Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself
Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself Chapter 77

Translated by Novice Translations 

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 3 

She Wants to Castrate Herself First, Then Kill Herself to Prove Her Innocence 

  When Xin Tu went to the dungeon, Ke Li was still suspended by an iron chain. There were two red terrible whip marks on her body. It was enough to see that the whip was very powerful as the two lashes made Ke Li’s skin crack. 


  “Grandma played for a long time but only left these two whip marks that are neither shallow nor deep after a long time?” Xin Tu said lightly and gently as if she should have seen a bloody body instead of Ke Li’s slightly harmed appearance.  


  ”…” Ghost Grandma had seen Xin Tu’s methods of torturing people and said with trembling fear: “Before this old one can use the trump card, I discovered that this National Teacher wasn’t a man at all. I was worried that the wrong person was caught so I can only report to Sect Leader first.”  


  Xin Tu didn’t continue with this topic. She sat in the wheelchair and due to the height of her vision, she could naturally see at a glance that the hem of Ke Li’s sky-blue clothes had a mottled red color.  


  She looked at Ke Li’s covered face again. She seemed unwilling to admit it. Instead, she frowned and said to Ghost Grandma: “This can’t be from a wound rupture, it must mean her menstruation came?”  


  ”…” It’s rare to see Xin Tu’s childlike appearance and Ghost Grandma replied: “Although this old one is old; my vision definitely isn’t wrong. This person’s bone structure is small, narrow shoulders, thin hips, and slender eyebrows. Look, it’s… definitely a woman.”  


  Ghost Grandma’s last sentence was somewhat lacking confidence.  


  The eyebrows were indeed slender. Xin Tu’s eyes were locked onto Ke Li and her voice was colder than before: “Grandma’s eyes are so powerful, why didn’t you mention it to this lord in the beginning? Could it be that you like outsiders, thus you advised in hindsight?”  


  Ghost Grandma was shocked by Xin Tu’s cloudy mood, trembled twice, and replied, “At first, I thought she was a stinky man with a feminine appearance, but I didn’t think…”  


  Xin Tu’s gaze scanned Ke Li’s body. It seems she was too careless. She didn’t discover that her captured foe was a beautiful girl, but even if she was a beautiful girl, she was still the enemy.  


  She sharply said: “This lord knows that Grandma doesn’t discriminate between soft or muscular men, so this should be the case between male or female.”  


  ”…” Ghost Grandma seemed to be pinched by a big hole called life and death, so she repeatedly answered: “Yes, yes, yes.”  


  When Xin Tu finished scolding Grandma, she then said to the guards: “Take the cloth away from her eyes and mouth.”  


  She was initially reluctant to see Ke Li’s entire appearance because she wanted to see the miserable-looking Ke Li first, but now she had to look due to her uncertain identity.  


  Xin Tu even doubted whether she captured the National Teacher who ruined her family. After all, the National Teacher has always been a man.  


  The guard quickly removed the cloth from Ke Li’s face to reveal her entire face. Xin Tu’s eyes looked at her as if seeing something incredible. She stared at Ke Li’s face, with her thoughts unknown, and didn’t move her eyes away for a while.  


  Ghost Grandma was also surprised. She pointed to Ke Li and said: “Sect Leader, this…” 


  Xin Tu ignored Ghost Grandma and said: “Scatter her hair.”  


  The guard followed the order. Ke Li with her hair scattered looked more suitable in the men’s clothing she wore. Her eyebrows looked painted and her teeth were white. In order to look more like a man, she seemed to have drawn thick eyebrows. Although her mouth was covered with blood and her face was pale, it wasn’t difficult to see that she was a beauty.  


  Ghost Grandma didn’t dare speak due to the atmosphere and watched Xin Tu’s attitude towards Ke Li.  


  “Let Left Guardian go back and check Ke Chen’s identity and give me all of her information.” Xin Tu said word by word, “Bring her to my room today. You can’t mention anything you saw today. Grandma ought to know what to tell Guan Lixian.”  


  Ghost Grandma quickly replied, “Ke Chen couldn’t stand the torture and was tortured to death by this old woman.”  


  Xin Tu nodded and looked at Ke Li’s face which was very similar to that of the former Sect Leader. Finally, she said with her mouth taut, “If you really have Master’s bloodline, then you’re lucky since Master’s spirit has already passed away. But if you’re the National Teacher, then this lord can only be sorry to Master and still want you to live while yearning death.”  


  Ghost Grandma: “…” 


  When Ke Li finally woke up, she was finally able to see. She looked around for a while and it seemed that she was in a stone prison. Although it was still cold, it was much better than the previous dungeon.   


  ”Drink this medicine. Later you won’t have an incurable illness.” Ghost Grandma said respectfully, “But whether you survive or not depends on your own luck.”  


  ”…” As soon as Ke Li woke up, she couldn’t stop trembling. As a result, she felt a terrible pain all over her body. Although the wound was bandaged, the pain was still fresh in her memory.  


  Because of the so-called shortcomings of her speech,[mfn]She can only say words from the heart from now on[/mfn] she refrained herself from making any mistakes with her speech and cautiously asked: “Where am I now?”  


  Ghost Grandma wasn’t in a good mood: “Only two lashes made your menstruation come, then you directly fainted. The dungeon is cold, and the Sect Leader was merciful. She let you rest here first, then the Sect Leader will make a decision later.”  


  ”…” Ke Li blushed, then squeezed her thighs together and took the medicine.[mfn]Author uses a specific Chinese phrase for this action that doesn’t translate well. It kind of looks like you need to use the toilet to pee really bad so you squeeze your thighs together and twist your hips and sometimes hold your crotch with your hands. In this case, Ke Li is confirming if her period is really here.[/mfn] Compared with the previous pain, this embarrassment was just a minor case.  


  Ke Li spent four days lying in bed the entire time. Her wound was treated with high-quality medicine. Grandma took care of her daily needs and she never saw Xin Tu. She felt like she was here on vacation which doesn’t match Xin Tu’s ruthlessness.  


  Could this be the calm before the storm? 


  Ke Li couldn’t figure it out and talked to Doudou about it. Doudou had the same guilty conscience as usual: [Host, I must tell you something.] 


  ”…” Ke Li raised her eyebrows: “If you have something to say, say it or don’t. Don’t be late telling me every time.”  


   [Hic… according to my prediction, the host will always be trapped here. So, it doesn’t matter whether you know the plot after the male lead becomes scum. It’s just that the male lead is more of scum while the female lead is more miserable, but…] Doudou suddenly stopped.  


  Ke Li could barely accept the fact that she would be trapped here from now on, but only on the premise that they stop torturing her. She had no patience and asked: “Can you finish talking without that long pause?”  


  Doudou bowed its head aggrieved and said: [But the plot after the scum system is obviously much different. You will only be able to fall in love painfully.][mfn]So, the meaning of this phrase is to have a painful love that hurts each other. Although you love each other very much and long to be together, you will be hurt a lot by being together.[/mfn]  


  Ke Li wasn’t happy and retorted: “Who will fall in love painfully? This sentence doesn’t correlate with me being beaten with a whip, so we can only mutually hurt each other, do you understand?”  


  She wasn’t a shaking M nor does she suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. It’s unlikely for her to develop feelings for her kidnapper.   


  […The host is really a tsundere. But this still doesn’t affect that you will fall in love painfully with the female lead.]  


  Doudou continued: [The female lead’s Master, that is, the former Sect Leader, left behind a daughter outside. The original plot didn’t say who that daughter was, but after the scum system, this person became the host. So, the female lead won’t kill the host because of her respect towards her previous Master. If you think about it, she wants to kill the host, but can’t kill even though she has the urge to. This sounds very exciting.]  


  ”…” Before Ke Li could digest the news, Xin Tu arrived.  


  She was blindfolded before, but now she could finally have a good look at Xin Tu. As she wrote initially, Xin Tu was in a wheelchair but didn’t seem ill. Instead, she had a kind of domineering aura. Almost all her clothes were black which adds a sense of authority, but it didn’t affect her beautiful appearance. In short, the female lead was beautiful.  


  On the other hand, she looks almost the same every time. There was a slight modification to her appearance in reality, but the beauty was the same. In addition, the system added a pair of heavy burdens to her original flat chest.  


  Ke Li fixedly stared at Xu Tu without moving her eyes.  


  Xin Tu didn’t seem to notice Ke Li staring at her. Her face looked like usual, but her whole body eluded cold air. She said to Ke Li: “Do you know why I haven’t killed you yet?”  


  “…” According to the principle of saying more will have more mistakes, Ke Li didn’t speak. She didn’t want to try out her so-called speech shortcoming.  


  Ke Li’s fearless attitude annoyed Xin Tu inexplicably. She said fiercely: “I have investigated your identity. Don’t think that if that dog Emperor gave you a new identity that I wouldn’t recognize you. You’re the National Teacher. In the beginning, some scoundrels on the streets deceived others by saying that people of my sect were ruthless evil demons, but I think you’re the most ruthless.”  


  Ke Li: “……” 


  At that time, in order to write the female lead as miserable as possible, she certainly was completely unscrupulous.  


  “Aren’t you very good? Open your mouth and ruin other people’s family, but now pretends to be dumb?”   


  Xin Tu recounted Ke Li’s crimes. Eight years ago, if the Sixth Prince’s original plan to seize the throne and Ke Li’s insinuation didn’t happen, her family wouldn’t have been destroyed nor would her legs have been crippled for several years. Now that she recovered, she still had to pretend that she was a cripple.  


  Ke Li was very guilty right now, plus she didn’t want to be forced to speak. She could only say nothing. However, Xin Tu suddenly approached her and said, “Since you’re a genuine woman, you say, what’s a woman’s most important thing?”  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  The more Ke Li kept silent, the angrier Xin Tu became. She was on the brink of losing control, she grabbed Ke Li’s chin and lightly said: “Is it your beauty or life-long freedom? Or maybe it’s your virginity since you disguised yourself as a man? Say, what is most important?”  


  Naturally, everything! Ke Li was really afraid that the out of control female lead would wage war on the human body,[mfn]Basically her body will become a battlefield for that war[/mfn] so she opened her mouth without thinking about it. As a result, she said, “Of course, I don’t want anything.”  


  Ke Li: “…” 


  She wanted to castrate herself first, then commit suicide to prove her innocence!   


  ”…” Xin Tu was slightly stunned. She has never seen such a shameless person. She let go of Ke Li’s red chin and backed away. Then said to Ghost Grandma that waited outside: “This lord heard that Grandma likes females …”  


  Ghost Grandma: “…” She doesn’t! She doesn’t like that!  


Author’s Notes: 

it’s impossible to fall in love painfully, but Ke Li has the fighting strength of five scums…now to watch the moment of truth in silence  

Don’t worry, the next chapter will be sweet. 

Decided to work on my biological clock and sleep early tonight to get up early in the morning, then I can guarantee you an update _(:з」∠)_ 

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