Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 4

In the middle of the night, the whole program group was filled with laughter.

Fortunately, the site chosen by them was quite far away from the residential area, otherwise they would have been reported to the police for disturbing the residents.

In one breath, Lian Qing ran back to the starting point with Sister Sha in his arms, put Sister Sha on the ground carefully, and then took the fruit basket from his head. Sister Sha had laughed until her stomach hurt. She squatted on the ground and laughed for a long time before she stopped slowly.

Everyone crowded around, and those contestants gave up the competition altogether and gathered in front of Lian Qing to watch.

“What’s the matter? Why are you laughing, Sister Sha?”

Sister Sha covered her stomach with one hand and waved with the other. She forced a smile and said: “The little monk asked me not to be too close to him, he will be shy! Ha ha ha…”

All the people laughed and turned one by one to look at the little monk as if looking at a treasure.

Lian Qing couldn’t stand their gorilla-like eyes, and couldn’t help reaching out to pull Sister Sha, who’d finally calmed down, up. Then he quietly took a step and hid behind her expressionlessly. That look that was just like that of a shy little daughter-in-law who was afraid to meet others, was lovely to death!

Sister Sha: “!!!” I want to laugh again.

Zhao Cheng opened his mouth and said to the little monk behind Sister Sha, “Little monk, do you have pain in your feet or a headache? Besides, isn’t Sister Sha heavy?”

Sister Sha gave him an elbow and he dodged triumphantly.

The little monk said honestly, “No pain, she’s a little heavy.”

It was Sister Sha’s turn to give him an elbow this time which he naturally dodged.

They saw that Lian Qing was a little shy and didn’t like to be stared at so straightforwardly. In addition, he was just a normal person, the guests did not continue to gather in front of him and dispersed. Only Sister Sha pulled him and said, “Little Monk, we will have the last segment in a while. This segment does not need the help of ordinary people. You can find a place to sit and rest first, and then I’ll find you after I finish.”

He nodded and sat down in a corner. With nothing to do, he began to silently recite the Qingxin Mantra. In the past, he didn’t go down the mountain. His primary school, junior high school, and senior high school all read books under the mountain. However, he has never been so far away, nor seen so many people.

This is the first time that he has really seen the prosperity of the city. The master gave him 1000 yuan before he went down the mountain. He only wanted 500 yuan. He originally thought of contacting the best classmate in high school after going down the mountain and staying for a few nights. However, at the foot of the mountain, he called his classmate’s landline with the number provided by the aunt at the canteen but found that the number was invalid.

He went all the way to the address left by his classmate, but when he got there, he found out that the classmate’s family had moved just a few days ago, and there was no way to know where they moved to.

Lian Qing had never had a mobile phone. Apart from the landline number that his classmates left him in those years, he naturally had no other contact information.

He is not stupid. He knows he needs to look for information about renting. But what kind of room could he rent for 500 yuan in the city, not to mention the pledge of one to pay three?

As for the hotel, don’t even mention it. He can only rent for two nights at most for all his wealth. After renting, he wouldn’t even be able to eat! The consumption level in this city is really not low. He had wandered around the whole day, and he was already confused. He dared not spend a cent with 500 yuan in his arms.

He had to calm down and think about what to do in the future. It’s always bad to go back to the mountain like this. He doesn’t know if the master will kill him, not to mention him himself – he still wants to eat more meat. Like the hot pot and barbecue that Zhao Chengyi promised, he hasn’t eaten it yet!

He was so focused on reciting the scriptures that he did not realize that even though he was sitting in a corner, many people were still secretly watching him. Among them, several other people brought by the guests were secretly taking pictures of him,

When Sister Sha came over after recording the program, she saw the little monk sitting in the corner, chanting sutras, the only thing missing was a Muyu in front of him.

She openly took out her mobile phone and took a photo. Then she went to him and called out to him, “Little monk.”

Lian Qing opened his eyes and looked at her. He asked, “Are you ready?”

“All right.” Sister Sha smiled and said, “Come on, thanks to you, I have won a great victory!”

Lian Qing breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

“Let’s go. I agreed with the director to give you two boxes of milk from the sponsors and a box of snacks. Come with me and take them!”

Lian Qing immediately smiled with curved eyes and eyebrows, and responded with a particularly clear voice: “Hmm!”

The director and others were busy, so only one of the assistants led Lian Qing to fetch it. After receiving it, Lian Qing was so excited that he held it in his arms and thought that the next few days would be easy.

He sighed again from the bottom of his heart: “Sister Sha, you are so nice!”

Sister Sha looked up and stood up: “That’s it! Let’s go. I said I would invite you to have another meal!”

Lian Qing hesitated and said, “Forget it, Sister Sha. There should be nothing to eat in the middle of the night. Besides, it’s bad for your health to stay up too late. It’s good enough that you asked for so many things for me…”

“No, I agreed to invite you! Otherwise…” Sister Sha thought for a moment and said, “I just have nothing to do tomorrow. How about I invite you to dinner tomorrow afternoon?”

Seeing Sister Sha’s attitude that gave him no room to refuse, Lian Qing could only nod, thinking that it would be good if he could have a meal of meat tomorrow.

Sister Sha looked at the backpack he was carrying and the three boxes of food he was holding. She remembered that when she first saw him, the man was sitting outside, like a homeless person. She asked, “Where do you live?”

“Internet cafe.” Lian Qing said, “My classmate said that it is open 24 hours a day.”

Sure enough… Sister Sha was not surprised. The little monk said that he came down the mountain today early in the morning. She could see that he was cash-strapped when talking earlier. It is estimated that not only the living place is not well arranged, but also three meals are difficult to get.

It’s rare to meet such a congenial young man. Sister Sha smiled and said, “Otherwise, you can stay in the hotel with me today. I will ask my assistant to give you her room, and she will sleep with me instead.”

The program team was very generous. Not only did they have a room for each guest, but also their assistants had rooms.

“No, no, no!” Lian Qing hurriedly refused, “I don’t want to stay in the hotel, I will go to an internet cafe to make do with it!” The hotel is too expensive. He is afraid that he will not be able to afford Sister Sha’s kindness.

Unexpectedly, Sister Sha suddenly took out a small brocade box and opened it for Lian Qing to see. She proudly said, “See, little gold medal! This is the prize I won with your help. We agreed that the prize should be shared fifty-fifty earlier. If the gold medal is converted, it will cost a few thousand yuan. So, don’t be pressured. Come with me.”

Lian Qing still refused. He only helped a little. How dare he share thousands of dollars with others! In his opinion, Sister Sha’s invitation to him for two meaty meals is perfect!

However, in the end, he was told by Sister Sha that “all hotel rooms have been paid for, and it is a waste if you don’t stay.” This statement was convincing.

It was naturally noticeable that Sister Sha brought such a young man back to the hotel. Fortunately, Sister Sha was a woman with a boyfriend, and she usually acts frankly with an assistant around, so few people thought much about it. Everyone guessed that Sister Sha probably regarded the boy as her younger brother or had known him before, or she wanted to sign him into the entertainment industry. After all, Sister Sha also has her own independent studio.

Sister Sha took the little monk to the hotel door and went back to her room with her assistant to have a rest. Only the little monk was left pondering and studying in the hotel.

He had never stayed in a hotel before. He had only heard of many things about hotels. He knew there were such things, but he had never experienced them. After playing for a while, he felt sleepy. Then he took out his pajamas, cleaned himself up and lay down to sleep.

Maybe because he kept thinking about them during the day, he dreamt about Shifu and Younger Martial Brother.

Under the large stone statue of Buddha, an old monk who had an immortal style stood in front of the incense table with his hands behind his back. On the cushion in front of him, there was a young man and a little boy kneeling.

The old monk was silent for a long time, sighed, and said to the young man kneeling in front of him, “Lian Qing, remember to work hard when you go down the mountain. If you really can’t go on, come back again. Of course, you’d better try not to come back. Life in the mountains is poor and simple, and it’s really not suitable for you young people.”   

Little monk Lian Qing clenched his fist and swore, “Master, I will not let you down!”

The old monk was very pleased: “Good, good! Good boy, then check the ticket and other items and go down the mountain as soon as possible. Remember, contact your classmate after going down the mountain.”

Lian Qing nodded heavily. He stood up and said to the child beside him, “Junior, brother is leaving. You should listen to the master, eat well and practice martial arts well on the mountain. Also, remember to miss your senior brother often!”

The little monk, who was called “Xiao San-er”, had a smooth head which was shaking little by little. He looked very clever and sensible.

Lian Qing was immediately moved and unwilling to give up. He thought for a while and said, “Don’t worry. When the senior brother has settled down and made money, he will take you out to school. The senior brother will send you to the best kindergarten, buy you toys, milk, KFC…”

“Alas, you can’t buy KFC. Your younger martial brother hasn’t returned to the secular world!” The old monk hurriedly interrupted.

“Oh, yes!” Lian Qing said again, “In a word, except for meat, the elder martial brother will buy everything for you!”

The little monk’s head was still shaking little by little, very cute.

Lian Qing, with red eyes, squatted down and hugged the child from behind. He kissed the bright top of his head fiercely and then got up and walked out without looking back. If he didn’t leave, he won’t be able to leave!

After he left, the old monk took a long breath and wiped the sweat on his forehead: “Amitabha, this stinky boy has finally left! If he didn’t leave, then the rice and vegetables planted this year would not have been enough!”

After saying that, he shouted to the little monk who was still kneeling on the mat, “Lian Sang, your elder martial brother has left. Get up quickly.”

The little bald head of Xiao Bu Dian, who is still less than three years old, was still shaking a little bit by bit from time to time, and he didn’t even make a sound.

The old monk muttered, “Don’t cry until you can’t make a sound…”

He squatted down anxiously and looked — well, the child was dozing off!

Little Monk Lian Qing, who saw this scene in his sleep, shrunk his mouth and said wrongly, “Ying…”

The author has something to say:

Little monk: grievance.JPG


muyu: a tradition percussion instrument used as an accompaniment for Buddhist chants. The sound is generated by hitting it. For those who’ve watched Vincenzo, it’s that wooden thing the monks were hitting whenever they were chanting in their temple.

Cash-strapped– being short of money

Shifu – Master/Teacher

Younger Martial Brother: Younger brother under the same teacher/master of martial arts

Ying – A litle crying sound/whimper

Little Monk: Amitabha, I thought you were sad I was leaving but you were sleeping *ying ying ying*

People really have their parent kicking them out because they eat too much lmao.

It’s me, I’m people *ying*

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Sorry for any inconveniences and I hope you can keep supporting and loving the little monk and his future love interest, that we have no idea of.


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