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Time always flies faster than anything else, and in the blink of an eye, Little Lian Sang was about to start kindergarten.

For everyone in the family, it was a big day. Even the Shifu, who was traveling, came back two days early just to personally accompany his little disciple to kindergarten.

Lian Qing, who was currently filming, managed to convince the director to give him two days off. Yu Wenning also rescheduled his work to be able to accompany their youngest son to kindergarten, along with the whole family.

Initially, Lian Qing wanted to choose a kindergarten near their home, but Yu Wenning was concerned that the little one would attract attention due to his online fame. Moreover, it would be inconvenient for the two of them or the Shifu to pick him up or drop him off.

Following his suggestion, Lian Qing ultimately selected a prestigious school a bit further from home. The students here came from well-to-do backgrounds, including celebrities, artists, politicians, and wealthy businessmen.

From students to teachers, they were all well-traveled and experienced, unlikely to cause commotion or paparazzi due to Lian Qing’s popular star status.

As the family accompanied the little one to the school, there were many parents, children, and teachers gathered at the school gate.

Lian Qing only wore a duckbill cap without much disguise. To avoid drawing attention, the Shifu didn’t wear his monk’s robe today but instead wore a gray-blue training outfit, looking spirited.

The receptionist teacher clearly recognized Lian Qing and Yu Wenning. In fact, as teachers, they had already memorized the family background of all their students.

One of the teachers approached them with a smile, greeting them and then squatting down to greet the little monk, saying, “Hello, Lian Sang. I will be your teacher from now on. You can call me Teacher Xiao Yang.”

“Hello, Teacher Xiao Yang,” Little Lian Sang replied with a particularly sweet smile, his voice still in a childish tone. “Teacher Xiao Yang looks really pretty.”

“Really? Thank you. You’re also very handsome,” Teacher Xiao Yang replied, beaming like a flower. She had encountered sweet-talking students before, but usually after getting familiar with them. It was rare to receive compliments from a three-year-old child on their first day of kindergarten, without any tears or tantrums. Clearly, this child was indeed a big star and came from a prominent family.

The little one puffed his chest out and said seriously, “The teacher is beautiful, I am handsome, it’s different.” After a moment of thought, he added, “My Shixiong is the second most handsome, Yu gege is the third most handsome. The Shifu is the most benevolent!”

The benevolent Shifu gently touched his already dark-haired little head.

So adorable!

If it weren’t for the presence of the parents, Teacher Xiao Yang might have already hugged this cutie! How could there be such an adorable child in the world, casually complimenting people with such earnestness!

The teachers quickly ushered the children inside, while the parents followed from a distance.

In fact, most of the children’s parents here were very busy, and some children were even brought by relatives. There was no second case of three adults sending one child to school in the entire kindergarten, like in Lian Qing’s case. Therefore, naturally, many people noticed them, consciously or unconsciously.

With this attention, it was inevitable that they could see Lian Qing’s face clearly. Several young mothers approached, politely and in hushed voices, greeted him. At the same time, a few men also approached, but they were looking to greet Yu Wenning.

After briefly dealing with these people, everyone tacitly shifted their gaze to the classrooms where their respective children were placed. Today was the first day of school, and parents were allowed to observe from outside the classrooms, but they couldn’t speak or disrupt the children.

In the class where Lian Sang was, there were two teachers, one male and one female, and Teacher Xiao Yang was one of them. At the moment, the two teachers were trying to calm down the children, who were getting emotionally influenced and either crying or making a fuss.

Among these children, Little Lian Sang stood out prominently, standing quietly near the podium.

The little one seemed annoyed by the crying of the other children and unexpectedly said loudly, “Stop crying! Boys should not cry, it’s embarrassing!”

If these words were spoken by an adult, they might have had the opposite effect. But when spoken by a child of the same age, it had a positive effect. Many of the children who were making a fuss gradually stopped crying.

“But I’m a girl…” a little girl said through her tears, her voice muffled.

Lian Sang, the little monk, said seriously, “Girls should cry even less, it looks ugly when they cry!”

“Really? Then I won’t cry anymore.” The little girl sniffled and took a deep breath, slowly calming down.

Other children, witnessing this, strangely stopped crying and fussing as well.

The parents who witnessed all of this from outside the window couldn’t help but laugh quietly, exchanging whispers to inquire about whose child this was.

Lian Qing and the two other parents listened to the praises from the parents around them about their own children and couldn’t help but stand a little taller with pride!

The two teachers, seeing that Lian Sang easily pacified the children, immediately gave him a thumbs-up discreetly. The little one, receiving the thumbs-up, innocently touched the back of his head, not understanding what the teachers were doing.

Teacher Xiao Yang quickly and sweetly arranged for the children to sit down and then guided them to introduce themselves.

When it was Lian Sang’s turn, the little one walked up to the podium and confidently said, “My name is Lian Sang, I’m three years old. I like eating meat and cakes the most. You can call me Shixiong…”

Teacher Xiao Yang quickly interrupted him, saying, “Wait, Little Lian Sang, why do you want everyone to call you Shixiong?”

Lian Sang, the little monk, blinked his eyes and his serious little face instantly transformed into puffed-up cheeks, adorable and cute. His voice became soft and adorable too, saying, “Because… I want to be a Shixiong… Teacher, is that not allowed?”

Justice! Center! Red! Heart!

TN: “正!中!红!心!” translates to “Justice! Center! Red! Heart!” It is a slogan or rallying cry often associated with patriotism or revolutionary movements. Not sure if this is the right context for the words or if there’s another meaning like in Chinese slang or sth.

Teacher Xiao Yang couldn’t help but reach out and gesture towards her heart, repeatedly shouting in her mind, “Calm down, calm down! You’re a teacher, you’re a professional!”

However, before she could gather her thoughts, some of the children below the podium had already started shouting, “Shixiong,” towards Lian Sang.

Once someone started, others naturally followed suit. Soon, the classroom was filled with children who loved to join in the trend, repeatedly calling out “Shixiong.”

Hearing everyone cooperating like this, Lian Sang, the little monk, was extremely happy. He immediately said confidently, “Thank you, everyone!”

After speaking, he politely bowed and then walked off the stage with big strides.

Wherever he went, a chorus of “Shixiong” resounded, showcasing his immense popularity!

Teacher Xiao Yang: “……….” She began to doubt if this was still a kindergarten.

If she remembered correctly, the little one seemed to be the youngest and smallest in the class…

Outside the door, amidst the laughter of the parents, the Shifu was proudly stroking his beard, feeling emotional. “Indeed, he’s my disciple!”

Lian Qing couldn’t help but say, “Yes, he’s my martial Shidi!”

Yu Wenning: “…There’s something I’m not sure if I should say.”

“If it’s not worth saying, then don’t say it.” The Shifu grumpily responded. He had just unexpectedly learned last night that his eldest disciple was actually on the bottom! At this moment, he couldn’t help but feel displeased with this couple!

Yu Wenning tried to please the Shifu with a smile but still couldn’t help but say, “Our youngest son, he looks a bit like a big boss.”

“How is it possible? He’s so small and cute!” Lian Qing gave him an annoyed look. His junior apprentice is clearly so adorable!

Yu Wenning rubbed his nose and decided to let it go. However, in his opinion, this clever and physically strong little guy would probably become a leader in the kindergarten sooner or later.

That’s good though. They no longer have to worry about their child being bullied at school.

The parents had limited time to stay at the school, so after watching half of the class, they had to leave.

In the evening, when Lian Qing brought the little one back home, the little guy happily shared the joy of going to school with them.

“Shixiong, shixiong, let me tell you, I also became a big brother. The kids in my class call me ‘shixiong’!”

“Shifu, Shifu, our teacher praised me for being clever…”

“Yu gege, Yu gege, it seems like all the kids in my class are taller than me. Make more meat dishes for me to eat. I want to eat a lot and grow really tall…”


*LAUNCHES CONFETTI ROCKET* CUT THE CAMERAS THE SHOW IS DONE. Thank you everyone who’s kept up with the story to this point. Shout out to Stephanie for all the consistent comments, they made me really happy, thank you Ethereal Rainbow for making me engage in a controversial discussion 😂 , Hawa thanks for your comment. And also thank you to all the other anonymous comments and silent readers.

PS: There’s a sort of sequel but also can be read as a standalone story that follows the tiny monk as the protagonist. Little Monk and Yu Wenning also appear on it. Check it out here.


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  1. snowhitejade has spoken 9 months ago

    Hiiiiii!!!! There’s a sequel????? I want to know the titleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! ahhhhhhhh thanks for the translation!!!! this is sooo good! I was just taking a break from reading a heavy angst and this is good for fluff

  2. Fisukisuki has spoken 9 months ago

    i want to read the sort of sequeeel… wheeereee??? 😭👀

    anyway THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE HARDWORKS IN COMPLETING THIS NOVEL TRANSLATION!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇 xEndlessEverlastingGratefulness

    I’m soooooo glad I’m able to finished this novel. and it was SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!
    the extras is so precious!!!
    I Love the whole story sooooooo muuuuch!!!

    • EuphoriaT has spoken 9 months ago

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story! You’re very welcome. I also enjoyed translating it. You can find the sequel on jjwxc.

  3. Stephanie has spoken 1 year ago

    Thanks for the translation. This is such a fun and heart warming story. Ill make sure to recommend it to others.

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    Oh my, I was mentioned! Controversial, me? Blinks eyes innocently like the little monk…

    • EuphoriaT has spoken 1 year ago

      You just gonna throw poor old me under the bus like that🥺. Dismantles your lie like the tiny monk…

  5. Ethereal Rainbow has spoken 1 year ago

    Thanks you so much for sharing this heartwarming, funny & sweet story! I’m glad there is another story about the little one.

    • EuphoriaT has spoken 1 year ago

      You’re welcome! Tiny monk’s story is also very funny and heartwarming and the Lian brothers are hilarious from the start.


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