Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 7
After the meal, *both the guests and the hosts were happy.
Show/Hide Note*idiom- fig: everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Origin: Flower in the Sea of Evil, a late Qing novel by Jin Tianhe.
Zhao Chengyi had to fly to another city to catch up with a schedule afterward and was picked up by his assistant as soon as he came out of the restaurant. 

He was reluctant to part with Lian Qing but still remembered to ask him to follow him back on Weibo.

In the beginning, he just wanted to help Sister Sha hold a fresh talent who was a little pleasant and sell her favor. Sister Sha was a female artist. Even if her reputation was someone who had integrity inside and outside the circle, it was not good to praise male artists excessively.

However, at this moment, he completely considered the little monk as an adorable junior. He is honest, doesn’t play mind games, and can always make him laugh happily.

To say that he laughed the most in the less than 24 hours since meeting the little monk Lian Qing was not a joke. 

As a popular star, he flew all over the world on weekdays, and his rest time was always far less than that of others. This little time ended as soon as it started. Stress was the deadliest thing when you are tired.

On the one hand, he wanted to live up to the fans, on the other hand, he had to endure the behavior of some sunspots *looking for bones in an egg. On the one hand, he had to work hard rushing around everywhere, on the other hand, he had to endure and face the public with a smile.

Stars, while receiving high returns, suffer from pressure and fatigue several times more than ordinary people. Who would know that he, who usually grins broadly in and out of the camera and had a bright disposition, would be a person who would not even say a word or smile when he was alone or with his family in private?!
Show/Hide Note*idiom- deliberately nitpick and find faults

Today, when he was interacting with the little monk Lian Qing, he laughed wholeheartedly. He thought that the child was indeed the mascot of their studio, a *pistachio. If he could hold him up, then he would just give him a hand ba! To him, it was merely *the exertion of lifting one’s hand.
Show/Hide Noteidiom- a very slight effort.
Show/Hide Note*kai xinguo(pistachio nut)- an amusing person

After seeing Zhao Chengyi off, Sister Sha took Lian Qing back to the hotel. Her other assistant had been waiting there with a document and a gift box. When she saw them, she handed them over: “Sister Sha, the contract and the mobile phone are here.”
Sister Sha took it over and gave it to Lian Qing.

“Take your time first, and find me if you have any questions. You can play with your mobile phone first, and ask me again if you don’t understand.” After that, Sister Sha sat down on the sofa and pulled the two assistants to play the king.

Lian Qing then sat down at the computer desk and read the contract carefully. When he finished, he used the computer to research on the Internet. 

After checking and comparing the contracts in his hands, he found that compared with the contracts that were published on the Internet, this one in his hands was really good and relaxed.

 He then waved his hand, signed his name, and pressed his handprint.

When he handed it to Sister Sha, her game was at a critical juncture. She said anxiously, “Wait for me for five minutes. You can play with the new mobile phone by yourself first.”

Lian Qing looked at the game she was playing and couldn’t understand it. So, he put down the contract and picked up his new mobile phone to study.

When he found out the basic functions of the mobile phone according to the manual, Sister Sha threw the phone aside and leaned back on the sofa with a look of *despair.
Show/Hide Note*lit: nothing left to live for(internet slang)

Her assistant frowned: “Sister Sha, you are a pig teammate again!”

“Yes, Sister Sha. You might as well be an actor. Just lie down and forget about it.”

Sister Sha shriveled: “I’m sorry…”

After Sister Sha coaxed the two pitted assistants, she looked at Lian Qing and said, “Little Monk, you’ve gone through it so quickly? Is there anything you need to discuss?”

“En, after reading it, there is no problem. I have already signed my name and handprint.” Lian Qing then walked up to Sister Sha with his new mobile phone and said, “Sister Sha, I want to play that game too.”

Sister Sha soon became energetic. She stood up and took his mobile phone. She smiled while operating it: “I will download it for you now, wait! I am gold now, and I will take you to win!”

The two assistants could not see it. “Sister Sha, don’t make a fool of him ba! He is still young!”

“Exactly, I am platinum? If anyone should carry, it’s me!”

Sister Sha waved at them: “Go go go, go to work! I had a hard time taking in a disciple, and I won’t let anyone compete with me!”

Both of the assistants looked at her with a grimace, and one of them said, “Sister Sha, you’d better have a rest for a while. You have a scheduled appearance in half an hour.”

 The other person also reminded: “Yes, Sister Sha. Then what will Lian Qing do when you leave?”

Sister Sha has already downloaded the game, in addition, she also downloaded several other popular games. She handed Lian Qing his mobile phone and asked with a smile, “Little Monk, why don’t you follow me to the set first?”

Lian Qing naturally had no problem. In any case, he was satisfied as long as he could have a place to live and eat meat.

“OK, that’s a deal! Xiao Mo, you can contact Sister Cheng of the company later and send her the information about the little monk and his contract. Tell her that she will be the manager of the little monk in the future, she knows what to do. In addition, let her send an assistant to the little monk. By the way, help me tell her that I will take the little monk to the company to report if it doesn’t work in two days.” Sister Sha made the arrangements in a *pass-like-thunder and move like the wind manner.
Show/Hide Note*idiom- swift and decisive reaction 

The two assistants quickly departed to sort everything out. Sister Sha was now free to teach the little monk how to play games.

Lian Qing was not very interested in this game, so he was far less addicted than Sister Sha. After playing for a while, he took the initiative to say: “Sister Sha, just now Sister Mo said you have a schedule to meet.”
As soon as the words ended, Xiao Mo knocked at the door and came in, dragging two suitcases and shouting at them: “Sister Sha, Lian Qing, the car is waiting downstairs, let’s go.”

Sister Sha got up somewhat disappointed and took Lian Qing downstairs.

After they got in the car, Sister Sha wanted to continue to lead Lian Qing to fight the king. However, she looked down and saw that Lian Qing was already playing a puzzle game. She was speechless for a moment. Seeing that the little monk was playing so vigorously, she had to give up.

Upon reaching the filming site of the crew, Sister Sha pulled Lian Qing and told him: “Follow me later or follow Xiao Mo and the other assistant. You should have a good look at the environment of the crew and my work. Also, you should pay attention when I act. You can refer to one or two for how to move and perform. Later, you will also be exposed to this kind of work.”

Lian Qing nodded silently, determined to study hard. He couldn’t let Sister Sha lose face!

When Sister Sha saw that he looked like a good obedient student, she smiled gently and said, “You don’t have to be so nervous. It’s not that difficult. You’ve just been exposed to these things, and it’s normal if you don’t understand anything. I’ll ask someone to give you a good lesson later.”

Lian Qing relaxed a little and greeted the rest of the cast with Sister Sha. Later, Sister Sha took him to stand in front of the middle-aged man who was checking the machine, laughing and shouting, “Director Li.”
The man raised his head to reveal an ordinary and serious face.

 He smiled politely and said, “Sha Man, you’re here.”

His eyes fell on the young man behind Sha Man. His eyes lit up slightly and he asked, “This is?”

Sister Sha smiled and said, “Oh, he is a newly signed artist in my studio. I asked him to follow me and see the world. Director Li, is that OK?”

Director Li waved his hand and said, “It’s all right. This newcomer you signed this time has a good appearance and condition. What’s his name?”

Sister Sha gently pulled Lian Qing’s hem. Lian Qing stepped forward wisely and politely said, “Director Li, my name is Lian Qing.”

“It’s a good name, too.” Director Li smiled and asked Sister Sha to change her clothes.
As soon as Sister Sha left, Lian Qing followed her closely. He had no intention of staying to chat with Director Li.

“Hey, this child…” Director Li smiled and shook his head, and said to the people around him: “he has good skin and his temperament is pretty good. I just don’t know whether he can act…”

“Director Li, that is the person that Sister Sha likes, even if he can’t act, she will find a way to teach him. But I see that the child has such a face, which is quite suitable for taking the traffic route. He’ll become popular quickly.”

“What do you know? You can see which weak traffic star in the circle can go far!”
Sister Sha was shooting an ancient costume drama. It was not easy to do hair and makeup once or twice. Someone in the crew kindly moved a stool to Lian Qing. 

After saying thanks, Lian Qing moved the stool to a corner where he could see Sister Sha.

He looked at several people walking around Sister Sha like *stars in the sky, and his eyes were full of novelty. Would he also be in the same position in the future? He always felt uncomfortable at the thought.
Show/Hide Notelit: all the stars cup themselves around the moon(idiom)- fig: to view somebody as a core figure/ to revolve around somebody

As soon as Sister Sha finished her styling, she searched around for the little monk while the stylist went to get a sweater. After looking around, She found him in the corner. 

At that time, the little monk was sitting straight on a small bench, with his long legs curled up wrongly, his hands on his knees, and his eyes impatiently looking at her.

That look like a child waiting for their parents to pick them up after school in the kindergarten, could not be any better!

Sister Sha couldn’t help laughing and waved to him. He came running over with the small bench in his hand.

Sister Sha shook her head and smiled, “What are you doing with the stool?”

“This was lent to me by a sister of the crew. I have to return it to her later.” Lian Qing was afraid that if he didn’t take it with him, he would not be able to find it for a while, judging from the busy situation of everyone here.

“Well, it’s good to return after borrowing.” Sister Sha smiled and said, “I’ll be on the stage to act later. You can observe how I act with others. If you don’t know anything, you can ask me later.”

Lian Qing nodded, “Got it, sister.”

Sister Sha was soon arranged to act with another male actor. Lian Qing took the small bench and found a corner with a better perspective. He sat there and looked up at them.

Sister Sha seems to be playing a chivalrous woman, who was now fighting with the actor in the guise of a warrior with a sword.
After a few hits, the two were stopped by the director. 

The director touched a few tiny bald hairs and said in distress, “No, you should move more smoothly!”

It doesn’t matter if you move slowly. You can speed up later. However, if it is not smooth and bumpy, it will be fatal. However, in this scene, Director Li doesn’t want them to use martial arts.

“Try again.”

The two actors fought again, but it was still unsatisfactory.

After several twists and turns, both of them were panting. Director Li could only ask them to rest for a while, while he was looking for a martial arts instructor to see if there was any way to make the two actors move more smoothly.

Sister Sha walked to the umbrella shed with the blade unsheathed, sat down on the chair, and drank water while blowing the fan. After drinking, she asked the assistant, “Where is the little monk?”

The assistant pointed to a deserted corner not far away. Sister Sha was happy when she saw that the child was still sitting in the dressing room, and “cute” was almost written all over his body.

When she waved to the child, she saw the little monk running over carrying the bench.
Sister Sha pointed to the position beside her and said with a smile, “Sit here. It’s windy, and you can see our movements clearly.”

“Ok.” Lian Qing answered and looked curiously at the sword in Sister Sha’s hand. His eyes were bright. Young boys always had dreams of being martial artists in middle school, and Lian Qing was no exception.

Although he was a monk when he was young, he was also dragged by his classmates to read some martial arts novels and even watch TV shows. It was his youth dream to wander the Jianghu with one sword and one horse!

Seeing his expression as if looking at a treasure, Sister Sha teased him deliberately: “Little Monk, can you play with swords?”

Lian Qing shook his head and said, “I’ve played with branches, but I haven’t tried swords.” They are poor in the temple. The only cold weapons are hoes and kitchen knives. Thinking about this, he added: “I have also played with kitchen knives.”

“Pfff…” Sister Sha laughed and thought that the child didn’t know the other meaning of playing with swords. She did not point it out, but said, “Well, do you want to play with a sword?”

“Yes!” Lian Qing’s eyes were shining and his smile was bright.

Sister Sha snickered and handed the sword to him. “Don’t damage it. It’s the prop of the crew, so be gentle.”

Lian Qing answered quickly and took the sword with a happy face. Immediately, he whispered, “Sister, can I play in the corner over there?” It’s less noticeable there.

Sister Sha nodded, “Go ahead.”

Lian Qing then ran back to the corner with his sword on his shoulder and a small bench.

The author has something to say:

Kindergarten Style Obediently Sitting Little Monk: Have a chivalrous dream in the second period! 
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I fall more and more in love with Little Monk Lian Qing in every chapter. He’s too cute 
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