Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 78

As expected, when Lian Qing explained his work plans, Yu Wenning’s face turned dark.

With a stern and fierce expression, he said, “You are not allowed to go!”

“It’s necessary. This is work,” Lian Qing firmly replied. “Besides, it’s just a minor injury on my back. It’s not like I’m crippled or disabled.”

“Is that just a minor injury to you? Do you even know how much blood you lost at that time? Do you know how painful it is every time we change the dressing? You can’t even take a proper bath. You can only wipe yourself every day. Do you not know that?”

Yu Wenning was on the verge of collapse. Did this person even realize that his back injury would take at least two months for most people to recover from? Moreover, he did lose quite a bit of blood at that time. Several days had passed, and his complexion remained pale with no trace of color in his lips.

He had been thinking every day about how to replenish this person’s qi and blood, and now this person was considering going out to work! How could he even think of working with a wound that hadn’t fully healed? Besides, the work of a celebrity is never easy. Even if it doesn’t require physical effort, it still requires mental exertion. How could he bear to let Lian Qing drag his ailing body to do those things?

Lian Qing felt a little guilty but didn’t back down. He attempted to persuade Yu Wenning, “I’m really fine. Look, I can run and jump, right? The doctors said I can be discharged now. As long as I don’t engage in heavy work, eat moderately, and change the dressing regularly, I’ll be fine.”

“I’ve also talked to Cheng Jie about it. I’ll only take on lighter tasks. It won’t be difficult. Besides, I can have Xiao Saner or the assistant help me with bathing. These things are not as complicated as you think, really!”

“But your body lacks vitality and blood! Won’t work require you to travel around and move back and forth?” Yu Wenning’s voice raised slightly, and his expression was not pleasant.

“But staying at home like this is boring. Should I do nothing every day and just play with my phone and computer? I’ll turn into a useless person sooner or later. I can’t stand it.”



The two of them held their own opinions and argued for a long time without reaching any resolution. In the end, their argument attracted the attention of Lian Sang, who was watching TV. The little monk raised his head and asked, “Are you two fighting?”

Lian Qing and Yu Wenning glanced at each other and silently shook their heads.

The little monk felt relieved and said, “Then please keep it down. You’re disturbing me while I’m watching Tom and Jerry.”

Lian Qing: “…”

Yu Wenning: “…”

This inconclusive argument eventually ended in silence. It was the first real disagreement between them, one driven by concern and the other by personal thoughts. Neither of them wanted to back down, but they were also afraid that their emotions would escalate and hurt each other. So, they resorted to silence as a way to calm down temporarily.

During this period of calmness, Lian Qing was discharged from the hospital and returned home. It wasn’t that they were giving each other the silent treatment. They still ate and drank together, stuck together when they could, and even exchanged goodnight kisses before sleeping. Yu Wenning continued to insist on sleeping on the floor in Lian Qing’s room.

However, they both tacitly avoided discussing the topic of Lian Qing’s work, as if they were afraid that it would lead to another argument.

Lian Qing had always been determined and stubborn, not easily swayed. On the other hand, Yu Wenning’s personality was not as gentle as it appeared, especially when it came to this matter. He had his own considerations.

He didn’t expect Lian Qing to compromise because of him, but he needed to have an attitude that made Lian Qing understand that his health was the top priority. In this way, Lian Qing would pay more attention to his own well-being instead of relying on his youth and good physical condition without any fear.

A long time ago, Yu Wenning knew that Lian Qing was a kind-hearted person. He would go out of his way to help others, even at the expense of his own safety. He would also work tirelessly despite the dangers involved.

Such a character trait would be admired in others, but when it came to Lian Qing, Yu Wenning wished he could be more selfish and take better care of himself.

Regardless, all he hoped for was that through this incident, Lian Qing would remember that someone always cared about his health and that he would take care of himself consciously.

Indeed, his contemplation had proven to be effective. At least on the second day after returning home, Lian Qing began to feel restless and had difficulty sleeping and eating. He always looked for an opportunity to discuss his work with Yu Wenning, seemingly wanting to persuade him.

However, Yu Wenning deliberately changed the subject every time, refusing to engage in the conversation.

A few days passed in the blink of an eye, and it was time for Lian Qing to participate in a new variety show arranged by Cheng Lan. This time, Cheng Lan had arranged a celebrity travel program for him. Unlike previous travel shows, this program was special because it combined live broadcasting and editing. The production team would broadcast for two hours in the morning and evening, capturing the stars’ morning routines and nighttime activities to allow fans to get closer to their idols.

The production team would also edit the footage after the trip and release it as a web variety show on a cooperating video website.

Since Lian Qing’s wound had not fully healed, the production team allowed him to bring an assistant, but the assistant had to avoid appearing on camera as much as possible.

Lian Sang, the little monk, was also allowed to join, and the production team even welcomed it. After all, adorable kids were a big factor in attracting fans to variety shows!

Early in the morning, Chen Qi arrived at Lian Qing’s house with several people and knocked on the door.

When Lian Qing opened the door, he was met with a camera already rolling. He looked puzzled and asked, “Are we starting so soon?”

Chen Qi whispered, “We have to broadcast for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.”

“Oh…” Lian Qing understood and stepped aside to let them in. He didn’t forget to say, “Please have a seat. My Shidi hasn’t woken up yet. I’ll go get him.”

The cameraman followed him directly, while the others sat on the sofa, waiting for him to return. Chen Qi also reminded him, “We have plenty of time, take it easy, don’t rush. And don’t worry about the luggage later, be careful not to strain your wound. I’ll take care of it.”

Normally, Lian Qing would carry his own things if he could, not wanting to trouble others. But now, with his injury, it wasn’t so convenient to handle the luggage. No matter what Chen Qi said, he wouldn’t let Lian Qing handle it himself.

Lian Qing responded from his room and bent down to pull Lian Sang out of bed and dressed him.

The little monk, still half-asleep, allowed his senior brother to dress him while he stared at the camera for a while. Suddenly, he realized and anxiously said, “Senior brother, he’s filming me!”

Lian Qing continued dressing him and replied, “I know.”

“Does that mean I’ll be seen naked?” the little monk asked urgently, pulling the blanket to cover his legs and inadvertently blocking his senior brother’s hand as well.

The cameraman stifled a laugh, and Lian Qing could only smile wryly. “You’re wearing underwear, and you’re just a little boy. There’s nothing to see!”

The little monk puffed up his cheeks unhappily and said, “But what if there are little girls watching?”

Lian Qing nodded, “Right, I didn’t think of that…”

In the end, Lian Qing swore multiple times that he would be mindful not to let the little monk show any skin in front of the camera, and that settled the matter.

When he brought the little monk back after washing up in the bathroom, Yu Wenning entered the house carrying breakfast.

Upon entering and seeing so many people in the room, he clearly paused for a moment, greeted everyone with a nod, and said, “Good morning.” Then he looked at Lian Qing and asked, “Are we leaving so early?”

“No, they’re here early for the morning live broadcast,” Lian Qing explained. He reached out to take the breakfast from Yu Wenning, but Yu Wenning didn’t allow it.

Familiar with the layout, Yu Wenning placed the breakfast on the dining table and looked at the others. “Have you all eaten?”

Everyone nodded. They had come directly to start work, so they must have eaten their fill before coming.

Yu Wenning asked again, “Can I have breakfast here with Lian Qing and the others?” He wasn’t quite clear about the rules of the program.

One of the staff members stepped forward to explain, “Yes, you can. The purpose of the program itself is to have a leisurely trip and enjoy life. If the guests want to meet friends or do other things during the journey and it meets the conditions, it’s allowed.”

The staff member didn’t specify what conditions would be considered suitable, but it was evident that Yu Wenning met them.

So the three of them sat together and had breakfast. With an outsider present, they couldn’t completely relax. Aside from the sound of utensils clinking, occasionally there would be serious or nostalgic remarks.

“Yu gege, the fried eggs you made today are delicious, and the sausage too.”

“Xiao San’er, no picky eating. Finish the carrot!”

“Senior brother, I don’t want to eat it. Yu gege, can you not put carrots in the dishes next time?”

“You have to eat it, even if you don’t like it. Otherwise, your hair won’t grow well in the future, and it won’t be black or shiny!”

“Okay, listen to your senior brother. After you finish, Yu gege will make you fried squid sausages next time.”

“Really? The ones that look like Octopus Brother’s sausage?”

The onlookers watching the three of them eat from close range: “…”

They seriously doubted that these three were actually a family of three. And is it really okay for the mighty and decisive President Yu to be so homely in private? Do you still remember that you’re the domineering president who decisively sent your uncle to jail and held the Yu Group in your hands?

Fans who woke up early to watch through the screen: “Ohoho…” (laughter).

After the meal, as Yu Wenning tidied up the dishes and utensils as usual, Lian Qing hesitated for a long time before mustering up the courage to say, “I might be gone for several days this time.”

Yu Wenning’s hand paused for a moment, and he calmly replied, “I know.”

“Well, do you have anything you want to say to me?”

Yu Wenning shook his head. “I’ve already said everything that needs to be said.”

“Are you still mad at me?” Lian Qing asked.

Yu Wenning slowly stopped his actions and whispered, “I’m not mad.”


Yu Wenning turned to look at Lian Qing, who seemed slightly anxious. Helpless yet amused, he finally softened his tone and said, “I’m really not mad. I just hope that in the future, you’ll take better care of yourself and prioritize your well-being.”

Lian Qing immediately displayed a bright, sunny smile. “Roger that!” He silently added in his heart, “My dear wife!”

Yu Wenning couldn’t help but chuckle softly, and then little Lian Sang caught everyone’s attention, with the camera not focusing on them. He suddenly leaned closer to Lian Qing, his thin lips against his ear, his voice low and hoarse, carrying a mischievous tone. “Do you believe that if it weren’t for your incomplete recovery, I would have taken care of you a long time ago!”

If it weren’t for this person’s incomplete recovery, why would he bother with such tricks? If there were any conflicts, resolving them directly in bed would be more straightforward!

Yu Wenning was quite confident in his skills and stamina—after all, he had done his homework in advance, and his theoretical knowledge was quite extensive.

Lian Qing’s eyes widened slowly, his pupils contracting: ?!!!!


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