement was too intuitive.

He had always hoped that he wouldn’t be drawn in by those mirages and would work hard to become a criminology empiricist. “It was just something that came to mind when you guys mentioned Fu Yunchu’s sudden disappearance. This may not be accurate…”

Lu Junchi squinted his eyes and looked at Su Hui. With Su Hui’s prompt, he suddenly remembered something and said, “I remember there was something strange in one of the previous cases.”

As he spoke, Lu Junchi searched for the previous case files. According to the requirements, the information was very comprehensive when the police sorted and checked the files before archiving them, including the financial status of several suspects in recent years.

After searching for a while, he found Qin Yongchen’s bank statement.

Lu Junchi quickly found a suspicious point in it: “When Qin Yongchen was in the hospital, including the period after he came out, someone was constantly transferring money to him. At first, I thought it was some people or crowdfunding accounts, but later I found out it wasn’t. The sources of those funds were unclear, and some even came from overseas accounts.”

When Lu Junchi looked at this information before, he just felt that it was a bit strange. Now that Su Hui mentioned it, he suddenly felt that there might be some clues that they had not yet grasped.

In their preliminary investigation, Qin Yongchen was down-and-out and estranged, but his financial status clearly did not match this.

“Moreover, when he decided to stop treatment and leave the hospital, he still had over 50,000 yuan in cash on his card.” Lu Junchi suggested a possibility, “Qin Yongchen may not have given up treatment because he didn’t have money, but because he chose to give up treatment and go find his girlfriend.”

Their later murders and robberies were not just for money.

When he said this, Qiao Ze also remembered something: “I remember in Mi Shu’s testimony, the families of each victim were chosen by all of them together, but the city for each crime was chosen by Qin Yongchen. All their money was withdrawn and converted to cash, but Qin Yongchen took out most of the money and brought back the HG85. Before coming to Huadu, they had already decided that this was their last stop. He never revealed his plan after arriving in Huadu.”

Why did Qin Yongchen choose Huadu as their final stop?

Who gave him the weapons?

Their words seemed to add empirical evidence to Su Hui’s inference.

All the members of the Criminal Investigation Division fell into silence after hearing these facts. Now it seems that Qin Yongchen may not be acting alone, and he and Mi Shu and Zhang Xiaocai were just actors in the foreground, with possibly another person standing behind them.

So, is that person the same one who rescued Fu Yunchu, or part of the same group?

Su Hui lay on the sofa with his face up, concentrating on his thoughts. His eyelashes fluttered lightly, and when he closed his eyes, it was pitch black. When he opened them, light shone into his eyes, and the world seemed to be slowly switching between black and white.

Those numbers, theories, deductions, and concepts were tumbling and flashing through his mind.

Then he thought of the last words Qin Yongchen said to him, who could his old friend be?

Su Hui suddenly whispered, “I thought of that eternal topic. Are serial killers born or made?”

Lu Junchi asked, “So what’s your opinion?”

Su Hui looked at him and said, “I believe that serial killers cannot be manufactured, but they can be guided.”

The current mainstream theory and research suggest that serial killers cannot be created after birth. A person who is forced may hurt someone or commit a crime, but there is a huge gap between ordinary crime and being a serial killer.

Those ordinary people, even if they kill many people, they will never be able to derive pleasure from it and evolve into a serial killer.

Only those who are born with some shortcomings, childhood trauma, and a natural tendency to kill will gradually fall into the trap.

But how can a normal human being become a serial killer?

No one can give a standard answer to this question.

Psychology is a special and very important discipline that is closely related to our daily lives. Its research object is every one of us. Human intuition, cognition, behavior, thinking, emotions, personality, interpersonal relationships, social relationships, etc., have many problems and causes that are worth deep thinking and research.

However, psychology is completely different from many natural sciences.

Although psychology considers both theory and application, it cannot draw conclusions based on experimentation and inference.

In order to explore the mysteries of human psychology and open the door to the unknown, psychologists have made many attempts and conducted many experiments.

Especially in the past when legal and moral concepts were not so sound.

Many of the psychological experiments are cruel and controversial.

Some of the more famous ones include Milgram’s obedience experiment, Gazzaniga’s twin study, and the controversial Stanford prison experiment, as well as John Money’s gender identity experiment.

Because these experiments have had a detrimental effect, many participants in the experiments have been affected for life, and many experiments have ended tragically. As a result, experiments on human psychology research have gradually been called to a halt.

In the field of criminal psychology, researchers are even more unable to conduct experiments and can only study, explore, and summarize known cases.

Su Hui published an analysis paper on the modern causes of serial killers many years ago. He believed that the creation of serial killers is closely related to the guidance of the surrounding environment.

In the paper, Su Hui discussed the proportion of serial killers in all homicides and cited cases from various countries to illustrate how the guidance of key figures may have an impact on the creation of serial killers.

The key figures include the mentors of some of these serial killers, as well as their parents, relatives, partners, and close friends. These close relationships not only failed to curb the growth of the serial killers but also, due to some enabling, encouragement, demonstration, guidance, and abuse, actually contributed to their evolution.

For example, Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, was often shown battlefield photos by his cousin and even killed his own newlywed wife in front of him. The mother of the first serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas, had sex with a male guest in front of him and even shot him once. Ed Gein’s mother constantly berated him and kept him locked in the basement.

In the end, the author points out that in the frenzied modern society, the huge pressures of life and the interconnected network have constructed people into a web.

In the past, those serial killers were individual cases.

But now, those with psychological illnesses and inherent dangers, the endless groups of animal abusers, and the crazy people who not only do not fear but admire and envy serial killers…

The Internet seems to be providing a natural hotbed for potential serial killers and even connecting those monsters through the network cable.

In his research paper, Su Hui called for the need to monitor, track, and even positively guide potential criminals on the Internet, and to be wary of those who might exploit them.

Now he suddenly thought of that article.

Is it possible that there is a person who is paying attention to and seeking out those criminals and inherently violent people through various channels and the Internet?

He filters and builds relationships from them, and then secretly contacts and even controls those killers.

If a potential serial killer with evolutionary potential is selected as the target, provided with economic support, induced and encouraged in his behavior, would this accelerate his becoming a serial killer?

For example, could Qin Yongchen be guided and encouraged, given his previous manifestations of antisocial personality disorder?

If there is really such a possibility, when would that person join in?

Would it be before the manifestation of this personality trait?

Or are these emotions the result of being guided by others?

Su Hui thought deeply and felt as if his thoughts were trapped in thorns. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in the center of his brain. Su Hui dared not think about those problems anymore. He controlled himself and withdrew, thinking, “Maybe I am overthinking it.”

Perhaps the entire line of reasoning was wrong.

They currently have neither enough evidence to prove his hypothesis nor enough evidence to refute this conclusion.

Did he overthink it? Lu Junchi looked at Su Hui’s delicate face, and a trace of paleness appeared on his face. He repeatedly suppressed his instincts.

Lu Junchi looked at Su Hui and then turned back to summarize, “In terms of testimony, Mi Shu and Zhang Xiaocai both said they were not aware of the person behind the scenes. Currently, the evidence we have on hand is not enough to prove whether such a person actually exists. Everyone should continue to be vigilant in the investigation in the future.”

The case is now considered closed, and soon there will be new cases assigned.

They can only mark these questions as suspicious points and store them in the case file. When more clues appear, further investigation and processing can be carried out.

After discussing this, Qiao Ze looked at his computer, “Captain Lu, the review team asked us to go over and pick up the new case file…”

Lu Junchi had just been thinking about when the new case would arrive, and now there was news. The review team was in the next building, and he ordered Qiao Ze, “Then you go and get it.”

But Qiao Ze hesitated and said, “Sister Tao said we should bring more people…”

Bring more people? Even for a major case, a box of files can usually be accommodated. When these words were said, several people in the criminal investigation team were a bit confused.

Could it be some earth-shattering case?

Lu Junchi had no choice but to send two more subordinates, “*Big guy, Qu Ming, you both go together and take a look.”

*”大个子” is a Chinese phrase that translates to “tall person” in English. The literal translation of the phrase is “big/large individual,” where “大” means big or large, and “个子” refers to a person’s height or stature.

Qiao Ze and two colleagues walked downstairs and just arrived at the neighboring review team when they felt the atmosphere was unusual. Everyone in the room was busy, and there were thick files on the table.

Qiao Ze put on a smile and walked to Tao Lizhi’s big desk, “Sister Tao, we are here to pick up the case files.”

Tao Lizhi pointed with her pen, “Take those three boxes next to the floor.”

Several people were stunned when they saw the three large boxes filled with dense files.

Qu Ming squatted down, “Team Leader Tao, what case is this? Does the Bureau want us, the special task force, to review the recent cases in the sub-bureaus?”

“No,” Tao Lizhi finally lifted her head from a pile of files. She sat in the office and didn’t need to go on fieldwork. She was one of the few women in the city bureau who kept her long hair, but that didn’t hide her capable demeanor.

Tao Lizhi explained to them, “We are taking stock of the accidental death and suicide cases in Huadu from June last year to June this year. The death rate for this type of case increased by 1% in the past year, with 157 more deaths than the previous year.”

Tao Lizhi herself was the spokesperson for rationality and rigor, and she had a photographic memory for those numbers.

Qiao Ze’s little face wrinkled up, “This period of time is not peaceful, and the death rate is also increasing year by year…”

Tao Lizhi nodded, “Director Tan and relevant experts held a meeting to study this, and compared the data of other cities. Apart from economic and social factors, the abnormal increase may be around 0.1%. From the probability estimate, there may be some questionable cases mixed in. So Director Tan asked us to retrieve all the relevant files from Huadu last year and re-investigate them.”

For the killer, disguising the murder as an accidental death or suicide is the most direct way to escape legal sanctions.

It wasn’t until they heard this that everyone understood. Tao Lizhi pointed to the piles of files behind the office, “We’ve been through them once and ruled out cases that had no suspicion. There are still 41 questionable cases left, and it would be best if your special task force could review them again. However, I cannot guarantee that there is definitely a problem with these cases.”

“Oh, by the way,” Tao Lizhi turned her chair and finally faced them, “I heard that your special task force has a new consultant.”

“Yes ah, it’s Consultant Su. He’s a criminology professor at Huajing Academy,” Qiao Ze said.

“Congratulations to Captain Lu for finally finding a satisfactory consultant,” Tao Lizhi finished and continued to look down at the files in her hand.”


No, this is not a research paper but the translator notes of a Danmei. But honestly, I feel like my TNs have the potential to be used as school coursework materials haha. 

The Milgram obedience experiment involved subjects being ordered to administer what they believed were electric shocks to another person, who was actually an actor, in order to test their willingness to obey authority figures. This experiment is controversial because it was argued that the participants were subjected to psychological harm and that the results could not justify the harm caused.

The Gazzaniga twins experiment was conducted on a set of twins who had their corpus callosum, the bundle of nerves connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain, surgically severed. The experiment aimed to study the cognitive functions of the two halves of the brain separately, but it was later criticized for its ethical implications.

The Stanford prison experiment involved randomly assigning participants to either be guards or prisoners in a simulated prison environment. The experiment was meant to study the effects of power and authority on individuals, but it was highly controversial due to the psychological harm that the participants suffered, including abuse and humiliation, which led to the experiment being cut short.

The gender recognition experiment conducted by John Money involved assigning a male infant who had lost his penis during a botched circumcision to be raised as a girl and studied to see if gender identity is solely socially constructed. The experiment has been criticized for its lack of scientific rigor and for the harm it caused to the individual, who later rejected the female identity and committed suicide.

Richard Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker, was an American serial killer who committed a series of crimes, including murders, rapes, and burglaries in California in the mid-1980s. He was born on February 29, 1960, in El Paso, Texas, and grew up in a troubled household.

Ramirez began his criminal career at a young age and was eventually convicted of 13 murders and numerous other crimes. He terrorized the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas from 1984 to 1985, breaking into homes and attacking his victims at night. His crimes were characterized by extreme violence and sadism, and he often left satanic symbols at the crime scenes.

Ramirez was eventually caught and convicted in 1989 and was sentenced to death. He died in prison in 2013 while awaiting execution. Ramirez’s crimes and his bizarre, defiant behavior during his trial made him one of the most notorious serial killers in American history.

The exact reasons why Richard Ramirez became a serial killer are not fully understood, and there may have been multiple factors that contributed to his behavior. Some experts believe that he may have suffered from a combination of mental illness, substance abuse, and a traumatic childhood.

Ramirez had a troubled childhood, with a father who was physically abusive towards him and a cousin who reportedly showed him pictures of dead Vietnamese women during the Vietnam War. He also had a history of substance abuse, using cocaine and PCP, which may have contributed to his erratic and violent behavior.

It is also possible that Ramirez had a personality disorder, such as antisocial personality disorder, which is characterized by a disregard for others’ rights and feelings, impulsivity, and a lack of remorse or empathy. Some experts believe that he may have been a psychopath, which is a personality disorder characterized by a lack of empathy and a tendency towards impulsive and violent behavior.

Henry Lee Lucas was a notorious American serial killer who confessed to over 600 murders, although the actual number is believed to be much lower. He was born on August 23, 1936, in Blacksburg, Virginia, and had a troubled childhood marked by abuse and neglect. Lucas began his life of crime as a teenager and was first arrested for burglary at the age of 17.

Lucas’s murder spree began in the 1960s and lasted until his arrest in 1983. He targeted mainly women, children, and the elderly, and his crimes were often brutal and gruesome. Lucas would often pick up hitchhikers, lure them to secluded areas, and then rape and kill them.

In 1983, Lucas was arrested for the murder of an unidentified woman and later confessed to hundreds of other murders. However, many of his confessions were later found to be false, and it is unclear how many of his claims were actually true. Lucas was convicted of 11 murders and sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1998. He died in prison on March 12, 2001.

Henry Lee Lucas had a difficult and traumatic childhood. He was born on August 23, 1936, in Blacksburg, Virginia, and was the youngest of nine children. His mother, Viola, was a prostitute who frequently left her children alone for long periods of time. His father, Anderson, was an alcoholic who would frequently beat his wife and children.

Lucas was subject to abuse and neglect from an early age. He was reportedly forced to watch his mother have sex with clients and was beaten by his father. He also suffered from an eye condition that caused him to have a lazy eye, which made him a target for bullying.

When Lucas was ten years old, he was hit by a car and suffered a skull fracture. He was in a coma for several days and experienced changes in his behavior after the accident. He began to have violent outbursts and was eventually sent to a juvenile detention center for stealing. He continued to have run-ins with the law throughout his teenage years and was eventually sentenced to six years in prison for burglary at the age of 21


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