How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 161 – Global Auction

The auction hall’s accounts were all held by big shots. They had seen all sorts of scenes, so they remained relatively calm.

However, the spectator hall exploded into a frenzy. Bullet comments were flying:

“Starting at five hundred billion? Just for this junk car?”

“I don’t understand the world of rich people.”

“Everyone here is just talking nonsense. Do you even know what an anti-gravity device is?”


For a moment, the discussion was heated.

At this moment, an account from the Mi Country spoke up: “May I ask how you guarantee the fairness of this auction?”

“After the auction, how can we ensure the delivery?”

What a clever person.

Given his boldness, San’er responded with three large characters: 【If you don’t believe, then get lost.】

【User XXX from the Mi Country has been removed from the auction hall.】


Everyone was shocked.

One word: audacious!

Two words: damn audacious!

But no one doubted San’er. In everyone’s hearts, he had already risen to the level of a deity.

What had he been up to this past month? First, he introduced the anti-gravity racing car out of nowhere. Then, he forced all nations to comply and pinned the auction at the top! Initiating a global live broadcast room! Forcibly inspecting properties! Kicking out the capital magnate!

Any one of these events was enough to keep people talking excitedly for a while. Someone who could accomplish all these things didn’t need to go through so much trouble to deceive them.

【Does anyone have any more questions? If not, let’s begin.】

Chen Xing watched all of this with a fun smile on his face.

Truly worthy of being San’er; if it were him, he would have also kicked that person out directly.

As the words fell, a number floated above an account in the auction hall. Simultaneously, a broadcast announcement with a system voice sounded:

Hua Country-Chengming (Conglomerate Abbreviation): “51 billion.”

The first to make a move was one of the renowned conglomerates of Hua Country.

The broadcast was specially selected by San’er, a sweet female voice. Then, the system broadcast voice resounded once again: Mi Country-Vokol (Vokol Transportation Corporation): “52 billion.”

This was a powerful transportation industry consortium from the Mi Country. Their production of various types of transportation machinery was highly advanced, sold worldwide.

Ying Country – Westeo Wangba: “53 billion.”

This is the most powerful consortium in the Ying Country, specializing in research on combat equipment for Spirit Masters and Spirit Users. Their produced combat equipment for Spirit Users is widely popular on a global scale.

For example, highly durable material combat suits. Special ammunition for gun-type Spirit Users. High-speed motion analysis goggles.

Similarly, their industries are spread across the globe. At the same time, they dominate the domestic market and have formed a unique monopoly. They possess extremely strong capabilities. Their research abilities are also quite terrifying!

Ying Country- Chitamad: “54 billion.”

The numbers continued to rise, increasing by tens of billions.

Many people in the spectator hall were left astounded. Not to mention tens of billions, even one billion was an amount many had never seen in their lifetime!

At this moment, discussions about the ultimate ownership of this century-crossing anti-gravity racing car had also started. Most people believed that it would ultimately end up in the hands of either Hua Country or the Mi Country.

In just a few minutes, the auction price had risen to a 100 billion. However, the number of bidders had decreased significantly!

Chen Xing frowned upon seeing this and asked, “Aren’t there not many people left?”

But San’er didn’t mind: 【Rest assured, it will at least reach my estimated value.】

【This is not only competition between these conglomerates but also competition between nations.】

【The anti-gravity device can be applied to transportation, weapons, large-scale weaponry, and more. Gaining ownership of this device would greatly enhance a country’s strength.】

【Trust me, in the end, the government will definitely step in with banks getting involved! When substantial loans are offered, that will be the real show!】


Naturally, Chen Xing also considered all of this; he was just impatient!

Once the gold coins were in place, he would directly solve the system issue for Zero. Of course, solving the little darling’s problem was the top priority.

Then, he would upgrade the business technology module and establish the future factory!

Take off directly!

Once the future factory was built, Chen Xing could lie down and earn money every day. Sitting and making money, no problem.

It would be a piece of cake to upgrade Zero! Then the two of them could start living their shameless retired life without any worries, endlessly happy.

His plan sounded really good, at least in his thoughts.

While he was daydreaming, the price of the Lightwind Sports Car had already reached 130 billion!

By this time, many conglomerates had already withdrawn from the competition. They were well aware that obtaining the anti-gravity device would undoubtedly require a massive amount of capital for research. It might even take several years of research without any clear results.

They didn’t dare to go all-in.

Thus, only ten powerful conglomerates remained in the competition. Five from Hua Country, four from the Mi Country, and one from the Ying Country.

A smile had already appeared at the corners of Chen Xing’s mouth.

Faster! Raise the bid as high as possible!

Just at that moment: “Umm…”

Zero, who had taken a nap and was now well-rested, woke up!

“Chen Xing~” The first thing she did upon waking up was, of course, to hug him!

Whenever she woke up, Chen Xing couldn’t help but smile. This expression was beyond his control. It was quite miraculous how his mouth would naturally curl into a smile.

While smiling, he gently lifted her up like a little cat and brought her in front of him.

“Umm…” Zero, still a bit groggy from sleep, hadn’t fully opened her eyes yet.

She looked drowsy, and Chen Xing directly gave her a firm kiss on her forehead. Then, he wanted to kiss her on the lips.

“Umm… not now, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet…” Zero half-opened her eyes, sleepily reaching up to his face.

Chen Xing chuckled softly, “Alright, I’ll kiss you after you brush your teeth.”

With her eyes still half-closed, Zero’s lips curved into a smile, “Even after brushing my teeth, I won’t let you kiss me~ hehe…”

【The national bank has intervened!】

San’er suddenly spoke up.

“Oh? Which country?” Zero was awake, so Chen Xing directly voiced the question.

【The Ying Country!】

Chen Xing glanced at the auction. The price had already reached 150 billion. It had reached San’er’s estimated value.

But the price was still rising!

With just 100 billion more, Chen Xing could opt for the upgrade package. The Elf Twin upgrade, San’er’s Highest Authority Upgrade which was required for fixing Zero’s system, and the business technology module. Everything could be upgraded! He hadn’t expected the Lightwind Sports Car to be in such high demand.

“Um… what are you guys talking about?” Little Zero snuggled back into Chen Xing’s embrace, as she usually did in the morning.

“We’re having an auction. Do you want to watch?”

“Yes! Yes~ Hehe…”

After that, the system panel appeared in front of Zero. However, after watching for a while, she found it boring.

“I want to go brush my teeth~”

“I’ll carry you.”

“Um… no need, I’ll go by myself, you focus on your things.” Saying that, she left Chen Xing’s embrace, barefoot, and pitter-pattered her way into the bathroom.

【The Mi Country has also joined in!】

Chen Xing looked closely. Among the bidders left in the auction, there were only four accounts. Two from Hua Country: Chengming, Chen Clan. The Mi Country’s Vokol , and the Ying Country’s Westeo Wangba. Both the Mi Country and the Ying Country’s conglomerates had the backing of their respective countries.

The price had now reached 190 billion!

By this point, even Chen Clan had stopped bidding. Only Chengming remained.

The price quickly reached 200 billion!

Mi Country: 201 billion!

Ying Country: 202 billion!

Mi Country: 203 billion!

Ying Country: 204 billion!

Only 46 billion more to go.

Chen Xing’s heart also started to race.

The Hua Country accounts hadn’t spoken for quite a while! The online community quickly exploded.

Mi Country Account XX: “Is Hua Country backing down? A superpower? Is this all they’ve got?”

Ying Country Account XX: “No way, no way. Such a huge country, can’t they find a consortium to rival Westeo Wangba?”

Accounts from other countries: “Isn’t the Ying Country supposed to be the Mi Country’s lapdog? Why are they so aggressive today? Daring to challenge the master?”

“Yeah, these two are really going at it!”

“But who would have thought that Hua Country would actually give up?”

As this conversation unfolded, the spotlight once again turned to Hua Country. Mocking voices from various countries filled the air.

The chairman of Chengming Consortium, looking at the competition between the Mi Country and the Ying Country in the auction hall, felt a sense of helplessness deep within. With both of these entities backed by their national banks, how could he compete?

“Has there been any message from higher-ups?” He asked his subordinate beside him.

The person shook his head: “Not yet.”

The chairman sighed. Without a directive from the government and without loans from the bank, he couldn’t afford to gamble. Even if he managed to buy the anti-gravity device at the auction, he would still need a significant amount of funds for research.

The two conglomerates from the Mi Country and the Ying Country must have received approval from their respective governments before being this audacious. But he hadn’t, and if the bank didn’t lend him money, it wouldn’t just be him affected. Tens of thousands of people would lose their jobs.

Just as he felt helpless: The leader of the Mi Country was requesting a call with the leader of the Ying Country. He was planning to use the same old trick, urging the Ying Country to back off and offering an empty promise. He promised that once the research was completed, they would give the anti-gravity device to the Ying Country for free.

During the call: The leader of the Ying Country, like a dog, was groveling to the leader of the Mi Country.

Soon, the two reached an agreement. They decided that the anti-gravity device would first go to the Mi Country and then be given to the Ying Country.

After ending the call, the leader of the Mi Country sneered: “Once it’s used up, we’ll turn it into garbage and then give it to you!”

After this collusion between the two, the auction price remained at: 209 billion!

The Mi Country made the final bid. The Ying Country didn’t counter-bid.

Half a minute passed.

The Ying Country still didn’t counter-bid!

Barrage in the spectator hall:

“Hahaha! As expected, the Mi Country is awesome!”

“Tsk… why not counter-bid? It’s just 209 billion! At least make it a round number!”

This statement made it sound like they had so much money.

“I guessed it right, it’s still the Mi Country, sigh.”

Seeing this, Chen Xing nodded. It was already good enough; at least the future factory and the crystal coins for upgrading San’er were secured! With the future factory in place, upgrading Zero was also just around the corner.

San’er also spoke up: 【 It’s about done. I just didn’t expect that Hua Country wouldn’t make a move. 】

【 The Mi Country has bid 209 billion. Does anyone want to bid higher? 】

San’er asked in the broadcast again.

Half a minute later.


A crisp tapping sound reverberated in everyone’s minds.

It startled everyone.

Then San’er’s voice echoed in their minds, and in the computers of those watching through electronic screens: “209 billion, first time!”

“209 billion, second time!”

“209 billion…”

Suddenly, a number appeared in the auction hall: “220 billion!”

An immediate increase of 11 billion.

Everyone was stunned! All eyes turned to that account name: Hua Country-Chengming!

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