Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 51

When counting the food, Lian Qing discovered an extra plate of pig trotters. He guessed that his shidi had taken it by mistake, but he didn’t know why Fang Yang hadn’t taken it back.

He glanced at Fang Yang and found that he was also looking at him with a smile in his eyes, as if he had no intention of taking back the pig trotters.

But Lian Qing still took out the pig trotters and gave them to him: “I remember that I didn’t get this card, it might have been taken by my shidi.”

He couldn’t teach the kid to be dishonest.

Tiny monk Liansang asked, “This is what I randomly picked up, what is it?”

“Pig trotters.”

“Then it’s taken by mistake.” The tiny monk pouted and looked at the pig trotters reluctantly for a while. Then, under the guidance of his shixiong, he took the pig trotters and handed them to Fang Yang: “Here you go.”

Fang Yang was taken aback, but after a moment, he smiled and said, “Since everyone has worked so hard, let’s share these pig trotters, okay?”

Before anyone else could react, Lian Sang happily shouted, “Okay!”

After shouting, he distributed the pieces of pig trotters one by one to each person. There was one piece left, and after thinking about it, he gave it to Wu Xiangling.

Wu Xiangling didn’t take it and asked, “Why give it to me?”

“Your family has two babies.” The tiny monk said, putting the extra piece of pig trotters in the basket carried by Wu Xiangling’s son, then turned and ran back to his shixiong.

TN: Aaaw… the tiny monk, a little baby after my heart. Too cute!

Lian Qing praised him. This was the best way to distribute the pig trotters.

Wu Xiangling hurried over to express his gratitude, and the other fathers who received pig trotters also came over to thank him one by one. They all knew that if Lian Qing didn’t point out the mistake, the pig trotters would have belonged to the two of them. Normally, they may not have cared about such a small thing, but in this situation, a big piece of pig trotters was enough to make them sincerely grateful – adults could do with less, but children couldn’t.

After the group of adults finished thanking him, they asked their children to express their thanks. Wu Xiangling’s daughter, Tuantuan, suddenly went up and kissed Lian Sang, the tiny monk, on the face.

Lian Sang was instantly stunned, his hand covering his cheek, not knowing what to do. Other children, seeing Tuantuan kiss Lian Sang, immediately became restless and rushed to kiss him too.

What does it feel like to be surrounded by a group of little kids? Mini monk Lian Sang tells you: “Shixiong, save me!!!”

The next moment, all the little kids had kissed nothing but air. Looking up, they saw that Lian Sang was being held high in the air by his shixiong.

Lian Sang hadn’t even had a chance to catch his breath when he saw the group of little kids suddenly change their target, all circling around his shixiong and asking him to lift them high.

“You…don’t fight, this is my shixiong!” Lian Sang stamped his short legs in the air in frustration. He didn’t want his senior brother to lift someone else high; his senior brother was his alone.

TN: Well aren’t we possessive.

Meanwhile, Lian Qing was at a loss, surrounded by a group of children. He couldn’t put down his shidi, nor could he get rid of these kids. He was in a bit of a dilemma.

The other fathers and staff members saw this scene and all showed teasing smiles, thinking that this pair of brothers was very popular with children. Among them, Li Chengsi even shouted to his daughter, “Lele, do you like xiao shidi or xiao shixiong more?”

“Xiao shixiong” was something Li Lele had just whispered to him in secret. She thought that with a xiao shidi, having a little shixiong would be quite symmetrical. So Li Lele called Lian Qing “xiao shixiong” in private.

Li Lele replied, “I like them both!”

Tuantuan stretched out both hands to lifted high and said, “I like xiao shixiong, I want him to lift me high too~”

“I want it too, I want it too…”

“Xioa shixiong, I want it too…” 

Lian Qing felt a headache coming on. His shidi, who he was holding up, was constantly waving his hands and feet while shouting “Shixiong is mine!” and other similar phrases. He was very restless, making Lian Qing have to use more energy to ensure that he wouldn’t accidentally drop the little guy. Meanwhile, the other kids who weren’t getting any attention from him had started to playfully grab at him.

Others watching this scene began to make fun.

“Xiao Shixiong, you’re too popular, I’m jealous!” 

“Xiao Tuantuan likes you so much, why don’t you carry her too?”

“With this nickname, I wonder who it’s benefiting. Little Monk, you…”

Before they could finish teasing, they heard a cry from Lian Qing, “Help! My pants are about to fall!”

Everyone quickly looked over and saw a few children tugging on his clothes, especially Tuantuan who was pulling on his pants. The elastic band of his pants wasn’t that secure, and there was already a hint of them falling off. Lian Qing, the unlucky monk, was holding his little shidi with both hands and had no means to protect his pants or his dignity. His face looked utterly defeated, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

Of course, they didn’t let the naughty children continue and quickly went forward to drive them away, finally saving the two unlucky little monks.

After finally being saved, the little monk let out a sigh of relief, tightly hugging his shid in his arms while pulling up his pants and holding them tightly. He looked like he had just survived a disaster.

The tiny monk whispered to his shixiong’s ear, “Shixiong, the women down the mountain are really tigers!”

“Tigers aren’t that scary!” The little monk tried to reassure him.The others heard this conversation and saw the frightened expressions of the two little monks. 

Everyone, “Hahaha…”

After the laughter subsided, the parents still gave their own children a lesson. Especially Tuantuan, who kissed Lian Sang and almost pulled down Lian Qing’s pants, was scolded severely by her father. It’s fine to play around, but it’s not good if it causes trouble for others. The child who realized her mistake ran over to Lian Qing and his shidi and bowed deeply, apologizing loudly: “I’m sorry!”

Lian Qing instinctively hugged his little shidi and took a step back. The little one also held onto his brother’s neck tightly with his chubby little hands, as if thinking of becoming conjoined twins with his brother. The brothers stuttered in unison, “It’s…it’s okay!”

The little girl is still scary!

Others: “Haha…”


“Oh my god, why do I feel that the little monk and the little shidi are so cute!”

“If my wife were here, she would definitely say how cute they are and then go over to give them a kiss one by one.”

“I don’t know if your wife will come over to kiss them, but your daughter has already done so. Brother Li, you’d better go and pull her back!”

“Oh my god, Li Lele, get back here! Can’t you be more reserved as a girl…”


After a round of laughter and noise, everyone prepared to return to their own homes. Lian Qing had quite a lot of things, so he searched for a bamboo basket used by the program group to pick vegetables and put the basket of vegetables into one of them, then picked up his little shidi and put him in another basket.

The tiny monk seemed to be accustomed to being treated like this. When they were on the mountain, if there were only shixiong or shifu in the temple and they had to go out to fetch water or firewood, they would not feel at ease leaving a child alone in the temple, so they would find a bucket or basket to put him in and carry him along. After all, the mountain road was rugged, and it was not realistic to let a child walk with adults.

The little guy was small in size, so there was still some space left in the basket. He sat down directly in it, but then he thought that this was not the mountain, and the road was not difficult to walk. His shixiong had been tired all day, and he couldn’t be so ignorant.

Thinking of this, the little guy stood up and said to his senior brother, “Shixiong, I’ll just walk.”

“No need, shixong is not tired.” Lian Qing finished speaking and smiled warmly at his shidi, “While you’re still not grown up, shixiong wants to carry you more. When you grow up, if shixiong wants to carry you or hold you, he’ll probably be willing but unable.”

Upon hearing this, the tiny monk pouted and said, “Then I won’t grow up.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, people have to grow up! Only when you grow up can you do more things you want to do and see a bigger world.” Lian Qing paused for a moment and suddenly seemed to understand why his shifu insisted on letting him come down the mountain. If it were him, he would also let his xiao shidi go down the mountain and see the vast outside world.

After a moment of silence, he continued, “Besides, even if you don’t grow up, I will slowly get old. When I’m old and you’re still a child, I won’t be able to take care of you, and you won’t be able to take care of me either.”

He turned around and said to the little guy, “Sit tight, it’s time for us to go home.”

Lian Qing adjusted the carrying pole and effortlessly lifted it onto his right shoulder. The little guy sat in front, and the vegetables sat in the back, swaying back and forth with his footsteps.

The two slowly walked away, while the other guests, including the children, remained in place, watching the small and not-so-tall, slim little monk carrying his shidi step by step, walking further and further away…

Li Lele suddenly turned around and hugged Li Chengsi, saying, “Dad, hold me tight, otherwise when I grow up, you won’t be able to lift me anymore.”

Li Chengsi’s eyes instantly turned red. He picked up his daughter and strode forward with a bamboo basket in hand, saying, “Let’s go, Dad will make your favorite braised pork trotters when we get home!”

Wu Xiangling looked at her twins and sighed, “Dad can’t lift both of you up at once anymore.”

Tuantuan, with red eyes, hugged him, and Yuanyuan patted his chest and said, “It’s okay, Dad. When I grow up, I’ll carry you!”

Chen Yi’s son Cheng Zi was already in his arms and crying.

Fang Yang, a lonely man, silently wiped away tears from the corners of his eyes. He didn’t expect Lian Qing, who always looked silly and cute, to have such an emotional side, which deeply affected others.

On the other side, under the lingering sunset, Lian Sang suddenly said, “Shixiong, I will eat more and drink more milk, so that I can grow up quickly and take care of you.”

Lian Qing was slightly startled, but then smiled and said, “Good boy, there’s no need to rush. Shixiong doesn’t want you to grow up too fast either.”


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