How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 137 – Demon Dimension Portal


Inside the Forbidden Zone: At this moment, many A-rank Spirit Masters and their contracted Spirit Users rushed back.

They passed through Minghua City and found Chen Xing.

“Master Chen, run quickly!”

Chen Xing shook his head: “You all go first, and by the way, take Gu Meow Meow with you!”

“But how can we leave you behind, Master Chen? We should leave together!”

“Yes! Master Chen! Let’s leave together!”

Listening to their words, Chen Xing felt a bit touched. It seems that it wasn’t for nothing that he had beaten them before.

At the same time, some of them noticed that the floating demon spirit was actually Zero!

“Is this… Zero’s spirit form!?”

Chen Xing nodded and didn’t hide it: “But there’s a problem now, and I must save her. You all go quickly.”

“This…” The people around hesitated.

At this time, Minghua City was still shaking violently.

Suddenly, the shaking stopped! The world became quiet.

Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at each other in confusion.

“Has the Forbidden Zone stopped collapsing?”

Someone questioned in doubt, while others were unsure: “It seems to have stopped… Are we saved?”

Chen Xing furrowed his brow and looked up at the huge void in the sky. He sensed an unusual aura coming from there!

Suddenly, San’er spoke: 【Chen Xing, the portal to the Demon Dimension has been completely opened! The demons… are coming!】

The next moment, the system’s voice sounded:

【Ding~ Congmouseulations to the host for successfully opening the portal to the Demon Dimension! Binding with the Forbidden Zone plane is in progress.】

【Forbidden Zone Code A-11, Minghua City. Binding with the portal to the Demon Dimension. Do you agree?】

“What does this mean?”

【It seems to say that from now on, Minghua City will be the entrance to the Demon Dimension!】

“This… should be fine, right?”

【At the same time, you will gain the ability to control the entrance to Minghua City!】

Chen Xing nodded. That’s great!

He directly agreed.

【Ding~ Binding in progress.】

【Binding successful! Congratulations to the host for becoming an A-list Forbidden Zone master, with the title of A-11-Minghua City Lord.】

【Rewards: Spirit Points: 100 million, Crystal Coins: 500 million 】

【 Attribute Bonus: Within the Forbidden Zone of Minghua City, all attributes increased by 500%. 】

【 Luck Bonus: Within the Forbidden Zone of Minghua City, +50%! 】

【 Gift: One Minghua City Lord’s Grand Gift Package. 】

Chen Xing was overjoyed. This means that within Minghua City, his current strength is equivalent to that of an S-rank spirit master!

Just as he was feeling delighted, someone suddenly shouted, “What is that!?”

“It looks like something is falling from the sky!”

Chen Xing looked up and saw from the huge void in the sky that demons were suddenly leaping out one by one. They had horns on their heads and were clad in demon armor, covered in crimson blood patterns. Each one looked extremely terrifying.


The demons opened their mouths and made incomprehensible sounds that people couldn’t understand. But Chen Xing could understand them! When Zero awakened earlier, he learned the demon language. To him, what the demons were saying was no different from speaking in ordinary language.

“Bring back that demon!”

“Bring her back! Kill all the humans!”

The demons roared in extremely hoarse voices.

Chen Xing: ???

Bring back her? Are they talking about Zero?

At this moment, someone exclaimed in fear, “They are demons!!”

As soon as the words fell, the demons let out a roar together, creating a tremendous momentum as they descended from the sky in an overwhelming and dense formation.

San’er’s voice was heavy: 【Chen Xing! The strength of these demons is all above 1 million battle power, and the highest might even be 2 million!】

Chen Xing was incredulous as he looked at the countless demons in the sky.

His eyes narrowed: “Count them!”

【Quantity: 2000!】


That’s equivalent to 2000 S-rank spirit masters! Fortunately, Chen Xing had the authority over Minghua City. Otherwise, if these demons were let loose in the country, countless lives would be lost.


Someone got scared and immediately ran away. The demons were just too terrifying!

“Wtf! So many demons!” The big black mouse couldn’t help but exclaim in fear.

“Meow…” Gu Meow Meow hurriedly ran to Chen Xing’s side, looking frightened.


In an instant, hundreds of demons landed on the ground and, simultaneously, charged towards Zero. Their collective impact on the ground caused the surface to sink several centimeters, and a burst of dust filled the air.

At the same time, Chen Xing also held the big black mouse and dashed forward.

The big black mouse widened its eyes and shouted in terror, “Can you please let me go first! I don’t want to go there!”

Chen Xing, now activated with the attribute enhancement within Minghua City, had a battle power of 1.3 million, which was comparable to those demons in terms of speed.


Gu Meow Meow saw Chen Xing rushing up and shouted in fear, but Chen Xing completely ignored her. His eyes were fixed on Zero.

He was only ten meters away from Zero now. Thanks to the enhanced battle power, he was finally able to get close to her. He directly took her unconscious body into his arms.

“Zero? Wake up!”

But Zero still didn’t respond to him. She remained in his arms like a puppet.

Chen Xing frowned and looked at the demons that were now running towards him.


As soon as those hundreds of demons saw Chen Xing taking Zero away, they immediately let out another earth-shaking roar of anger.

Then, hundreds of demons landed on the ground and surrounded Chen Xing from all directions, rushing towards him and Zero. The demons were all at least two meters tall, quickly enclosing them both.

Chen Xing’s figure was soon engulfed by them.

“Master!” Gu Meow Meow called out anxiously.

At this moment, one of the A-rank spirit masters who was usually familiar with Chen Xing and Gu Meow Meow ran over.

“Run!” He lifted her on his shoulder, holding a knife in one hand and Gu Meow Meow in the other, and ran away.

“Meow! Put me down!” Gu Meow Meow was carried away by the person and couldn’t do anything but frantically pound his back with her hands.

“Put me down!” She watched helplessly as Chen Xing was surrounded by the army of demons, feeling powerless.

Chen Xing looked at Zero in his arms, who had an empty look in her eyes, and then glanced at the thousands of demons surrounding them, each equivalent to an S-rank spirit master. His eyes, however, showed no fear.

Suddenly, he let go of the big black mouse in his hand, letting it roll to the ground.

After rolling twice, the big black mouse stabilized itself and said, “Wtf, dude, why did you let me go? Take me and run!”

Chen Xing glanced at it indifferently and said, “Don’t worry, you can’t escape.”

The big black mouse: ???

In the next moment, a regular long sword appeared in Chen Xing’s hand.

At this moment, the demons from all directions had already surged up. They opened their terrifying bloody mouths, revealing horrifying fangs. Their fists were raised, and one punch from them could directly kill any ordinary A-rank spirit master!


The big black mouse was so frightened that it jumped up. While in the air, it extended its two little paws.

The moment it landed on the ground, it dug a hole and quickly burrowed inside. Then, its body transformed, and within the hole, two bright and shining eyes were fixed on Chen Xing.

It chose to temporarily avoid the danger!

With so many demons, even if it transformed into its original form, it would still be no match for them.

“Master!” Gu Meow Meow shouted again! The demons tightly surrounded Chen Xing, and she couldn’t see him at all.

Meanwhile, the person who was carrying Gu Meow Meow ran while crying, “Master Chen! Don’t worry, I will definitely take Gu Meow Meow to safety! Sob…”

Gu Meow Meow: ??? What are you crying for!?

Because Chen Xing had just told them to take Gu Meow Meow and run together! They thought he was going to stay behind to buy time for everyone to escape… All the demons that landed were targeting Chen Xing and Zero, not a single one was coming towards them. This further confirmed their belief!

Chen Xing was buying time for everyone….

Many of them were deeply moved!

So when they ran, they kept turning back to look at the thin figure of Chen Xing being engulfed by the army of demons.

Many people stopped in their tracks.

“Master Chen!” Those who stopped couldn’t help but shout.

Some of them regretted their decision! They felt that they should have stayed behind to fight alongside Chen Xing! How could he possibly withstand the demonic army alone!?

At this moment, Lin Weilai returned from deep inside the forbidden zone. He instantly understood the situation at hand.

Chen Xing was buying time for everyone to escape!

How could he, Lin Weilai, be absent from such an event!? He immediately rushed towards Chen Xing to lend him a hand.

Yun Sijin in her spirit form, the silkworm ice threads, also spread out. Flying towards Chen Xing at the fastest speed.

But it was too late!

Lin Weilai’s expression also froze as he lightly bit his lip: “No, it’s too late.”

Just when everyone thought that Chen Xing was doomed….


A sword hum rang out, resounding throughout Minghua City!

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