Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 87

As expected, on that night, Lian Qing didn’t have a single dream.

He could only blame himself for being too charming! When he woke up, he couldn’t help but feel guilty toward his big brother. As compensation, he decided to carry the chocolates his older brother had given him the previous night, as if he had put his brother in his pocket.

That mild sense of guilt completely disappeared during the sumptuous breakfast.

Later in the day, Lian Qing saw his older brother again and almost didn’t recognize him — only to see his incredibly resourceful lover, Yu Wenning, disguised as a staff member, with his entire body covered like a bear!

Exaggerated *bread-like clothing, a pitch-black mask, and an unremarkable black duckbill cap. Oh, and a pair of black-framed glasses.

“面包服” (miànbāo fú) literally translates to “bread-like clothing.” It is a humorous term used to describe puffy or oversized clothing, resembling the shape of a loaf of bread. The term implies that the person wearing such clothing appears bulky or shapeless, similar to the roundness of a loaf of bread.

Being over 1.8 meters tall, he stood out among the average male staff members. The outfit didn’t arouse suspicion since there had been a bit of snow in England the previous night, and many people were dressed in thick layers, and masked faces were everywhere.

To explain how Lian Qing discovered it was his older brother, we have to go back to when they finished breakfast and were preparing to leave.

On the sixth time Yu Wenning winked at Lian Qing, his beloved little monk finally met his gaze.

Seeing the dumbfounded look on his face as soon as he recognized him, Yu Wenning knew he had been recognized. He silently laughed and raised an eyebrow, blinked his eyes twice. At the same time, he made a slight pushing gesture with his hand, stopping Lian Qing’s instinctive steps towards him.

The two of them gazed at each other from a distance, separated by machines and crowds. One had a smug smile on his face, while the other stood dumbfounded and speechless.

“Little monk, why are you standing there foolishly? Put on your shoes and get ready to leave.”

Zhao Chengyi’s voice successfully brought Lian Qing back to reality. He responded and turned around to put on his shoes. Well, if his older brother wanted to follow, he would go along. But this way, they wouldn’t be able to walk openly together…

Lian Qing thought somewhat frustratedly about his older brother’s peculiarities. Instead of taking the straightforward path, he had to play it like a secret affair.

The group went to Oxford Street that day, an architecturally exquisite and retro place with many shopping malls and brand stores, making it an ideal shopping destination.

Unfortunately, their group had a limited budget and could only browse without making any purchases.

For the boys, it wasn’t a big deal whether they bought anything or not; it wasn’t a necessity. But for women, especially the three small rich ladies in their group who could buy whatever caught their eye instantly, it was extremely heartbreaking to only be able to look without buying.

Even though they knew that afterward, they could easily send their assistants to make the purchases.

Of course, this also benefited the three boys including the tiny monk—although accompanying them shopping was painful, at least they didn’t have to help carry the bags.

Upon hearing Zhao Chengyi and Cai Jingfeng’s suggestion, they hastily proposed that they should also stay behind and arrange to meet later in the evening through phone contact.

The three sisters naturally agreed, so the remaining group split into two. One team excitedly headed straight to the next store, while the other team sat on public chairs next to the mall.

Zhao Chengyi hugged Little Lian tightly and sighed, “Little guy, I truly love you! Thanks to you, otherwise, we wouldn’t know when we could escape from this hell.”

Little Lian didn’t understand and ignored him, resting against his Shixiong’s hand.

The boys gathered together, and apart from playing games, they mostly used their phones. Cai Jingfeng had the intention to chat with Lian Qing, but with Zhao Chengyi by their side and Little Monk resting, he had to give up.

By the time everyone received a message from the sisters, more than an hour had passed. When they arrived at the agreed-upon location, they saw their sisters from a distance, each holding one or two flowers in their hands, with smiles on their faces.

“Younger brothers, look, someone gave us flowers!” Shama proudly waved her hand, saying in a melodious tone, “Ah, my cursed, irresistible charm!”

Zhao Chengyi laughed and scolded, “I told you not to spend so much time on those video apps. Look what happened now, you’ve fried your brain.”

That casual remark provoked Shama to chase after him and give him a beating. Little Lian found it amusing and joined in the chase. However, the ground, which had just been covered in snow, was a bit slippery, causing the little one to slip and fall to the ground, losing balance.

Seeing this, the others hurried over to help him up. Just then, a tall figure appeared and quickly lifted Little Lian up.

The little one patted his small hand and looked up at the person, saying, “Thank you, uncle.”

After saying that, he froze because the face of that uncle, whose face was unclear, seemed familiar, especially his eyes and eyebrows…

The man nodded at the little one and, seeing the others gathering around, stepped back.

Cai Jingfeng and the others anxiously and eagerly asked about the little one, showing their concern. At that moment, the little one put aside the sense of familiarity and stopped thinking about it.

“How are you, Lian Sang? Did you hurt anywhere when you fell?”

“Does your butt hurt? Are you uncomfortable?”

“And your hand, did it hurt when you touched the ground just now?”


Among the panicking adults, Lian Qing was surprisingly the calmest. He silently checked the little one’s hands and feet and then reassuringly brushed off the snow from his clothes.

The little one was sensible and said to everyone, “I’m fine, brothers and sisters, no need to worry.”

Lian Qing also said, “I made him wear thick diapers before we left this morning, so he shouldn’t feel much pain from the fall.”

“Shixiong!” The little one turned his head fiercely, stretching out his hand to cover his Shixiong’s mouth. How could he reveal the fact that he was wearing diapers!

Everyone was momentarily stunned, then burst into laughter.

Amidst the laughter, the little one angrily hugged his Shixiong tightly, burying his head in his embrace, looking completely embarrassed.

The laughter grew louder, attracting the attention of many locals.

Lian Qing didn’t dare to offend the little one too much, fearing that he would hold a grudge and retaliate against him. So he helped explain to everyone, “He doesn’t usually wear them. He only wears them during the day for these two days. I forced him to wear them because it’s cold, and it’s inconvenient to find a restroom when we’re outside. Taking off and putting on pants repeatedly can also make him catch a cold.”

He leaned towards the little one’s ear and whispered, “I can guarantee that kids around your age wear diapers too. If you don’t believe me, go and ask them. I’m sure you’ll find at least one.”

The little one hesitated and raised his head, looking at him and then at the other brothers and sisters who still had smiles on their faces. He asked with some doubt, “Really?”

“Of course it’s true. If you don’t believe me, go and ask other kids!” Lian Qing looked confident.

The little one stared at him for a moment, half-believing and half-doubting, then turned around and started looking for other kids around his age.

Lian Qing was momentarily stunned, touched his hat, and murmured, “He’s really going to look for them…”

The little one seemed to become much happier and bolder. In the past, he would feel a bit shy talking to strangers.

Shaman disagreed, saying, “It’s not right to deceive him like this. He’ll feel sad when he finds out later.”

Lian Qing didn’t care, “Don’t worry, he doesn’t speak English, so he won’t know.”

Shaman retorted, “So you’re confident enough to let him go ask other kids?”

“Yeah,” Lian Qing replied nonchalantly.

Shaman turned around and saw the little one gesturing and communicating with a foreign child not far away, silently praying, “Amitabha Buddha.”

After asking a foreign child, the little one seemed a bit disheartened, unable to communicate properly. Lian Qing thought he would come back, but to his surprise, at that moment, a young girl with an Oriental face approached the little one and started talking to him.

Instantly, alarm bells rang in Lian Qing’s mind, and he decisively walked towards the little one. However, it was too late…

The little one slowly turned his head back, tears welled up in his eyes, and with a pouting mouth and a sobbing tone, he said, “Shixiong, you lied! She doesn’t wear diapers!”

The girl spoke in a Taiwanese accent, “That’s right! Kids from our place don’t wear diapers after they turn two. You’re almost three years old, wearing diapers is embarrassing, you know.”

Upon hearing this, little Lian Sang’s eyes filled with tears, and he wailed, “Wuu… Shixiong is a big liar… wuu…”

Lian Qing: “…………” Little girl, why are you so sharp!

Yu Wenning, who was secretly observing from afar, had a face twisted with laughter under his mask, but he couldn’t make a sound.

Finally, this incident ended with the apologetic words of the girl’s parents, who had a mixed Chinese-Western background.

However, even after they got on the car, Lian Sang, the little monk, still refused to talk to his Shixiong. He curled up in a corner as soon as he got on the car, pretending to be asleep.

Lian Qing couldn’t help but find it amusing and helpless. He had to take off his coat and cover him. Despite apologizing and coaxing him, the embarrassed little one continued to ignore him, and his attempts to console him failed.

In addition to the two of them, the car also had Cai Jingfeng and Zhao Chengyi. Both of them spoke highly of Lian Qing, but the little one still ignored him. Helplessly, everyone had to temporarily give up.

Lian Qing helplessly thought, it would be great if his eldest brother was here right now. His eldest brother was particularly good at coaxing children.

They didn’t know how long they had been in the car when a strange fragrance began to fill the compartment, and it grew stronger and stronger…

Lian Qing’s nose twitched, and he asked, “Have you guys smelled something?”

The two people in the front seats turned to look at him, sniffed, and said, “Yes, it smells like chocolate, but we didn’t bring any chocolate…”

Upon hearing this, Lian Qing had a sense of impending doom. He suddenly remembered that the chocolate his eldest brother had given him last night was still in his coat pocket, and he hadn’t even eaten a piece. And that coat was currently covering his Shidi…

Lian Qing forcefully pulled apart the curled-up little one.

There, the fair and adorable little one held an empty box in one hand and had a half-licked chocolate in the other. His hand and mouth were smeared with dark chocolate.

Lian Sang, the little monk caught in the act of secretly eating, blinked his big eyes guiltily and innocently smiled at his Shixiong, ignoring the chocolate smudges on his mouth and teeth. This smile was still cute and innocent.

Lian Qing: “…………” The chocolate that his eldest brother had given him, the one he hadn’t even taken a bite of and had kept close to him!!!


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