Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis
Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis Chapter 16.2

After a satisfying meal, our work efficiency increased significantly and we progressed at a pace that was almost too smooth. We had prepared ourselves for three days of filling the concrete on the exterior wall, but managed to finish it just before sunset. We both got dirty, so I decided to let the other take a bath first. When it was my turn, I leisurely soaked in the bathtub.

Our house had a spacious bathtub where I could stretch my legs, and since I really loved taking baths, I had been taking even longer baths since moving into this house. Today, I put in my favorite bath salts, so I knew I would be soaking for a while.

“Aah, this feels so good.”

Stretching my whole body and sinking my chin into the water feels amazing.

Things have been going smoothly so far. Once the concrete on the exterior wall dries, our defense will be significantly stronger.

I never would have thought that the wooden walls were framed by concrete, but it made the job much easier.

Originally, our plan was to either demolish the fence or install a second layer of iron fencing on the outside. However, with the concrete wall, it will serve as a reliable barrier against zombie attacks.

“Afterwards, as for things that need to be done…we have gathered a certain amount of food, and the other items we ordered will arrive within the next two to three days. We also have spare daily necessities and electrical appliances. We have medicine as well.”

She counts them off on her fingers, confirming the list.

She’s done this many times before, but being cautious never hurts. In terms of defense, the minimum preparations are being completed. At this rate, they should have more than enough time to be fully prepared by April.

“There were a few things that caught my attention in the zombie-related news,” she says, referring to the information-gathering task I  assigned to my sister, who has been sending me daily summaries via email.

“I wish she had just told me directly since I’m at home, but having the data handy for future reference is definitely useful,” I thought to myself.

One piece of news that caught my attention was that a disease with symptoms similar to rabies was spreading in Japan and around the world. The infected individuals apparently lose their sanity and try to bite others.

Moreover, the disease seems to be contagious, with symptoms spreading to those who have been bitten.

“That’s pretty spot-on, isn’t it?”

“It definitely sounds alarming. It’s been occurring for several weeks now, and it’s being viewed as a potential new infectious disease,” my sister continued. As she investigated the affected areas for any possible connections, she noticed a strange pattern.

“It’s spreading in a circular pattern centered on Japan. And the number of cases is increasing in Japan and other Asian countries that are close to Japan.”

“Oh no, I didn’t want to hear that,” I responded with concern.


My nose sank into the water, and Ibegan to spit out bubbles.

If the information was correct, the source of the outbreak should be Japan or a neighboring country.

It seemed impossible to eradicate the virus at this point, given how far it had spread.

However, it might be possible to identify the source of the outbreak and contain the damage.

If zombies were caused by a virus, there might be a vaccine that could save lives if obtained.

If there were curses or occult elements, solving the problem might be possible by exorcising them.

It’s all just speculation without any conclusive evidence. If it’s caused by the occult, I don’t want to be involved. It’s not because I’m afraid of horror, but because the village where I was born has a bad reputation for that.

Even if my actions could determine the fate of the world, I have no intention of actively doing anything. I never had any hero aspirations, and as long as my sister is safe, that’s all that matters.

And also, Diya and… maybe Iwaro-san too.

I only hope that the people who are important to me and have a connection with me can be saved. It may seem cold, but that’s the truth.

“What can an ordinary guy who occasionally has prophetic dreams do about it?”

My sister seems to have excessive expectations of me, but no matter how hard I try, it’s impossible. It’s best to stick to our initial plan and focus on fortifying our defenses to survive. That’s the most reasonable approach.

Having a clear goal is crucial, otherwise both objectives will fail, which is the worst-case scenario.

“Now, when should I tell Diya and the others?”

How about bringing it up during dinner tonight?

“I have something important to tell you all. Actually, in April, zombies are going to overrun the world!”

“Huh, really? How interesting.”

…I could see a future where I would be treated coldly, ignored, or laughed at.

I haven’t acted on it without thinking, and I’ve actually thought of several ways to convince them.

With less than half a month left, it’s not a bad time to tell them.

“Hey, when are you coming out? Gooo-haaaan!”

That’s Diya’s voice urging me on and blowing away my worries. I also have to bring dinner to my sister. I wanted to enjoy the bath a little longer, but it couldn’t be helped.

“I’ll get it ready right away.”

Reluctantly, I counted to ten before getting up with a burst of energy.

“Alright, is it time to sleep soon?”

Diya put down the controller and stretched both arms wide.

The post-dinner game had become more exciting than expected. Checking the clock, it was only a few minutes before midnight.

In the end, I didn’t confess about my precognitive dreams.

“Your sister was strong!”

“Because she’s a gamer.”

Diya praised my sister’s gaming skills, but I wasn’t sure if I should be happy about it.

My sister, who had played the game with us, wasn’t in the room.

We had played online together. I should probably consider this as a small step forward.

“Is it okay sleeping in the car again today?”

“Of course! It’s a comfortable moving room, and I want to do some video editing too.”

At first, I thought she was being considerate of me and my situation with my sister, but it seems like she genuinely enjoys the renovated car as a living space.

“Well then, see you tom-“

*Ding Dong*

The doorbell rings, interrupting my words. It’s unlikely for us to have visitors at this late hour.

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