Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 70

In the afternoon, within the Huadu Bureau, Lu Junchi walked out of the interrogation room.

After an afternoon of questioning, Liu Mengying finally began to confess, which relieved him of a heavy burden.

News came from the hospital that Qin Zhihua had finally recovered consciousness and was no longer in danger of dying after emergency treatment.

Qiao Ze walked over to report the progress to him: “Gu Ruoruo has confessed and implicated herself and Qin Zhihua in the murder of Pang Qinghua. She also admitted to assisting An Yuci in poisoning Zhang Fumin. She said… she was misled by someone.”

Due to the stroke, Zhang Fumin may face difficulties in body movement for the rest of his life.

As the case was mentioned, Lu Junchi felt a lot of emotions and turned to look at Liao Qinghe and Fang Jiayue standing in the corridor.

They had just finished giving their statements as involved parties. Xia Mingxi was standing aside, and Su Hui was crouching down to comfort the girl. Fang Jiayue’s eyes were still red, and she nodded from time to time.

Liao Qinghe said, “This doctor is really crazy. Why did he interfere in our family affairs? What was he thinking when he did something like this? Did he want the girl to carry the shadow of almost killing her stepfather for the rest of her life?”

Fang Jiayue raised her head and said, “Don’t say that about Dr. An. Although he did something wrong, he did it to help me. If it weren’t for him, my stepfather would have… that day.”

Liao Qinghe frowned and looked down at Fang Jiayue, “Don’t be naive. It was him who caused your stepfather to end up in the hospital and almost sent you to jail. If you really listened to him and committed murder, your life would have been ruined. How could you help others count the money after being sold by them?”

Fang Jiayue lowered her head and whispered, “I called him for help…”

Liao Qinghe said, “Oh, if the doctor is a good person, why did we come here to give our statements? The clinic’s doctor caused trouble, and at least they should compensate us for the psychological damages. Also, I heard that even the police go to that clinic, but how could it be so unreliable…”

Liao Qinghe’s attitude was completely different from when she came to find her daughter before. She didn’t mention that she had taken her daughter there for free consultations before, and it sounded like she wanted compensation from the clinic. There was even a hint of wanting to hold the bureau accountable in her words.

At this point, the hallway fell silent.

As Lu Junchi was about to come over and explain a few things, Su Hui stood up and said, “Until we find the killer, we police cannot predict the future. Also, Auntie, rest assured that if someone breaks the law, they must wait for the law to pass judgment and pay the corresponding price. As for Fang Jiayue’s psychological problems, Yuqing Clinic is deeply sorry and will replace her doctor for treatment and psychological trauma recovery, and waive her future medical expenses. If you feel this is inappropriate, you can negotiate with them or even sue the clinic for compensation.”

These words boosted Liao Qinghe’s morale, and she was about to say something when Su Hui interrupted her and said, “However, there is an undeniable reason why Zhang Fumin got the current outcome. He did something wrong. He attempted a crime but left no evidence, so the law cannot punish him, but it doesn’t mean he is innocent. And all of this has developed to this point. As a mother and a wife, don’t you feel any guilt?”

Liao Qinghe was easily intimidated and was left speechless, her face turning pale.

Su Hui finished speaking and walked coldly into the observation room. Lu Junchi had never seen Su Hui so emotional before and touched his nose, saying, “You were right just now.”

When Su Hui spoke those words, he involuntarily thought of that person…

Su Hui coughed a few times, and his whole demeanor became cold again. “I just can’t stand how she can’t distinguish right from wrong.”

Then he turned to Lu Junchi and asked, “Has Liu Mengying confessed yet?”

Lu Junchi replied, “She has started confessing. Old Qu is recording it.”

With several testimonies gradually completed, as well as Qin Zhihua’s testimony after being rescued, and physical evidence, An YuCi’s criminal evidence was irrefutable, and a wanted warrant could be issued.

“According to the investigation of the Serious Crime Unit in recent days and the confession of the relevant suspects, it is evident that the main culprit of the Sleeping Murderer serial killings, An YuCi, is guilty. A reward warrant is now issued, and citizens are encouraged to report any information. Huadu General Bureau will establish a special task force for this case to implement the final arrest. The special task force is composed of the Criminal Investigation Unit Three and the Serious Crime Unit, temporarily combined. The details of the operation will be led by the head of the Major Crime Unit, Lu Junchi, and the leader of Unit Three, Qiu Yelin.”

“The main culprit, An YuCi, is currently on the run. According to the information from the testimonies, there may be a small number of suspects following him. All police officers must be vigilant and prioritize their safety during the arrest.”

One by one, internal bulletins were issued, and the entire Serious Crime Unit was extremely nervous.

At this point, with a time span of almost a year and a half, dozens of related cases have been identified by the police and the truth has been further uncovered.

An Yu-ci killed Zhuang Xueyi and lured Liu Mengying into running the Sleepers’ Forum with him.

Through the Sleepers’ Forum, they contacted depression patients who fit their criteria, and lured them in under the pretext of salvation, carrying out a series of murders.

Thanks to the constant efforts of the entire investigative team, this chain was finally broken when Fang Jiayue was about to execute the next plan.

As the web of lies was exposed and the “saved” victims realized they were mere pawns that could be discarded at any time, Su Hui lay silently on the couch, examining An Yuci’s files.

The crowds of people coming and going around him seemed to fade away, leaving only the few pieces of paper before him. He tried his best to penetrate those few pages and gain insight into An Yuci’s life.

An Yuci’s parents died early, leaving him and his sister to fend for themselves, bouncing from one relative’s house to another. His sister worked hard to support him and pay for his education. However, she became seriously ill due to psychological problems and died a sad and melancholic death.

After that, An Yuci was inspired to become a psychiatrist…

Su Hui tried to interpret An Yuci’s psychological profile. This person was conflicted on a deep level.

Unlike other serial killers he had encountered, whose intentions were always evil, An Yuci committed evil acts out of a sense of goodwill.

Most serial killers have low or no empathy, but An Yuci was a hyper-empathic individual, possessing a higher level of empathy than the average person.

Su Hui recalled his two conversations with An Yuci. He wanted to help those patients.

Redemption and slaughter were originally two conflicting psychological states, but they were twisted together in An Yuci.

Part of his psychological state was called the “Savior Complex” in psychology. He wanted to help those who were deeply trapped in despair in order to gain a sense of satisfaction.

At first, An Yuci was just an ordinary psychotherapist, but from over a year ago, his behavior started to deviate from releasing goodwill.

What prompted this change? Perhaps it was the death of a girl named Yu Tian, whose experience was similar to that of An Yuci’s sister… Psychotherapy was not enough to save her life, and this made An Yuci realize that mere counseling was not enough to save patients; they needed to change their lives in a more drastic way.

Su Hui picked up the papers and stared blankly for a moment.

The office was very quiet, except for him and Qiao Ze who stayed for overtime, and Lu Junchi who had just returned after reporting to the leader.

“Captain Lu, I received a clue sent by the sub-bureau,” Qiao Ze said, “they found a person who looks like An Yuci in a video outside the Huadu Railway Station.”

Lu Junchi leaned in to take a look, and in the footage, a person wearing sunglasses looked a lot like An Yuci.

Because a wanted notice had been issued internally in the police station, security had been reinforced at all major stations and airports in Huadu. When he approached the checkpoint, An Yuci looked at the patrolling officers around him, suddenly turned his head and left.

His actions were swift, and those officers were unable to stop him for questioning, but his movements were fully recorded by surveillance cameras.

“An Yuci is very alert, he probably couldn’t escape,” Lu Junchi said. “Let’s inform Qiu Ming and Lao Qu to strengthen the search in the city.”

Where could An Yuci possibly go? His home was already under police surveillance, he couldn’t stay in a hotel, could he be hiding in a friend’s or patient’s home? Was there anywhere they hadn’t searched yet?

Time passed by, minute by minute, and it was ten o’clock in the evening.

“Captain Lu, we received a tip-off that someone discovered An Yuci’s whereabouts near a closed psychiatric treatment facility in the suburbs of Huadu,” Qiao Ze said excitedly. “Qiu Ming and Lao Qu have already gone there, but we don’t know how many people are with An Yuci and if there are any hostages.”

“Qiao Ze, you come with me,” Lu Junchi said hastily. “Su Hui, I’ll find someone to send you back…”

“Wait…” Su Hui stood up from the sofa and said, “I’ll go with you guys.” He picked up his cane and caught up with Lu Junchi in a few quick steps.

“There may be danger at the scene. Su Hui, it’s better if you don’t go,” Lu Junchi insisted.

“An Yuci is proficient in psychology and hypnosis, and he has followers with him. If there’s danger, with me there, you can better resolve these crises,” Su Hui said, looking up at Lu Junchi. “And… it’s not that if I don’t go, the danger won’t exist. I don’t want to stand by and do nothing while you guys have to face danger.”

After spending this time together, he found it hard to describe his feelings towards Lu Junchi. It was like a friend, but closer than a friend, more intimate, more trusting. It was like he was a comrade-in-arms who could stand side by side with him and trust him with his back.

Lu Junchi paused and said, “It’s just one doctor and a few patients on the other side, there shouldn’t be any major problems…”

“Since you say that, you shouldn’t exclude me from this operation. For me, wherever you’re not present, it’s even more dangerous,” Su Hui said.

Lu Junchi felt that there was something more to Su Hui’s words, he pondered for a moment and nodded.

Su Hui saw this and immediately buckled his seat belt and sat with them as they headed down.


Individuals with a savior complex may seek out those who they perceive as “victims” or “in need,” and may feel a sense of responsibility to rescue or fix them. They may also feel a sense of superiority or moral righteousness, and may become frustrated or resentful if their efforts to help are not appreciated or successful.


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