Fallen Into A Warm Bed
Fallen Into A Warm Bed chapter 11

Yu Zi didn’t want to continue this conversation.

He propped himself up on the armrest of the sofa, reluctantly stood up, and then dragged his leg, which was protected by the leg gear, towards the kitchen.

Xie Dongcheng quickly turned back and called out to him, “Where are you going?”

“Just checking if there’s anything to drink.” Yu Zi nodded towards the food he brought back in a takeout box. “Do you have alcohol?”

Xie Dongcheng looked puzzled. “You’re injured, drinking alcohol isn’t a good idea, is it?”

Yu Zi shrugged, looking indifferent. “It’s not like I’ve had surgery. Is there a law saying people can’t drink alcohol with a sprain?”

Yu Zi liked alcohol and enjoyed drinking it. There used to be a separate room in the basement of his villa in the western suburbs, specifically for storing his collection of wine. Unfortunately, it was all sold later on.

Seeing that he couldn’t stop him, Xie Dongcheng could only open the refrigerator door ahead of him.

“I only have beer, is that okay?”

Yu Zi leaned over to take a look. Neatly arranged in the second layer of the refrigerator were several glass bottles.

He used to drink mostly wine and spirits, rarely beer, let alone this kind of cheap industrial beer. But at this moment, he didn’t have any other choice.

He nodded. “That’s fine.”

Xie Dongcheng went to the balcony and found an unused folding coffee table, cleaned it, and then opened it in front of the sofa.

The two of them sat on the floor. Yu Zi didn’t have much of an appetite, so he opened a bottle of beer and took a sip.

“Eat something, it’s not good to drink on an empty stomach.” Xie Dongcheng pushed the rice noodle rolls in front of him.

Yu Zi ate a few bites hastily, then continued to drink. Perhaps because of the alcohol, his complexion improved slightly.

Xie Dongcheng was wearing a white T-shirt. Afraid of getting food oil on his clothes, he took off the T-shirt to reveal a gray vest underneath.

“Do you work out?” Yu Zi glanced at his arms, sturdy and well-built, with beautiful lines.

“No,” Xie Dongcheng shook his head.

“How did you get like this then?”

“Not much training. Just climbing stairs and moving things every day,” Xie Dongcheng replied.

Yu Zi bent his own arm, sighing at the unfairness of nature. Despite hiring a nutritionist and a personal trainer, he ended up like this. Yet this person spent not a penny and maintained such a good physique.

Xie Dongcheng found the remote control and turned on the TV in the living room, casually switching to the sports channel. It was broadcasting a swimming championship, with the sound of the starting gun followed by a row of athletes with eight-pack abs diving into the pool.

“Do you like this kind of thing?” Yu Zi asked.

“Huh?” Xie Dongcheng was puzzled. “Not really, I just flipped to it.”

On the screen, the leading athlete touched the wall and turned, their long legs kicking the water surface, leaving behind beautiful ripples.

The race was a 400-meter distance, with athletes swimming four laps.

Yu Zi opened another bottle of beer, lazily saying without much context, “I’ve practiced Sanda before.”

“You?” Xie Dongcheng seemed skeptical, turning to look at him.

“Wanna try?” Yu Zi clenched his right fist.

His punch was very fast, bringing with it a gust of wind.

Xie Dongcheng’s pupils dilated, but his reaction was quick. He extended his right hand palm to catch his fist. With a snap, he caught Yu Zi’s fist.

His palm directly enveloped Yu Zi’s fingers.

Yu Zi’s hand was of average size for a man. Xie Dongcheng’s palm was larger than usual. After tightening his fingers, he almost enveloped Yu Zi’s entire hand.

Yu Zi burst into laughter. “You’re pretty good, kid.”

Xie Dongcheng laughed along with him for a moment, then realized that their hands had still been holding on to each other.

He couldn’t help but glance at Yu Zi’s eyes, feeling as if there were electric currents passing through his palm.

The TV broadcast had entered the final sprint stage of the race. Two swimmers were alternating in the lead, with only half an arm’s length difference between them. The commentary was getting excited.

Five seconds later, the swimmer in the third lane surged ahead and touched the finish line first. His name appeared on the screen.

Boom—the entire audience erupted in cheers, the sound deafening.

Only then did Xie Dongcheng come back to his senses, abruptly releasing his hand. Yu Zi, on the other hand, seemed quite happy, his eyes were really beautiful, unsettling to the mind.

“Watching the broadcast is not that interesting. It’s definitely better to watch live.” Yu Zi clapped his hands.

He had been to sports events before, sitting in VIP seats watching a bunch of young people running and colliding, which was truly a wonderful experience.

After a moment, the broadcast of the swimming competition ended. The screen cut to boring commercials.

Yu Zi restrained his smile, lifted the bottle of beer again and took a sip, then turned to Xie Dongcheng and asked, “How much does this beer cost per bottle?”

Xie Dongcheng answered honestly, “Eight yuan and five cents.”

Humans are very adaptable creatures. He had already adapted to street steaks for fifteen yuan, and could now drink eight yuan and five cents worth of beer.

He quickly finished this bottle, placing the empty bottle at his feet. There were already three bottles on the floor, and he had unknowingly drunk so much.

He touched his cheek, feeling a slight warmth. The alcohol content was very low, but it was a bit intoxicating. Honestly, he kind of liked this dizzy feeling. At least for this half hour, he didn’t have to think about any real-life difficulties, worry about finding a job, or fret about renting a house.

He wanted to open another bottle, but couldn’t find the bottle opener.

Bending down, he saw the bottle opener had fallen by Xie Dongcheng’s feet.

“I’ll do it for you.” Feeling his gaze, Xie Dongcheng bent down and picked up the bottle opener.

He was about to reach for the beer bottle, but his grip loosened a bit. The beer bottle rolled along the floor, and Xie Dongcheng hurriedly chased after it.

He walked back to Yu Zi’s side, picked up the bottle opener, and popped off the cap.

However, as the bottle had rolled around so much, it released a burst of gas, and foam gushed out. Xie Dongcheng didn’t react in time, and the beer foam sprayed all over him. The fabric of his gray vest was completely soaked.

“Ah,” Xie Dongcheng couldn’t help but frown.

He quickly took the bottle to the kitchen, grabbed a piece of kitchen paper, and wiped the bottle clean.

Yu Zi was half-drunk by now and feeling a bit sleepy, leaning back on the sofa.

He half-opened his eyes, seeing Xie Dongcheng place the opened beer bottle on the coffee table.

Then, he saw him frown, raise his hand to take off the wet gray vest, revealing his strong body.

There was a clean T-shirt hanging on the side of the sofa. Xie Dongcheng leaned over to grab it but accidentally bumped into Yu Zi’s leg, nearly stumbling.

“Ugh…” Xie Dongcheng grunted.

He swayed for a moment, then suddenly fell forward, almost falling onto the sofa before using his arms to barely support himself.

As a result, both of his hands were propped up next to Yu Zi’s body, with his upper body less than a foot away from him.

A few days ago, even though they were wearing clothes, it didn’t feel this impactful. At this moment, Yu Zi suddenly felt the alcohol rush to his head, his cheeks burning.

In his line of sight was Xie Dongcheng’s beautiful upper body, with a narrow waist and not a trace of fat, and above that was his bulging chest.

His arms were almost touching his body. Yu Zi could even clearly see the veins bulging in his forearms.

Tsk, such a rough person, yet with such a beautiful body.

Clearly he had drunk a lot, so why was his throat starting to feel dry? Yu Zi felt this was unreasonable.

If it weren’t for half of his rationality still struggling in his head, he might have reached out to touch this body, pressing himself against this strong chest.

The two of them stayed there in silence for three seconds.

Xie Dongcheng’s breathing suddenly quickened, and he quickly sat up, reaching out to grab the clean shirt and putting it on.

In an instant, a ridiculous thought popped into Yu Zi’s head: Well, staying here a little longer wouldn’t be so bad.

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