Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 16
The director said to promote the show, so they naturally had no objection.

Therefore, the director used the official blog of the production team to send the link and then asked all the main supporting characters to forward it.

The mobile phone used for the live broadcast was held by a younger sister of the crew. In the beginning, the camera was directly aimed at the two protagonists, and she said with a smile, “Hello, everyone, this is the crew of” Supernatural Records “

After that, she panned the camera one by one and introduced all the actors present, and said with a smile: “The rewards you give today will be distributed to all the people in the crew and added to the food budget! Well, while everyone is here, do you have anything you want to ask or say to them? Xiao Ling can convey it on your behalf.”

Because several actors present had forwarded it, there were many people in the live broadcast room. As soon as the little sister’s voice fell, countless fans sent out various bullet screens and gifts.

The little sister looked carefully and found that most of the bullet screens were directed at the Little Monk Lian Qing. But she couldn’t ask Lian Qing first, because he was not the main character here! Therefore, she could only ask the hero first: “Brother Cheng, do you usually smoke and drink?”

The male lead Brother Cheng said with a friendly smile, “If you drink less, you will smoke when you are under pressure.”

“So it’s like this ah, fans ask Brother Cheng to pay attention to his health and not be too tired.”

Brother Cheng smiled and nodded: “Okay!”

The little sister asked the female lead and the second male lead questions. After that, it was Lian Qing’s turn. She said, “Fans asked, which one does the Little Monk prefer, hot pot or barbecue?”

Lian Qing: “Both. I like both.”

“They say you have to choose one, only one.”

Lian Qing hesitated for a moment and said, “Well, it’s still hot pot. If it’s barbecue, then Brother Chengyi is the best at roasting meat, it’s really delicious. I don’t barbecue it so well myself.”

The little sister smiled, looked down at the bullet screen, and then looked up at the Little Monk in surprise and said, “The Brother Chengyi you just mentioned ran to the live room to reply to you, and he gave us a gift!”

Lian Qing’s eyes lit up: “What did he say? Did he say that he could roast meat for me again when he was free?”

The little sister hesitated to interrupt his fantasy: “His original words are: The Little Monk is very sensible ah!”

“No?” Lian Qing asked incredulously.

“No,” the little sister shrugged.

Lian Qing regained his expressionless face.

The little sister couldn’t help laughing, and read out Zhao Chengyi’s bullet screen that was floating in the live broadcast room: “Zhao Chengyi said: You are cold and ruthless!”

Lian Qing looked at the camera innocently and thought for a moment: “I’m not. Otherwise, I’ll treat you to barbecue?”

“Zhao Chengyi said,” I’m going to roast it, right? “

Lian Qing nodded affirmatively. His barbecue was not delicious. It must be roasted by Zhao Chengyi.

There was a lot of laughter in the live room, and Zhao Chengyi, whose heart had been wounded, felt wronged and put out a ferocious sentence before immediately leaving the live broadcast room.

The little sister conveyed the message as it was: “Zhao Chengyi said,” Little monk, wait for me. If I don’t eat you poor, I will… I won’t go out to play with you! “

Lian Qing subconsciously felt the monk’s cloth bag hanging by his side and said bitterly, “It’s easy for you to eat me poor… I’m poor.”

In the live broadcast room, there was another wave of laughter.

The little sister later handed her mobile phone directly to several actors, who then interacted with netizens in person.

Everyone was also very conscious that the male lead was the first to take the mobile phone and then give it to the female lead after a few minutes of interaction. In a few minutes, it was in the second male lead’s hands.

After interacting with netizens for a while, the second male lead was ready to hand the mobile phone to Lian Qing. As a result, he turned his head in his direction and aimed the mobile phone camera at Lian Qing, laughed, and said to the netizens, “Look at what he is doing!”

On the screen, the Little Monk is shoving a tangerine into his mouth. The tangerine peel was so green that it looked sour, and the color of the flesh didn’t look sweet.

In fact, the fruit was really sour. This could be seen from the handsome face of the Little Monk when he ate the fruit petal.

The second male lead laughed and said, “You’re eating props again!”

“The director said that everything that will be put here in the future is edible.” Lian Qing replied.

Looking at his frown, the second male lead swallowed his saliva and couldn’t help asking, “Is it sour?”

“Sour! I haven’t eaten such sour tangerines!”

“Then why eat it?”

“I’m hungry. There are only tangerines here.” Lian Qing had already eaten the tangerine.

He was stuffed with a mobile phone as soon as his hand was empty. Having seen how the previous people interacted with the live broadcast, he immediately picked up the phone and looked at the bullet screen.

[Ah, ah, the Little Monk is exploding with cuteness 3333]

[The wrinkled little face is so cute Ha ha ha…]

[As soon as I saw that tangerine… my teeth felt sore 333]

[The more tangerines you eat the hungrier you’ll feel ah!]

[Haven’t you eaten yet?]

“Not yet. Today’s meal hasn’t arrived yet.” Lian Qing said again, “I will be hungrier after eating tangerines? I will drink a glass of water to fill my stomach later.”

[Drink water to fill your stomach?!!]

[Think of it as balloon inflation!]

[Big shot, don’t mess about, human viscera is very fragile! Be patient. It should be served soon.]

[How about the food of the crew? Is it delicious?]

[Upstairs really, how can the lunchboxes be delicious? It’s oily and greasy…]

[Exactly! Greasy meat and vegetable]

Lian Qing frowned slightly and clarified: “The boxed lunch of the crew is delicious, with chicken legs, fried eggs, and a lot of portions.”

Speaking of this, he couldn’t help swallowing, “But my body is still growing, and I will be hungry soon after I’ve eaten.”

[Ha ha ha ha…]

[Body is still growing… dare to ask Little Monk’s age 3333]

[Wait a minute, just now Qianzi seems to have said that you ate props again. This word “again”…]

[WTF, Upstairs you got the main point!]

[emmm ha ha ha ha ha…]


Lian Qing waved: “I don’t eat often…”

Someone interrupted at the side: “No wonder! You almost ate all the props of the crew!”

“That’s because the director said it’s useless and it’s a pity to lose it.” Lian Qing defended himself, “I’m not wasting food!”

Brother Cheng, the male lead, could not help exposing him: “You can drop it ba! Who couldn’t help eating meat with chopsticks in the morning when shooting the part of the meal scene? Not to mention that you are playing a vegetarian monk. That prop was fake and you still wouldn’t let it go!”

Lian Qing was embarrassed and said, “I can’t control myself… I didn’t pick it up later ma!” Who made that prop so real!

“That’s naturally because the props are fixed and you can’t move them!” The female lead couldn’t help but state exasperatedly. 

The second male lead added: “I heard the director say that the segment will be put in the official blog as a sideshow.”

[Ha ha ha ha ha…]

[Imagine that picture, poohahaha…]

[I want to see it!!! When will the interesting sidelines be released ah?! QWQ]

[It is estimated that we will not see it until the new episode is broadcast this weekend. I feel like that scene will be my fountainhead of happiness for the week 3333]

[Too meng Little Monk, even fake props are not allowed to slip by Ha ha ha 6666]


Lian Qing was embarrassed to face the kind ridicule of netizens all over the screen, so he had to pull the topic off abruptly: “Let’s get down to business. I’m here to promote the play” Supernatural Records “

“……” Silence spread.

The male lead Brother Cheng broke the silence: “Then what?”

Then? The Little Monk thought for a moment and deadpanned, “I hope you can support me more.”

“… is that all?”

The Little Monk was confused. Isn’t their purpose to give publicity to the drama?

“Interact with fans ah!”

“Oh.” Lian Qing looked at the bullet screen with uncertainty in his heart. He was still unskilled in conducting business on the live broadcast.

[Ha ha ha ha…]

[Little Monk who is not good at doing business everyday 3333]

[He does not dare to interact. The previous interview is an example 3333]

[Don’t ask him about his feelings about the role, he will say no feelings hhhh]

[The Little Monk who awkwardly cuts out all topics daily 3333]

[Otherwise, the Little Monk can tell us, do you or do you not have any feelings regarding this play?]

Lian Qing said seriously, “The director doesn’t permit spoilers!”

[Ha ha ha… good, good, impenetrable!]

[Director: Good, I’m moved!]

[Why don’t you tell me what you plan to do next?]

“The next plan… I don’t know. Sister Cheng seems to say that she will arrange a variety show for me in the interval of filming, but she hasn’t decided yet.”

[The Little Monk should take good care of himself. Don’t be tired. 333]

[The Little Monk and Sister Sha share an agent. It’s really nice]

[Little Monk finger hearts, pay attention to your health ya!]


Lian Qing was touched by the full screen of concern. He handed the mobile phone to the person beside him: “Help me to hold it.”

After it was picked up, he looked at the camera and compared his heart with that of his seniors.

“Let’s compare our hearts.” After a pause, he added: “My heart is the biggest!”

The people around him laughed, and one of them said, “I just said that when we compared our hearts to the audience, you were always on the side just watching, so you were waiting for this!”

Lian Qing took the phone with embarrassment and touched his nose: “I have no experience, so I want to learn from my seniors.”

[Puha ha ha ha ha…]

[The Little Monk who worked hard to learn business hahaha…]

[Needless to say, I must have learned from my seniors 333]

[Pfff, if you have a disagreement, at once form a heart that is also remarkable.]

[This heart must be as big as watermelon 3333]

[Finger heart, love you!]

[How cute little monk ah ah ah 333]

[Go on, go on, your heart is the biggest and the most powerful!]

[The Little Monk’s voice is so nice, pure, clear, and soft, and the tone of his voice is also good!]

[How about the Little Monk sings a song?]

[Want to hear the Little Monk sing 3333]

“Singing? I can’t.” Lian Qing hurriedly waved his hand. He had been concentrating on learning before, and then he was disconnected from the Internet for two years. What can he sing?

The people around were all noisy and enthusiastic.

“Sing one, it’s the wish of fans!”

“It doesn’t matter which one you sing. Fans just want to hear your voice.”

“Yes, Little Monk, there are so many Chinese songs, don’t you have one that you can sing? If you sing one, the fans will be happy!”


Lian Qing reluctantly said, “Well, I’ll sing the song I can sing best.”

He cleared his throat, looked at the camera, and sang: “We are the communist successors… inherit the glorious tradition of the revolutionary ancestors…”


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