How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 120 – How Can She Be This Cute

As he was puzzled, Zero closed her eyes. Everyone’s gaze was fixed on her, curious about what she was going to do.

Suddenly, a white light flashed at her feet!

Crimson patterns crawled up her calves.

Her skin was too pale. Chen Xing could even vaguely see the flow of demonic blood within her body.

Having learned from the previous encounter, Moli became alert immediately.


Zero suddenly pushed off the ground and instantly arrived in front of Moli.

“So fast!”

Everyone was amazed at her speed!

Her incredible speed made Moli instinctively think that she was going to use the same Rocket Demon Loli Head Hammer as yesterday! Hastily half-weaponizing his abdomen, he formed the hardened state of Tears of Lixinyi.

However, while Zero was still in the air, she had already swung her small fist. A white light flashed on her hand, and crimson patterns crawled from her fingertips up to her arm.

Moli looked at her pink little fist but sensed the danger it carried. He quickly raised his hand to block the attack. Then, he half-weaponized his arm as well!


Zero’s little pink fist hit Moli’s hardened arm, causing a huge explosion.


The impact made his arm numb!

Chen Xing was thrilled to see this. It was just as he expected. In her partial-weaponized state, Zero inherited some of his strength from the weaponized parts of her body.

When she half-weaponized her legs, the explosive power in her legs increased. By transforming her arms, they gained incredible striking power.

Just as Moli thought the attack was over…


Zero delivered another punch.

Moli raised his hand again to block it reluctantly. Luckily, being often beaten up by his wife had taught him a lot of combat techniques. Taking a hit was his specialty!

Zero was indeed strong, but could she be stronger than Qian Yinxue?

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Gradually getting used to Zero’s strength and speed, Moli started to feel at ease. Her strength and speed were far from matching Qian Yinxue’s.

However, each of her strikes produced a tremendous sound! The sound made everyone’s scalps tingle with excitement!

Did it not hurt to hit so hard!? Was this the legendary berserk loli? Too fierce!

But this in no way affected Zero’s status in their hearts. They only thought that their goddess was truly impressive!

“Goddess, go for it!”

“Hit him!”

Moli: ??

Zero kept attacking and bombarding Moli!

Chen Xing nodded with great satisfaction. Zero had only learned from him for one afternoon, and she had already reached this level! Even if she couldn’t defeat Moli, it was already quite extraordinary.

While defending, Moli couldn’t help but think of Qian Yinxue. He remembered her appearance when she beat him up, and a smile appeared on his face. Besides Xue Bufu, only he could smile after being beaten up.

Defending against Zero’s attacks, he said, “Not bad, Zero! However, you’re still a little behind my wife.”

Chen Xing: ?? What did he just say!? He said that my wife is not as good as his wife?

“Tsk~” People around them rolled their eyes.

At the same time, someone said, “My goddess is the strongest! If you don’t agree, come and debate!”

At this moment, expressionless Chen Xing spoke up, “Zero! Up, up, middle, down, right, kick!”


Everyone: ??

Moli: ??

What is he saying!?

No one present understood what Chen Xing was saying.

However, Zero seemed to understand something! She had a look of excitement on her face and said, “Uh! I know now!” Suddenly, she paused, and then she threw a punch.


Moli furrowed his brows. What is she doing?

Then, she threw the second punch!


Moli was lost in thought, but suddenly his expression changed. Something was off with this punch.


The third punch!

Moli suddenly felt flustered again. For some reason, he couldn’t keep up with the reaction. Zero’s punches were no longer as predictable as before! Her attack paths and targets were now unpredictable to him.

Moreover, defending against her attacks became awkward. It was like suddenly having to wipe your butt with your right hand when you’re used to using your left hand. It felt strange and uncomfortable.


The fourth punch!

Moli barely managed to block this one. His balance was a bit off now.

And Zero didn’t give him any chance to readjust! The fifth punch came crashing down.

Moli felt flustered in his heart! Zero’s punch had just been aimed at the center, and suddenly it attacked from the right side. His body’s center was already thrown off, and he couldn’t defend against it…

Suddenly, his body bent forward. He couldn’t defend, so he could only dodge!

In that moment, it looked like he was bowing to Zero for the New Year!

Everyone was stunned.

As the punch wind from Zero passed over his back, Moli felt a chill on his back. He was about to straighten up, but Zero’s foot had already lifted.


Her foot kicked him in the stomach!


“Swoosh~” Vertical to the ground, Moli soared into the sky on the spot!

Everyone gaped, raising their heads high.

His head rose along with his figure. Neat and uniform.

Wtf! Old Moli ascended again!

He flew about 20 meters high.

“Tmd… Pu~” Another mouthful of blood sprayed out!

Then he fell.


He heavily landed on the ground.

“Uh…” Zero was frightened and quickly deactivated her partial weaponization, running to Moli’s side. “Teacher Moli! Are you okay!? Uh… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… sob… sob…”

She really didn’t mean to, it was what Chen Xing taught her. She just followed his instructions, but she didn’t expect this result!

Moli wasn’t really an expert in martial arts, and Zero is a bit better. His movements were full of openings. Chen Xing could easily see through his attacking and defensive habits. He had countless ways to defeat him in his mind. As long as he made attacks that Moli was not used to, his body wouldn’t be able to react in time, and victory would be easy!

When Chen Xing said, “Up, up, middle, down, right, kick!” It was the sequence of attacks and striking points.

The first five strikes broke through Moli’s defense, and the sixth strike was the fatal blow. It was thanks to Zero’s high understanding and perfect coordination with Chen Xing that she could instantly comprehend and execute it flawlessly.

“Cough… I’m fine! Don’t worry about me!” Moli lay on the ground, raised his hand, waved it to show that he was okay, and then began to contemplate. Suddenly, he understood the meaning behind Chen Xing’s words.

Chen Xing saw through him! He couldn’t help but smile wryly and looked at Chen Xing. He had underestimated his opponent! He wasn’t defeated by little Zero, but by her husband!

Of course, it was also because Moli had been on the defense the whole time. If he had attacked and used his skills, Zero would have been knocked out long ago.

At this moment, the others also realized what had happened, and many male students cheered!

“Well done!”

“Great fight!”

Moli: ???

Chen Xing frowned slightly, looking at them in confusion, full of question marks: She is my wife! Why are you all so happy!?

Moli couldn’t move at all lying on the ground. When Zero kicked him just now, he hadn’t had time to harden his Tears of Lixinyi. As a result, he now felt like his stomach had been stirred up.

He was currently undergoing treatment by the spirit system, and he couldn’t move for the time being.

“Uh…” Little Zero was extremely afraid when she saw Moli lying on the ground with blood at the corner of his mouth. With a face full of grievances, she ran to Chen Xing’s side and grabbed his hand. “Uh… Chen Xing… please save Teacher Moli, sob… sob…”


Chen Xing couldn’t help but cry and laugh: You were the one who hit him, why are you acting so pitiful?

But he also felt… she was just too cute. Without holding back, he directly picked her up. He gave her a firm “smooch~”!

“Uh… don’t… don’t hug me, please! Save Teacher Moli quickly!”

Seeing this, everyone was completely melted.

Someone even exclaimed, “She’s too adorable… how can she be this cute even while hitting people!?”

Moli: ????

He was so infuriated that he gritted his teeth, enduring the severe pain, and raised his head. His eyes spun around, scanning the crowd. Damn it, let me see which little brat said that! It wasn’t you who was beaten, was it?!

Chen Xing walked over to Moli, holding Zero in his arms.

“Uh… Teacher Moli, don’t worry, I’ll definitely save you!”

Seeing her so anxious, Chen Xing gently patted her head and said, “Don’t worry, with me here, nothing bad will happen.”

“Uh… yeah…”

“Smooch~” Another peck.

“Uh… don’t kiss me, save him first!”

Moli lying on the ground helplessly closed his eyes…

“Ah~” He let out a deep sigh.

Chen Xing activated the online shopping system and bought a bunch of herbs. Since Zero said so, he would help him heal quickly.

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