How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 163 – Spirit System Girl

【 Ding~ Initiating the Upgrade System’s Highest Authority! 10 Billion Spirit Points will be deducted. Do you agree? 】


【 Agree! 】

Both of them said in unison, showing how excited they were! After staying in the dark for so long, is San’er finally coming out?

【 Ding~ Deduction of 10 billion Spirit Points successful! 】

【 Spirit Points Balance: 31,871,950,000, crystal coins Balance: 5,288,820,000 】

【 Oh wow! Here… 】

San’er’s voice abruptly stopped!

It was replaced by the mechanized voice of the system:

【 Upgrading in progress! Estimated time: 5 minutes! 】

The room suddenly fell silent.

“Um… is San’er about to come out?” Zero was also very happy.

San’er was Chen Xing’s only good friend before. She knew he had always hoped for him to come out.

“Yeah! He’s coming out soon.” Chen Xing pinched her little face with a smile on his face.

“Um… don’t pinch my face…” While saying that, Zero extended her own little hand and climbed onto his face.

“Hehe~” (●ˇ?ˇ●)

The two of them played around while waiting for San’er.

【 Haha! 】

San’er suddenly burst into laughter.

Both Chen Xing and Zero were delighted!

【 The Emperor has returned!!! 】

After a loud shout, the system panel appeared:

【 Restoring human form… 】

Chen Xing and Zero didn’t dare to speak, quietly anticipating San’er’s arrival.

【 Here I am, here I am~ Oh hohoho~ 】

San’er’s arrogant laughter resounded once again.

He hadn’t been this happy even when he transformed in the Assassin Star Dimension. It was no wonder, especially after coming with Chen Xing to the Spirit Continent. Every day, he was fed dog food through the system, all while sending money.

What kind of person would design such a program!?

The feeling was just too bittersweet… It even made him want to fall in love!

He had already decided that after taking human form, he would go find that Yu Yu… Hehe…

And then he would conquer Zero’s Spirit System!

One by one! Left hand, right hand, in slow motion! Really good!

Lost in his thoughts, he chuckled in a somewhat lecherous manner: 【 Hehehe… 】


A red exclamation mark appeared before Chen Xing and Zero: 【 Ding! Restoration failed, Dog Food Warehouse quantity does not meet the standard 】

San’er’s laughter abruptly stopped!


【 Huh?!】

【 Conditions for Restoring Human Form: Condition One: 10 Billion Spirit Points (Achieved!) Condition Two: Sweetness Points, accumulated to 1 Billion! (Not achieved! Currently at 125,000) 】

【 Sweetness Points Balance: 25,000! Please continue working hard on earning dog food. 】

San’er: ???

【I hate you¥%…@¥!】

【Damn! 】

These are the new rules after the system upgrade. Previously on the Assassin Star, Chen Xing had upgraded San’er to full level, and he had directly completed his transformation.

In this world…

Thinking of running before having enough dog food? Stay in the dark room!

Zero tugged on Chen Xing’s hand: “Ah… San’er is so pitiful…”

Chen Xing helplessly chuckled and pinched her seemingly boneless little hand: “It’s fate… he must have done something terrible in his previous life.”

San’er: ???

【 I bet you’ll come back as a dog in your next life for sure! 】

“Kekeke…” Their banter amused Zero.

Chen Xing gently kissed her: “Why are you laughing? If I become a dog in my next life, would you want to be my little puppy?”

“Um…!?” Zero’s face turned red in an instant!

【 Sweetness Points +10,000! 】

She stammered: “I… I wouldn’t want to~ Hmph…”

Chen Xing laughed heartily and pinched her small face: “So, you don’t want me anymore?”

“Um… I do~ I want to be your owner~ Hehe! That way, I can sleep with you every day!”

【 Sweetness Points +1,000! 】

Chen Xing raised an eyebrow as he looked at the accumulating Sweetness Points: “Seems like you’re having fun, huh?”

San’er: 【 … 】

【 Wait a minute, I’ll look through the system to see what punishment will be for killing the host. You scoundrel… 】

Chen Xing laughed and continued: “Can you fix Zero’s system now?”

【 Yes! Although I haven’t transformed, I already have the authority. 】

“Then go ahead.”

【 Sure, let me take a look at what’s wrong with this Spirit System girl, hehe… 】

Zero had a bad feeling when she heard him chuckle in such a lecherous manner: “Um… you’re not allowed to do anything strange to her!”

After all, the system had accompanied her for years. It might not have feelings, but she did!

【 Cough… What are you thinking? I’m a decent person! 】

【 Just going in quietly and coming out quietly… hehe… 】

At this moment, Zero’s Spirit System suddenly spoke: 【 Scram. 】

Everyone was momentarily stunned.

San’er chimed in lecherously again: 【 Hehe… I’m coming in… hold on a moment, it’ll be quick. 】

Chen Xing: =.= There’s no hope for this guy.

Zero, on the other hand, innocently comforted her Spirit System: “Miss, he’ll be quick, don’t be afraid~”

Spirit System:【 … 】

San’er: Your husband is quick!

The next moment, San’er suddenly turned serious:

【 Enough with the fuss, I’m here. I advise you not to resist. I won’t take responsibility for any problems. 】

This was directed at Zero’s Spirit System.

But the Spirit System didn’t respond. Seeing her silence, San’er assumed it was acquiescence and just entered directly.

The room fell silent again. Zero and Chen Xing both held their breath, waiting quietly, afraid to make a sound.

Inside the Spirit System’s space…

It was a dark space where nothing could be seen.

A black-haired young man walked through this system space expressionlessly. His face appeared somewhat weary, his height was around 178 cm, and his physique was rather… weak. He seemed a bit sickly, looking like a timid boy next door who was constantly bullied.

Chen Xing hadn’t expected that his flirtatious system would transform into this appearance.

That’s right, this was San’er’s appearance after transformation. However, at this moment, he was just a data flow taking form within the Spirit System. It wasn’t a true transformation, not a complete one.

San’er looked around in this dark space, slowly making his way forward.

He had been here before, but the endpoint of this path was a closed door. That door led to the core of the Spirit System! He didn’t have permission to enter that secret place.

But today, he did.

However, there was no trace of happiness on his face. He didn’t know what awaited him behind that door! What kind of secrets were hidden behind this peculiar system? It could actually transform Zero’s system into one that could open passage to other dimensions! What kind of methods could achieve such a feat?

In all honesty, he even suspected that it was the work of the people from the Sanjiu Zero Super System Company. However, there were many doubts as well.

Why choose Zero? Why parasitize on the Spirit System? Why not just create a super system directly? What was the purpose of doing this? Did this really align with the company’s regulations?

Of course, what he feared most was that behind the door was a super ugly woman. That would be really disappointing.

After all, her voice sounded like that of an older sister…

San’er had been looking forward to this for a long time!

Finally, he arrived in front of that door. It was a massive black door, covered in various streams of data. These streams of data emitted a faint blue light, intertwining into thick chains. These chains tightly bound the door. All of these were restrictive programs. San’er had been unable to bypass them before.

The somewhat feeble San’er looked at the large door before him and murmured softly: 【 I hope it’s not some kind of monster…】

Then, he closed his eyes.

From his frail body, a stream of program data with a green light suddenly emerged. It flew out of his body, heading toward a chain of data on the door. The green data stream merged into the blue data stream.

The chain formed by the blue data stream suddenly burst into light!

However, after the light flashed, the color of the chain gradually dimmed. Finally, it disappeared entirely.


San’er saw that the method was working. Soon, multiple streams of green data emerged from his body.

The entire dark space was illuminated with a vibrant green…

The green data streams all flew toward the massive door. Each green data stream corresponded to a paired blue program data stream.

Suddenly, a brilliant light erupted! It was so blinding that San’er couldn’t keep his eyes open.

A few seconds later.


All the program data chains on the door vanished!

The door slowly swung open on its own.

A smile appeared on San’er’s face: 【 Hello~ 】

The melodious voice of an older sister suddenly came from within the door. The voice was without emotion, cold and devoid of warmth: 【 Close your dog eyes. If you dare to take a look, I’ll kill you! 】

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