Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis
Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis Chapter 23.2

“I didn’t explain it to my listeners! After I uploaded the video saying that we were going to have an offline meeting yesterday, I didn’t provide any follow-up information!”

Diya looked around with bloodshot eyes.

When she spotted my sister hiding in a corner of the yard and giving instructions, she ran towards her at full speed.

The two of them were in the middle of a discussion, but Diya’s expression changed drastically as she rushed inside through the wide-open front door.

“What’s going on…?”

I can’t help but be dumbfounded by their incomprehensible behavior.

Curious about the unusual behavior of the two, I decided to follow them.

There were two pairs of shoes left behind at the entrance. I could hear footsteps coming from further inside.

The two of them seemed to have left the living room, headed to the hallway, and continued on.

On the right side of the hallway, there was a cluster of bathrooms and sinks, while on the left, there was a hollow opening where the bookshelf used to be.

This was a secret passage to the basement, where the bookshelf served as a door.

Did my sister bring Diya down here? Why?

I was getting more perplexed by the actions of the two.

The basement is a soundproofed room that was used for music appreciation and karaoke.

Currently, a large refrigerator and freezer have been brought in, transforming half of the room into a food storage area.

I quietly peeked through the slightly open soundproof door at the bottom of the stairs.

There were two people sitting in front of the PC that was installed in the basement.

I couldn’t see the screen, but there was a microphone placed there, and they seemed to be engrossed in conversation, completely unaware of my presence.

I opened the door silently and sneaked into the basement.

Even though I moved quite close to them, they didn’t notice me as they had their backs turned.

“Please believe only in good fortunes. As the saying goes, fortune-tellers are right 99 times out of 100.”

… Who is this person?

My sister is speaking in an unfamiliar and unsettling tone. It’s scary.

Moreover, I recognize the name mentioned earlier. Diya and Hinoyama-san is a big fan of the Vtuber that was mentioned before.

… What is my sister doing?

“Today, we have a special guest continuing from last time, Diya-chan!”

“Thank you, thank you! I’m Diya, the ace of the DIY world.”

This is the Diya that I’ve seen in videos.

Are the two of them live streaming without showing their faces?

“Everyone, I apologize for saying we would have an offline meeting but not being able to follow through with it. Please forgive us.”

“No, no, Yumeyume-chan did nothing wrong. I suddenly fell ill and she came with me to the hospital, taking care of all the procedures… I’m still at the hospital getting an IV drip as we speak.”

Diya is smoothly spouting lies.

When did this place turn into a hospital?

“We should have informed everyone immediately, but in a panic, I left without even bringing my phone and it ended up being this late,” she continued.

From there, they continued to apologize and make excuses.

I understood the method they used to gather people, which helped us. Did they use that method to gather others too?

Without saying a word to the two of them, I left the basement.

I went to the kitchen and started preparing some food to eat.

“Hey, that smells good.”

“It’s already lunchtime, huh?”

Jinguichi and Hinoyama peeked in through the large window that opened up to the garden.

They seemed to be taking a break, sitting on the wooden deck.

“Okay. Hinoyama, you’re a girl, so how about helping with the cooking?”

“Senior… If you make such discriminatory remarks nowadays, you’ll get criticized.”

The two of them took off their shoes and entered through the window, then started arguing on the sofa.

“It’s a suffocating world,” said Jinguichi.

“That’s not true. The world is becoming more equal for men and women… But I guess we won’t have to worry about that if the world is overrun by zombies”

There is only one week left until that day.

As Hinoyama said, if the world is overrun by zombies, gender equality will be the least of their concerns.

“Don’t you two have to tell someone? About the zombie crisis.”

I’ve heard about it from Diya, but I would like to hear it directly from them. Their true feelings about the current situation.

“To be honest, even if we told someone, they would just laugh it off.”

“They definitely wouldn’t believe us, right?”

Well, even if we were to tell someone, it wouldn’t be credible.

“If we were to spread news about a winning horse race ticket or something that would happen in the future on the internet, there would be some people who would jump on it. But who knows how much it will spread in the remaining week.”

“Rather, if the cause of the commotion is traced back to this place, the media might swarm in. If that happens, our efforts to fortify this place will be disrupted, and it will be counterproductive.”

The two’s thoughts are similar to mine.

Even if we expose the truth, how many people will actually believe us?

“How about telling only to close friends?”

“Close friends, huh? I don’t really have anyone like that.”

“Shouldn’t we tell the director and our colleagues?”

“I could tell them, but they wouldn’t believe me. They treated me as a nuisance when I opposed the company’s policy.”

Hinoyama gives a bitter smile.

Was she the only one who had taken a liking to Jingūichi?

“Well, if you want to reach a wider audience, how about Diya… no, rather, it would be more effective if Yae spreads the information on the internet.”

“That’s a good point. I never would have thought that Yae was Yumeyume-chan.”

Do the two of them know about Yae-nee’s other persona? They probably heard about it from Diya first.

My sister’s online persona is ideal for spreading information as she is unlikely to be identified in her real life. Her virtual identity is just a temporary form in the real world.

Initially, the goal was for the us two siblings to quietly survive together, but things have changed considerably.

However, this information won’t spread that widely.

Based on what I  saw in the premonition dream on April 1st–

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