How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 124 – San’er’s Dog Food Warehouse

The shop assistant looked astonished, her face full of surprise.

“Are you sure about this?” She noticed that Chen Xing and Zero looked like students and doubted whether they even checked the price tags. She wanted to remind them out of goodwill.

Chen Xing indeed didn’t check the price tags. But for someone with billions of Crystal Coins in their bank account, did they really need to?

“Sure, pack them all.”

The female shop assistant nodded in disbelief and continued, “Can I ask if you can make the payment first… considering the large quantity… I’m afraid…” She was worried that she would spend all that time packing, and then Chen Xing would change his mind, leaving them with nothing but wasted effort.

“That’s fine. Just calculate the total.”

“Sure, please wait a moment.”

It took quite a while for her to calculate the total.

“Hello, we have a total of 107 suitable sizes, and if each of you takes one piece, it will be 214 items in total, amounting to 630,000 crystal coins.”

“Um…!” Zero thought it was too expensive and unnecessary.

However, Chen Xing simply took out his ID card.

People around them envied him. He’s truly rich! He didn’t even hesitate to pay 600,000 crystal coins!

“Just pack a few items for me now. I’ll provide you with an address for the rest, please send them there.”

With so many clothes, it would take them the whole night to pack everything. But Chen Xing was too lazy to wait. “How much is the shipping fee? You can let me know later.”

“No, there’s no need. For shipping, it’s free if it exceeds 5,000 Crystal Coins.” The shop assistant’s hands were trembling. She was going to earn tens of thousands of crystal coins from this transaction in one night! It was like a pie falling from the sky!

“Alright then, please hurry. Just pack the few items we tried on at first.”

“Sure, sure!”

The shop assistant hurriedly started packing the clothes for Chen Xing. She also brought two chairs for them to sit.

Chen Xing and Zero sat down. People around them started to scrutinize this young couple.

Zero blushed and stood up, moving her chair closer to Chen Xing. Being looked at by so many people made her feel shy. She gently held his hand, keeping her gaze on the ground, too embarrassed to lift her head.

Her shy demeanor caught the attention of many boys, and they couldn’t help but sneak glances at her.

“Does it look good? Huh?” A girl suddenly questioned her boyfriend next to her. She was holding a piece of clothing in her hand.

The boyfriend thought she was asking him if the clothes looked good. Out of habit, he said, “Pretty!”

“Is that so! Break up!”

Boyfriend: ???


【 Ding~ Completed Breakup Master Daily Mission, Rewards: Spirit Points: 3 million, Crystal coins: 6 million 】

“Uh… This…” Chen Xing was speechless; he shouldn’t be blamed for this

Then, another girl spoke up, “Strange, why do I feel like this outfit doesn’t look good?”

The boyfriend shrugged, “I told you it doesn’t suit you.”

The girl: ???

“What do you mean? Are you saying that she looks good in it, but I don’t?”

“So, you mean I don’t look as good as her?”

Seeing her reaction, the boyfriend couldn’t help but feel helpless, “No, that’s not what I meant.”

The girl narrowed her eyes, “So you really think that way!”

Boyfriend: “Huh???”

“Otherwise, you would have said directly that I look better! But you didn’t say that, which means you think she looks better!” The girl’s voice grew louder, and people around them started looking at them.

Chen Xing couldn’t help but silently applaud in his heart, Damn, she’s a master of logic.

The boyfriend’s face turned red. He was getting angry too, feeling embarrassed by her public display! If he gave in now, it would be even more embarrassing.

So, he took a stubborn stance, glared at her, and with a flushed face, he said, “Yes, you’re right! So what?”

The girl was so angry that her teeth almost shattered! Her eyes were wide and menacing, and she threw the clothes directly at him.

“!@¥%#!#Break up!”

Chen Xing: “…”

【 Ding~ Congratulations, you completed the Breakup Master Mission! Rewards: Spirit Points: 3 million, Crystal Coins: 6 million 】

Zero: This…

The system panel disappeared shortly after.

Then another girl spoke up, “Can we buy a few more items?”

Boyfriend: “Why buy so much? We have so many clothes at home. Have you even worn them all?”

The girl retorted, “I bought all those clothes myself! How many pieces have you bought for me? Look at others, they spend thousands without blinking an eye!”

The guy sneered, “I bought you an expensive one once, doesn’t that count for ten others?”

The girl frowned upon hearing this and was about to speak, but she hesitated. However, the more she thought, the angrier she became. “You have the nerve to say that! Don’t think I don’t know it was fake! I endured it before and didn’t say anything! Now, you dare bring this up?”

As her words were spoken, everyone around looked over. The guy’s expression hardened, shaking his head, he said, “I never expected you to be such a materialistic woman. Let’s break up.”

“I’m materialistic!? You’re making me laugh! All the clothes you have were bought by me!”

“Which one is cheap? You bought me only that one, and it’s freaking fake! You’re so disgusting!”

“Yes, I’m disgusting! Let’s break up!”

“Fine! #@#¥ Take off all the clothes you bought me!”

“Fine, I will! Who’s afraid of who!” He really seemed like he was about to take off his clothes.

The nearby salesperson hurried over, “Sir, please don’t take off your pants!”

“Huh!?” Zero got scared and buried her little face in Chen Xing’s embrace.

Gradually, many girls became jealous. Some couples were arguing, while others successfully averted a crisis. The whole store suddenly became lively.

The salespeople were dumbfounded. Why were there people undressing, slapping, and cursing each other?

The system’s notification kept ringing. In just a while, eight couples broke up.

【Total Spirit Points: 24 million, Crystal coins: 48 million 】

It was truly a night of sadness.

After a while, the female salesperson came back with seven or eight bags. “Hello, these are yours. Please take them, and could you provide your address?”

Chen Xing went to the counter, picked up a pen, and with a bold and elegant stroke, wrote a few big characters. His handwriting was impressive!

Then he took Zero and left.

The female shop assistant held Chen Xing’s autograph, gazing at his back in a daze, and muttered, “When can I have a boyfriend like this? He’s so damn handsome!”

“Hey, customers, please don’t fight!”

“Hey, don’t break things!”

After Chen Xing and Zero left, the store turned into chaos.

【Ding~ Congratulations, you completed the Breakup Master Mission… 】

【Ding~ Congratulations… 】

【Ding~… 】

【… 】

Tonight’s results: 12 couples broke up.

It’s so sad (happy)!

【Total Spirit Points: 36 million, Total Crystal Coins: 72 million 】

“Chen Xing… thank you…” Walking on the street, Zero suddenly looked up at him.

She was really happy that Chen Xing was willing to spend so much money for her, and she was knocking with joy! However, she was still a bit embarrased… After all, she had experienced hardships since she was young.

Seeing her thanking him, Chen Xing lightly patted her on the bottom, indicating her to change her words.

“Um… I love you!” At the same time, she quickly turned her head to see if anyone noticed…

She saw an elderly couple behind them looking at her. Her cheeks turned red instantly! In a low voice, she said, “Don’t pat my bottom… there are people behind us!”

Chen Xing smiled, ruffled her hair, and glanced at the elderly couple behind them. The old man looked at Chen Xing and Zero and couldn’t help but think of his own youth.

Feeling mischievous, he extended his hand and patted his old lady’s bottom. The old lady glanced at him casually and spoke in a slightly hoarse voice, “Are you crazy?”

The old man grinned at her reaction, and the wrinkles on his face formed a big smile. Seeing him like this, the old lady’s lips slightly curved, and she seemed to become much younger, but the marks of time couldn’t be erased.

But in the old man’s heart, this was the most beautiful smile in the world.

People who should part ways will eventually separate, and those destined to be together will stay together even if they argue and quarrel. May all the genuinely loving couples in the world stay together till the end.

【Ding~ 】

【San’er’s Dog Food Warehouse has been upgraded and can be checked at any time. 】


Chen Xing’s eyes instantly lit up!

San’er: 【…】(Doesn’t want to talk.)

“Open it.”

【 San’er’s Dog Food Warehouse: Sweetness Evaluation Module, evaluation criteria vary depending on San’er. Sweetness value can be used for exchange, attributes, item packages, Spirit Points, and Crystal Coins. Currently available exchangeable attributes: 1% basic attributes: Requires 1000 sweetness value, 1% luck bonus: Requires 10000 sweetness value, 1% endurance bonus: Requires 10000 sweetness value, 1% stone progress bonus: Requires 10000 sweetness value 】

【 Currently available exchangeable gift packages: (Can exchange all items in the acquired gift packages, attributes cannot be obtained again) Adult Gift Package: Requires 100 sweetness value. Silver-tier Streamer Gift Package: Requires 100 sweetness value. Ultimate Achievement Gift Package: Requires 100000 sweetness value. Demon Dimension Gift Package: Requires 10000 sweetness value. 】

【 Spirit Points and Crystal Coins cannot be exchanged temporarily. Please feel free to feed with sweetness for upgrades. 】

【 Current Sweetness Value: 36 】


Chen Xing couldn’t help but smile and asked, “When did you secretly eat some dog food?”

【 Shut up… 】

Chen Xing saw that San’er was angry, which made him even happier.

“Um… San’er seems to be quite powerful.” Little Zero suddenly spoke.

【 Hehe… Of course! I’m on the leaderboard… 】

Chen Xing interrupted directly, “Am I powerful?”

Zero immediately looked at him and smiled, “Of course~ Chen Xing is the most powerful~ Hehe~”

San’er: 【 ??? 】

【 Ding~ Detected that the system is speechless due to sweetness, Dog Food (Sweetness Value) +10. 】

San’er immediately refuted loudly, 【 Damn you, I don’t feel sweet! 】

But this kind of passive reward from the system, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Chen Xing chuckled and shook his head, “I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person.”

【 Get lost!!! 】

“Oh, by the way, can the Ultimate Achievement Gift Package be exchanged? I haven’t opened it yet!”

The Ultimate Achievement Gift Package was obtained at the beginning, given to him when he achieved the Assassin God achievement on the Assasssin Star Dimension. But to open it, he needs to reach S-Rank Spirit Master.

“What’s inside it, worth 100,000?”

【 I don’t know, but it must be something good. 】

“Oh…” Chen Xing felt a bit excited. The highest-value gift package, what could be inside? Could it be a mysterious weapon? Or some special reward?

Or perhaps someone’s artistic photo… ahem… Chen Xing smiled and looked at Zero: “Zero.”

“Um? What’s the matter?”

“I want that Ultimate Gift Package.”

Upon hearing this, Zero looked a bit puzzled: “Um… What can I do?”

An insidious smile immediately appeared on Chen Xing’s face: “At night, let’s try it together and feed San’er more. Let’s see if we can accumulate 100,000 Sweetness Points for him tonight.”

“Um… I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Little Zero suddenly felt a bit shy!

【Ignore him! Don’t listen to him, he’s just a dog!】


After hearing this, Little Zero pouted and whispered: “Um! Chen Xing is not like that! You are! Hmph…”

San’er: 【??? 】

“Hahaha…” Chen Xing was very amused.

【Ding~ Detected Zero defending her husband and scolding San’er, Sweetness Points +100】

San’er: ?????

“San’er? So, you actually like this kind of thing?”

“Zero… How about scolding him a few more times?”

【Damn you!】

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