Days of Living with the Campus Belle
Days of Living with the Campus Belle Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Tour Begins

Lin Beixiu quickly said, “Teacher, please don’t call on me. I really won’t go up there. I don’t know anything.”

Li Yuwei ignored the others’ jeering and smiled, “Alright, that’s settled then. If no one else signs up, I’ll just submit the list as is.”

After class, everyone left the classroom in groups.

Qin Muxue looked up and noticed Lin Beixiu hadn’t left.

“What’s up, not going to work?”

“Do you think your admirer might be waiting for you at the gate right now?”

“So what.”

Qin Muxue said indifferently, “Are you going to protect me?”

Lin Beixiu stiffened, not expecting her to say that, then turned his head away as the temperature on his face quickly rose.

“Pretend I didn’t say anything.”

After saying that, Lin Beixiu ran out, his retreat full of embarrassment.


The voice from behind stopped him again. Lin Beixiu turned his head to see Qin Muxue had packed her bag and caught up.

Lin Beixiu saw her lips curve up, “I’ll walk with you.”

Lin Beixiu was puzzled for a moment and said instinctively, “You really change faces fast.”

Qin Muxue raised her hand, clenched her fist, and glared at Lin Beixiu’s back, grinding her teeth.

This guy was too infuriating, a pure example of a straightforward man. Couldn’t he just let her have this one? Some thoughts are better kept to oneself.

Angered, Qin Muxue remained silent all the way, and Lin Beixiu hadn’t even noticed.

“Let’s take the east gate, even though it’s a bit farther.”

“Okay,” Qin Muxue said expressionlessly.

Lin Beixiu, confused, stopped talking as well.

They were used to it.

As they passed the main gate, Lin Beixiu nudged her, signaling her to look across the street.

Indeed, Zhang Hao was waiting at the school gate, obviously still waiting for Qin Muxue.

Qin Muxue glanced over and then turned her head away, “None of my business.”

“Heh, why don’t you beat them up like before? In case they come for you, you might not even be able to go to work.”

Qin Muxue ignored Lin Beixiu’s suggestion. Getting expelled again would cause trouble for her mother.

“Talk less, stop with the useless ideas.”

“Tch, I’m just offering some advice.”

Lin Beixiu, with his hands in his pockets, continued walking and talking, “Anyway, being so close to you, I’ll end up suffering too. Troublesome.”


Qin Muxue rolled her eyes beautifully, “I saw you were quite decisive this morning. You’re not bad in a fight.”

“I just didn’t like the way they were acting, messing with my stuff so arrogantly.”

Nothing happened that night, and after work, they both went home, washed up, and went to bed.

Qin Muxue reminded him to wake up early the next day so he wouldn’t be late again.

Lin Beixiu didn’t care much and perfunctorily said, “Got it.”

The next day, they had to go to the computer lab for class, which spared them some trouble. It would be interesting to see Zhang Hao’s reaction to an empty classroom.

A group of boys sat at the back, not paying attention to the class but playing the computer version of Douyin (Chinese Tiktok) and watching videos of beautiful women.

Lin Beixiu looked at them, their whispers and discussions, and turned his head away in speechlessness.

“Damn, those legs are so long, er, I mean, so white.”

“Vulgar, black stockings are the best.”

“Isn’t it great to have both black and white?”

Lin Beixiu speechlessly said, “Why not use phones instead of computers for this? Isn’t that redundant?”

“Lin Beixiu, you don’t understand. The computer screen is bigger. Besides, the school’s ancient computers can hardly handle games. It’s a pity, not as good as the ones in the research building.”

The research building had the latest equipment, but they, as freshmen, couldn’t use it and had to make do with the old ones.

Lin Beixiu stopped paying attention to them and focused on the class.

The substitute teacher didn’t bother with them either; his job was to pass on knowledge, whether the students listened or not.

At noon, since there were no vegetables at home, Lin Beixiu went to the market to buy some, while Qin Muxue, having something else to do, went home first and didn’t accompany him. She also mentioned what she wanted to eat.

Lin Beixiu opened the door to find Qin Muxue sitting on the sofa, browsing videos. He put down his things and went into the kitchen.

When the dishes were served, Qin Muxue, smelling the aroma in the air, praised as usual.

“As delicious as always.”

“Hurry up and wash your hands, what are you standing there for?”

Qin Muxue obediently went to the bathroom to wash her hands and then sat down at the dining table. They began to eat.

These days, because of the tour, the students were very relaxed about classes, looking forward to tomorrow’s performance. The stage was already set up on the playground.

Lin Beixiu initially had no interest in the event. Why not just stay home during the morning break? But Zhang Qingmin thought it was a good opportunity for Lin Beixiu to sell milk tea there, sure to be a hit.

However, Lin Beixiu didn’t agree at first but couldn’t win against his boss and had to accept.

At 6 p.m., the performance was ready to start.

Many hadn’t even had dinner yet, coming with snacks to watch the show. If not for the beautiful seniors, who would come?

The performance started quickly, with a male and female host delivering the opening speech, followed by performances from various classes. The handsome guys’ singing and beautiful seniors’ dances elicited cheers from the audience.

Among the crowd, Lin Beixiu walked miserably, carrying a Meituan (A shopping platform) box on his back, offering milk tea to anyone he met. In a short while, he sold quite a lot.

Of course, it was because of his good looks; the girls buying milk tea were especially numerous, and often he was asked for his WeChat, which he always refused, causing them to look at him resentfully.

Lin Beixiu also saw some of his classmates.

Hu Feng, seeing him, greeted him with a smile.

“Lin Beixiu, got anything left? We’ve got quite a crowd here.”

Lin Beixiu looked at the pack behind him and shook his head, “Only one cup of milk tea left.”

“What do you guys want? I’ll ask the boss to send some over.”

His dorm mates quickly started ordering various items.

“What the heck, even fried chicken? I’m selling milk tea here.” Lin Beixiu was speechless.

“Lin Beixiu, run an errand for us. You’re going out to get milk tea anyway, might as well.”

After Hu Feng said this, he operated his phone.

“I’ll pay you for the errand.” Lin Beixiu checked his phone and saw the 20 yuan errand fee. Not bad.


Since the fried chicken shop in the food street wasn’t far, it was foolish not to make money when it was offered.

“Keep this cup of milk tea, I’ll bring more later.”

Lin Beixiu ran out of the school, also calling Zhang Qingmin to prepare more.

Back at the milk tea shop, Lin Beixiu couldn’t help but complain to Zhang Qingmin.

For this work, he needed a raise.

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