Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 84

Jet lag is such a bothersome thing.

The previous night, the two little monks stayed up in bed until the late hours. As a result, when Cai Jingfeng came to wake them up at seven in the morning, neither of the monks could be awakened.

Coincidentally, the cameraman came for the routine morning live broadcast, so the state of the two monks stubbornly staying in bed was broadcasted live.

Cai Jingfeng first called out softly, “Lian Qing, wake up.”

Naturally, there was no movement from the big and small figures on the bed.

Cai Jingfeng then raised his voice, “Lian Qing, get up quickly. It’s getting late.”

The big figure on the bed made a drowsy hum, sounding like a small kitten, but still didn’t open his eyes. The smaller one was even more excessive, closing his eyes and stretching out a small hand from under the covers, swatting at imaginary mosquitoes, and then both hands groped on either side of his body. When he touched his Shixiong’s chest, the little guy retracted his hand. Immediately after, he rolled towards his Shixiong’s side and successfully rolled into his Shixiong’s embrace.

Clearly, his Shixiong was accustomed to this, as he didn’t even open his eyes and instinctively reached out to tuck the blanket behind the little guy. Then, a hand emerged from the blanket and lightly patted his Shidi’s back in a soothing manner, and remained still.

Cai Jingfeng found it amusing and couldn’t help but look at the cameraman, saying, “What should I do? I’m having a hard time waking them up.”

The cameraman glanced at the cuddling brothers and empathized, whispering, “The internet users are all saying not to wake them up.”

Curious, Cai Jingfeng asked, “Where are they saying it? Can we see it?”

The cameraman pointed to a small screen next to his equipment and said, “Here, it’s specially displayed, and we can see it.”

“I want to take a look. I’ve never seen what a live broadcast looks like…” Cai Jingfeng approached the cameraman and took a glance at the small screen next to the equipment.

On the screen, on the spacious bed, the two monks were curled up and sound asleep. The big one was handsome and charming, while the small one was adorable and fair-skinned, very eye-catching. The screen was occasionally filled with translucent subtitles, some of which were quite interesting.

[Hahaha… They can’t be woken up at all, 666]

[Is the little monk swatting mosquitoes or flies~]

[So cute, rolling into his Shixiong’s embrace on his own!]

[You can tell he’s done this kind of thing a lot, hahaha]

[The little monk patting his Shidi’s back so obediently, he becomes well-behaved just from the patting, hhh]

[Ah ah ah, the little monk is trying to trick me into marriage again, and the small little monk is trying to trick me into having children]

[Give up, ladies, let me, a wife and mother, tell you that such a husband and child will always belong to someone else’s family]

[Can Cai Tou let them sleep a bit longer? They look so tired]

[Yeah, let them sleep a bit longer~]

Cai Jingfeng helplessly addressed the numerous viewers who were sending barrage messages asking them to let the two of them sleep a bit longer, saying, “I know they must still be jet-lagged, but… we can’t delay everyone’s schedule.”

“But he doesn’t seem easily awakenable,” the cameraman hesitated. Should they forcibly pull Lian Qing off the bed? But in doing so, the movement might be too sudden and scare the little Lian Sang in Lian Qing’s arms, would he end up crying?

After a moment of contemplation, Cai Jingfeng snapped his fingers and said, “I have an idea!”

As he spoke, he approached the side of the bed, reached out to pat Lian Qing’s face, cleared his throat, and shouted, “Lian Qing, get up and answer this question for me!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” Accompanied by a clear voice, the person who should have been fast asleep on the bed abruptly sat up, wide-eyed and dazed, staring straight ahead. After a moment, he belatedly reacted and then focused his eyes on Cai Jingfeng beside him, sighing, “You damn cabbage, tricking me again!”

Cai Jingfeng felt both heartache and amusement. When Lian Qing was still in school, he used to rest at the school during the midday break because of the long commute between school and the temple. Sometimes, when Cai Jingfeng saw that the lunch break was almost over, he would occasionally wake up Lian Qing in a similar way.

Back then, it wasn’t that Lian Qing couldn’t be awakened. In fact, he was the most disciplined student in the class. It was just that they were mischievous when they were young, but it was all just playful mischief.

Cai Jingfeng chuckled and said, “Hurry up, everyone is waiting for you downstairs.”

Lian Qing stood on the bed, yawned, and prepared to get off. But before he could do so, his feet suddenly got entangled with something.

He lowered his head to see his little Shidi, that little rascal, with his eyes closed tightly, holding onto one of his feet with both hands.

Lian Qing: “…………”

Cai Jingfeng and the cameraman couldn’t help but laugh, finding this child too adorable!

But what they didn’t expect was that there would be something even more adorable that followed.

They saw Lian Qing silently looking at the little child on his foot, and somehow, he slowly raised that foot. Surprisingly, the little child didn’t let go; instead, he used both his hands and feet to entangle Lian Qing’s other foot, curling up into a ball, and then slowly “taking off.”

This scene was quite amusing, and even Lian Qing couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Unfortunately, the next second, he couldn’t laugh anymore—his little shidi, who knows what pleasant dream he was having, after smacking his lips, suddenly opened his mouth…

“Aoowoo~~” he let out a sound and swiftly bit down on the tender and resilient calf of his Shixiong’s leg.

Lian Qing: “Aow!!!”

Cai Jingfeng and the cameraman: “Pff… Hahaha…”

Countless fans watching the live broadcast: [Ahahaha…]

[I can’t believe I’m laughing so hard that it sounds like a box opening again]

[Hahaha… Damn, my fountain of happiness is truly something!]

[Watching the livestream while slacking off at work, and I laughed too loudly and got caught qwq]

[Xiao San’er ost: So satisfying! Hhh]


Shaman and the others, who rushed over upon hearing the unusual laughter, entered the room only to see Cai Jingfeng and the cameraman already laughing so hard that they were squatting on the ground, clutching their stomachs and repeatedly saying “hehehe”.

On the bed, there was Lian Qing, with a little monk hanging onto his leg. The little one closed his eyes, using both his hands and feet to tightly cling to his Shixiong’s leg. He bit into the calf from time to time and even gave it a few licks.

“Let go, let go, let go!!!” Lian Qing’s face was almost wrinkled as he shouted while hopping on one leg. However, he hesitated to jump too forcefully since this was his own Shidi on his leg, not just some random cat or dog. He didn’t want to accidentally fling the little one away.

As a result, the little one clung tightly to his leg, no matter how much Lian Qing shouted or hopped.

Shaman and the others: “Ahahaha, hehehehehe…”


In the end, it was Lian Qing’s wit that rescued him. He yelled at the little one beneath his foot, “Lian Sang, if you don’t get up now, there won’t be any meat or milk for you!”

With just that sentence, the little one was immediately pulled back from his dreamland. He reluctantly gave the piece of meat in his mouth a final lick and then let go.

Cai Jingfeng, brimming with a sense of justice, stepped forward, suppressing his laughter, and peeled the little one off Lian Qing’s leg.

Zhao Cheng approached with a smile, patting Lian Qing’s arm, and advised, “Stay calm, stay calm. This is your own Shidi, stay calm… Hahaha…”

Among the laughter-filled crowd, the little monk Lian Qing, with a pained and aggrieved expression on his face, and the little monk placed in a corner of the bed, still half asleep and confused about the situation, appeared particularly independent from the world.

Lian Qing pursed his lips and pointed to his own calf, saying, “You bit me.”

The little one, whether or not he understood, looked at him blankly for a while, then suddenly reached out his little hand and, with a slightly muffled voice, said, “Shixiong… I want a hug~”

Lian Qing: “…Don’t think I’ll forgive you just because you’re acting cute! Look, you bit me!” He pointed at his calf once again.

The little one took a glance at the circle of red teeth marks, even breaking the skin. Afterward, as if awakening, he rubbed his eyes and stared at the teeth marks for a while before suddenly smacking his lips.

Lian Qing exploded with anger, “My goodness, you even savoring the taste, huh!”

Others and the viewers in the livestream: “Mehahaha…”

Finally, this farce ended with Lian Qing scooping up his Shidi and giving him two smacks on his little bottom.

He didn’t really hit him hard, just for the sake of it. The little one, whether not fully awake or feeling guilty, usually bargained even when Lian Qing lightly patted him a couple of times. But this time, he didn’t even flinch.

Ten minutes later, the two little monks, who had finished washing up and changed clothes, appeared in the dining hall downstairs.

Shaman and the others were in the kitchen, and only Fu Miao and Bu Youmeng were sitting at the dining table. As soon as they saw the two, they couldn’t help but laugh.

The little monk was now awake and knew what they were laughing about. He shyly shrunk behind his Shixiong, clearly feeling extremely embarrassed.

Lian Qing pulled him out without any of the usual tenderness, and said sternly, “Sit properly and eat.”

“Oh…” The little one climbed onto the chair nervously and sat down. Then, with dogged determination, he helped his Shixiong arrange the bowls and chopsticks, which were already set quite neatly. He smiled sweetly, hoping that his Shixiong would allow him to make up for his mistake.

Lian Qing: “…Hmph!”

The little one’s sweet smile froze for a moment. After a moment of thought, he suddenly extended one hand, as if sacrificing himself, and loudly said, “Take a bite back!”

Lian Qing: “…………”

Fu Miao and Bu Youmeng: “Ahahaha…” They couldn’t control their emotions and even started banging the table, disregarding etiquette and elegance.

Lian Qing sighed helplessly. It was impossible to actually bite him back, and besides, he didn’t have a habit of eating children. So…

He had no choice but to forgive his little Shidi.

This only option left Lian Qing feeling frustrated, to the point that he couldn’t even finish his breakfast. Of course, it wasn’t solely because of the bite. What troubled him even more was another question.

In the latter half of breakfast, Cai Jingfeng, who was familiar with Lian Qing’s appetite, asked with concern, “Why are you eating so little? Are you still mad at your Shidi?”

Zhao Cheng couldn’t help but comment, “None of us eat as much as he does!”

Lian Qing glanced at Zhao Cheng and then frowned at Cai Jingfeng, “No, I’m troubled by another question.”

Cai Jingfeng asked, “What question?”

Lian Qing glanced at his obediently drinking Shidi and said, “I’m wondering if I need to get a rabies vaccine…”

That medicine seems quite expensive, and you have to get multiple doses. If I have to get it, I have to go early to get it after being bitten. But if I go early, I can only get it at this hospital. I’ve heard that the hospital here charges exorbitant fees, and I’m afraid it will cost more than ten thousand for just a few shots…

Cai Jingfeng: “…”

Shaman: “Pfft…” She sprayed milk onto Zhao Cheng’s face.

Zhao Cheng, who was about to burst into laughter: “…” He couldn’t laugh anymore qwq!

Fu Miao: “Ahem… Are you trying to laugh me to death so early in the morning? Ha…”

Bu Youmeng: “I can’t laugh anymore. I have to hold it in. I feel like all my wrinkles are coming out this morning…”

Lian Qing: “…” Was what he said so problematic? Isn’t it necessary to get a shot even if bitten by a small animal, even a mouse?

Little Lian Sang pouted unhappily, “Shixiong, I’m not a puppy!”

Lian Qing patted his little bald head and secretly thought that he was even worse than a dog. At least dogs don’t bite people.

After the commotion, everyone felt much better. They all had some jet lag, as they didn’t sleep well last night and looked a bit tired in the morning. But now, with these two little monks causing a ruckus and making them laugh, it was as if all the fatigue had dissipated.

Except for Little Lian Sang. Children naturally need more sleep than adults, and four to five hours of sleep in a night was clearly not enough. Just as they got on the car, the little one started yawning, and his head nodded from time to time.

Seeing him looking so exhausted that his mind wasn’t functioning properly, Lian Qing felt distressed. He unbuttoned his coat and lifted the little one into his arms, using his coat to wrap them both up.

After wrapping them up, he patted the little one’s back with one hand and said softly, “Be good, go to sleep.”

The little one was truly tired and mumbled in agreement, curling up in his Shixiong’s embrace and falling asleep peacefully.

They were riding a sightseeing bus, with only curtains at the front to block the wind, while occasional gusts blew from all sides. Lian Qing was afraid the little one might catch a cold, so he pulled down his hat, covering his bald head and half of his face, leaving only his nose and small mouth exposed to breathe.

Seeing this, Fu Miao couldn’t help but envy and said, “If only I had given birth to a pair of sons when I was young. Seeing how loving you two brothers are, I also want children.”

Bu Youmeng also couldn’t help but feel envious and said, “Little monk, whoever marries you in the future will definitely be very happy. Your future children will also be very fortunate.”

Lian Qing shook his head and said softly, “There won’t be any other children. I just want to raise my Shidi.”

Zhao Cheng couldn’t help but sigh, “Little Lian Sang is almost like your son now. You’re playing the roles of both father and mother, it’s so hard.”

“Not hard,” Lian Qing smiled lightly, “He’s very well-behaved and sensible. Unlike me, when I was a child, I heard that I was so mischievous that my Shifu was tormented.”

Lian Qing didn’t have many memories before the age of three or four. It was only later, after he became more sensible, that he heard his Shifu talking about it. In his Shifu’s words, it was: “You were so mischievous back then that you drove your Shifu bald!”

In recent years, not all monks have to shave their heads, so Lian Qing really thought that his Shifu became bald because of him and felt particularly guilty. But then one day, he heard a woman from the mountain say that his Shifu was already bald before picking him up.

At that time, Lian Qing felt deceived and plucked two leg hairs from his Shifu to comfort his wounded heart.

Cai Jingfeng couldn’t help but ask, “I remember your Shifu always doted on you. Why didn’t he come to watch over you when you got injured this time?”

Talking about this, Lian Qing couldn’t help but massage his temples in a headache and said, “I’ve been hiding it from him. But last night, my Shidi accidentally showed him in a video call.”

“Hā?” The people in the car hadn’t watched last night’s livestream, and they were all surprised.

“Wow, little monk, you dare to hide this from your guardian?” Shaman said, “No wonder you’ve been in the hospital for so many days, and we haven’t seen your Shifu around!”

At the time, both she and Cheng Lan thought that there was some conflict between the little monk and his Shifu, so they didn’t dare to ask too much. So it turns out the old man had no idea!

“He rarely goes online. Even when he does, it’s only for video calls with us brothers or to contact his old friends,” Lian Qing said. That’s why he dared to keep it from his Shifu. Otherwise, if the old man went online casually, he would definitely find out about the injury.

“Then didn’t he say he would come to see you?” Cai Jingfeng asked.

Lian Qing nodded, “Yes, but he doesn’t have a passport.”

“Haha, your Shifu must be so mad…”

“Exactly, he scolded me for a long time last night…”


The group’s schedule for today wasn’t too tight. With Cai Jingfeng’s planning and everyone’s suggestions, they finally decided to visit Hyde Park first. There were many famous sights there, and it was lush and lively, perfect for leisure.

After enjoying the scenery and taking a walk in the park, everyone went to nearby Buckingham Palace, just in time for the changing of the guard ceremony.

During the morning journey, the little monk almost slept in his Shixiong’s arms the whole time. Cai Jingfeng, understanding that Lian Qing hadn’t fully recovered, wanted to take over, but the little one wouldn’t allow it. Even when he was half asleep, as soon as he was taken out of his Shixiong’s arms, he would make a fuss as if he wanted to cry, scaring Cai Jingfeng from touching him again.

It was fortunate that Lian Qing had a good constitution, and most of the time he was sitting in the car. Otherwise, he would have to let his Shidi sleep on the cold seat in the car.

At noon, he woke the little one up, and after everyone had a quick bite to eat, the little one became more energetic.

Considering that they were recording a program now, although it was focused on having fun, they couldn’t play too casually. It relied on chatting and interaction to create highlights. Therefore, in the afternoon, they all went to a ski resort together, ready to experience something thrilling.

Lian Qing and Xiao San’erer had never played this game before and were very excited. Shaman and Cai Jingfeng were worried about Lian Qing’s injured back and tried to persuade him twice, but they couldn’t convince him, so they had to give up. However, for safety’s sake, Lian Qing was asked to wear an inflatable protective vest.

The others only wore rented skiing suits and equipment, while Lian Qing looked quite special, resembling a big fat person.

Little Lian Sang pointed at his Shixiong without any courtesy and mocked, “Fatty Shixiong, Shixiong is fat!”

In return, Lian Qing lightly knocked him, not too hard but not too light.

Among those experiencing skiing for the first time were Zhao Chengyi and Bu Youmeng. The four of them had to listen to the instructions from the ski resort staff.

The staff spoke in English, and Zhao Chengyi struggled to understand. Xiao San’erer was even more clueless, and Lian Qing’s English was limited to simple everyday communication, so he only understood bits and pieces. Therefore, Cai Jingfeng or Bu Youmeng had to provide partial translation.

By the time they actually put on the skis, the others had already tired themselves out and were resting on the side.

Both Lian Qing and Lian Sang were stubborn and a bit competitive. As soon as they arrived at the beginner’s ski slope, they each went their own way and didn’t offer each other any support. Lian Qing adapted quickly on his own. With his martial arts background, a stable foundation, and a flexible body, he was soon skiing quite skillfully.

Little Lian Sang wasn’t doing too bad either. With the help of a ski pole, he quickly got the hang of it. He fell a couple of times during that period, but the thick snow cushioned his falls, so it didn’t hurt. The little guy would just get up, clap his hands, and start playing again.

On the other hand, Bu Youmeng and Zhao Chengyi, the two beginners, were quite amusing to watch. With their poor sense of balance, they held each other’s hands tightly and practically skied stuck together. There were moments when one of them lost balance and fell, dragging the other down with them, which entertained the onlookers.

Even when Lian Qing moved on to a higher ski slope, the two of them couldn’t break free from their pattern of falling every three minutes or so. But strangely enough, despite constantly tumbling, they never thought of letting go of each other’s hands.

When Cai Jingfeng called everyone to gather, Lian Qing was already able to perform various tricks on the snowy slopes. In the vast expanse of white, his graceful and handsome figure stood out. Ignoring the bulky protective gear, he looked like an elegant elf in the snow.

Fu Miao and Shaman stood by the wooden cabin at the top, observing Lian Qing’s agile and handsome posture, and then glanced at the struggling duo still on the beginner’s slope, barely managing to avoid face-planting in the snow. Finally, they looked at the little monk who had skied a large circle in the same ski resort. They exchanged a glance and sighed with a smile, simultaneously.

The contrast was beyond ordinary.

After leaving the ski resort, both Lian Qing and Little Lian Sang naturally received unanimous praise from the group. As for Zhao Chengyi and Bu Youmeng, who couldn’t even compare to a three-year-old child, they naturally became the target of unanimous ridicule. But both of them had a playful nature and didn’t take it to heart. They would occasionally make self-deprecating jokes, creating a joyous atmosphere.

In the evening, they had a makeshift dinner, then went for a stroll near the River Thames, enjoying the beautiful night scenery and chatting.

Wherever women gathered, it seemed inevitable that conversations would touch on matters of love and relationships. Shaman was the first to sigh, “Love, it really can’t withstand the test of time. My boyfriend and I transitioned from the honeymoon phase to an old married couple in just two years.”

Fu Miao took over with a smile, “Ah, that’s the same with my husband and me. But you know what? After being apart for just two or three days, I really miss him.”

“Miao Jie is lovesick, huh? Haha, I kind of miss him too…”

Zhao Chengyi, who had always been single, looked at Bu Youmeng and for some reason, suddenly asked Shaman, “What does it feel like to be lovesick?”

“It’s a kind of… well, I can’t really describe it. But once you start dating, you’ll know.”

Fu Miao chuckled and said, “Speaking of which, Xiao Zhao, Xiao Meng, and Lian Qing, all three of you are still single, right? If you’re single, you won’t understand the feeling of lovesickness.”

Suddenly being mentioned, Lian Qing was taken aback for a moment, then proudly glanced at Zhao Chengyi and Bu Youmeng, feeling superior, and retorted, “I understand.”

Fu Miao looked surprised at him, “You understand?”

Lian Qing nodded confidently, “I do. I also have someone I like. I thought he didn’t like me back, so I didn’t dare to see him. As a result, I almost fell into lovesickness.”

Fu Miao’s gossip-loving heart was instantly piqued, “I didn’t expect that. Such a young age, and yet you have deep feelings. When did this happen?”

Lian Qing didn’t hide anything and said, “It was just recently, during the time when I got injured before filming.”

“Oh, I remember a few days ago Director Li praised you, saying that you acted the emotional scenes very well…”

“I acted with my true emotions,” Lian Qing honestly replied. “Director Li was right. It’s hard for someone who hasn’t experienced love to portray that feeling. So, at that time, I was able to act so smoothly because I happened to be going through that phase.”

“When I filmed a lovesick scene and immersed my own emotions into the script, I couldn’t stop crying after shooting. The director and screenwriter were scared, afraid that I couldn’t get out of character…”

Upon hearing these words, everyone fell silent. Finally, Fu Miao sighed, “Filming indeed requires personal experiences and life lessons. It can mutually influence and shape the performance. Like a movie I won an award for, everyone said I portrayed it in a classic and excellent way. But only I know that I acted by immersing my own emotions and integrating them into the character…”

As she spoke, she shifted the topic, saying, “Young man, be more open-minded. Some people are destined to be passers-by in your life. If you miss them, you may still encounter someone even better. Stay positive!”

Lian Qing was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and said, “He isn’t a passer-by in my life. After getting injured this time, I realized that he also likes me. So, it’s not just unrequited love for me.”

With that, he straightened his chest, as if he wanted to tell Zhao Chengyi, the single dog, “We’re different.”

Fu Miao, who had just been overflowing with sympathy, and Bu Youmeng, fell into silence. This unexpected dose of dog food was so satisfying!

Zhao Chengyi, who was aware of the situation, thought to himself, “Damn, they’re showing off their affection even when the other party isn’t here for the show!”

Shaman: “…” She should be grateful that she had already informed the two little monks not to reveal that Yu Wenning is Lian Qing’s lover. Otherwise, would it have caused a big commotion?

Even if it didn’t come out, this amount of information was probably enough to generate sufficient attention for this show.

Cai Jingfeng: “…” He felt heartbroken and sad. He truly arrived too late…

After a moment of speechlessness, everyone considerately and tacitly prepared to change the topic, not planning to ask Lian Qing about his significant other. As a celebrity, relationships and such couldn’t be casually disclosed, especially for someone like Lian Qing, who had such a high level of popularity.

However, before the new topic could unfold, Little Lian Sang, who was a bit slow in his response, nodded vigorously in response to his Shixiong’s earlier words, “Yeah, not a passer-by, they have a mutual liking relationship!”

Although he didn’t understand what a passer-by meant.

The crowd, intentionally avoiding the dog food, “…”


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