Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 46

Both parties reached a consensus on the matter of Lian Sang, the tiny monk, returning to secular life. Then, Lian Qing asked, “Shifu, what about you? Why don’t you come down the mountain with us?”

The master waved his hand, saying, “No, I’ll pass. After you leave, I’ll go down the mountain to visit some old friends and travel around with them.”

“Do you keep in touch with those other masters?” Lian Qing asked.

“Not often, just occasionally write letters,” the master replied. “Don’t worry too much. Before I found you, I often traveled with them. Although I haven’t left the mountain much in the past 20 years, I still have some knowledge of the outside world. Moreover, I’m still healthy, so don’t worry.”

Lian Qing wasn’t too worried, firstly because his master was indeed strong and vigorous, and he always lost when fighting against him. Secondly, before he went to elementary school, his master occasionally took him on trips to visit other temples. In recent years, some people came to visit his master at the temple from time to time. Therefore, he knew that his master had been traveling all over the world before finding him.

It is said that the abbot of the temple on the mountain at that time was not the master, but another young monk who was a disciple of his shifu’s master. The young monk said that his parents were old and he wanted to return to secular life to take care of them, get married and have children. That’s why Lian Qing’s shifu returned to Sanlian Temple and planned to find someone to succeed him or close the temple.

However, just before he made a decision, he found Lian Qing. He was afraid that sending the child to the welfare institution would be too hard for him, so he decided to adopt Lian Qing after careful consideration. Therefore, he couldn’t continue his traveling, but stayed in the temple and raised Lian Qing himself.

After Lian Qing grew up, his master had talked to him about his plan to continue his unfinished traveling after Lian Qing got into college and left for further studies. However, on the day of the college entrance examination, Lian Qing had a car accident, which not only prevented him from getting into college, but also took him half a year to fully recover from his injuries on the mountain. Secondly, his master found Xiao Sang, the tiny monk, and began to raise another child.

Such a delay directly caused his master to not really leave this small town for 20 years, which made him really frustrated.

Lian Qing had already prepared himself mentally that his master wouldn’t travel with him. He didn’t want to force his master either. It wasn’t easy for his master to sacrifice his freedom to raise him. After thinking for a while, he said, “You can still travel if you want, but you have to take the mobile phone and bank card I just bought for you. I will regularly transfer money to the account, and you can withdraw it whenever you need it.”

“I don’t need the money,” the master waved his hand. “When I used to go out, I didn’t spend much money. I traveled on foot and stayed in nearby temples or found a place to shelter from the wind and rain. Occasionally, I would find some temporary work to earn some money for food. As Buddhist monks, we only eat vegetarian food, so we don’t spend much money.”

“No, you must take the money!” Lian Qing insisted.

Yu Wenning also persuaded him, “Shifu, you should bring your bank card. Nowadays, everything outside is different from twenty years ago. Many roads have been built into highways, and walking is not feasible. Moreover, there are fewer uninhabited places, and temples are not easy to find. If you don’t bring money, are you going to sleep on the street?”

Lian Qing nodded, “Shifu, you should take the money. If you can’t find a place to stay outside, you can stay in a hotel. Your disciple has money.”

Lian Sang also tugged at his master’s clothes with his chubby hands and said in a childish voice, “Shifu, don’t sleep on the street. It’s cold.”

The master looked hesitant and a little embarrassed. It’s not easy to earn money nowadays, and he doesn’t want to take his disciple’s money.

Seeing this, Lian Qing had to turn to Yu Wenning for help. He was not good at persuading people, but he thought Yu Wenning, who was powerful and resourceful, might have a way.

Yu Wenning patted him on the shoulder with one hand to comfort him, then turned to the master and said, “Lian Qing is a star now. As a star, he has to endure many criticisms and unknown hardships, and often has no privacy. If one day, those netizens find out that the shifu of Lian Qing, who is so popular on the screen, can’t even afford a hotel and has to wander around, what will they think of Lian Qing?”

Lian Qing had never thought about this, but he quickly understood Yu Wenning’s point. So he immediately followed up and said, “I will suffer from online violence, and people on the Internet and TV will be everywhere criticizing me, saying that I am unfilial. Then they will ask me to leave the entertainment industry, saying that I am not qualified to be a person…”

“They dare!” The master was angry just hearing this hypothetical situation, and he looked like he wanted to beat up those who might criticize his disciple.

Lian Qing shrugged his shoulders, “They have nothing they won’t dare to do. So, Shifu, even if it’s for my sake, you should take good care of yourself. Take the money and spend it as much as you want. Don’t save it for me. I have money, and I can earn more, really!”

Lian Sang also climbed onto his master and begged him to take the money, “Shifu, you should take it. I don’t want you to have a hard time outside and go hungry…”

Lian Qing also encouraged him, even acting spoiled like a child. Even Yu Wenning, who was just watching, couldn’t stand it and wished he could say yes to the two lively young monks for the old man.

In the end, the master gave in to the loving persuasion of his two disciples and accepted Lian Qing’s card honestly. He also swore in front of the Buddha statue that he would not compromise on his living conditions while being away from home. Lian Qing also forced him to have a video call with him at a fixed time every day.

Lian Qing also took the opportunity to teach his shifu and shidi how to use a mobile phone. The signal in their mountainous area was very weak, but it was still usable.

Watching this happy and cozy family, Yu Wenning wore a slight smile on his face and occasionally joined in the conversation. In his heart, he was envious and longing for a family that could care for each other and love each other like this.

Time always flies when you are having fun. Before they knew it, it was already after 9 pm. The master said he was tired and was getting ready to sleep. Lian Qing went to the kitchen and boiled a large pot of water and called Yu Wenning and Lian Sang to take a bath together. Lian Qing and the master were used to taking cold baths, so he entrusted Lian Sang to Yu Wenning and asked him to help wash the little guy.

However, Lian Sang refused and clung to Lian Qing’s clothes, acting like a spoiled child. “Shixiong, come wash with us…Shixiong~”

Lian Qing looked at Yu Wenning with embarrassment. It wouldn’t be a big deal for his shidi to take a bath with Yu Wenning, but he, as a grown man, was afraid that Yu Wenning might feel uncomfortable. After all, they had some ‘misunderstandings’ earlier this morning. Ahem…just thinking about it made Lian Qing feel embarrassed.

Yu Wenning’s heart raced, but he remained calm and said with a straight face, “We are all men, so let’s take a bath together. We can also save some water.”

Seeing that he had no objections, Lian Qing had no choice but to agree. Although he was used to taking cold baths, taking a hot bath was more comfortable and relaxing.

Although the Sanlian Temple was small, it had everything they needed. There was a bathroom on one side of the courtyard with a small pool dug beneath it. Because of Lian Sang, the pool was not abandoned. There was also a small generator in the courtyard, which the master had bought for Lian Qing before his college entrance examination, so that he wouldn’t strain his eyes from reading. It could power all the lights in the courtyard, but they rarely used it, and they mostly used kerosene lamps.

There were also lights in the bathroom, warm-toned lights that weren’t very bright but still made people feel comfortable. Tonight, Lian Qing took out the generator, so they could use the lights. He poured the boiled water into the pool and added a bucket of cold water. The water level was just right, and the temperature was suitable.

Lian Qing first helped Lian Sang undress and put him on the small stool in the pool that had been prepared earlier. The water level was not high enough to reach the little guy’s belly, so he wouldn’t catch a cold. The little guy obediently held onto the low “wall” of the pool, so he wouldn’t fall.

Lian Qing looked at Yu Wenning again and saw that he had already started undressing, so he lowered his head and undressed as well. The two of them sat down in the pool, one in front and one behind.

Since the two of them were not small in stature, when they sat down, a lot of water spilled out of the pool. The pool also became crowded. Lian Qing reached out and held Lian Sang, placing him on his own thigh, and used a towel to scrub his body. He had to do something to distract himself, otherwise, he couldn’t control himself from looking at Yu Wenning’s body.

When they just stepped into the pool, Lian Qing accidentally took a glance at Yu Wenning’s body. His skin was even whiter than his, and his body wasn’t as weak and flabby as many other men. On the contrary, he had some muscles, and they were evenly distributed. This kind of body was already quite good. At least Lian Qing admired this type of physique.

At that moment, he felt his head get hot and couldn’t help but recall the inappropriate thoughts he had when he told his older brother that he would take responsibility for him earlier that morning. He dared not look up again and could only focus on his junior disciple.

However, he didn’t know that his big brother had the same thoughts at this moment, or even worse!

En he wanted to look but was afraid that he might lose control of his lower body or something. It was truly torturous!

The pool was so small that they were fine if they didn’t move, but once they did, physical contact was inevitable. Moreover, even the Xiao Sang, who didn’t want to stay still, kept moving around. So, their gazes collided with each other from time to time.

At that moment, their gazes locked together and couldn’t be moved away. The warm light seemed to have a magical power that drew them closer and closer, from their bodies to their hearts…

The atmosphere became visibly ambiguous. It was unclear whether it was due to the two of them or the light that was too alluring…

Just as Liang Qing’s heartbeat quickened and his face turned redder, the little one in his arms suddenly giggled quietly and said in a milky voice, “Shixiong, Gege, I found a big secret.”

When he said the word “big,” he made a big circle with his hands. His little face was almost writing “ask me, and I’ll tell you” in big letters.

Liang Qing silently averted his gaze and took a deep breath before calmly asking, “What secret?”

Yu Wenning also silently averted his gaze and looked at Xiao Sang. He didn’t know whether he was feeling disappointed or relieved… He knew that even if the little one didn’t interrupt, he and Liang Qing wouldn’t have any further development at the moment. He wasn’t even sure if this little disciple had a momentary crush on him just now…

Excitedly, Xiao Sang stretched out his chubby little hand and pointed to his shixiong’s lower body, “Shixiong, your little ji ji seems to have grown a little bit.”

TN: 叽叽 (jī jī) is a colloquial and slightly childish term for the p*n*s in Chinese.

Liang Qing: En cough cough…

Yu Wenning: cough…

Little Sang, the tiny monk, continued to say his unfinished words: “However, Yu gege’s little “ji ji” is bigger than yours.”

Lian Qing couldn’t help but look over at his older brother’s area and then back at his own. It was really…

He couldn’t help feeling a sense of disappointment in his heart. He couldn’t match his older brother in height or temperament, and now he couldn’t even match him down there… What kind of world is this?! Sadness.JPG!

Yu Wenning couldn’t help but look at the little monk. He had already looked at everything from his perfectly shaped abs downwards.

The person next to him was looking at him with such a hot gaze, like a hungry wolf, that Lian Qing couldn’t help but shiver.

He silently turned his back to Yu Wenning and pretended to educate the little shidi: “Xiao San’er, you can’t talk about other people’s ‘ji ji’ or talk about other people’s bodies like that. It’s very impolite, you know?”

Xiao Sang nodded solemnly, his small face full of seriousness: “I know, shixiong. But, you and Yu gege are not just anyone.” So they are people who can talk about each other like that.

Lian Qing: “…”

He raised his hand and lightly patted the little guy’s head: “You little brat, you’re so quick-witted!”

The little guy covered his small bald head and complained in a pitiful voice, reciting the content of a certain short video he saw on his senior brother’s phone before: “*Aiya maya, my head hurts, my head hurts….”

Lian Qing: “Put your hand down. I’ll hit you a few more times and I guarantee your head won’t hurt anymore.”

“No, no! Gege, help me! Shixiong is going to hit my head until it breaks…” The little guy shouted as he leaned towards Yu Wenning.

Yu Wenning smiled and hugged him, then brought him over to Lian Qing and gently said to his little monk: “Come on, let him hit you.”

The tiny monk: “…” So this is how Yu gege is!

Lian Qing: “Thank you!” He raised his hand and continued patting the tiny monk..

Tiny Monk: “Ying… Shifu, please save me…”

After the commotion caused by the little guy, Lian Qing could finally face Yu Wenning directly. The atmosphere between them returned to harmony again, but occasionally, their eyes met by chance, and Lian Qing always felt his heart beat faster…

Children have a stable biological clock and tend to sleep early. Just after Lian Qing changed Tiny Monk into his pajamas, the little guy was already so sleepy that he fell asleep standing up, with his eyes closed and his head nodding slowly.

Lian Qing lifted the little guy with one hand and pulled Yu Wenning with the other, naturally leading him outside. He said as he walked, “You can sleep in my room tonight. My room has a big bunk bed. Shifu said that my shidi always runs to my room whenever he thinks of me, so my room is cleaned every day and is quite clean…”

Looking at the hand that held him, Yu Wenning felt warmth in his heart. He wanted to say, “Do we look like a family of three?”, but he didn’t dare to say it out loud.

Returning to the room, Lian Qing put the little guy on the bed. The little guy half-opened his eyes, and mumbled, “Shixiong… kiss…”

Lian Qing lowered his head and replied, “Muah~” to the little bald head that had just been washed and smelled fragrant.

Yu Wenning wished he could switch places with Tiny Monk at this moment, hoping that he was the one being kissed.


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