Living leisurely in Tang Dynasty
Living Leisurely in Tang Dynasty Chapter 55

The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time and Li Yuanying’s mouth is sweet as honey. He told her all about his recent adventures and continue on saying that someone as smart as her being stuck at home all day is a waste. Go out for walks, open a school or hold a few literary conferences. Just get out and get to know more people and live a more lively life.

“After a woman is married, she should be serving her husband, parents-in-law and children. Where can I find free time for excitement?”

Yuanying was a little unhappy hearing this. He held Changle’s hand: “Your in-laws do not lack servants and your husband is going outstation for duty again. After giving your greetings to father and mother, how else do you spend the rest of your time? Don’t the housekeepers help you with the house chores? Even if you are in charged, don’t you just give instructions to others? You don’t need to do everything yourself.”

Changle agrees that young uncle made sense and couldn’t think of anything to refute.

After marrying into the Zhangsun family, Changle’s life has indeed become much more boring than when she was in the palace. The more prominent her father-in-law is in the government, the more they have to  act cautiously. Because of this Zhangsun Chong, her husband has been a little displease with her.

But she is born a princess. Even if her husband is not happy he wouldn’t dare outwardly show it. But once a couple is estranged, no matter how ignorant a person is, the change in chemistry will still be noticeable. Changle is anything but stupid.

“Let’s talk about this next time.”

Yuanying didn’t continue to press her on the topic. He instead share that he is now familiar with Sun Simiao and has learned the art of diagnosing sickness. He urged Changle to let him try it on her. When he first entered the house, he noticed that Changle looked a little haggard and is worried that she is not living well in the Zhangsun household.

Changle has always been gracious to this much younger uncle and stretched out her hand for him to check her pulse. No big problem with Changle now! It’s just that she follows after her mother and has a weak body and needs extra care. She got married way too young and had to become a daughter-in-law and a wife before she is fully grown. She must have exerted herself with worries a little too much recently causing her qi and blood pressure to be a little low.

Li Yuanying is still a novice and wasn’t sure how to take care of her. His little brows furrowed.

Changle squeezed his cheek with a smile. She told him not to worry and if she felt unwell she would seek a doctor with no delay.

“It’ll be too late by the time you ask for a doctor when you feel ill!”

He took Sizi as an example and told Changle to listen. He then took the opportunity to feed her a sweet candy before telling her to visit the sunflower garden together!

It was already the end of summer. Changle is well aware that she hadn’t gone out for a long time. She nodded in response to the invitation.

Three days later, Li Yuanying called all his friends out to play. Naturally the few radish heads (children) from the palace needs to tag along. Recently, Li Xiang often joined the group and so he came too. Although the corn crops are of the same species, some matured sooner while others later. They rushed over for the first batch. As soon as Dong Xiaoyi reported that there was corn to eat, he quickly arranged for appointments with his friends.

It’s the first time Li Xiang is following young uncle out of the palace. When he arrived at the sunflower garden, he was curious about everything. He walked through the golden field, looked here and there thinking that he has never seen such flowers before. The whole farm is planted with the same flowers, its really beautiful!

Li Yuanying led the younger children to the cornfield. They were plucking things left, right and center and had a great time. Changle instead choose to talked to Wei Shu who she was not familiar with. She is curious about how this young girl met Li Yuanying and became such good friends.

Although Wei Shu’s heart has flown into the cornfield, she couldn’t rudely abandon Princess Changle. She patiently answered all the questions and told her everything about her relationship with Prince Teng.

In the meantime, Yuanying asked someone to collect a basket filled withbthe biggest and best corn. Looking back, he realized that Changle and Wei Shu were left behind and so he immediately ask them to come over quickly.

Wei Shu felt like she had been granted amnesty. She quickly ran over and started listening to Yuanying’s introduction about corn in a serious manner.

Rumor has it that corn, like sunflowers, originated from a faraway place. It takes a long time to get there by a very large boat. There are many seeds on a single corn just like sunflowers. When planted on the ground it will create a huge patch of corn.

Li Xiang was given a piece of raw corn and curiously pulled on the corn silk to play.

Li Yuanying taught him: “This is corn.”

Li Xiang nodded: “Corn!”

Li Yuanying: “The popcorn you ate last time was made from this corn.”

Li Xiang’s eyes lit up: “Popcorn!”

Li Yuanying: “I can’t make popcorn today, so let’s grill the corn!”

He instructed Dong Xiaoyi to pack up the corn so that it’s easy when they want to grill it. Also get some meat and vegetables so that the meal is not boring! The extra corn were boiled with water and he intended to give it to Sun Simiao and Xiao Deyan.

Remembering that there was still a little round ball in Li Tai’s house, Yuanying asked someone to reserve two more. Later he would make corn juice for little round ball to taste!

Li Yuanying tried his best to make arrangement for everyone he could think of. He then happily brought the children to roast corn.

Although everyone has eaten popcorn, its a first for them to see a corn whole. The ones that Dong Xiaoyi had picked are full and juicy;  not too old and not too tender;  just right!

Someone has already prepared all the barbecue stuff and the children need not do anything.  They only needed to put food onto the fire and turn it over from time to time. Li Yuanying was originally impatient with this, but the group of little radishes were in high spirits. He can’t disappoint them so he rolled up his sleeves to carefully brush honey on the corn. The final result was better than the last tragic burnt chicken. Much better.

Changle tried the roasted corn and think that it was tender, delicious and fragrant. Really tempting and delicious. What’s even more precious is that this thing can be eaten in many ways – roasted, baked, boiled or to make soup!

Thinking back about Yuanying’s statement about how one piece  can be planted into an entire field,  Changle’s heart quickened.

“Young Uncle, have you told father about this corn?”

If Changle didn’t bring him up, Yuanying really did forget him him. Two months ago, he swore that he would show his harvest to Li Er but make it impossible for him to taste. Now that Changle brought this up, Yuanying is in a state of struggle. After all, His Majesty had praised him recently and is now in his good books.  So, should I give him a piece to try?

Li Yuanying snorted twice: “Then let Sizi give him one. I won’t give more!”

Changle let the topic go.

Li Yuanying brought the children around eating and drinking. He then proposed to visit the school. He asked that no special preparations be made as they would just sit in the back on a few futons and observe.

Dong Xiaoyi arranged the matter and quickly set up an “auditorium” for Li Yuanying and his party to observe the class session. Maybe it’s because the children are mutually influencing each other but compared to kids in normal schools, the children here are particularly motivated to learn. There are also several girls who stand out; fast learners and very active in class.

Overall the school seems vibrant and thriving.

Li Yuanying was satisfied with his trip. He sent Changle, Wei Shu and Sizi back and went to look for Xiao Deyan bringing boiled boiled corn and freshly squeezed corn juice. He even brought with him a specially made “straw” from thin bamboo branch for tasting.

Having lived for 80 years, Xiao Deyan was not particularly greedy for food. But when Li Yuanying enthusiastically pointed the bamboo straw to his mouth, he had two sips according to the boy’s wishes and praised that it was indeed a special drink.

“If you like it, I will go back and ask someone to give you more!”

“I’m old and can’t eat much. You can keep it for yourself.”

“I can’t finish it. There’s too much.”

After Xiao Deyan, it was time to visit grand-nephew little round ball. Many servants were tending to little round ball and seeing Yuanying giving the child food from unknown sources, they became a little nervous and wanted to taste it first before allowing young master to try it.

Following palace customs, all food served to the Emperor had to be tested in three ways. Li Yuanying is indifferent to this practice and allowed the servants to do as they wish.

Little round ball puffed up his cheeks looking angry. “Mine! Mine!” My corn juice, why should I let them drink it first?!

Li Yuanying squeezed his puffy face and said: “No can do. Let them taste it first. If it doesn’t taste good, I can’t give it to you.”

If someone else were to pinch his cheeks, little round ball would definitely be angry. But when Li Yuanying did it, he was happy instead. He stretched out his chubby round hands and pressed it hard against Yuanying’s cheek, wanting to pinch him back to show their closeness.

Li Yuanying nodded: “Yes, not bad! Really smart. He knows how to return favors at such a young age!” He moved closer to the boy so that little round ball could pinch his face.

Little round ball was successful.  YaoYao’s face is soft and warm. He was extremely happy: “Return favors!”

The corn juice was finally served and Yuanying held the straw next to little round ball to teach him how to use it. Its the boy’s first time using a straw and when he could suck juice from it he was both shocked and excited. He continues drinking mouthful of it. It’s fun and tasty!

Li Yuanying left for home contented after playing with little round ball. Among all his juniors, little round ball  is the most round and feels the best to pinch. No wonder his brother likes fourth nephew the most. It seems that round children are the cutest! If it was someone as thin as Sizi, you wouldn’t bear to pinch her face!

Li Yuanying sighed and rode back to the palace on a pony.

At this time, His Majesty was being bombarded with corn stories from multiple sides.

The first ones to give him corn were his children. Sizi and Li Zhi updated him that young uncle had planted corn in the sunflower garden. His Majesty didn’t pay much attention at first but after seeing the crop he got interested as it looks like very good food source!

Listening to Li Zhi, he realized that every corn on the cob can be planted and that a single corn can populate an entire field. His Majesty couldn’t help but hold on to the well-cooked corn tightly.

Such good things being roasted and boil. And eat them all?!

Without allowing the Emperor to react, someone came to update that Zhangsun Wuji is asking for an urgent meeting.

Once summoned in, Li Er found out that Changle was part of the group and brought back a few for her family to try. Zhangsun Wuji took a look and realized that this is precious food source. How can you cook them all?! He didn’t care what the corn tasted like, he quickly brought it into the palace to meet the Emperor!

His Majesty and Zhangsun Wuji stared at each other, both speechless. With no time to react, someone said that Wei Zheng is asking to meet the Emperor.

Both looked at each other and could predict what the other was thinking: Wei Zheng must have brought corn too. It’s harvest time and Li Yuanying would definitely invite his friend Wei Shu along.

Wei Zheng entered and saw that His Majesty already has two trays of corn with him.

Wei Zheng immediately understood. He handed out his corn to the group.

Sensing that the atmosphere was not right, Sizi pulled the corner of Li Er’s clothes: “Father, are you unhappy? We were afraid that it would not be fresh, so we asked someone to cook it in the carriage when returning to the palace. It’s cooked just right! It’s delicious!”

His Majesty could never get angry at his beloved Sizi, so he pretend to be happy before turning to Li Zhi.

 “When was this thing  planted?”

“It was planted around the same time as sunflowers.”

“These are all there is to harvest?”

“This is only part of it, there are still many in the field. I heard that the rest are either too old to taste good or too tender to eat.”

His Majesty knew what he had to do and send his children home. Looking at the three trays of corn, His Majesty snorted coldly, “Let’s try it first. After tasting, Wuji go arrange for the sunflower garden to be surrounded.”

Zhangsun Wuji obeyed.

 Li Er picked up a piece and tasted it twice, sweet and delicious.

The more he thought about how good a crop these corns are, the more angry Li Er became.

Already several months of planting and no one shared a word to him. Obviously, that b*stard Li Yuanying made them shut up. Seriously not sure what drugs Li Yuanying gave these young ones to make them so willing to listen to him. How dare they not tell me?!

Notes from the author:

His Majesty Li Er: You b*stard, kidnap my son!

Fourth nephew: You b*stard, kidnap my son!

Little Prince: Oh, Blame me. o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o

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