Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 18
Lian Qing has a habit of morning exercise, but lately he had been working day and night on the set and hadn’t been able to continue this good habit. Today he didn’t have to go to the set and his flight was at noon, so he got up early for a morning run.

Actually, when he was in the temple before, his morning exercise consisted of carrying water, practicing on the Mei Hua stake, and practicing with a staff. But now that he’s living in the city, he doesn’t have those conditions. He can only go for a morning run, and run a few more laps.

Just as he was running almost to the end, he saw someone greeting him from a distance.

It was a very handsome and tall man in a sportswear. He smiled and waved friendly at Lian Qing, “Hello, Lian Qing.”

Lian Qing smiled awkwardly, feeling that the person was quite familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

Seeing that Lian Qing didn’t seem to remember him, the man was not angry. Instead, he kindly said, “The other day, my car went out of control and almost hit someone. You saved that person and helped me in the process.”

“Oh, I remember now!” Lian Qing immediately remembered. At that time, he didn’t think much of it and didn’t pay much attention to this handsome man.

Feeling embarrassed, Lian Qing asked, “How is your car now? And the driver, is he okay?”

“The driver is fine, the car had some problems, but it has been fixed,” the man said and asked, “Do you live here?”

Lian Qing nodded, feeling a little excited as the man seemed like he also does morning exercise. “Do you also live here?”

“Yes, I live in that building, 603 on the sixth floor,” the man pointed to a certain building with a smile.

Lian Qing took a glance and his smile grew bigger, “What a coincidence! I also live in that building, 605.”

“Haha, so we’re neighbors, it’s fate. Let me introduce myself, my name is Yu Wenning. Can we be friends?” The man reached out his right hand, very friendly.

Lian Qing naturally nodded and shook his hand with excitement of meeting someone familiar in a strange place, “Hello, I’m Lian Qing, nice to meet you.”

“I’m also glad to meet you. By the way, have you had breakfast yet?” Yu Wenning asked.

Lian Qing shook his head.

Yu Wenning enthusiastically said, “Why don’t you come to my place and have something to eat? My assistant bought a lot of breakfast, and I can’t finish it alone.”

“Well… I don’t know…” Lian Qing felt it might not be appropriate to go to someone’s house for breakfast so soon after just meeting them.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. We’re already friends, aren’t we? Besides, you helped me last time, and I haven’t had a chance to thank you properly yet,” Yu Wenning said.

Seeing Lian Qing still hesitating, he added, “Actually, my assistant always buys enough breakfast for two or three people. I can never finish it, and it’s a waste to throw it away…”

Lian Qing asked, puzzled, “Why does he buy so much for you? He knows you’re alone, so why buy breakfast for two or three people?”

Yu Wenning paused for a moment, then quickly recovered and said with a smile, “I’ve told him before, but he says he doesn’t know what I want to eat in the morning, so he always buys two or three different things.”

Lian Qing was even more puzzled, “But why doesn’t he ask you first?”

Yu Wenning felt a bit bitter in his heart but forced a smile and said, “I’ve told him that too, but my assistant is very proactive. He’s afraid that I might suddenly develop a big appetite one day…”

At an unknown location, Yu Wenning’s assistant silently sneezed.

Lian Qing usually went out to buy his own breakfast which wasn’t enough to fill him when he had a good appetite.

Upon hearing this, he happily went with Yu Wenning to his house for breakfast.

Yu Wenning’s house was next door, but much bigger in size and more elegant in decoration than Lian Qing’s.

Yu Wenning led him directly to the dining room and pointed to the table, “Don’t be polite, let’s eat together.”

Lian Qing nodded and followed him to wash his hands before returning to sit down and eat breakfast together.

The breakfast included small steamed buns, steamed dumplings, sticky rice chicken, soy milk, and was much more exciting than what Lian Qing usually ate, which was often just two buns and a bottle of water.

Looking at Yu Wenning with envy, Lian Qing wondered when he would be able to afford to buy two or three different breakfast items like Yu Wenning.

If his agent Sister Cheng knew about his thoughts, she would probably criticize him for not having any ambition.

Yu Wenning didn’t eat much, and most of the dishes on the table ended up in Lian Qing’s stomach.

Feeling full and satisfied, Lian Qing sincerely thanked Yu Wenning.

Yu Wenning shook his head with a smile, “Actually, I should thank you. I always feel guilty when I waste food, but I can’t help it. You helped me solve part of that problem, which is great! Why don’t you come over and help me finish breakfast every day from now on?”

Lian Qing was tempted by the offer since he could help Yu Wenning while solving his own food problems. However…

“But I’m not always at home…”

Yu Wenning was surprised for a moment but then gently said, “That’s okay. As long as you’re at home, you can come over here to eat, right?”

Lian Qing took out his phone directly, “How about we exchange WeChat and I’ll send you a message when I’m at home?”

Yu Wenning was momentarily stunned but felt ecstatic in his heart. He suppressed his excitement as best as he could and said calmly, “Okay, let’s exchange phone numbers as well.”

Encountering someone with such good fate and goodwill, Lian Qing naturally had no reason to refuse. After exchanging contact information, Lian Qing thanked Yu Wenning again before returning to his own home to take a shower and contact his assistant Brother Chen. He then went out.

After Lian Qing left, Yu Wenning looked at the seat he had just occupied and showed a gentle smile.

He had moved here just for this purpose, and he ran downstairs every day for morning runs and evening walks, making his assistant buy extra breakfast every day. After waiting for several days, he had finally met him.

What he didn’t expect was that he had smoothly obtained this person’s contact information, and it was the little monk who had taken the initiative to suggest it. This was also an unexpected joy…

He looked up at the window, and an old memory came to his mind…

“You… you hold on, don’t fall asleep! Let me tell you a story, don’t fall asleep! I’ll tell you… once upon a time, there was a mountain, and in the mountain was a temple…”

That person spoke stutteringly, telling him an inappropriate bedtime story while carrying him on his back and walking on a mountain path.

At that time, he had lost a lot of blood and was not very clear-headed. Listening to such an outdated bedtime story, his mind became even more muddled.

The young monk seemed to have sensed it and immediately stopped the story,…

Lian Qing…

Little monk…

Life really gave him a big surprise!

Lian Qing had no idea that Yu Wenning was his true “old friend”. To him, what happened back then was just a small matter, and the other party was so disheveled and covered in blood and dirt that he couldn’t see their true appearance.

He only thought of Yu Wenning as the second same-sex friend he made after leaving the mountain. Well, the first one was Zhao Chengyi, because he grilled meat especially well.

Lian Qing was excited for a while when he took his first flight. Accompanied by Assistant Chen, they went straight to the recording site of the program by taxi.

First, they met up with the other three main actors of “Supernatural Chronicles,” and then the four of them went to the program backstage together, where they got to know the three hosts.

The program “Happy Weekend” has three hosts, two men and one woman. The woman is called Sister Tang, who is beautiful and has a sharp tongue. One of the men is called Uncle Ji, who is famous for his social skills. The other is called *Er Ge, who loves to be funny.

*Er Ge – second brother

In addition to the four of them, the program group also invited three main actors from another drama crew.

The staff gave each of them a rough script, and they all read it carefully.

In no time, the music started playing, and the three hosts greeted the guests before going on stage to perform.
Lian Qing followed behind Brother Cheng and stood on the backstage steps, listening to the host’s voice in front.

“Now, let’s welcome the cast of ‘Supernatural Chronicles’!”

As the host finished speaking, Brother Cheng took Lian Qing’s hand and pulled her forward.

The female lead, Mo Tian, silently reached out her hand: ???

The little monk: ???

He gently pulled Brother Cheng’s sleeve and whispered, “Brother Cheng, you’ve got the wrong person!”

Brother Cheng paused for a moment, looked at him in disbelief, and then looked at Mo Tian, who was already holding hands with the second male lead behind them.

He helplessly said to the little monk, “Brother, you’re wearing a mini microphone… When you speak, the whole audience can hear you!”

Lian Qing: “Ah?! This, isn’t it supposed to be muted?” The last time he helped Sister Sha record a program, it was definitely muted and didn’t have the function to amplify sound.

“No, this is to amplify the sound…”

Brother Cheng explained while pulling him away, preparing to just go along with the mistake.

Walking to the stage, the host and audience had already burst into laughter.

Host Uncle Ji raised the microphone in front of the female lead Mo Tian, smiling and asking, “Come on Tian Tian, can you share your current thoughts and feelings?”

Mo Tian laughed and cried, “Brother Cheng, I know the little monk is cute, but I am the female lead!”

The little monk nodded continuously beside her, apparently fully agreeing with her words.

Brother Cheng helplessly said, “Sorry, I’m just used to it.”


Author’s note:

Daily pampering: When Little Monk is here, Cheng Ge takes you out to find food. [Taking care of children mode 1.0 in progress]

When Little Monk is here, Sha Jie takes you to buy drinks. [Taking care of children mode 2.0 in progress]
YWN is already proficient in the art of wooing the Little Monk. East or west food is the best. After reading stories where the ML is cold and distant, this ML, who’s a simp from the start, is a breathe of fresh air. 


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