How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 159 – San’er And Yu Yu

Chen Xing immediately realized the seriousness of the situation.

Two Super Systems appearing in the same plane. What does this mean?

Normally, two hosts from the same plane would definitely fight to the death!

After all, there can only be one person at the top. No one is willing to be subservient to another!

Holding a Super System in hand and still being treated as second best? No way!

In simple terms, that person, Chen Xing must kill him.

Even if Chen Xing doesn’t kill him, he will come to kill Chen Xing. Two tigers cannot share one mountain!

Of course, unless there’s one male and one female.

But Chen Xing already has little Zero. So the chances of peaceful coexistence between them are also almost Zero…

“So, I’ve been exposed!?” Chen Xing’s eyes sharpened, his expression becoming increasingly serious.

Two Super Systems manifesting, but Chen Xing is already almost a semi-public figure. It’s highly likely that he has already been targeted!

And he doesn’t even know who the other Super System is. Chen Xing has no idea about the opponent’s current strength, the functions of their system, or whether they know that he also possesses a Super System. He is completely in the dark about these matters!

【 Uh… you’ve been exposed, but not completely…】

“What do you mean?”

【 Cough, haha, you’ll see for yourself. 】

After saying that, a system panel appeared: He immediately saw a message about Zero’s death!

His heart skipped a beat in fear, and he quickly turned to look at little Zero.


Zero was standing in front of the dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror, fixing her hair that Chen Xing had messed up earlier.

Chen Xing: =.=???

How did she heroically die in battle?

He soon understood what had happened. The outside world assumed that Chen Xing had died in the Forbidden Zone. Even if he didn’t die, after the Forbidden Zone was disconnected, it meant they could never return, which was no different from being dead.

However, this misunderstanding was actually beneficial for Chen Xing and Zero for the time being! This way, any potential exposure of the two of them was pushed back into the shadows.

They could continue observing, trying to identify the owner of the other Super System!

“Can you find out who removed your pinned message?”

The auction was scheduled to take place in two days. If they didn’t assess the opponent’s strength before that, the auction would surely encounter problems! What if, at the critical moment of the auction, the person revealed themselves and took away all their money? That would be disastrous.

【”I’ll give it a try.”】 Even San’er, who usually carries a nonchalant attitude, turned serious in this situation.

Unusually solemn, he spoke as he manipulated: 【But there’s no need to worry too much. The top ten on the system leaderboard, apart from me in the Spirit Continent, the others are in different planes. As long as my ranking is high, they’re all rubbish… hmph…”】

Chen Xing nodded, refraining from teasing him this time. He waited quietly as San’er searched for their enemy.

Meanwhile, little Zero was still looking at herself in the mirror: Um… would Chen Xing find me more attractive like this…

She then brushed her long hair behind her ear, exposing one side of her face. Hehe… this should work… let me show Chen Xing~

“Chen Xing?”

Noticing he had a troubled expression, Zero quickly walked over and leaned against him gently: “What’s wrong?”

Seeing her approaching, Chen Xing’s furrowed brow immediately relaxed. He gently lifted her up and, when he looked at her face, he noticed she had pinned up one side of her hair. It seemed to add a touch of… senior sister’s charm.

He chuckled softly, pinching her exposed cheek: “You look really good, truly befitting my wife.”

“Hehe… love you~”

Chen Xing gently patted her back: “By the way, Zero, the Spirit Continent currently believes that both of us are dead.”


As he spoke, a panel also appeared in front of Zero.

Her immediate reaction was to tell Su Su about it!

“Um… I can’t… I have to tell Su Su! Su Su must be really sad right now!”

She was wrong; Su Su wasn’t sad at the moment; because she had just fainted.

Chen Xing nodded: “Sure, let San’er help you.”

“Um… San’er, could you please…?”

【 Alright, I’ll establish a connection for you on the system. You can say that you’re in some location in the Spirit Continent, but don’t mention the Forbidden Zone. Otherwise, it might expose me.”】

“Okay! Thank you!”

Zero quickly composed a message: “Can I send it now?”

San’er: 【It’s ready. Go ahead.】

On the distant Spirit Continent…

Su Su had just awakened from unconsciousness. She lay on the sofa in the house opposite Chen Xing’s, just opening her eyes.

Upon seeing her awake, Lin Yuexi quickly advised her: “Su Su, have some water.”

Su Su shook her head numbly, her voice somewhat hoarse: “Never mind…”

Then, she stared blankly at the open space in front of her.

Seeing her in this state, Lin Yuexi sighed gently.

【Ding~ Your sweetheart Little Zero has sent a message: Would you like to view it?】



“Check! Check! Check it!”

It even left her stuttering in fear.

【Su Su~ I’m not dead yet~ hehe~ Don’t cry~(●ˇ?ˇ●)】


Su Su immediately requested a video call connection.

Inside the Forbidden Zone, Zero looked at the video call connection and asked: “Can we take the call?”

After all, it was about San’er, and if San’er was exposed, Chen Xing would definitely be in danger. Zero didn’t want him to be in danger, but she also really missed Su Su…

【Yes, you can.】

【Little Zero!!!】

As soon as the call connected, Su Su’s shouting came from the other end.

“Hehe~ Su Su~ I’m still alive and kicking! Don’t cry~(●ˇ?ˇ●)”

【Wuwa!!! Yuexi, it’s really Zero! Wuwa…】

Su Su was crying heartbreakingly.

And so, these two best friends began chatting.

Chen Xing didn’t bother listening; Su Su was too noisy, giving him a headache. He simply turned off the call sharing function.

He waited quietly for San’er.

San’er: 【Phew… I was startled!】

“What happened?”

【Luckily, it’s not a super system! Otherwise, it would have been troublesome! It’s someone from this world.】

“Oh? Someone from this world can interfere with you too?”

【Yes, I just casually dealt with it, so I was able to break through. I’ll reset it soon.】

“Alright. We’re going to have an auction in a couple of days, so don’t mess up again.”

【Don’t worry, I won’t.】

Spirit Continent, within the Network Management Department.

Inside a small dark room, in front of a computer-like machine, sat a girl with long hair. Sitting cross-legged in her chair, she placed a bag of potato chips between her legs.

One hand reached in, picked up a chip, and put it in her mouth. The chip crumbled between her teeth, making a “crunch” sound. Her gaze was absentmindedly fixed on the computer screen.

After a while, a soft voice sounded in the dark room: “It’s been so long, and there’s still no response? Could it be not working?”

“Sigh… I thought I finally found a worthy opponent…”

As soon as she finished speaking, several windows suddenly popped up on the screen. Each window was filled with a massive stream of information, overwhelming to the eyes.

However, her lips curled into a crazed smile!

“You’ve finally arrived! Where were you hiding!”

Her delicate fingers danced across the keyboard like playing a piano, tapping away. The windows and interfaces on the computer screen flickered across her glasses. Her eyes seemed to be glowing!

“So impressive!”

San’er: 【Quite impressive too!】

Two different worlds, one person, one system, simultaneously expressed their amazement!

But the girl, hailed as a genius master of network information management in the Hua Country, quickly found herself struggling.

However, there was no trace of disappointment on her face; instead, she smiled even more brightly. She was exhilarated!

She was so excited that she didn’t even notice when a chip fell to the floor due to her excessive movements.

There was no helping it; she had been at the peak for far too long. She rose to fame as soon as she entered the field, with no rivals. Encountering San’er now filled her with excitement, giving her goosebumps all over!

“So impressive! Who is this person?”


The computer suddenly made a sound.

Then a window popped up.


She was momentarily stunned, then ecstatic. It was a message from San’er!

【You’re quite impressive, but compared to me, you still have a long way to go. Hahaha…】

Full of mockery!

However, she didn’t mind at all. She immediately began typing a reply: “You managed to find my location, huh?”

【Piece of cake. Keep it low-profile. By the way, if you can break through this time’s top pin, I’ll give you my head. Gotta run, catch you never.】

“Wait a minute!”

Having finally encountered such a super expert, how could she just let them go?

San’er didn’t reply though.

But she also wasn’t giving up. She continued: “I think we can get to know each other. What’s your name? I’m Yu Yu.”

Of course, this was her nickname. Exchanging full names online on the first meeting would be too strange.

Then she waited quietly for San’er’s response. Muttering to herself: “He can’t really be ignoring me, right?”


The computer beeped again: 【Yu Yu!!! A girl!?】

“Um… Is this really important?”

【Very important!】

“Well… okay.”

【Cough! Hello, beautiful lady, I’m San’er!】


Chen Xing heard San’er’s constant giggling and was somewhat puzzled. “What are you doing? Laughing so lecherously.”

【Cough… It’s nothing. I’ve dealt with your matter. Don’t bother me. I’m busy with important stuff.】


Then, San’er was ignored, and Chen Xing turned his attention back to little Zero.

As the private channel had not yet been established, Chen Xing couldn’t send Chi Zi and the pair of food-loving youths out of the villa. So, he and Zero decided to stay in the villa for now.

A few hundred demons were also summoned by Chen Xing into the villa. He ordered them to build an outdoor swimming pool on the top floor, behind the cozy cabin that he and Zero loved.

Chen Xing and Zero spent their days tending to flowers, sprinkling water, and feeding animals. The days were quite pleasant.

Meanwhile, San’er had been surprisingly quiet these past few days. Chen Xing didn’t know what he was up to, but he didn’t bother asking.

The robotic butler, Little Tian, hardly disturbed Chen Xing and Zero. It usually focused on cleaning and slacking off, doing nothing much. If a day passed without Chen Xing and Zero showing up, it would shout from below to check if they were alive.

Chen Xing had initially wanted to invite little Zero to the hot springs, but the young lady adamantly refused. She was just too shy.

Chen Xing racked his brain trying to come up with a way to coax her, but eventually had to shelve the idea. However, he wouldn’t give up!

Giving little Zero a bath or something like that… No stopping now!

The swimming pool was almost finished, and swimsuits looked promising…

It was now only 10 hours away from the start of the auction.

Due to the time difference between Minghua Forbidden Zone and the world of the Spirit Continent, Chen Xing and Zero woke up, and it was already 7 PM in the Spirit Continent, a time when most people were free. At that moment, they would hold an unprecedented global grand auction!

While they were sleeping, San’er was still chatting with Yu Yu!

【Cough… There’s only ten hours left until my auction starts. I advise you not to cause trouble.】

“I won’t give up!”

【Well, if you fail, send me a picture of yourself. Hehe…】

“That’s not happening…”

Let’s give a shout-out to accounting here and summarize the current attributes:

【Spirit Points Balance: 2.869 billion! (This includes the two shameless days of life, blushing and heartbeat, kissing, and other daily tasks)】

【Crystal Coin Balance: 5.282 billion 820.88 thousand! (Also includes daily tasks.)】

【Master Points: 35,500】

【Sweetness Points: Depending on mood…】

【Attribute Bonuses (excluding Minghua City bonuses): Strength: +730%, Speed: +730, Reaction: +745% ,Luck: +20% (+50% within Minghua City)】

【Special Attribute Bonuses: Hardness: +30%, Endurance: +50%】

Unfortunately, these special attribute bonuses… couldn’t be used!

For example, right now… little Zero was in his embrace, seemingly having a pleasant dream. Her body was restless, kicking her feet and flailing her arms. She rubbed against him, arousing a reaction from him.

He could only close his eyes in despair… Clear your mind… clear your mind… and clear it again!

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