From Cultivator to Widow (1970s) Chapter 1

FCW – Chapter 001
Translated by Sakura Time

Su Hui reached out her palm to her chest, feeling the throbbing beat of her heart. She looked around the mud-brick room, then fixed her gaze on her pair of rough palms.

This was not her hand. Su Hui then remembered the undeserved disaster she suffered in that seemingly heaven-splitting sword Qi. As a small Foundation Establishment shrimp, she simply had no chance to survive.


There is an old brass mirror on the side table. Su Hui then picked it up. This face is not her own; she definitely looks much better than this! Moreover, because she has already established the foundation, she still looks like an 18-year-old girl. This woman, on the other hand, should be around 30 years old. Did she transmigrate again?

She crossed over into this …… woman?

Su Hui’s heart quickly sank, and just then, a flash of green light flickered in front of her eyes. She stared and grabbed it. Wasn’t this the mysterious necklace she got by chance in the secret realm of that ancient mansion?

How come it is here?

“Could it be that…” Su Hui thought of her own inexplicable crossing. Could it be that it was not just a simple transmigration? Is it this necklace that helped her? In her last cognition, her soul should have been dispersed long ago.

But she is still alive right now and her necklace is still there. Could it be… a body take-over?

The necklace is still unclear to her. She didn’t know its purpose, but at the beginning, when she got it, she had already dripped blood to recognize her as its owner. But without giving her time to explore its function clearly, she suffered an undeserved disaster. To put it mildly, how can a word like injustice adequately express how she felt?

“Hmm!” Su Hui felt like her brain was about to burst. Something suddenly rushed into her mind.

She closed her eyes. It turned out to be the memories of her occupied body.

Coincidentally, she was also called Su Hui and is 28 years old this year. But how did she occupy her body? One is that, because her son was ill, she took good care of him with all her heart. But since she was overworked and did not get to replenish the needed nutrients in her body, she grew ill too. She stayed strong for her family, but after a few days, she suddenly got the bad news of her husband’s death. Because of the heavy blow, she finally couldn’t take it and died. That’s when Su Hui got to take advantage of the vitality in the woman’s body and occupied it herself.

Su Hui was aware that there were certain preconditions for seizing one’s body. For her accomplishments of building a foundation, even with the help of a necklace, if she doesn’t find a body as soon as possible, her spirit will dissipate soon. She doesn’t have much time to choose between the left and the right. Therefore, although this “body take-over” was not of her own initiative, as a result, she has a vested interest and owes the Su Hui of this world great karma.

If you are infected with karma, you should repay it. Otherwise, the more you cultivate later, the more it will disturb the dao. If the karma is not paid off in this life, it will follow you into the next life.

Now, how can she pay back this karma?

At that point, she heard soft footsteps. A boy who looked about ten years old pushed open the door and came over with a bowl of water, saying, “Mom, you’re awake… Can you drink water? “

Looking at the boy, Su Hui was silent, remembering that this was a parallel time and space, similar to the rural areas of the 1970s in China, and that the original owner of her body had four children.

This fact seemed like a bolt from the sky hitting her head. Forget the poverty era, she is a girl who’s been single for a long time, but now she has suddenly become a mother of four children.

Due to the body she was in being ill, her eyesight is still blurry. So she fell back to bed and closed her eyes. Her voice was really weak: “… I’m not thirsty, I’ll sleep a little longer.”

The boy’s eyes were a little red. Seeing his mother’s appearance, he strongly held back: “Okay mom, have a good rest and call me if you need something.” The boy closed the door and left.

Su Hui breathed slowly and touched her necklace. ‘Just now, the boy didn’t seem to see this necklace. It’s not an ordinary necklace then. Is it a treasure that can hide itself?’

So, except for the owner, no one can see it.

She has always only heard of the treasure with this function. Unexpectedly, she was so lucky that she got the treasure after a secret territory exploration!

Su Hui’s just-rising elation disappeared again when she saw what she was wearing. No, she can’t say she was lucky. She’s in such a state now, it seems impossible to say that she was lucky…

Su Hui checked her condition. Her divine sense was damaged. She fell from the foundation stage to the middle stage of qi refining. There was not a bit left of her true essence cultivation except for her spiritual power. Now, she is a complete mortal, and her storage bag has also been destroyed. There is not a single spiritual stone on her and the only thing that is still there is her necklace.

Su Hui concentrated, stretching out a trace of divine sense that slowly wrapped around the necklace. The necklace recognized the owner and easily accepted her detection.

Her head was dizzy, but then her eyes lit up!

The first thing that caught her eye was a spiritual spring, where the water was gurgling. At the center of the spiritual spring was a budding lotus flower, and a cloud of blood was rolling over the lotus. Su Hui can sense it! That cloud of blood was her blood essence!

Su Hui carefully identified and recognized that it is the famous white bone lotus in the Tian Yuan Continent, which is taken from the meaning of the flesh and bones of the living dead. It can make a person whose body is completely destroyed regenerate a brand new body! As long as the blood essence is preserved in advance, the soul will not be damaged, and then you can be resurrected! And the physical aptitude is vastly different than before.

This is a spiritual object that will cause a storm of bloodshed when the word gets out!

Around the spiritual spring is a black land with a slight glow, but it seems that the area around the spring, which has the most abundant spiritual energy, is now a restricted area.

The white bone lotus dominated and occupied the place with the most abundant aura. Within a mile of the surrounding land, there was no grass, forming a vacuum zone. After a mile, there were some spiritual herbs that survived. The auras on the surviving spiritual herbs were particularly abundant, but there were only a few of them left.

Looking at this neatly planned land, something must have been planted originally but has been left unattended for a long time and has turned into earth and aura, feeding this space.

Su Hui was then heartbroken. The land is fertile, so there must be a reason why no one picks those spiritual herbs and returns to this land after they have grown and matured. Look at the millennia-old hydrangeas and the density of their growth rings. Its roots are densely packed and have tens of thousands of years of growth rings.

She worked hard, painstakingly, to pick spiritual herbs in the secret realm. The rarest of them all was even that of a thousand-year old, although now it has been turned into ash along with her storage bag.

Wait a second.

This is a subspace where elixirs could grow. It was definitely a top-notch treasure, not to mention that the herbs grown there were old and rare, but – she had nothing in her hands now.

Her body was that of a complete mortal, and there was no way to enjoy these things. If taken rashly, exploding and dying would not be a dream.

Su Hui thought of these, and her heart returned to its original frequency. She sighed and randomly picked an open space where no spiritual herb could grow and checked her newly acquired body’s spiritual root with her divine sense, which had regressed back to the middle stage of Qi refining.

Su Hui: “……”

It’s not that this body has no spiritual roots, it’s just that it has the worst kind. The five-element pseudo-spirit root is the bottom of all the spirit roots. If it is in the Tian Yuan Continent, few will choose to embark on the path of cultivation.

Su Hui opened her eyes and looked at the blood essence on the white bone lotus with emotion. It doesn’t matter if she has the five-element pseudo spirit root. Looking at the white bone lotus, it is expected to mature in decades. She should be able to wait until it grows while she lives in this world. Then she can continue to practice when she goes back to her own body. Before that, though, she’ll continue to borrow this body and pay off the karma.

Su Hui was adamant, vowing, “The Heavens can’t kill me!”

This willow encounter is too much of a test for her little heart.

At this point, she heard the sound of footsteps again. Her mind moved. She left the subspace and laid back on the bed.

The one who came in was the same boy from earlier, the Su Hui of this world’s eldest son, Zhang Baoguo.

“Mom, are you feeling better? Grandma asked me to call you out. “

Oh, Su Hui remembered that the original owner of her body was badly struck and died in a double attack. It was from the bad news brought by a man named Sun Qiang, the comrade in arms of her husband, Zhang Ping.

Her supposed husband, Zhang Ping, a soldier, died heroically on the way to carry out his mission.

Sun Qiang injured his left arm on that mission and can no longer stay in the army. However, compared with his comrades in arms who lost their lives, he was lucky enough to come back alive.

The atmosphere of the entire Zhang family was bleak. Su Hui and Zhang Baoguo left the room and came to the living room, where a young man in a military uniform was standing upright beside the table, his hand holding a paper bag, which contained some of Zhang Ping’s relics.

“Sister-in-law, my condolences.”

Seeing Su Hui, Sun Qiang breathed a sigh of relief. When she first heard it, she fainted and was in chaos. Now, looking at her sister-in-law’s expression, she has recovered her calm. Although her face is still pale, it can’t be helped.

Sun Qiang’s voice was a little hoarse. He looked around. Zhang Ping’s parents, wife, sons, and brothers were all there. He continued to say what he hadn’t said in the morning.

Now his sister-in-law’s face is still pale, but at least her mood seems to be stabilized.

“We all wrote our suicide notes before we set out, and this is brother Ping’s.” He pulled out an envelope from his arm.

Li Manfen cried heartbreakingly, “My son, my son, how can you go first before me?”

Zhang Gen thought of his proud son and didn’t howl loudly, but a few tears fell from the corners of his eyes. His eyes were deep and haggard, looking like he had aged for several years.

Su Hui took the letter and read it.

Neither her father-in-law nor mother-in-law can read. At this time, it is most suitable for her to take over.

The letter was long, explaining that his parents and hard-working wife should take good care of themselves in case he died. In the future, their children will be raised by her hard work. He also wishes for his children to make good progress little by little, learn in school, and hope to defend the country one day. After seeing the latter part of the letter, Su Hui picked up her eyebrows and continued to read it.

Li Manfen’s crying abruptly stopped.

The letter said that if he really died, there would be compensation, and half of the compensation would be given to his parents, which was a filial piety on the part of the unfilial son, while the other half would be given to his wife, for them to be able to start anew and move out of their house.

T/N: Hello! This is Sakura Time, Shanghai Fantasy’s new translator. This is actually a first for me. For a long time, I have enjoyed reading various novels and have wanted to be a translator myself. But I didn’t know where to start. Then a friend of mine encouraged me to try, which led me here. I’m very grateful to her. Thaaaanks for everything!

I’d like to thank the site owner too! She was very accommodating and helped me settle things for me to be able to start uploading chapters.

As I’ve said earlier, I’m a newbie translator, so please bare with me. I will, however, do my best to upload at least three times per week. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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