Fantasy: This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful
Fantasy: This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

“he had to be a cowed turtle and retreat into his invincible domain to get it.

Not to mention, it’s not easy to meet someone in the middle of nowhere.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, this is an opportunity .

Let this Ling Bao’er be a tool for himself; looking for food and drink for himself is also fine . If I think about it, he doesn’t seem to lose anything by taking her as an apprentice . She really wants to learn something, the important thing is to teach her how to play mahjong or something .

When the time comes to blame, it has nothing to do with me; anyway, it’s her initiative to ask to worship the master.

Chen Changan thought long and hard. He coughed slightly, expressionless, feigning a deep look. “Child, the elder has traversed the immortal world for ten thousand years. Those who want to worship the old man as their master span the six paths of reincarnation. What qualifications do you have for the old man to accept you as his disciple?”

Under Chen Chang’an’s gaze, Ling Bao’er’s face reddened slightly, speechless. Through ten thousand years and six reincarnation paths, the old man’s compulsion was completely beyond her imagination. Alas, she was after all just an ordinary cultivator with mediocre qualifications among the crowd.”

“The senior is unwilling to accept her as a disciple; that is also a matter of course. she is still whimsical.

And just when Ling Bao’er wanted to give up, Chen Chang’an spoke again, “But…”

Ling Bao’er’s eyes instantly lit up, inevitably with some expectations. “Senior, but what?”

“You also said that you and I have a destiny. Then I will give you a chance, reluctantly accept you as a registered disciple. After you pass the test, I will then officially accept you as a disciple.” Chen Chang’an said, his voice low and seemingly full of endless vicissitudes.

Ling Bao’er was excited, her eyes shining brightly. “Disciple Bao’er, pay respects to master!”

The worship was successful, and she believed that with her master’s teaching, her strength would soar. “Very good, get up,” Chen Chang’an slowly said.

Chen Chang’an’s face was expressionless, but his heart was overjoyed. A little beautiful apprentice, it’s not bad to have her around. If only he had a cell phone, he would have taken a picture of Ling Bao’er and sent it to his circle of friends to show off.

“System prompt: host and Ling Bao’er bound master-disciple relationship, reward domain value 100 points.”


  I didn’t expect to get domain value even for accepting disciples!

  Chen Changan was overjoyed.

  Now that he had another 110 Domain Value points, his invincible domain could expand by one meter.

  He did not hesitate to consume 100 domain value to expand his invincible domain by one meter.

  Sure enough, his invincible domain became bigger again.

  This made Chen Changan even happier.

  He was ambitious and believed that one day, he would expand his invincible domain to the entire world!

  Seeing Chen Chang’an suddenly laughing loudly made Ling Bao’er, who was at the side, puzzled.

  What was Master laughing at?

  ”Disciple, do you see that jar next to it?”

  Ling Bao’er turned his head and saw a broken vat next to him.

  ”Go and put this vat outside the temple, it happens to be raining heavily, it should be able to fill this vat with water.”

  ”Okay, Master.”

  Ling Bao’er said, and she didn’t ask Chen Chang’an what he wanted to do.

  Holding the vat, she tiptoed outside the temple.

  Although she was not old, but after all, she was a cultivator, moving a large vat weighing nearly a hundred pounds, it was not too difficult for her.

  Chen Chang’an looked at Ling Bao’er’s delicate back holding the jar and couldn’t help but sigh.

A disciple is a good proper tool .

Staying in this broken temple for a month has made our bodies almost smelly. When the vat is filled with water, we can take a comfortable bath!

Outside the temple, the rain was majestic, hitting hard on the leaves of the old, withered and dying Bodhi tree on the side, making a ‘snap snap’ sound. Humming, Ling Bao Er moved the vat into the downpour and prepared to go back.

Suddenly, a low roar came out of the darkness ahead, and demon qi rushed in like a raging giant wave, instantly! Ling Bao’er looked over to see a pair of vicious vertical eyes with green light staring at her. The demonic aura was so strong that Ling Bao’er instantly perceived great danger!

The tiger roared in the mountains, and the roar made people’s souls tremble! A three-meter-tall black tiger rushed out of the darkness and pounced on Ling Bao’er! Its blood-basin mouth, hideous and horrible, was enough to swallow Ling Bao’er whole! It was a tiger demon! Ling Bao’er changed greatly and turned to flee back to the temple!

“Master, master, it’s bad, there’s a tiger demon outside!” Ling Bao’er fled back to the temple and hurriedly told Chen Chang’an.

That tiger demon’s body emitted full demonic energy, which meant it was the same as Li Lords, who had crossed the third heavenly tribulation and stepped into the Golden Dan realm of terrifying demons! Ling Bao’er’s cultivation level was only Foundation Establishment Sixth Heaven, and she was no match for the tiger demon.

Chen Chang’an also heard the tiger’s whistle from outside. But staying in the invincible realm, he was not at all afraid. Chen Chang’an slowly said: “Disciple, come to master’s side.”

Ling Bao’er did not dare to stay and hurriedly ran to Chen Chang’an’s side. She blinked her eyes, and her small, delicate nose smelled a sour, full-bodied odor emanating from Chen Chang’an’s body. It was as if… It’s been a long time since he took a bath. Of course, Ling Bao’er didn’t care much. Just what shocked.

If you do not see his hands with your own eyes. How could Ling Bao’er know that Chen Chang’an is a hidden master, YuanYing to strong! The expression of Ling Bao’er was received by Chen Chang’an, which made him a little embarrassed in his heart, but on the surface, he did not move and said indifferently: “Into the red dust, experience all kinds of life, in order to understand the supreme dao, good disciple, do you understand?” Chen Chang’an’s words instantly made Ling Bao’er stand in awe. A high person is a high person, what he said is so profound. “Master, my apprentice will definitely comprehend the experience!” Chen Chang’an nodded his head gratefully, “Very well.”

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