How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 116 – Forbidden Zone Notice

Gu Meow Meow looked at Chen Xing and her eyes hinted. Master! How about it!?

Seeing this, Chen Xing couldn’t help but smirk. He nodded in satisfaction, giving her a big thumbs up in his heart.

The two of them silently coordinated!

Of course, Gu Meow Meow was just teasing, first, they had to get Zero into the room! As for Yun Xinghai… He wanted to enter her room? There’s no way!

Taking advantage of Zero’s momentary confusion, Chen Xing directly lifted her off the bed, along with the blanket, and held her tightly in his arms.

“Umph…” Zero struggled slightly.

Chen Xing raised an eyebrow and leaned close to her ear, whispering softly: “Be good~” His breath brushed against her ear, causing her to instinctively shrink her neck.

Then Chen Xing carried her towards the door.

Gu Meow Meow, Yun Xinghai, and Xue Bufu quickly made way for him. They stood at attention!


Chen Xing closed the door. In Zero’s room, only the three of them remained.

“Meow~ I’m so sleepy… Goodnight!” Saying that, Gu Meow Meow yawned and was the first to leave the room.

Yun Xinghai had a smile on his face: “Goodnight, Brother Xue!”

Xue Bufu looked inside the room, feeling helpless as he glanced at the bedsheet and noticed a trace of blood.

He was startled and widened his eyes: WTF!? Could this be the legendary… Aunt Flo!?

Ahem, pure-hearted Xue Bufu could only think of such things. Anything deeper, he didn’t understand. He slipped away.

Yun Xinghai followed behind Gu Meow Meow, watching her twin ponytails swaying back and forth, he suddenly felt his heartbeats quicken. Are they really going to sleep together?

As an inexperienced youth, he didn’t know what this meant. He just felt like his heart was beating like crazy, as if he had taken some kind of energizing potion!

Biting his lip lightly, blushing, he quietly followed behind Gu Meow Meow.

“Click.” Gu Meow Meow opened the door and went inside.

Yun Xinghai chuckled and was about to step in.

But Gu Meow Meow closed the door behind her, and the door slammed towards Yun Xinghai’s face. He was startled and quickly stepped back.

“Bang!” The door closed heavily, and the sound of the lock clicking came from inside.

It was locked from the inside!

Yun Xinghai: ?? What’s going on!? They agreed to sleep together!

“Gu Meow Meow! Open the door! It’s me!” After saying this, Yun Xinghai paused: “Um… Didn’t I say just this earlier?”

At this moment, Xue Bufu came over with a smirk on his face. His expression seemed to say: What expectations were you having?

Yun Xinghai suddenly understood and felt embarrassed, standing still in place.

Xue Bufu walked over with a suppressed laugh: “Hey… young man, you still need to work hard, haha…”

Suddenly, Yun Xinghai felt extremely awkward!

Then he had a bright idea. e abruptly opened Xue Bufu’s room door and hurriedly went in.

“Bang!” The door closed heavily.

The lock clicked.

Xue Bufu: ?????

What the heck!!!

However, there was a key inserted into the door, which Yun Xinghai didn’t notice. Gu Meow Meow had removed the key from her door, to prevent any antics from Yun Xinghai. Both Xue Bufu and Yun Xinghai didn’t pay attention to it.

Yun Xinghai went to the door and looked at the key, his eyes narrowed: Hmph, this guy is becoming more and more lawless. Tonight, I must teach him a lesson!

Yun Xinghai had already taken off his clothes and was preparing to go to bed. Suddenly, he heard a “click” sound. He looked in horror at the big black eyes entering through the door.

Instantly, he felt a chill run down his spine!

“Oh… Brother Xue, I was just… joking, don’t take it seriously, hahaha…”

Xue Bufu walked over with a dark expression, well, it was his usual complexion.

“What do you want!” Yun Xinghai’s voice was filled with fear and alarm. “Help!”

“Someone, come help!”

The desperate cries continued for about ten minutes… But no one came to rescue him.

“Um… Chen Xing, are you really not going to check on Yun Xinghai?”

“What are Gu Meow Meow and Xinghai doing? Why are they shouting so desperately?” Zero thought Yun Xinghai and Gu Meow Meow were sleeping together, so she thought it was fine for her to sleep too. She happily snuggled up in Chen Xing’s arms.

She could sleep while being held again. She didn’t want to stop!

Chen Xing gently touched her little head: “It’s fine, don’t worry about him.” Then he held her tightly.

Despite the eventful night, Zero ended up back in his embrace. Now he greedily held her, savoring this precious moment.

Zero was held so tightly that she could hardly breathe. “Um… Chen Xing… It’s too tight…”

“Oh! Sorry! I missed you too much.” Chen Xing quickly loosened his grip, getting a bit carried away.

Zero smiled, her lips slightly lifted: “Hehe… I missed you too~”

This time, she tightly held Chen Xing. “Let’s go to sleep, it’s late.”



Before Chen Xing could finish speaking, San’er turned off the lights.

Chen Xing: “…”

After the lights were off, the two of them embraced tightly, ready to enter dreamland.

“Oh, by the way!” Chen Xing suddenly spoke.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“When I entered the room earlier… what were you doing?”



“Forget it!”

Zero frantically struggled in Chen Xing’s arms.

“Bang!” She kneed Chen Xing in a sensitive spot!

“Oh!!!” After a painful cry, Chen Xing was in too much pain to make any sound!

“Huh? Chen Xing, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing… I’m going to sleep… cough…”

“Um… Really?”


“Okay then…” After a while, Zero fell asleep.

Today, Chen Xing didn’t let her continue driving in the system space. She had been driving for several days straight, and Zero needed a good rest.

Meanwhile, Chen Xing… was still in pain.

It’s not that painful, just very uncomfortable! Even the kidneys are not feeling great!

Since he couldn’t sleep, Chen Xing began to ponder on how to quickly earn Spirit Points. A week later, the auction would end, and he wondered how many crystal coins the Light Wind sports car could sell for. How many Spirit Points could he exchange for? Everything was unknown.

If he could upgrade everything that needed upgrading at once, that would be the best. The exchange rate for crystal coins to Spirit Points was 10:1. To upgrade everything he currently needed, he would need at least 250 billion crystal coins!

That would give him 25 billion Spirit Points.

But 250 billion was too extravagant… Chen Xing felt a bit overwhelmed and didn’t think he could reach that number.

So he had to consider what to do if he couldn’t exchange for that many Spirit Points. Who should he prioritize upgrading?

Should he upgrade San’er first? Let him solve Zero’s system issue first. Or should he upgrade the business technology module first?

Or should he upgrade Zero’s Spirit System first?

In fact, Chen Xing had long decided to help Zero solve her system problem first!

【Your school’s announcement is out. 】

Seeing him awake, San’er reminded him.

“What announcement?”

In the next moment, a panel appeared in front of Chen Xing:

【 Trial of the Forbidden Zone Notice: Four days later, you will enter the A-level Forbidden Zone: Minghua City, for the trial. Please prepare sufficiently for this trial, all participating students and mentors: XXX,XXX,XXX 】

Below was a long list of names, and San’er had specially marked several names.

Yun Xinghai, Gu Meow Meow, Chen Xing, and Zero were all among them. However, out of the ten names listed under the mentor section, Xue Bufu’s name was not there.

“Isn’t Old Xue going?”

【 His name is not on the list, so he probably won’t be going. 】

“By the way, wasn’t there a demon dimension mentioned before? Can we enter that dimension?”

【 Not yet, the dimensional passage seems to not be fully connected yet. 】

The option to traverse the dimensional plane in the system currently only shows “unable to traverse temporarily”, but it might be available in some time.

Chen Xing nodded.

Honestly, he was looking forward to the demon dimension. The dimension sounded very interesting! And there was also the Elf dimension after the third star upgrade. Everything was full of unknowns.

He couldn’t help but feel excited about it!

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