Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 81

On the square filled with exotic vibes, the two rather eye-catching little monks became the most striking scenery, without a doubt!

The energetic voice of Zhao Chengyi came, “Yes, hold that pose, don’t move, slowly turn your heads…”

The two little monks wearing matching knitted caps slowly turned their heads, revealing their plain and expressionless faces.

On top of their knitted caps and in their raised hands were several pigeons perched in almost identical positions. From a distance, they looked like a big and small pair of straw men wearing clothes. 

Unfortunately, their blank expressions carried a hint of deep resentment. With the addition of those pigeons, the overall image appeared extremely… ridiculous.

Countless foreign visitors passing by couldn’t help but stop in their tracks and smiled while taking photos with their phones.

Zhao Chengyi and the others didn’t miss the opportunity either. They captured this scene with their phones or cameras, “click,” freezing the moment.

“Is it okay now?” asked Lian Qing in a muffled voice.

“My hand is sore,” complained Little Lian Sang with puffed-up cheeks.

“Alright, let it go,” said Shaman as she approached and helped shoo away the pigeons.

At the same time, she couldn’t help but ask Lian Qing, “How about your back? Is it okay?”

Although she didn’t see anything wrong during the process, she still wanted to ask to be reassured.

“No. The bird feed was on my head and hands, they didn’t come near my back,” Lian Qing replied, lowering his head to shake off the remaining bird feed from his hat.

Little Lian Sang leaned in front of him, instinctively lowering his head to let his Shixiong help him.

Shaman chuckled and said, “Will you dare to spoil the scenery next time?”

Both little monks shook their heads simultaneously, “No, we won’t dare anymore!”

Who knew that they were simply expressing their inner thoughts honestly and ended up offending the three sisters, becoming the culprits who ruined the scenery in their eyes. As a result, they were punished to stand there and feed the pigeons, providing a nostalgic photo opportunity for the sisters.

Lian Qing looked at his Shidi with lingering fear, “Women are truly terrifying!”

Little Lian Sang looked up at his Shixiong and confirmed, “Women are indeed tigers!”

The two monks embraced each other without saying a word, realizing that being senior and Shidis was the best!

Shaman and the others couldn’t help but laugh and cry, “Alright, enough of your pitiful act. Seriously!”

Cai Jingfeng chuckled and handed Lian Qing and Little Lian Sang their respective insulated cups, saying, “Remember this, the sisters all love romance. So, for the next few days, don’t make up nonsense anymore, got it?”

Lian Qing pitifully said, “But they made us tell each other what we were thinking…”

Little Lian Sang also pitifully added, “Shifu said that monks should not lie.”

“But you’re not monks anymore,” Cai Jingfeng patted the little one’s head, laughing cheerfully.

“Well… then I want to be a good and honest kid too.” The little one hugged his Shixiong’s thigh and looked up with an innocent expression. “My Shixiong said that lying kids will have long noses like Pinocchio and look very ugly.”

Lian Qing quickly corrected, “Except for well-intentioned lies.”

“Oh right, like in the car when we told Zhao Chengyi brother that he looked better than my Shixiong.” The little one realized belatedly, “That doesn’t count.”

Lian Qing panicked and covered the little one’s mouth, which had no filter. Even if it was true, they couldn’t say it in front of the person involved! It would hurt his self-esteem!

However, it was too late for everything.

Zhao Chengyi couldn’t believe it, “What did you say? You were just flattering me in the car?!”

Cai Jingfeng and the others burst into laughter, “Hahaha…”

After offending the romantic-loving sisters, the two monks successfully offended the only male guest, Zhao Chengyi.

But Zhao Chengyi was a good comrade, very easy to please. Under the seamless coordination and deception of Lian Qing and Little Lian Sang, he quickly regained his carefree appearance.

Shaman couldn’t help but whisper to the two sisters next to her, “Zhao Chengyi’s self-esteem is so cheap, a few words and he’s easily appeased!”

Fu Miao smiled and nodded. In her eyes, these three playful individuals were all children, and they were quite interesting and good kids.

Even the usually quiet tour guide, in her eyes, was a sensible and well-behaved child. As an amateur guide, he positioned himself properly and even knew not to speak too much or steal the limelight during the program recording, even though he was Lian Qing’s friend.

Bu Youmeng smiled sweetly and said, “Zhao Chengyi is a great person. I think he understands everything in his heart. But he willingly cooperates with the little monk and the little one, willing to accompany them in their playfulness. That’s really nice.”

She clearly didn’t think that Zhao Chengyi’s cooperation with Lian Qing and the others was just for the sake of the variety show. Instead, she believed that Zhao Chengyi himself was someone who loved to play, have fun, and was very warm.

Shaman and Fu Miao couldn’t help but exchange glances, and then they looked back and forth between Bu Youmeng and Zhao Chengyi, their eyes filled with curiosity and gossip.

A sibling relationship like this seems a bit cute.

Trafalgar Square is located in the heart of London and is one of the famous landmarks in the area. The square is surrounded by the National Gallery, St. Martin’s Teaching, and more.

Under Cai Jingfeng’s arrangements, the group strolled around these surroundings and then, as night fell, they were taken to have a decent dinner. After the meal, they took a leisurely stroll on the exotic streets, chatting and talking, relaxing and comfortable.

During the whole process, there was a small incident where Shaman and Bu Youmeng were approached by local men on the street. One was lively and straightforward, while the other had a sweet and mature appearance, naturally attracting attention. Unfortunately, they both declined the advances.

It wasn’t until late in the evening that everyone returned to the hotel villa and went to their respective rooms.

Lian Qing directly let his assistant rest, as there was nothing else for them to do.

First, he helped Little Lian Sang take a bath. The little one was still a small child, and he had to stand on tiptoes to reach even the water heater. It was clearly not realistic for him to bathe alone, but fortunately, the little one was very quiet and didn’t make a fuss during the bath.

After wrapping the little one in a large towel, Lian Qing was about to bend down to lift him up. Unexpectedly, the little one, wrapped in the towel, took small steps and ran towards the bed, shouting, “Don’t carry me.”

Lian Qing’s heart warmed. The little one was concerned about his injuries not being fully healed!

He walked over and blew on the non-existent… hair of the little one, then watched as he put on his pajamas and sleepwear. Only then did Lian Qing stand up and say, “Shixiong will go wash up first. When the basin of water is ready, you can help Shixiong wipe his back, okay?”

“Okay.” The little one obediently nodded.

Lian Qing then gave the freshly bathed little one a kiss on his fragrant head, got up, and went to the bathroom.

His injuries were mainly concentrated on his back, and there were some minor cuts on his hands and feet, but nothing serious. The doctor only said that the wounds on his back should not come into contact with water, but the ones on his hands and feet didn’t matter much. These past few days, except for the first three days, Lian Qing had been washing his lower body by himself and relying on Wanning to help him with the upper body.

In the bathroom, he faintly heard some sounds. He didn’t think much of it and figured that it must be the little shidi playing with his phone.

The little one may appear small and not even recognize many characters, but surprisingly, he has a good memory. After watching Lian Qing play with the phone a couple of times, he remembered all its functions. Sometimes when Lian Qing is not around, he would still grab the phone and play with it.

As long as the little one doesn’t understand things like red packets or Liang Qing’s payment password, Lian Qing doesn’t mind how he plays with the phone.

After washing his lower body, Lian Qing put on his pajama pants and grabbed a warm towel, preparing for his disciple to help him wipe his back.

When he opened the bathroom door, he immediately looked up and saw the cameraman holding a camera pointed at him.

Lian Qing’s expression panicked, and he quickly and neatly shook open the towel to cover himself. After covering himself, he belatedly realized that he was wearing pajama pants, and they were the long type, so what was he even covering!

With this in mind, he calmly put the towel away and complained, “Couldn’t you have said something when you came in?”

The cameraman replied in a low voice, “Little Monk could come in. It’s the live broadcast before bedtime. Is it convenient for you?”

Lian Qing then remembered that the program would have a live broadcast for about two hours in the morning and evening. But considering the time difference, it was probably around 6 a.m. in China right now… There shouldn’t be many people watching the live broadcast at such an early hour!

But even if there were, it didn’t matter since he was wearing pants. With that in mind, Lian Qing nodded and said, “It’s fine. But don’t broadcast for too long. My disciple needs to sleep soon.”

The cameraman nodded and said, “Originally, it was supposed to be two hours in the morning and evening, but today everyone came back too late, so the broadcast time has been shortened to about half an hour to an hour.”

“Thank you,” Lian Qing thanked him and walked towards the bed with the towel in hand.

As he passed by the cameraman, he clearly heard the cameraman make a surprised sound. Liang Qing turned around in confusion, but the cameraman shook his head and whispered, “It’s nothing.”

Since there was nothing wrong, Lian Qing didn’t pay much attention to it and continued walking to the bed.

Behind him, the cameraman silently captured his partially healed wounds on his back, some scabbed and some still showing red flesh, while silently watching the barrage on the small screen next to the camera, filled with shock and sympathy.

Lian Qing reached the bedside and saw Xiao Lian squatting with his little butt, seemingly watching a video. Lian Qing didn’t pay attention to what he was watching, so he sat down on the edge of the bed, turned his back to his disciple, and said, “Xiao San’er, help your Shixiong wipe his back. I need to apply medicine later.”

The little one acknowledged with a sound and promptly sat up. The phone in his hand also moved, and the front camera accidentally faced his Shixiong’s back.

Then, a voice filled with anger and authority echoed through the room, “Lian Qing, what happened to your back?!”

As soon as he heard this voice, Lian Qing froze.

Like a rusty robot, he slowly turned his head, and then he revealed a smile on his face that looked worse than crying when he saw the stern face of the old monk on the phone screen.

“Shi… Shifu…”

He had concealed his injuries from his Shifu for so long, only to be exposed by his mischievous little disciple!

Lian Sang, the tiny monk, also froze, looking at his pitiful Shixiong with innocent blinking eyes. “Shi… Shixiong…”

After calling out, seeing his Shixiong glare at him, the little one quickly and frantically ended the video call. Then he looked up at his Shixiong, smiling innocently as if nothing had happened.

Lian Qing: “…………”

Two seconds later, the sound of the video call rang again.

Before Lian Qing could react, Xiao Lian, the little novice, quickly declined the call, then looked up at his Shixiong with his innocent big eyes, innocently flashing a standard eight-tooth smile.

Lian Qing silently covered his face, almost imagining how furious his Shifu must be, to the point where his hair is about to grow out.


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