How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 152 – Thousand Feather Kill!


After laughing a couple of times, Chen Xing said: “Redeem the Ultimate Achievement Gift Package!”

【Ding~ Exchange the Ultimate Achievement Gift Pack! From Dog San’er…】

San’er: 【???】

【Sorry, program error, let’s start over!】

【Deducting 100,000 Sweetness Points from San’er’s dog food warehouse! Sweetness Points balance: 311】

【Exchanging the gift pack cannot trigger hidden rewards! Opening the Ultimate Achievement Gift Pack now!】

After the voice fell, a panel appeared in front of Chen Xing:

【Rewards are as follows: Assassin Star Dimension Key*1 (Visit home often!) 】

【Assassin Star Local Specialty: Box of [ Premium Knife Blades ]! A total of 390 pieces! 】

【Assassin Star Beauties Album*1 (Selected pictures of 390 beauties!) 】

【Assassin Star Hunks Album*1 (Selected pictures of 390 handsome men!) 】

【 Assassin Star Selected Tomb Pit*1 (Remember to come back!) 】


Chen Xing: “MD&#$! Refund, what the hell is this crap!?”

He spent 100,000 Points to buy a grave?

Just as he finished speaking, the system popped up another panel:

【Assassin Star’s Number One Historical Divine Weapon: Thousand Feather Kill! (First Divine Weapon)】


“Thousand Feather Kill!”

【What the-! Thousand Feather Kill!? This thing sells for 100,000 Sweetness Points?】

Thousand Feather Kill, the strongest divine weapon of the Assassin Star, unparalleled.

However, the Thousand Feather Kill had only appeared once in the history of the Assassin Star. A brilliant moment that made everyone remember this divine weapon!

It could be said that with the Thousand Feather Kill in hand, under Chen Xing’s control, he could even kill an SS Rank Spirit Master and Spirit User.

However, the Thousand Feather Kill was a one-time-use divine weapon. Once used, it couldn’t be used again.

But the gift package could be redeemed indefinitely! It was almost like an unlimited supply!

This was the life-saving weapon Chen Xing needed the most right now. The next time he encountered an opponent far stronger than himself, he wouldn’t have to run away anymore. These 100,000 Sweetness Points were almost equivalent to buying a life!

【Blood profit!】 Even San’er couldn’t help but exclaim.

Previously, there was a weapon forging module in the system on Assassin Star Dimension. However, even San’er’s system couldn’t create the Thousand Feather Kill!

It was said that the master who forged the Thousand Feather Kill was killed as soon as it was created. And the Thousand Feather Kill became a legend.

Chen Xing couldn’t help but directly retrieve the legendary divine weapon from the system.

A white feather fell into his hand. It looked ordinary, but this was the first divine weapon, the Thousand Feather Kill! If you looked closely, you would find that the feather was actually composed of millions of extremely thin feathers overlapping. The thickness of each feather is so minuscule that it’s impossible to observe with the naked eye.

“This couldn’t possibly be something a human can create!”

Chen Xing carefully observed the feather in front of him. How could anyone create something like this?

【This thing… seems to be made by someone from our company.】


【I remember there’s a weapon system in our company’s leaderboard! I suspect that master used that weapon system to create it!】

“Possible! Anyway, I don’t believe a human could make this.”

【Hmph… but her ranking is only twentieth, she can’t compare to me. I, on the other hand…】

“The top single person who loves to eat dog food.”

【Me! @&#%】

On one thing, San’er got it right. The creator of the Thousand Feather Kill was indeed that weapon system!

By the way, that weapon system was named: “Chu Jiu”!

After a round of scolding, San’er sighed again: 【Sigh, just be content. Not many systems in the whole company are as good as me.】

【It’s said that the weapon system is poisonous. It crossed nine dimensions, and all her hosts of those dimensions died on the way.】

【They were just too weak. Apparently, that system is even a female, and they say she’s an old witch with a really twisted personality.】

【And that old witch…】

Chen Xing was listening while the sound of water from Zero’s bath came to a stop. He knew she had finished bathing.

He interrupted San’er directly: “Alright, shut up. I’m going to play a game with my wife.”


With that, Chen Xing lay down on the couch, closed his eyes. Like that night, pretending to sleep. Waiting for little Zero to come and have her way with him.

Seeing this, San’er couldn’t help but curse: 【You dog!】

After her bath, little Zero cautiously stuck her head out from her room’s doorway, stole a glance. But she wasn’t wearing the bunny costume from that night, rather, it was the little panda that Chen Xing had bought for her.

Seeing Chen Xing asleep, she bit her lip and silently chuckled. On tiptoe, she quietly approached his side. Just like that night, she gazed at Chen Xing’s sleeping face in silence.

The difference was, the Zero from that night had a touch of melancholy on her face. The Zero tonight was brimming with a happy smile.

But the similarity was that Zero once again became captivated.

Hehe… Husband~… Chen Xing is so handsome! Hehehe…

She had already become Chen Xing’s exclusive infatuated fangirl… Perhaps, this was what they meant by “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”!

Chen Xing knew little Zero was right in front of him. According to the previous script, he should have woken up. He could wake up, but he didn’t, he was just playing!

After a while, little Zero finally snapped out of her daze and whispered: “Hehe… Chen Xing~ you should wake up now~”

Then she blinked those beautiful eyes, a charming and cute smile always on her face. Waiting for her beloved to wake up.

However, Chen Xing still kept his eyes closed, pretending to be asleep.

“Um… really asleep?” Zero mumbled softly.

Chen Xing still didn’t wake up. San’er didn’t expose him either, just curious to see what tricks he could come up with.

In plain words, he just wanted to quietly eat dog food.

Seeing this, little Zero thought he really had fallen asleep. She didn’t dare to disturb him again, instead muttering in her heart: Stinky Husband… He falls asleep before I do… Humph…

Big idiot!

While thinking this, she glanced at Chen Xing’s chest. She wanted to hug him… oh no…

But if she climbed on him now, he would definitely wake up… sigh… And he was still sleeping half-naked… what if he got sick!

Then, little Zero took out a thin blanket from the Spirit System and gently covered Chen Xing from his feet up. As she passed by his lower half wrapped in a towel, her innocent face immediately turned red. Her brain went blank!

Her actions also stopped.

Even through a towel, seeing that… would be too much, right!?

Chen Xing felt her actions pause and discreetly opened his eyes just a crack. He thought, what’s this little girl up to?

He noticed her eyes were gazing intently at his “little Chen Xing”!



Even though there was a towel in the way, it made his old face blush. Blood quickly rushed downward. His heart was suddenly in a panic!

What are you looking at? My treasure! Stop looking!

Keep staring and I’ll show you!

“Um!…” Little Zero’s brain finally rebooted.

She quickly glanced at Chen Xing and felt relieved that he hadn’t noticed her staring blankly at that spot.

In the instant she reacted, Chen Xing closed his eyes again. Continuing to play dead!

Zero also quickly pulled up the blanket to cover Chen Xing’s entire body. She didn’t dare to look there again.

Phew~ She couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief in her heart.

Then she stood by his side, continuing to quietly watch him. As she watched, her gaze fell on Chen Xing’s thin lips…

Um… he’s sleeping so soundly, maybe a sneak kiss… he shouldn’t wake up, right… He didn’t even wake up when I called him just now…

Thinking about it, her face turned red again. Her heart suddenly started racing. It felt even more nerve-wracking than when Chen Xing forcibly kissed her!

Just a little kiss…

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