How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 166 – Are You Trying To Steal My Wife?!

After someone ran out and saw that there was no one in the courtyard, he reached the front gate.

In an instant, he spotted little Zero!

The subsequent scenes showed carrying the baby into the orphanage and raising her there. It depicted little Zero’s childhood and the events that unfolded after her awakening.

Chen Xing finally reviewed Zero’s entire past.

It was indeed true that even when she fell down, no one dared to help her. Even old grandmothers get help when they fall, but no one dared to assist Zero! Because Su Su was truly overbearing.

However, Chen Xing also took note of all those people involved. In the future, if there’s a chance to meet them…

Suddenly, Chu Jiu’s voice resounded. The following scenes would depict the moment Chen Xing and Zero met, but she felt no need to see that part again.

Chen Xing nodded, about to say they could stop.

But then little Zero spoke up: “Um… I want to watch~” (●ˇ?ˇ●)

After all, these were her memories with Chen Xing. It was like watching a movie, and she wanted to revisit those moments.

Chu Jiu obediently continued the playback.

Little Zero was all smiles throughout the entire sequence.

Chen Xing was also smiling the whole time.

However, there were a few moments with gaps in the middle.

Yes, those were the parts where they first attempted the “Embrace of the Demon” on the sofa, embracing each other naked. That scene was too intimate, so Chu Jiu skipped over it.

Soon, they watched from the moment they met to the present. After all, the time of their meeting wasn’t very long, and they used fast-forward.

“Who is that man?”

Chen Xing still found it hard to believe that he was his future father-in-law. How could someone be so peculiar?

【 He’s Chu Jiu’s creator! 】

Before Chu Jiu could respond, San’er interjected. He was quite familiar with this person!

【 This person is a genius creator from our dimension! When he was young, he was on par with Sanjiu Zero! 】

【 However, he only liked creating weapon systems. He seemed to be obsessed with all sorts of weapons. 】

【 But the limitations of weapon systems are too great. So, later on, Sanjiu Ling became the company’s owner. 】

【 And he became a creator with a bit of reputation. 】

【 Until one day… he created Chu Jiu! And he claimed it to be the number one weapon system that could top the rankings! 】

【 But for some reason, all nine of Chu Jiu’s previous hosts died prematurely. 】

【 This prevented Chu Jiu’s ranking from ever rising. Nevertheless, she still ranks in the top 20! 】

Listening to this, Chu Jiu was somewhat puzzled:

< All nine of my previous hosts died? >

She had no memories of those other nine dimensions.

Regarding the memories of the system dimension, she only remembered waking up to see her creator and then having her dimensional memories wiped before being thrown into another dimension. Her master hadn’t told her anything.



Chu Jiu fell silent because she couldn’t remember anything.

San’er directly accessed Chu Jiu’s information:

【Name: Chu Jiu. Time of Death: Unknown, Age at Death: Unknown, System Age: 25, Creator: Qitian, System Ranking: 20】

Chen Xing frowned as he looked at the panel, lost in thought.

How did the previous hosts of Chu Jiu die? Why did Zero’s father place the system within his own daughter? And why did he abandon her at an orphanage? Why that specific orphanage and not somewhere else?

All of this was a mystery!

However, there was one thing that seemed certain. The relationship between Chu Jiu and Zero was evidently not as simple as that of a system and its host.

Zero wouldn’t meet a similarly bizarre fate as Chu Jiu’s previous hosts.

Her father had made it clear: “Child, I’ve staked my life’s efforts on you!”

He wouldn’t easily allow his precious daughter to die. However, his true intentions remained unclear.

They could only wait for the right time and ask him directly. Who knows, maybe he would do it at their wedding?

Chen Xing believed that he was surely watching them from somewhere.

Suddenly, this thought made him feel a bit odd. What about the times when he and Zero would be trying to conceive? Should he shout to the sky: “Respected Father-in-Law, we’re going to make babies! Could you please not watch?”

If San’er knew what Chen Xing was thinking right now, he’d probably be speechless.

While everyone was silent, Chu Jiu’s pleasant voice sounded again:

“No, we can’t.”

Until many things were confirmed, Chen Xing wouldn’t take any risks!

Upon being rejected by Chen Xing, Chu Jiu didn’t get angry. Her tone remained calm:

Previously, due to the restriction of the door, Chu Jiu couldn’t speak frequently. Now that the restriction of the door was gone, she realized there wasn’t much to say.

Chen Xing appreciated her personality a lot. Unlike San’er, who talks nonsense!

When Chu Jiu stopped chatting, San’er quickly spoke up:

【 Don’t go, Chu Jiu, let me chat with you! 】

【 Okay! I’m going in now! 】

Chen Xing rolled his eyes helplessly: “Where are you going? You haven’t finished your work yet!”

【 Uh… 】 San’er was so carried away by his intentions that he even forgot about upgrading the business technology module and little Zero.

【Ding~ Upgrade Business Technology Module! Requires 10 billion Spirit Points! Upgrade now?】


【Ding~ Deducting 10 billion Spirit Points! Upgrading in progress: Estimated time 5 hours!】

【Spirit Points Balance: 21,871,950,000, Crystal Coin Balance: 5,285,882,000】

Chen Xing nodded and then looked at little Zero in his arms: “Zero? Should we upgrade now?”

Little Zero nodded gently in his arms: “Sure! Upgrading will make me stronger! Hehe!”

Chen Xing smiled and nodded: Upgrading will bring double happiness!

Then, the voice of the Spirit System sounded:

【Initiating Star Upgrading, requires 5 billion Spirit Points! Do you wish to proceed with the upgrade?】

It sounded exactly like Chu Jiu’s voice!

But upon careful listening, there was a difference. Although Chu Jiu’s voice was also cold, it sounded like a human speaking. The voice of the Spirit System, on the other hand, sounded robotic and lacked human warmth.

Now it was little Zero’s turn to speak, and she happily said: “Yes!”

【Successfully deducted 5 billion Spirit Points!】

【Spirit Points Balance: 16,871,950,000, Crystal Coin Balance: 5,285,882,000!】

Spirit System:【Upgrade in progress, please wait!】

“Hehe…” Zero raised her head and looked at Chen Xing with joy.

He smiled and was about to lean in for a kiss!

Suddenly, the Spirit System sounded again: 【Upgrade complete!】


Zero disappeared again.

The next moment,


The entire Minghua City began to shake violently!

Just like last time.

Summoning a dimensional plane!

Lord Dian’er was rolling on the ground, and suddenly, during the earthquake, he bounced up with a “der~” sound!

He spun in the air, turned around, and shouted: “Earthquake! Wives, don’t be afraid! I’ll protect you!”

But he found that all his wives on the ground were gone! Only a black void remained!

“Huh? Damn it! Where are my wives?”

That’s the random dimensional void that appears when summoning a plane. Random! I swear, it’s really random.

But by chance, last time it was his son who fell in. This time, it’s his eleven wives!

Originally, the weather was good today. He wanted to take his wives out for a trip to ease the painful feeling of losing his beloved son. And then with a “snap,” they were all gone!

A tragedy of epic proportions…

After landing, he quickly rushed toward the dimensional void.


The dimensional void had just disappeared…


Lord Dian’er let out a despairing roar: “Why is it always me?”

Not just Minghua City!

All the forbidden zones within the borders of Hua Country, the entire country, started to shake. Just like when Zero summoned the Demon Dimension last time. A nationwide earthquake!

Once again, it terrified the officials from the National Seismic Bureau!

“What’s happening! Why is there another nationwide earthquake!”

The map of Hua Country’s territory turned red again.

“Could this really be the end this time!?”

Meanwhile, the Supernovas training within the S-rank forbidden zones also felt the unusual tremors.

When Zero suddenly disappeared, Chen Xing was a bit anxious, but not as panicked as last time.

After all, it was the second time. He had some experience.

After a while, the earthquake stopped.

Chen Xing’s heart suddenly tightened, mixed with a sense of anticipation. He couldn’t help but excitedly rub his hands together.

Suddenly, without warning, Chu Jiu let out a heart-rending scream:

Her piercing scream startled both Chen Xing and San’er.

“What’s wrong!?”

【Chu Jiu!?】

He immediately entered the Spirit System!

Inside the system space, her expression twisted in agony, appearing extremely pained.

Chen Xing started to panic!

“Zero!? Where are you?”

“Zero!” He began shouting Zero’s name.

Suddenly, Chu Jiu stopped her horrifying scream. From within the system, Chen Xing saw that Chu Jiu had fallen into unconsciousness!

In the next moment, San’er saw a chain on Chu Jiu’s body suddenly snap.

At the same time, Chen Xing’s surroundings blurred!


A demon suddenly appeared in front of Chen Xing.

With one glance, Chen Xing confirmed that the demon before him was not Zero!

Moreover, the demon’s armor was different from the demon armor worn by other male demons. He was wearing the kind of armor that Chen Xing took on after releasing the Demon Embrace.

Chen Xing immediately realized.

Demon King!

The other demons had said that Zero was a summoner, capable of summoning the Demon King!

Chen Xing had always been uncertain whether he truly was. After all, his Demon King form only lasted for three minutes; it could very well be a counterfeit. This person before his eyes…

Could he be the Demon King summoned by Zero after her upgrade!?

Regardless of who he was!

“Are you trying to steal my wife?”

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