How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 157 – Our New Home

“Mm… Huh? Chen Xing?” Zero crouched down, swaying left and right, trying to spot Chen Xing’s figure through the gaps in the flowers. “Huh…? Where did he go…”

While little Zero was in a state of confusion, Chen Xing bent down.

“Ah!” Zero was suddenly lifted up by Chen Xing, startling her.

“Mm…!” She was reminded of what had been seen… just a while ago. Her face turned crimson instantly, and she didn’t know what expression to make facing him!

Seeing her blush like this, Chen Xing wanted to tease her. He leaned in close to her ear and said softly: “Feeling shy?”

“Uwuwu…” Zero curled up in Chen Xing’s arms like a little kitten, making a soft mewling sound. He couldn’t resist kissing her and whispered gently: “Are you still afraid of being seen by me?”

“Mm… Yes…” Zero looked at Chen Xing, who was so close, and blushed as she nodded gently.

“What’s there to be afraid of? I’m your husband!”

“Mm… well… I planned… to save it for our wedding day… to show you… uwuwu…”

Chen Xing chuckled, “Haha, you can choose a different color for that day.”

“Mm, it’s not about the color…!” (┯_┯)

She seemed to have forgotten that Chen Xing had seen everything a long time ago. Of course, except for a certain area. It’s no wonder, given the daily sweetness overload, she can’t remember those details.

“I have a solution so that I won’t see it anymore.”

“What solution?”

Chen Xing grinned: “Take it off, then I won’t see it.”



The redness that had just receded came flooding back to her pretty face!

“You pervert! Let… let go of me!” She stretched out her small hand, pressing it against Chen Xing’s face and pushing him away. “You lecher…”

Her struggling appearance was just too adorable! Chen Xing couldn’t resist anymore; he playfully pinched her buttocks through her thin skirt.

“Mm! Don’t… stop… it!” Zero suddenly struggled for a couple of times.

Chen Xing raised an eyebrow and firmly pinched her again: “Don’t want me to stop? Alright then…”

“Uwawa! No, don’t! Help~ uwuwu… It’s tickling!” Tickled, her two small hands flailed around, and her little feet kicked restlessly.

“Smack…” Accidentally, her hand slapped Chen Xing’s face.

“Huh!? (⊙﹏⊙)!?”

Little Zero froze instantly. “Uh… Chen Xing, are you okay?”

She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and climbed out of his embrace, looking at his face with some self-blame. She had completely forgotten about what had just happened when she was pinched!

Although Chen Xing’s face was as thick as a city wall and he didn’t feel a thing, but Zero still felt bad. Getting hit on the face and the buttocks were two different things. The buttocks had plenty of padding, so getting spanked didn’t hurt at all. Just like when Chen Xing playfully spanked her, it wasn’t painful, just ticklish.

However, a slap on the face could be quite painful! Last night, when Zero’s face hit Chen Xing’s chest, her tender little face had felt a bit sore.

Seeing her so concerned, Chen Xing gently kissed her face: “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.”

“Uwuwu… I’m sorry…” (>人<;)

“Cough…” Seeing her cute expression, Chen Xing couldn’t resist teasing her a bit more: “But it still hurts a little.”

Zero became nervous again after hearing that: “Huh? Where… let me massage it for you…”

Chen Xing chuckled and raised an eyebrow at her: “That’s not necessary. If you let me take another look, it won’t hurt anymore!”


Only then did little Zero realize he was playing with her.

“I don’t want to!” She got scared and quickly covered her skirt, afraid that Chen Xing might lift it to look. It was too embarrassing!

Chen Xing burst into laughter: “Hehe… it’s just white…”

“Uwawa! Stop talking!” Terrified, Zero immediately pressed both of her hands together over his mouth, worried that someone might overhear them!

Although there was no one around.

Only a group of handsome guys and pretty girls on the screen, constantly giggling.

Suppressing his laughter, Chen Xing opened his mouth and gently held the hand that covered his mouth. He lightly bit down on three of her delicate fingers.

“Huh!? (⊙﹏⊙)…?”

Fingers… they felt… damp… There was something wet, soft, and it made her fingers feel ticklish!

Because it was so ticklish, her fingers couldn’t help but wriggle…The sensation was strange and indescribable!


“What… what are you doing, Chen Xing! My… my hands are dirty!”

“Uh… it’s tickling!” Little Zero was tickled and quickly pulled her hand back, removing it from his mouth. There was still a trace of Chen Xing’s saliva on her fingers, and when the wind blew, it felt cool.

“Uh…” (⊙﹏⊙)…

She looked at the transparent liquid hanging on her fingers and her fingers were trembling slightly. Blushing, she looked at Chen Xing helplessly: “Uh… it’s wet… do you have… tissue?”

“Hahaha…” Chen Xing couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Seeing him laughing like this, little Zero bit her lip, pouted with a sense of grievance: “Bullying me again!”

As she spoke, she extended her small hand towards Chen Xing’s chest, wanting to return his saliva to him! Hmm… no, in a moment, I’ll lean down and wipe it somewhere else… hehe.

Then she pounced into Chen Xing’s arms. Her little hand reached his back and she playfully rubbed the back of his clothes. As she rubbed, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

When the little girl did something mischievous, she always enjoyed a mischievous laugh… Chen Xing gently patted her little head, not minding at all. As long as she was happy.

“By the way, Zero, have you noticed the secret of this garden?”

“Uh…? What secret?” Zero had been too preoccupied with hiding, so she hadn’t had time to look for any secrets.

“Then let me show you.”


In the next moment, Chen Xing directly pushed off the ground, carrying Zero as they soared into the sky!

The sudden flight startled her again, and she screamed:”What… what are you doing!?”

Chen Xing spoke softly: “Look below.”

“Uh…” Terrified, Zero lowered her head and looked down beneath them. Her eyes lit up once again: “Wow! It’s so beautiful!”

The colorful flowers had been carefully designed. The flowers and leaves were pieced together to form the innocent and pure face of little Zero.

Chen Xing really liked this garden!

Next to it was a small amusement park with a ferris wheel. Sitting on the ferris wheel, you could clearly see this smiling face in the garden. Perfect design, a perfect face!

After landing on the ground, Chen Xing smiled and asked: “Do you like it?”

“Yeah! I love you~” Zero climbed down from Chen Xing’s embrace again and quickly jogged over to the front of the gigantic mansion.

Turning around, she happily waved at him: “Chen Xing, come quickly! Our new home!”

Evidently, she had already forgotten about accidentally revealing herself earlier.

Chen Xing chuckled and briskly followed. Hand in hand, they stepped into the super-sized mansion!

As soon as they entered, Zero was once again captivated by the sight before her. From the ceiling, several meters high, many strings with twinkling star-shaped lights hung down.

At the end of each string was a photo of Zero and Chen Xing. All of them were snapshots captured from their live broadcasts online!

Of course, this was only at the entrance. The other areas were relatively simple, appearing spacious and bright. The couple’s theme was more reflected in small objects.

On the table were two cups, one with “Zero” written on it and the other with “Chen Xing.” On the couch were throw pillows, one with a picture of Zero and the other with a picture of Chen Xing.

The mansion had become so large that it needed directional signs. The words on the signs were filled with love:

For example: 【Chen Xing and Zero’s Private Tandem Bathroom: →】

【For Singles Only Restroom: ←】(This one is for San’er.)

San’er and Chen Xing were speechless!

What kind of crazy design was this!?

Tandem bathroom!? Holding hands while using the toilet!?

Without a decade of cerebral congestion, how could someone come up with this!

【Couple-Controlled Elevator: ↑】

【Single People, Please Take the Stairs: →】

【Couple’s Dual-Temperature Fire and Ice Hot Spring: →】

The name instantly caught Chen Xing’s attention.They must try it out at night…

But the name for the single-person hot spring was even cooler!

【Ultimate Luxury for Single Nobles – Private Suite with Independent Hot Spring!】

The name was indeed impressive, but what’s the use when I don’t even have a body anymore…. San’er coldly observed these directional signs from the system. He secretly decided: I’ll dismantle all this crap later! What a load of rubbish!

At the entrance, there was also a transportation machine, like the kind children play with, a small car. Conveniently designed for couples.

Although there were two seats, Chen Xing insisted on squeezing with Zero onto one seat. Just as they were about to start the car, a mechanical voice suddenly resounded in the spacious room: “Halt!”

Chen Xing and Zero turned toward the sound, and there stood a robot!

Its head was round, body chubby, arms unusually short, and eyes surprisingly tiny. Its head was as big as two basketballs combined, yet its eyes were as small as a soybean. Its nose and mouth… seemed to be drawn on.

Overall, its appearance was a bit hasty…

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