How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 114 – Strange Spirit System

In that moment of stopping, her brain started spinning rapidly: Oh no… I… I can’t face anyone now! What if they find out… that I sleep with Chen Xing every night… We’re not even married yet! Sleeping together without being married…

It’s too embarrassing! No… I can’t let them know!


Zero suddenly shouted, startling everyone!

Chen Xing also looked at her in confusion, “What’s wrong, Zero?”

“Um… We… we didn’t sleep in the same room! Chen Xing slept in that room!”

“Huh!?” Immediately, Chen Xing quickly understood. Yun Xinghai’s words embarrassed little Zero.

“Um… You guys can take your time to choose… I… I want to go to sleep now! Goodnight!” Blushing, Zero quickly ran into her own room. With a “bang,” she closed the door.

Chen Xing awkwardly stood there, frozen in place. Then, somewhat mechanically, he turned his head. He looked at Xue Bufu, Yun Xinghai, and Gu Meow Meow.

It was because of these people… That he couldn’t cuddle with the adorable little Zero tonight!

Her initially tender gaze gradually dimmed…

The three of them, for some reason, simultaneously felt a chill down their backs!

“Mew…” Gu Meow Meow retreated in fear. Quickly, she slipped back into the room Chen Xing had mentioned earlier with a private bathroom.

Xue Bufu also wisely turned around and ran into the room across from Gu Meow Meow’s.

In the time it took for Yun Xinghai to space out, his Left and Right Guardians were gone! What’s going on? Why did they run away so fast?

“Big Brother… where should I sleep?”

“Can I sleep with you!? Hehe!”

Of course, Yun Xinghai wanted to sleep with Chen Xing in the same room and have a passionate time together… Pre-sleep training.

Chen Xing stared at him with a fake smile on his face, “Hehe… Do you think that’s possible?”

That smile sent shivers down Yun Xinghai’s spine! It felt like he was saying, “If I’m not afraid to throw you off the 52nd floor, then come at me!”


Chen Xing walked directly into his own room. With a “bang!” the door closed. Leaving Yun Xinghai alone in the living room, feeling incredibly lonely.

“Why…” Chen Xing closed the door and sighed deeply.

Originally, in order to let them sleep, he had put away the sheets and curtains and turned the room into an empty space. All the embarrassing furniture had been stored in the system space. But unexpectedly, he ended up moving into the room himself.

“San’er, help me put the curtains and other things back.”

【 Do you want the regular ones or the theme furniture? 】

“The themed ones!”

So, the set of embarrassing theme furniture appeared once again.

In the living room, there was only Yun Xinghai, feeling as lonely as a floating leaf. Helplessly, he walked up to the door of a room.

“Knock, knock, knock!” He knocked on the door.

“It’s me! Open the door and let me in!”

“Click!” The sound of the door lock echoed.

Yun Xinghai’s face lit up with joy. Then Xue Bufu peeked out, staring at him expressionlessly with wide eyes.

The expression on Yun Xinghai’s face instantly froze. “Sorry to disturb you. I knocked on the wrong door.”

Xue Bufu: ??

He turned around and went to another room. “Gu Meow Meow! Open the door quickly! It’s me!”

Xue Bufu couldn’t help but roll his eyes and wear a very exasperated expression.

“Bang!” The door was forcefully closed.

The door slammed shut, startling Yun Xinghai, who then knocked on Gu Meow Meow’s door again. “Gu Meow Meow! Open the door quickly!”

After shouting for a while, Gu Meow Meow’s voice finally came through. “You’re so annoying, meow! I’m not opening it! Go find someone else!”

“Master doesn’t want me!”

“Go find Big Brother Xue!”

Yun Xinghai was taken aback and said helplessly, “I don’t want him though!”

Inside the room, Xue Bufu: ??

“I don’t care! I want to sleep! Stop bothering me, meow!”

Hearing this, Yun Xinghai stopped knocking. He stood awkwardly at the door.

“Sigh…” At that moment, Yun Xinghai felt a wave of sadness wash over him. He helplessly walked towards the door of Xue Bufu’s room. “Cough cough… Big Brother Xue! Can you please open the door?”

There was no response from inside the room… No sound at all.

Xue Bufu seemed unwilling to deal with him.

“Is he asleep?”

“Knock, knock, knock!”

“Big Brother Xue! Open the door!” He knocked hard, making a loud noise.

If he didn’t put in some effort, he would have to sleep on the couch at night. He didn’t want to sleep on the couch!

In exasperation, Xue Bufu reluctantly came to open the door. Seeing this, Yun Xinghai gave an awkward smile. “Ahem… Hehe… Thank you for your hospitality, Xue Big Brother.”

Xue Bufu looked at him and just wanted to twist his head off.

Inside Chen Xing’s room…

“Open the gift package.”

【 Opening the Silver-Tier Streamer Gift Package. 】
【Rewards: Super Sound Card *1, Super Beauty Filter *1, Lolita Floral Dress *1 (Customized for the host!) Contact directory of one hundred female streamers at a million-level audience *1】


Chen Xing looked at the items in the inventory and became instantly speechless; indeed, they were not anything good.

“Destroy, destroy!”

“Swoosh!” In a flash, all four items disappeared without a trace.

Chen Xing nodded and was about to speak when San’er suddenly spoke up.

【 Uh… 】

“What’s wrong?”

【 Those things were taken by Zero. 】

“What did you say!?”

【 Um… When we were looking at the photos earlier, I gave her control permissions, and I forgot to disable them! 】

“You… Retrieve them!”

【 Are you sure? Aren’t you afraid she’ll cry and make you regret it? 】

【 I advise you not to. If you make her cry, who knows how many spirit points she’ll deduct from you! 】


In Zero’s room: “Hehe!”

Little Zero was squatting on the bed, blushing as she looked at the Lolita floral dress in her hands. She imagined how Chen Xing would look wearing it.

Unable to help herself, she burst into giggles. The room was filled with her adorable laughter.


“What’s this?” Zero looked at the contact directory of one hundred female streamers at a million-level audience in her inventory. A thought crossed her mind.

【Ding~ Importing contact directory of one hundred female streamers at a million-level audience.】

【Import successful. You can now watch previous live broadcasts.】

Zero randomly clicked on a female anchor named Yixue. A panel suddenly appeared before her eyes.

It was a magnificent and breathtaking scene. Ahem… A serious live broadcast with clothes on.

Even so! It still left little Zero’s mouth slightly agape!

How impressive!

“Um!… What is this?”

Little Zero was so startled quickly covered her eyes with her small hands. The person in front of her was twisting and turning, swaying back and forth. Hmm… Wait, something’s not right… I’m also a girl… Why am I feeling shy?

She thought to herself and opened a small slit between her fingers. Secretly peeking…

【 Are you peeking? 】

Her Spirit System suddenly came alive!

Zero was startled. She quickly closed the small slit in her hand.

“Um!… No, no, I’m not!”

Suddenly, she realized something and released her hand in surprise, looking up in confusion. There was only the ceiling in front of her.

However, she murmured to the ceiling: “You’re here again?”

【 Mm… 】

“Oh…” Zero subconsciously felt a bit scared and drew back her legs, which were lying limp on the bed. With some timidity, she asked: “Who are you?”

【 … 】

However, no one answered.

Zero had been waiting for the response, but after some time passed, there was still no sound. Then, her attention was once again drawn to the female anchor in front of her.

“Um… Chen Xing must like this kind of thing too…”

【 Then you should ask him personally. 】

The Spirit System suddenly popped up again, giving Zero a start: “Um… Why are you intruding again?”

【 This thing is given by his system, but it doesn’t represent Chen Xing’s personal intentions. 】

“Um… I know, but…” How could she ask such a question?

【 Try changing yourself and see his reaction. 】

“Um… Change? How can I change? I’m only this size…”

【 Partial spiritization. If you can change into demon horns, naturally you can change into a bear. 】


If Moli were here, he would be so angry that his nose would twist: Who taught you to use partial spiritization like this!?


Little Zero suddenly had an epiphany, as if a lightbulb had turned on! But feeling shy, she instinctively shouted: “Um… I don’t want to!”


The spirit system remained silent. After a while, it seemed to have disappeared completely.

The female anchor in front of her continued to flaunt her charms without ceasing.

So, Zero lowered her head and looked at herself… Her face suddenly turned red.

It seemed like it could actually work… Should I give it a try? Should I?

Zero blushed deeply and couldn’t make up her mind!


Should she try it while Chen Xing is away?

Inside Chen Xing’s room…

Chen Xing tossed and turned, finding it difficult to fall asleep.

“Tsk…” Without Zero in his arms, he felt like he had lost his soul… Helpless, he hugged the pillow to his chest.

The pillow also had a photo of little Zero on it. He wanted to recreate the feeling of holding her. “Em… It feels okay like this…”

Then, he reluctantly closed his eyes. “Turn off the lights…”



The room finally quieted down. San’er thought he was about to fall asleep.

But then Chen Xing suddenly spoke up: “Damn…”

San’er: 【???】

【What’s wrong now?】

Chen Xing grew more and more frustrated as he thought about it: “I have a wife, why should I be hugging a pillow to sleep?”

“Is that reasonable? It’s not reasonable!” He then threw the pillow to the side.

Got out of bed quickly, preparing for a surprise attack on Zero!

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