How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 118 – Could It Be…The Power Of Love?

Su Su’s loud voice startled Gu Meow Meow. “Meow!?”

Chen Xing: ??

At this moment, Zero was brushing her teeth. “Mhm!”

“Per~” a bubble burst out of her mouth. “Mmm mmm!” (Su Su!)

Per per per~ two more bubbles. Happily, she held the toothbrush and ran out with bare feet, making pitter-patterr sounds.

She ran up to Su Su, still holding the toothbrush. Her face was full of joy.

“Mmm mmm! Mmm mmm mmm!” (Su Su, why are you here!)

Per per per per~

A series of bubbles exploded on Su Su’s face. This left her stunned.

She thought that Chen Xing had driven Zero away and moved in with a new girlfriend. But now, three people were living together here? Could it be…

Gu Meow Meow finally came to her senses and shouted at the little Zero in front of her:

“Good morning, Master!”

Zero turned her head, still wearing a happy smile: “Mhm! Mmm mmm mmm!” (Good morning!)

Per per per~ another bunch of bubbles flew out. With a gust of wind, they blew onto Su Su’s face again.

Su Su: ??

Why is it me again?

However, she didn’t dwell on this question. After wiping off the water on her face, she asked with confusion: “Master?”

At this moment, Chen Xing also walked over. He didn’t want to explain too much, so he simply said: “This is my disciple.”

Upon hearing Chen Xing admitting that she was his disciple, Gu Meow Meow became instantly happy: “Meow~ Master!”

Chen Xing nodded and then smiled as he touched little Zero’s head: “You go freshen up first, don’t swallow the toothpaste in a while!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a sound of swallowing saliva was heard: “Gululu…”

“Huh?” Zero opened her eyes and looked at Chen Xing with a face full of grievances. She really swallowed it!

Everyone else: “…”

That mouth must have been polished.

“Wow!” Little Zero quickly ran into the bathroom, and sounds of coughing came from inside. Chen Xing also followed in and gently patted her back.

Su Su and Lin Yuexi walked into the living room.

Xue Bufu and Yun Xinghai, who had stopped their intense… combat after hearing Su Su’s shout, came out as well.

Yun Xinghai hadn’t changed his clothes and rushed out directly! “Who dares to disrespect my big brother!?”

“Let me check it out!”

“Is it you!?” Yun Xinghai looked at Su Su in front of him and suddenly became tough.

Su Su frowned, looked at his frail body, and sneered, “What’s wrong if it’s me?”

“You…” Yun Xinghai suddenly didn’t know what to say. Looking at Su Su in front of him, he was speechless for a long time.

Seeing this, Su Su raised her head. She was much taller than him and looked down at Yun Xinghai wearing worn-out clothes: “You barely have any flesh on you, and you still have the nerve to show off?”

“I…” Only then did he realize that his clothes were torn during the intense activity just now.

“Swish, swish~” Utilizing Meow Meow’s spirit system, he instantly changed into a new outfit.

Su Su teased him, how could he not fight back? Just as he was about to retort, Zero ran out: “Hey hey~ Su Su~”

With a few quick steps, she arrived in front of Su Su and gave her a big hug!

Seeing this, Su Su finally felt a bit relieved. She had thought that this little girl had found a husband and he became distant from her. Now it seemed that things were still the same as before.

Yun Xinghai pursed his lips, holding back the urge to curse. At the same time, he was secretly grateful: So it turns out this person has a good relationship with Master! It’s a good thing I didn’t insult her…

Indeed, it was a good thing he didn’t say it out loud; otherwise, Su Su would have shot him dead.

“Have you all had breakfast?” Chen Xing suddenly asked.

Lin Yuexi shook her head and smiled, “No, we came here specifically to taste your cooking.”

Beside them, Xue Bufu had been watching Lin Yuexi. Su Su accidentally caught his gaze. She squinted her eyes: Huh? This guy with black eyes seems to like Lin Yuexi! Hmm… interesting!…

“You can sit and wait. I’ll be done soon.”

“Alright.” Lin Yuexi’s voice was soft but clear. Her tone was gentle, very different from Su Su’s.

Then, the few of them sat down.

Zero, Su Su, and Lin Yuexi chatted and laughed together. After learning that Su Su had also moved in, they were so excited they almost jumped up. On the other hand, Xue Bufu and the other two had no chance to join the conversation.

During the conversation, Su Su kept sneaking glances at Xue Bufu. She noticed that he would occasionally glance at Lin Yuexi. This made her more convinced that Xue Bufu liked Lin Yuexi!

“Waiter!” Chen Xing’s voice suddenly came from the kitchen.

“Coming! Big brother!” Yun Xinghai dragged Gu Meow Meow and rushed in.

After a while, the three of them came out carrying the food.

Yun Xinghai and Gu Meow Meow were tasting Chen Xing’s cooking for the first time. The taste was so good that Gu Meow Meow started meowing!

After finishing breakfast, they headed to the academy.

Chen Xing no longer skipped classes now. Because he now had an additional task, which was to teach classes.

But it couldn’t really be called teaching, it was more like going around various training areas every day. He would demonstrate to the young practitioners and give some comments. He could finish teaching in less than 15 minutes for each session at every branch.

After just over an hour, his teaching task for the day was completed. He once again freeloaded on the 10,000 Master Points!

Xue Bufu and Yun Xinghai didn’t follow him today. Both of them were now living in Chen Xing’s house, so they had plenty of time to visit during the evenings.

Xue Bufu also had to teach classes. As for Yun Xinghai, he went to attend his own classes.

Chen Xing could only teach him combat skills. But he couldn’t teach Gu Meow Meow, after all, she was a spirit user. For everything else, she still had to follow the academy’s orthodox training and learning.

However, he skipped all the classes related to skills.

After being taught by Chen Xing, everyone found the courses at the academy…To say it gently: rubbish.

To say it seriously: a waste of life.

After quickly resolving all the A-ranked Spirit Masters in the reserve team, Chen Xing went to the training area for spirit users. Today, Zero was going to undergo complete spiritualization in front of other spirit users from the reserve team. He had to be present; he was afraid something might go wrong with Zero!

When he arrived at the training ground for spirit users, they were all undergoing strength training.

Though spirit users didn’t have attribute bonuses, they still needed to have a strong physique. In critical moments, they needed to be able to carry an unconscious spirit master and escape. Even if the spirit master died, they needed to be able to escape on their own.

But for Zero… it was too painful!

“Zero, you can do it!”

She was doing sit-ups at the moment. After doing one set, she couldn’t get up.



She tried hard, but she was only ten centimeters off the ground! Then, just like getting out of bed in the morning, she fell straight down.

“I can’t do it…”

Yun Sijin couldn’t help but cry and laugh. Zero’s physical stamina was indeed a problem.

Moli also shook his head helplessly, he could hardly believe it. Yesterday, this girl who couldn’t even do ten sit-ups almost killed him.

When Zero didn’t transform into her demon form, she had no physical attribute bonuses. She was just a cute little loli.

“Come on, Zero! You’ve done nine already! Just one more and you’ll complete the task!”

Others do a hundred in one set… Zero does ten in one set.

Others have already completed a hundred, and Zero has done nine now. She’s tried the tenth one five times already… So everyone gathered around to cheer her on!

Seeing everyone gathered around to cheer Zero, Chen Xing smiled. He felt more at ease with her here. With a smile on his face, he walked over and her Zero trying to get up from the ground again.



“Come on, Goddess!!!”

“Keep going!!! You can do it!”

“Come on, little Zero!”

Moli was speechless… It’s just a set of sit-ups! Do they need to be this encouraging?

Then he spoke calmly, “Come on, Zero, you can do it!”

“Yiyaaaa!!! Ugh…”


She fell down again.

“Uwuuu…” Zero was almost crying in frustration. She was one step away from completing it…

But she just couldn’t get up. Her stomach felt numb, and she had no strength left.

Seeing her like this, Chen Xing felt both heartache and amusement, and he couldn’t hold back his laughter. “Hahaha…”

Zero was very familiar with this laughter! “Chen Xing!!!”


And then…

The girl who was lying on the ground in pain a moment ago suddenly sat up. The tired expression on her face was replaced with delight!

Next second, she realized it.

She had just completed the tenth sit-up! “Yay~ I did it!”


She looked happily at Chen Xing.

The whole place fell silent, and everyone’s eyes widened.

Even Chen Xing was surprised! How did she suddenly manage to get up? Could it be… the power of love?

They cheered her on for so long, and all it took was one laugh from Chen Xing.

Everyone felt a bit sour…

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