Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis
Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5– March 5, Diya

“I’m not making a mistake by coming here, am I?”

I got out of the car I bought a year ago and looked around.

I had put the designated address into my navigation system and had come close to the location, but as I progressed further away from civilization and deeper into the mountains, I couldn’t help feeling a considerable amount of unease.

After navigating a winding and barely passable mountain road, surrounded only by trees, I finally arrived at this place.

In this open space, there was a lake, and a road that circled around it. There were a few scattered houses on the lakeshore, but they were all unique in design, unlike typical pre-built homes.

“I wonder if this is a summer resort?”

Surrounded by nature-rich mountains, this is a picturesque place that perfectly fits the phrase “scenic beauty”.

It’s an environment that seems like a wealthy person would definitely build a vacation home in.

“The rumor about rich people was true after all. I need to psych myself up and not suck up to them!”

With clenched fists, I promised myself to make the most of this opportunity.

The reason I came here was due to a seemingly unbelievable proposal a few days ago. I was told that I could spend 10 million yen to DIY someone else’s house into a fortress-like structure and even upload a video of the process.

I couldn’t let go of such a great opportunity as a YouTuber!

To be honest, until now, I was about 70-80% skeptical, but it has started to seem quite plausible.

“If it’s true, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance! Although my subscribers have been gradually increasing recently, I have to gain a massive amount here! I’ll show them!”

The video sharing site I use relies on the number of subscribers and views to generate income, and once it reaches a certain threshold, I will start making money from it. This is commonly known as monetization.

I have somehow managed to achieve the requirements for monetization, but I’m still at the bottom. It’s tough to survive on just that income.

My savings and subscribers are what have kept me going through this poor lifestyle. It’s thanks to those who donate thousands of yen every month that I have been able to make it this far.

Among them, the one who contributes the most is Jin.

Jin has been watching me since my debut and was the first viewer to donate money to me. I felt that I couldn’t afford to lose such a valuable customer, so I actively tried to establish a relationship with him, like that of a friend… or so I thought. I don’t know what he thinks about it.

To be honest, I was wary of his motives for donating so much to me. But after several months of getting to know each other online, I never saw any indication of ulterior motives.

He has paid for my meals several times, but it was through a system where he could send me food or ingredients directly to my home using the internet, but we have never met in person.

“I have confidence in my appearance though,” I said, as I checked my reflection in the side mirror. I had a cute face, though it felt awkward saying it myself. My hair was a light brown color, tied up in a ponytail which made it easy for me to work and also appeal to men.

I wore a deep green long-sleeved shirt which didn’t show dirt easily during work. My pants were cargo pants in a shade of blackish-gray, with plenty of pockets that came in handy. Both her top and bottom were plain in color.

“Hmm… but it’s not cute enough,” I muttered.

“I’m confident about my appearance though,” I say as I check my reflection in the side mirror.

My face is cute, even if I say so myself. I have light brown hair in a ponytail that’s easy to work with and appeals to men.

I’m wearing a dark green long-sleeved shirt that hides any dirt from work, and blackish-gray cargo pants that have many pockets and are practical. Both pieces of clothing have plain colors.

“I’m not sure about his preferences,” I say.

However, I emphasize my large chest by wearing a tight-fitting, small shirt that shows some cleavage. I know that there is demand for women who dress in a masculine style but with some exposure, and I’ve calculated that in my attire.

I’ve also made sure that my video’s thumbnail emphasizes my cleavage, which has attracted many viewers, especially men.

I wonder what kind of person Jin is. Although I’ve shown my face in my videos, I don’t know what he looks like. From his voice, I assume he’s a man in his twenties, but what if he’s just a perverted middle-aged man with a young-sounding voice?

No, I’ve talked to him many times, and he doesn’t give off that vibe. But, I’ve heard stories about meeting someone from the internet who was nothing like they imagined. Perhaps, he’s been acting nice all along, waiting for me to fall into his trap.

In a secluded summer resort with few people around and neighboring houses quite far apart, it would be the perfect location to bring in easy women.

The thought of the worst possible scenario sends shivers down my spine.

“But this is my chance.”

I suppress my weak desire to turn back. If I let this opportunity slip away, I’ll remain the same as I was back then, a nobody.

I’ve always been a woman with a strong need for approval.

I want to stand out and be pampered – I want my parents to pay more attention to me.

However, on the other hand…I was aware of myself more calmly than anyone else.

I’m not one to boast, but my appearance wasn’t bad. I had a good-looking face and a nice figure, ranking high in my class.

I always tried to interact with anyone with a cheerful attitude, so I was popular with the opposite sex during my elementary and junior high school years.

But I wanted more attention, so I decided to enroll in a vocational high school with few girls.

I was confident that I would definitely be popular and get attention there. My plan worked out as I expected. I was so popular during my time at school that I can’t even remember how many times I was confessed to.

I was hated by the few girls who came to the school seriously considering their future careers.

…Well, that led to a big mistake in the end.

If you spend three years in that kind of environment, it’s not unreasonable to think that you’re a very cute and the best girl ever.

The delusional girl aimed to become an idol and fortunately passed the audition. I slid into a group of 36 people and made my  debut.

Things were good until then, but reality hit me there.

All the other girls there were confident in themselves. Many of them not only had above-average looks, but also skills in speaking, charisma, singing, dancing, and other talents.

And there, I…got buried.

Ranked 21st in the popularity contest, that raw number struck me hard and shattered my false confidence into pieces. I readily retired from being an idol and vowed to live a simple life, but that determination wavered after a few years.

While idly browsing a video-sharing website, I watched an unremarkable-looking woman become popular among viewers, and my craving for approval resurfaced.

“If a woman like her can become popular, so can I!”

From there, I learned how to make videos and researched what people liked. I discovered that women doing hobbies typically associated with men garnered attention, so I started a DIY-themed channel that utilized my knowledge from studying architecture in high school.

I changed my makeup, hairstyle, and speech to be more natural, unlike the innocent persona I had as an idol. Surprisingly, my identity remained unknown, which speaks to the extent of my popularity and recognition.

Although my channel initially struggled, I managed to reach my current level of success.

“Now, to achieve even greater heights, I need to create buzzworthy content.”

Let’s brace ourselves. If this project goes well, we can go even higher!

I want to increase my popularity so that everyone knows who I am! The day when my craving for approval is fulfilled will surely come!

With renewed determination, I returned to my car and adjusted my hairstyle reflected in the rearview mirror.

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