Fallen Into A Warm Bed
Fallen Into A Warm Bed chapter 15

Yu Zi printed a hundred flyers overnight, each with his own QR code on it.

They had no connections and no funds now, so they could only attract customers using this most primitive method.

Yu Zi felt like he had never been so stressed even when rushing to finish his final assignments at school. Their goal was clear; they went straight to the entrance of the imported supermarket to find customers.

The next morning, Xie Dongcheng knocked on the bedroom door early.

Yu Zi, with sleepy eyes, opened the door and looked at him tiredly, “What’s up?”

“Aren’t we going to find customers today?”

Yu Zi glanced at the time; it wasn’t even eight yet.

He waved his hand, “Not in the morning.”

Xie Dongcheng didn’t understand, “Why?”

“Think about who would go shopping in the morning? It’s either old folks or household helpers. No matter who it is, they’re not our target customers.” Yu Zi walked to the bathroom, turning back to tell him, “We’re looking for busy middle-class people. Their habit is to shop at night. After six in the evening, go directly to the parking lot outside the supermarket, that’s where we’ll find plenty of targeted customers.”

Xie Dongcheng was stunned for two seconds, unable to help but want to applaud him, “You’re so smart.”

Yu Zi looked at him with an extremely sincere look, feeling a bit warm in his ears. He almost swallowed the toothpaste foam in his mouth. Since graduating from school, he hadn’t heard anyone praise him like this for some time.

“But how do you know so much?” Xie Dongcheng hadn’t seen Yu Zi doing business before and heard from the butler, Old Chen, that he wasn’t particularly busy with work.

Yu Zi washed his face with warm water, then turned to look at him, “Learned by osmosis.”

Although he worked like he was playing, the marketing department was the core of the entire company’s operation. Countless deals were made there every day. Many impossible deals were negotiated.

His useless father, Yu Qing, although he came from a shady background, had been rolling in the business world for so many years. Even if he didn’t have any real skills, he still learned a thing or two.

As autumn sunset came earlier and earlier, the two went out at around five in the evening.

Wearing helmets and riding the electric scooter, they squeezed into the traffic jam during rush hour.

When they arrived at the parking lot, unsurprisingly, it was already full of queued vehicles.

Xie Dongcheng found a corner to lock the scooter and followed Yu Zi into the parking lot.

Xie Dongcheng was ready to get to work as soon as he stepped forward, raising his hand to place an advertisement on the windshield of a seven-seater MPV in front of him.

But he saw Yu Zi standing across from him shaking his hand.

Xie Dongcheng: “What’s wrong?”

Yu Zi: “Let’s find the right car.”

Xie Dongcheng didn’t understand what he was talking about. With so many cars in the parking lot, how could there be a right or wrong one?

“Those who drive MPVs or station wagons usually have more family members or have a nanny. They don’t have strong needs. We need to find families of three or single white-collar workers.”

Yu Zi looked around and finally stopped at a Mercedes-Benz coupe. “This type of car is the right one. Most of those who drive coupes or SUVs are white-collar workers or busy businesspeople.”

In the huge parking lot, hundreds of cars were densely parked. Yu Zi felt like his eyes were going blurry.

Xie Dongcheng was tall and had long legs, so he quickly found a whole row of cars.

However, their good luck didn’t last long. Before they could finish putting up their advertisements, two security guards suddenly appeared at the other end of the parking lot and shouted towards them.

“Hey! What are you doing over there?” The security guard held a high-wattage flashlight, shining it straight into Yu Zi’s eyes.

Yu Zi was startled, and the papers in his hand almost fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Xie Dongcheng reacted quickly. He rushed over and grabbed Yu Zi’s wrist, whispering in his ear, “Run!”

“What the hell is going on?” Yu Zi hadn’t figured out what was happening yet, but Xie Dongcheng was already pulling him towards the exit.

The two security guards chased after them, yelling and cursing as they ran.

Yu Zi followed Xie Dongcheng, weaving through the vehicles, not daring to stop for a moment.

After running back and forth for over a hundred meters, Yu Zi’s windbreaker was about to fly off, his throat was burning, and it felt like sparks were flying out.

Surprisingly, the security guards kept chasing after them, refusing to give up. “Stop right there, you two!”

Xie Dongcheng quickly found a narrow path and bent down to slip through it.

They finally found their electric scooter. Xie Dongcheng quickly inserted the key and patted the back seat. “Quick, get on!”

With one stride, Yu Zi got on the scooter. Before he could catch his breath, the scooter zoomed out.

It wasn’t until they left the parking lot and entered the nearby alley that Yu Zi regained his senses.

He couldn’t help but glance back, “Damn, are they that strict here?!”

Xie Dongcheng, facing the wind, shouted loudly, “There are a lot of rules broken around here!”

Yu Zi had thought of countless strategies to make money, with many beautiful ideas in his mind, but he never expected to be chased away by security guards on the first day in the parking lot.

Making some money seemed so difficult.

As the chill of the autumn night grew stronger, Yu Zi, wearing a thin windbreaker, shivered on the cramped back seat.

They happened to encounter a red light ahead, and Xie Dongcheng stopped the scooter behind the pedestrian crossing.

“Can I put my hands in your pockets?” Yu Zi asked.

Xie Dongcheng turned his head to look at him when he heard the question.

Yu Zi was shivering like a little kangaroo, trying to shrink into his clothes, but his windbreaker didn’t have pockets, and his hands were left outside, freezing in the wind.

Xie Dongcheng’s coat pockets were facing forward, and it was a bit difficult for him to reach into them. He only had two large pockets in his pants left.

After thinking for a moment, he patted his own pants, “Sure, put them in.”

Yu Zi didn’t think too much and put his freezing hands into Xie Dongcheng’s pockets.

It wasn’t until after he put his hands in that they both realized that this action was a bit strange.

The pockets were large, extending all the way to the inside of Xie Dongcheng’s thigh.

As long as Yu Zi’s fingers moved slightly, they would touch some inappropriate places.

Yu Zi was usually somewhat bold, but for some reason, his joints felt stiff at this moment. It must have been the cold wind.

His fingers lay quietly on Xie Dongcheng’s thigh, feeling the warmth transmitted from his skin. Whether it was an illusion or not, he always felt like Xie Dongcheng’s body temperature was one degree higher than his.

Even though there was only a thin layer of fabric between them, it felt a bit too hot to handle.

Xie Dongcheng’s speed increased noticeably as they drove on.

Fifteen minutes later, they arrived, and only then did Yu Zi pull his hands out of Xie Dongcheng’s pockets.

“Cough, let’s get off.” Xie Dongcheng turned to look at him, but his gaze seemed a bit unfocused.

Yu Zi nodded and stepped off the scooter.

The two of them climbed the stairs, and just as they reached the door, the neighbor next door happened to come home, and the three of them bumped into each other.

The old lady squinted her eyes and smiled, “Dongcheng, did you bring your girlfriend home again?”

Xie Dongcheng almost choked on his saliva, his face turning red, “No, no.”

But the old lady completely ignored his words and continued to ask, “Dongcheng, you should hurry up. When will we get to drink your wedding wine?”

Xie Dongcheng waved his hand in a hurry, “It’s really not, Grandma, please go back and rest.”

After saying that, he quickly took out the keys and opened the door, pulling Yu Zi in as if escaping.

Yu Zi was pulled so hard by him that he almost couldn’t stand steady on his feet. Two seconds later, he finally stood still and watched as Xie Dongcheng closed the door again.

Soon, the sound of the old lady walking downstairs came from outside the door.

Yu Zi took off his windbreaker and hung it on his arm, then sat down cross-legged on the floor by the sofa.

He counted the remaining leaflets in his hand, printed over a hundred, and only distributed half of them, which was far from what he expected.

Originally, his plan was that if one hundred leaflets could attract the interest of ten people, they could open business by the end of this week at least. But now, things were not going as planned, and he began to feel uncertain.

He wondered if he went again tomorrow, would he be turned away again? That was yet to be known.

Yu Zi sighed softly, looking up at the ceiling, his mind blank.

Seeing his bad mood, Xie Dongcheng paced back and forth for a moment, then cautiously sat down beside him.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he turned to reassure him, “Don’t worry too much. Maybe someone will contact us today.”

Yu Zi propped his phone up against the glass of the coffee table.

He lit up the screen, looking at the clean unread messages page, and sighed again, “Hopefully.”

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