Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 68

After agonizing over the toothbrushing issue, Lian Qing finally realized that the first person he ever had feelings for had stolen a kiss from him.

It was his older brother who had kissed him, and it was a stolen kiss at that. After the kiss, he made his shidi, who had witnessed everything, promise to keep it a secret.

Lian Qing touched his lips and smiled like a fool who had just won a lottery. His heart was also as sweet as if he were soaking in honey, to the point where he could even ignore the pain on his back.

Even little monk Lian Sang couldn’t help but comment, “Shixiong, stop smiling, you look silly.”

Lian Qing gave him a blank look and said, “You don’t understand!” But then he remembered something and added, “When you see other people kissing in the future, you should cover your eyes, okay? You’re still too young to see that kind of thing. You can only watch when you grow up.”

The little guy covered his face with his chubby hands and asked, “Is that so?”

Lian Qing nodded calmly and said, “Yes, but you have to close your fingers too.”

The big round eyes between the two chubby fingers blinked innocently and said, “No, I want to watch you guys kiss.”

TN: Pervert Tiny Monk

Lian Qing thought to himself, “Oh no, I’m teaching the kid bad things!”

Just as he was about to talk to the child, he heard the sound of the doorknob turning.

Yu Wenning had come back.

For some inexplicable reason, Lian Qing’s first reaction was to pretend to sleep with his eyes closed.

When Yu Wenning came in and saw his little monk still sleeping, his expression softened. He walked up to Lian Qing and gently covered him with a blanket. Because his back was all injured and bandaged, he couldn’t even wear clothes, let alone a blanket. Fortunately, there was air conditioning in the hospital room, otherwise Lian Qing would have caught a cold before he even healed.

After covering him up, Yu Wenning stood up and looked at the tiny monk. He said softly, “Brother Yu has to go out and do some things now. Can you take care of Shixiong for me? Can you protect him?”

The little guy put his hands together and said in a sweet voice, “Amitabha, this little monk promises to complete the task!”

Yu Wenning couldn’t help but touch his little bald head and said, “There are bodyguards outside. If you need anything, you can find them. Don’t go out by yourself or follow anyone else, okay?”

The little monk nodded obediently and said, “Okay, Yu gege.”

“Good boy.”

Before leaving, Yu Wenning also whispered, “Remember to keep our secret.”

The little monk nodded earnestly and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!”

After Yu Wenning left, Lian Qing opened his eyes and looked at his little junior brother with a complicated expression. “You kept the secret for Brother Yu like this?”

The little guy looked at him inexplicably. “Shifu said that we are like brothers, and there is no distinction between us, so Yu Gege is not like others.”

Compared to the secret, his brother was more important.

Lian Qing smiled wryly and hooked his little finger. “It’s okay to keep secrets from your brother, but if you promise to keep a secret with someone else, you cannot tell others.”

“I know, a gentleman’s words…,” the little guy rubbed his head, trying to remember.

“Should be trustworthy. If you promise something, you should keep your word. Don’t promise things you can’t do easily.” Lian Qing took the opportunity to educate the child. Just as he was about to continue speaking, there was a knock on the door.

The two monks looked at each other and after a moment, the little one ran over and reached for the door handle. When he opened the door, he saw two strange uncles holding fruits and flower bouquets outside. He politely asked, “Hello, who are you?”

“Hello, Little Lian Sang. I’m your brother’s friend, Luo Zisheng, and he’s Sun Yazhi. Can we come in and see your brother?” 

The little guy turned to look at his brother and saw him nodding, so he opened the door and said, “Uncles, please come in.”

“Thank you, you are very polite,” Luo Zisheng patted the little guy’s head, and then he and Sun Yazhi walked in one after the other.

Lian Qing waved weakly at them. “Brothers, it’s been a long time.”

The two big brothers walked up to him and looked down at him with concern.

“My God, you’re so wrapped up, it looks like you’ve been seriously injured. You can’t even cover yourself with a blanket now, right?”

“What happened? I heard it was so terrible online, you rushed to the emergency room to save someone and got hurt with a knife…”

“Oh dear, this is such a terrible thing to suffer…”

Lian Qing helplessly waved his hand. “Brothers, I just woke up and don’t know much about what happened yet.”

Luo Zisheng was angry and helpless. He squatted down beside him and whispered, “I told you to stay away from Mr. Yu, but you didn’t listen. Now look, you’re injured like this, and you’re going to be scarred!”

Lian Qing smiled bitterly and whispered back, “Brother Luo, I really don’t know what happened. Besides, even if my big brother was involved, I couldn’t stay away from him. He is one of the most important people to me.”

Luo Zisheng was at a loss for words. He couldn’t believe that Lian Qing had become so mature and responsible since he had last seen him, and that he had fallen for Yu Wenning. But thinking of how highly Mr. Yu valued Lian Qing, he felt that it was not unexpected.

After all, human hearts are made of flesh, and there will always be a day when they will be warmed up.

Lian Qing struggled to kiss his hand and said, “Good boy!”

“It’s better to have your own child, you don’t have to cheat them for their New Year’s money, they just willingly hand it over, it’s worry-free!”

When Cheng Lan walked in, she saw that Lian Qing was lying on the hospital bed, watching his junior brother count money from red envelopes.

She closed the door behind her and walked over, saying, “You look like you’re doing okay.”

Lian Qing looked up and obediently greeted her, saying, “It’s okay, just my back hurts, I have to find something to distract me.”

When it came to his back, Cheng Lan got a headache. She said, “Didn’t Mr. Yu tell you?”

“No, he had to leave for something, I still don’t know anything. Sister, can you tell me what happened?”

Cheng Lan pulled up a chair in front of him and said briefly, “As far as I know, someone bought off the stunt double when you were filming and wanted to harm you. And the person who bought her off is from Mr. Yu’s family, specifically his cousin.”

Lian Qing was puzzled, “What does my big brother’s cousin want to harm me for?”

“Because… Mr. Yu’s family is complicated, and I can’t explain it clearly. I only know that over two years ago, Mr. Yu was kidnapped, and it seemed to be related to his close relatives. But because there was no concrete evidence, so… it was a big deal at the time, I think they might resort to the same tactics. It’s just that Mr. Yu is too vigilant, so they thought of starting with you.”

“But I’m not my big brother…”

“But you are the person Mr. Yu values most.” Cheng Lan didn’t mince her words, “I don’t know much about Mr. Yu, but he really values you. The previous “Boundless Frost and Snow” was a temporary investment he made for you, and he even had the entire production team hide the shooting information for you. “

She paused and said, “He was probably afraid that you would be targeted by someone from the Yu Group. This time, he not only had people keep the information about you joining the crew secret, but also delayed the airing of the variety show you previously recorded by many episodes, and your name hasn’t appeared on the hot search for quite some time. Even though you were photographed entering the hospital with blood on your back…”

“It’s just that even with so much precaution, they still managed to target you. Later,Director Li found out that the news of the shoot was leaked by the fourth female lead of the crew. She heard that this drama was invested by the Yu Group, so she climbed into bed with a management executive of a Yu-owned entertainment company, hoping to get a bigger role for herself. As a result, that person turned around and passed the news to Mr. Yu’s cousin.”

Lian Qing’s face was not good, “Why are they so bad!”

Cheng Lan comforted him by patting his hand and said, “It’s not just that. Mr. Yu has been dealing with them recently, and maybe his actions were too big, so they became desperate. After they found out you were admitted to the hospital, they even sent someone to the emergency room to try to take you away directly, to threaten Mr. Yu.”

Lian Qing was getting anxious, “What happened afterwards?”

“Afterwards, a few of your fans happened to be there, with their help and the security guards and Director Li and others, we finally managed to hold out until Mr. Yu arrived.”

“Did anyone get hurt?” 

“Only one fan got scratched on the arm and one twisted his foot, but the others are fine.” 

Lian Qing breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good… that’s good.” 

Cheng Lan couldn’t help but sigh. “Your fans… are pretty good.” 

Lian Qing nodded. He never expected that one day his fans would save him. “I’ll treat them to a meal later and thank them properly.” 

Cheng Lan had no objections. “That’s only right. I’ve already got their contact information. We’ll arrange it once you’ve recovered. As for Mr. Yu’s uncle who tried to kidnap you, I’m not sure about that. You can ask Mr. Yu about it later. I don’t think he’ll keep it from you.” 

“Okay.” After saying so much, Lian Qing responded weakly. He glanced at the little junior brother who had been playing with puzzles since they started talking. 

He asked in a low voice, “How did my junior brother end up in the hospital? I remember telling Chen Ge to take care of him and not let him know.” 

Cheng Lan looked at the little guy who was so engrossed in his puzzle and shook her head with a smile. “You underestimate him too much. Chen Qi said that when he called you, the little guy was beside him and heard that your voice wasn’t right. Later, he kept blocking him from finding you, so he guessed it.” 

“Chen Qi had no choice but to take him back to the set. It just so happened that Mr. Yu’s people were dealing with the martial arts double’s matter, so they brought him to the hospital.” 

Lian Qing felt helpless and heartbroken. “He must have been so worried.” 

“It’s okay. Mr. Yu is here. The little guy is pretty dependent on him, so he didn’t cry too hard with him comforting him. But now, you should be the one worrying about yourself.” 

Cheng Lan rubbed her forehead, distressed. “You got a small hole in your left shoulder blade from a protruding rock. Luckily, it didn’t go through. Other parts also have varying degrees of abrasions. In some places, there are even small stones stuck in your flesh. You don’t know that the doctor spent more than two hours just cleaning your wounds…” 

“Anyway, the doctor said your injury won’t heal for a month, and it will definitely leave a scar. You’re a star. What does it matter to leave a large scar on your back?” 

Lian Qing didn’t care. “I’m not making porn movies. I’m not afraid.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Cheng Lan smacked him on the forehead. It didn’t hurt, but his hair was swept onto his face, and it felt itchy. 

Cheng Lan said irritably, “Don’t joke around. You should be grateful that it wasn’t your face, or you wouldn’t be able to eat anything. I don’t know where you would cry!” 

Lian Qing smiled and tried to please her. He thought for a moment and asked, “Sister, what’s the situation online now? I remember when I was taken to the hospital, someone was filming me…” 

“Chaos, it’s very chaotic.” Cheng Lan said, “The pictures of you being taken to the hospital, the video and pictures of those people trying to snatch you later, and the truth that Director Li directly announced to the public, all caused quite a stir.” 

“If Mr. Yu hadn’t suppressed it on the hot search, I don’t even know how long you would have to stay up there!”

Lian Qing couldn’t imagine what kind of storm was happening online. If it was just a celebrity getting injured and hospitalized, it would be fine, but this time it involved stabbing someone with a knife…

Just thinking about it gave him a headache.

Cheng Lan saw his pale face and didn’t want to make him worry, so she said, “You should rest and recover first. These things can wait until you’re better. We’ll look after you. And if worse comes to worst, Mr. Yu will also look after you.”

Speaking of Yu Wenning, Lian Qing couldn’t help but think of another thing.

He tugged at Cheng Lan’s sleeve and said with a pleasing smile, “Sis Cheng, I want to tell you something.”

Cheng Lan pulled back her sleeve silently, her face alert. “You… you don’t look like you’re about to say something good. Can you not tell me?”

Lian Qing insisted, “I’m going to confess to my big brother, Yu Wenning.”

Cheng Lan: “…Ha.”

Lian Qing repeated it, and Cheng Lan’s stunned expression became lively.

She pressed her throbbing temple and said, “You… you really like him! Wait, you’re going to confess to him. What if he doesn’t like you back? You’re relying on him now. If he rejects you, have you thought about the consequences?”

Just as Lian Qing was about to speak, a young and tender voice came from beside him: “Big Brother Yu likes my senior brother.”

Cheng Lan looked at the little monk who had appeared out of nowhere and asked, “How do you know?”

The little guy replied firmly, “It’s a secret, I can’t tell you.”

Cheng Lan: “…” What a damn secret!

At that moment, the door was opened and Yu Wenning appeared at the entrance. The little guy immediately ran up to him and hugged his thigh, looking up at him with his little head and seeking praise, “Yu gege, I kept the promise and didn’t tell anyone about your stolen kiss with my shixiong! I’m great, right?”

Yu Wenning: “…”

Cheng Lan: “…”

Lian Qing silently covered his face. This little brat… a failure in education, still in need of improvement.


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