Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 9

That night, Lian Qing still couldn’t eat the roast chicken wings and mutton kebabs.

After Sister Sha got off work, he followed her to the hotel arranged by the crew, listened to her talk for a long time, and then went back to his room to sleep with regret.

Sister Sha looked at his lost back and felt her mood brighten. This child actually had a serious attitude toward learning and was smart. He could *draw inferences from others.

Show/Hide Note能举一反三 (ju yi fan san): Lit; to raise one and infer three (idiom) – Fig: to deduce many things from one case

The only bad thing is that he was too fixated on meat. Just a moment ago, after explaining to him about the play, the child seemed to want to say something but hesitated, probably still thinking about the midnight snack she’d talked about.

However, at that time, she was just deliberately teasing him. Besides, as an actor, she had to be disciplined. If you stay up late, eat barbecue, and have acne on your face, how can you film?! Besides, the little monk really ate a lot for dinner. She was worried that if the Little Monk ate any more food, he would have indigestion. After all, he has just returned to the secular world, and she didn’t know whether his spleen and stomach could adapt to eating too much meat at once!

For this reason, she had to act blind for once. But looking at the lost figure of the child, she almost couldn’t help but let him go out to eat.

What she did not know, however, was that after the Little Monk returned to his room, he downed a bottle of milk and some dry food. It wasn’t because he was hungry, but he really wanted to have barbecue. If he couldn’t eat it, he could only use these to satisfy his cravings.

The dry food made by the master himself could be kept for two or three days. It was delicious with the milk given by the director of the variety show.

The next morning, Lian Qing followed Sister Sha to the production set. He was watching Sister Sha acting seriously, but suddenly there was an older woman beside him.

The woman stood in front of him, smiled, and held out her hand: “Hello, I’m Cheng Lan, your manager.”

Lian Qing immediately understood, he gently shook his hand with the other party and withdrew after a touch. Then he smiled and said, “Hello, I’m Lian Qing.”

Cheng Lan smiled, sat down beside him, and talked with him.

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She spoke very well and basically hit all the points. In the face of such people, Lian Qing felt like he was facing the head teacher at school. He could not help being restrained and tried to speak simply and clearly.

After a short chat, Sister Sha came over. Cheng Lan went to chat with her again. She came over shortly and said to Lian Qing, “Come with me. The teacher you are looking for is coming soon.”

Lian QIng looked at Sister Sha helplessly. Seeing her nod, he followed Cheng Lan.

Sister Sha didn’t forget to shout at the back: “Sister Cheng, remember to let him eat lunch or something. He has a big appetite. Furthermore, there must be meat!”

When many people in the cast heard this, they all looked sideways and *snickered.

Show/Hide Note*lit: laugh up one’s sleeve

Lian Qing blushed and followed Sister Cheng closely. He definitely did not eat a lot.

Sister Cheng quickly brought Lian Qing back to the hotel where a middle-aged man had been waiting for him.

Sister Cheng asked Lian Qing to call him teacher. Lian Qing called out respectfully. The middle-aged man nodded without superfluous words and directly started the class.

For three days in a row, Lian Qing devoted himself to learning. Whenever the teacher was free, he went to class. If he had no time, he would go to the film crew to see Sister Sha acting. Occasionally, he was rarely free, he did not forget to watch some movies to learn according to what the teacher instructed.

Seeing how serious he was, Sister Sha could not help sighing: “Were you so serious about the college entrance examination?”

Lian Qing shook his head and said, “I have always been very serious about going to school. Because my master is not rich, I have to get a scholarship to lighten his burden.”

“You’ve also won a scholarship!” Sister Sha sighed. “As it turns out, you’re a learning bully. What an outstanding Little Monk!”

Cheng Lan frowned at the side: “Why didn’t you go to college when you studied so hard?”

Hearing the words, Lian Qing’s expression became dark. He was slightly bitter and astringent, “On the day of the college entrance examination, I saved a man on my way down the mountain to school. I ran late after I sent him to the hospital. On the way back to the examination hall, I was too anxious and was accidentally hit by a car, so I lost consciousness…”

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“I… missed a whole day of examinations. I did the exam the next day, but the total scores of those two subjects together are not enough for me to go to a good school…”

Even two years later, Lian Qing still felt bitter when he mentioned it again. He could not make up for the two points of the total score in that year, and the tuition fees of those slightly better colleges were too high.

He was injured and couldn’t go to work during the summer vacation. There was no income in the temple, and the master had no money, so he had to give up college and return to the temple to become a monk.

Sister Sha and Cheng Lan were speechless, they didn’t expect such a bloody thing to have happened to the little monk.

Sister Sha couldn’t help asking, “Do you regret it? You saved someone, at the expense of missing the college entrance exam…”

Lian Qing shook his head and said, “Monks are merciful. Moreover, saving one life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. I don’t regret it.”

His eyes were clear and firm. Although sad, he did not regret it.

Show/Hide NoteSeven- level pagoda

Sister Sha gave him a thumbs up: *”Attaboy!”

Show/Hide Note *(好样的)A good person(idiom)- used to praise somebody’s moral integrity/courage

Cheng Lan was thoughtful and asked, “Have you ever contacted the person you saved?”

Lian Qing shook his head: “After I sent him to the hospital, I hurried back to the examination hall. I didn’t even see his face clearly!”

“Well…” Cheng Lan was a little disappointed. She thought it would be a hype point.

Nowadays, fans have higher and higher requirements for idols, and Lin Qing had never been to college, which may be brought up sooner or later. But if he missed the university because of saving others, it was *another cup of tea.

Show/Hide Note*cup of tea – something that is in accordance with one’s liking and preferences. In this context, the fact that Little Monk did not go to university is a negative point but his saving someone being the cause changes everything, and his lack of a university education actually becomes something the fans like.

What a pity, Lian Qing did not contact the man. Without a witness’s testimony, this matter is easy to be pointed out as speculation by unscrupulous means and talking rubbish.

The atmosphere was a little gloomy for a moment. Sister Sha hurriedly took out her mobile phone and said with a smile, “Oh that’s right, Little Monk, haven’t you been on Weibo these days? It seems you haven’t followed me yet!”

When Lian Qing realized it, he said, “I forgot… Furthermore, Brother Chengyi, I didn’t pay attention to him either!”

Sister Sha *could not laugh or cry: “You’re done for. Zhao Chengyi must have exploded. He kept urging you the whole time before leaving to remember to follow him!”

Show/Hide Note *not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom) – both funny and extremely embarrassing; between laughter and tears

Lian Qing obviously remembered this incident, he somewhat panicky started Weibo and logged in.

The number of Weibo mailboxes and comments was very large. Looking through them, the content was virtually the same.

[The little monk is so cute, hug]

[Hello, Monk Lian Qing]

[Little monk, the barbecue is delicious right~!]

[I envy that you can eat the meat roasted by Da Cheng zi. Ah ah ah]

[Little monk, please pay close attention to Da Cheng zi, he’s gone mad # laughing and crying #]

[The little monk is so good-looking. Are all the monks in your temple so good-looking?]


Lian Qing looked at Sister Sha and Cheng Lan in bewilderment. “What can I do if I can’t reply?” It was too much to see.

“Well, let’s not look at it first. Besides, no star will reply to the fans’ messages every single time. If you really reply seriously, you won’t need to do anything all day.” Sister Sha said, pointing to her mobile phone, “You’d better follow Zhao Chengyi ba, he’s really lost his mind. The Weibo account is his name, you can search for it.”

Lian Qing hurriedly searched for it. After searching, he sought the ‘follow’ section for a long time – the current Weibo was not the same as the one he used two years ago and had gone through several changes.

After following, he started to read Zhao Chengyi’s Weibo.

The top Weibo mentioned Lian Qing.

[Zhao Chengyi V:  @Monk Lian Qing When Little Monk follows me; I will cancel the *sticky!]

Show/Hide Note*sticky – internet forum thread

The following Weibos were also related to Lian Qing.

[Zhao Chengyi V: Didn’t we agree you would follow me when you get your new mobile phone? @ Monk Lian Qing]

[Zhao Chengyi V: The next day, why haven’t you paid attention to me? Little liar @ Monk Lian Qing]

[Zhao Chengyi V: The third day, Little Monk, why won’t you follow me?!]

[Zhao Chengyi V: If it were not for the fact you’ve also not followed Sister Sha @ Shaman V, I would have accused you of sexism!]

[Zhao Chengyi V: The fourth day has come… Little monk, do you remember Zhao Chengyi who gave you barbecue? @ Monk Lian Qing]

[Zhao Chengyi V: Let me tell you, today is the deadline I give you! If you don’t follow me again, I won’t give you barbecue! Do you still want to eat meat? @ Monk Lian Qing]

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Lian Qing checked the comment section and was met with a screen of “hahaha”.

[Zhao Chengyi, a popular fried chicken, idolizing a star on live broadcast]

[Shit, Da Cheng zi is too miserable. Truly inhuman. Ha ha ha ha.]

[Laughing wildly, hhh, Little Monk and Da Cheng zi are so meng!]

[The painting style of Da Cheng zi is like a *torrent of mud and stones 333]

Show/Hide Note*the posts went downhill (kept getting worse/ more desperate)

[Da Cheng zi: Are you afraid of loving me?]

[Please pay attention to my Da Cheng zi, Little Monk! Ha ha ha!]

[It’s really like a string of fate to chase after an idol. Zhao Chengyi is truly remarkable.]

[I smell a pot of dog blood 333]

[Laughing to death, hhh, Zhao Chengyi is so persistent. Please look at him, Little Monk hhh]

[Look at him+1, Little Monk, quickly pay attention to him ba! hhh]

[Da Chen zi is really pitiful, seriously aggrieved, hahahaha…]


Lian Qing silently replied on Zhao Chengyi’s top Weibo: [followed.]

Then he turned to the Weibo that mentioned barbecue and replied: [I remember. I still want to eat barbecue.]

Zhao Chengyi had not yet found these comments, but some netizens had found it.

[Surprise the Lord and *grab a handful!]

Show/Hide Note*grab a handful(idiom) – obtain benefits by underhanded means. Source: Wang Shuo’s “Don’t Treat Me as a Human

[Ha ha ha ha ha… I thought he was an elevated and cold little gege, I didn’t think a sentence like ‘I still want to eat barbecue’ would expose his true attribute 333]

[Upstairs, As for the attributes, please see the live broadcast of Da Cheng zi two days ago. I guarantee you will fall in love with the Little Monk.]

[Like this, Zhao Chengyi is *infatuated, isn’t he? Hhhh]

Show/Hide Note*Lit: As if drunk or stupefied (idiom) – intoxicated by something/ obsessed with something

[It feels like a barbecue can trick the Little Monk into coming home with me. 333]


Little Monk: So about that barbeque…

Zhao Chengyi: Why am I second place to meat again in your heart you scum Little Monk?!

Little Monk: I just want meat ah!

Zhao Chengyi: (⁠ノ⁠ಥ⁠,⁠_⁠」⁠ಥ⁠)⁠ノ⁠彡⁠┻⁠━⁠┻ Why don’t you love me?!

Priorities are priorities. Just saying *shrug*. Foodies will understand.


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