How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 195 – Splatterfest

Along with his exclamation “Ugh!”


The dissected bug legs, bug wings, bug body in his hand, as well as the yellow sauce, all of it was ejected from his mouth as he threw his head back!

The sensation of weightlessness caused by the cliff-jumping car made him vomit even more violently.

Meanwhile, the demons behind him were in the midst of yelling and laughing, mouths wide open.

Everyone had a share, not a single one was spared, one person, one mouth! Everything splattered on their faces!

A demon could only watch as Nameless vomited, “What the hell!?”


In the brief moment of confusion, that vomit had already poured into his own mouth. A mouthful of it.

Instantly, his stomach was in turmoil like a surging river and sea!


Another demon’s vomiting sound echoed!


A mixture of a lot of liquid, along with some personal extras, spurted out!

Do you remember how much a demon can eat in one meal? How much can he vomit, can you even imagine?

That torrent, like a waterfall, was spectacular beyond compare!

It not only reached every demon behind Nameless but also all the way behind them.

As the relative speed was quite fast, the waterfall hit everyone, producing a “smack smack” sound!

Afterward, the vomiting seemed contagious. Most of the demons started vomiting one after another.

The hundred-meter-long cliff-jumping car had every demon, in an instant, splashed with that unidentified projectile!

Almost every demon had the fortune to taste that flavor. A luxurious feast, consuming thousands of ingredients in one meal.

The farther back, the worse it got. Their mouths contained vomit from who knows how many people. The flavors were mixed together. It was truly… hard to describe.

Even little Zero was bewildered by it!

Several demons vomiting simultaneously, their field of vision was completely obscured by the deluge of projectiles!

Even the demons on the ground, who were observing, wore perplexed expressions.

“What the hell!? What’s going on?”

“What is that!?”

The yellow deluge fell from the sky, like rain, drenching the earth.

Pedestrians on the ground were caught off guard! What happened?

From a distance, on top of the hundred-meter-long cliff-jumping car, there was a hundred-meter-long stream of yellow liquid! It didn’t look like vomit but rather more like a collective spattering!

“What the hell is that!?”

That stream of projectile vomit, after passing through row after row, constantly shifting backward in relation.

After feeding one demon after another, all the leftovers splattered onto their bodies, their faces, and in their mouths. Their squinting eyes couldn’t open at all!

“What the hell… what’s that smell!?”

“Who splattered this?” A staff member who was energetically pedaling the pedal angrily shouted.

The people around: ???

As soon as this statement was made, even San’er couldn’t hold back anymore!


“What the hell! Ugh!”

So, all the staff members’ stomachs churned! They simultaneously vomited.

“Me! #%@!¥!@”


After a dry heave, Nameless realized there was nothing left to vomit. He slumped in his seat, looking at Chen Xing and Zero with a sense of desolation.

Then he hurriedly lowered his head to look at his own body. Fortunately, he had sprayed vigorously enough that he didn’t vomit on himself. Or it would’ve been awkward.

But soon, he remembered something even more embarrassing!

He quickly turned his head back. This look left him stunned.

All the demon folk had turned yellow, covered in an unknown liquid and those “personal extras.” Everyone’s expression was one of blankness. …O__O…???

Seeing this, he couldn’t help but dry heave again at the sight of those demons behind him, “Ugh…”


Scared, they quickly extended their hands to shield themselves!

“M! More coming!?”

“Cough…” Nameless coughed awkwardly and said: “Enough, enough, I’m really sorry, everyone…”

After saying this apology, he realized…

Apologies didn’t do much good.

The gazes of those demons seemed as if they could kill a person. They were ready to tear him to shreds!

No matter how he tried to make amends, could he rectify this situation?

Nameless’s only relief was that the cliff-jumping car was still accelerating on the track. They wouldn’t dare to come up and butcher him now.

Quickly turning his head, he contemplated how to escape later. While also feeling relieved in his heart: It’s fortunate I didn’t get any of that disgusting stuff on me, that’s not bad at all!

As he turned back, he saw once again in front of him, the female demon beside Chen Xing and Zero was turning around to look.

The terrified and conflicted expression in her eyes made Nameless suddenly have a bad premonition!

But she kept her mouth covered the whole time, struggling to hold it in!

Nameless was a bit afraid and said: “Big sister! You damn well better hold it in for me!”

At this moment, the cliff-jumping car had just reached the edge of the cliff.


The car suddenly shook, and this jolt directly broke her defenses!


That waterfall-like torrent burst forth directly. In Nameless’s eyes of despair, everything was sprayed on him.

The force of the liquid’s impact was strong. It stung when it hit the face!

The range of the spray was extensive, it even reached little Zero and Chen Xing.

However, with Chen Xing’s abnormal reaction speed, of course, he quickly realized. He wasn’t buckled up, so he suddenly stomped hard!


Detaching from the cliff-jumping car, he flew into the air.

But… the cliff-jumping car was originally in the air.

Thus, Chen Xing’s foot sent the hundred-meter-long cliff-jumping car straight into the abyss. Everyone in the car raised their heads with question marks, gazing at the person in the sky.


At this point, they were all buckled up, and the seatbelts couldn’t be unfastened while the car was in motion.

But they all remembered Chen Xing’s appearance!

They also remembered Nameless’s appearance.

Although the cliff-jumping car was terrifying and could easily turn into a falling car, it wasn’t lethal. After all, the car was full of demons with a power of a million units.

Furthermore, while the cliff was wide, it wasn’t very deep, just pitch black. So, it appeared scarier than it actually was.

At this point, Chen Xing had already landed at the edge of the cliff, holding onto little Zero. From within the cliff, there were terrifying screams.


A bit fearfully, little Zero shouted: “Husband…”

Chen Xing gently patted her back, comforting her: “It’s okay, everyone’s body is tough, they won’t die.”

“Mmm… okay.”

“But… did we do something wrong…” Little Zero felt a bit guilty. She thought to herself: If it weren’t for what she and Chen Xing had said, this kind of comedy…disaster probably wouldn’t have happened.

Chen Xing was about to say something when a thunderous roar suddenly came from the bottom of the cliff.


The cliff-jumping car hit the ground!

Clanking parts, the cries and screams of the demons echoed not only throughout the entire cliff. Even the entire amusement park could hear it!

Chen Xing and little Zero stood at the edge of the cliff, unable to see what was happening below. However, they could hear the sounds gradually diminishing. Everyone seemed to be calming down.

Suddenly, a sharp voice echoed!

“Kill her! She’s the first one who puked!”

And at this moment, a demon picked up a large ball from the ground. Dazedly, they looked at the piece of lump and the fleeing figure of Nameless.

Instantly, they realized: “He’s a guy! The boobs are fake! Chase after him! Kill him! This bastard!”

All the demons shot out simultaneously, pursuing the escaping Nameless!

Nameless sprinted desperately, his heart full of despair: Damn you, Chen Xing! You bastard! Just wait for me!

He looked helplessly at himself, covered in the vomit of the dear demon from before. A wave of nausea hit him!

But he had nothing left to throw up.

Today, Chen Xing had made him vomit twice!

“Stop! I’m going to kill you!” The hysteric succubus behind him was almost going insane.

How could Nameless dare to stop? He didn’t even dare to turn his head because it was so disgusting! All the demons had turned into little yellow people!

As he ran, he felt a bit obstructed by the remaining ball on his chest. He reached into his collar and took it off, tossing it aside.


It happened to hit a demon behind him!

“Damn! There are hidden weapons too! Despicable scoundrel!”

“Kill him!!!”


“Don’t run! @#”

Nameless shouted in a tearful manner: “This really isn’t my fault!”

Chen Xing listened to Nameless’s desperate wails from the top of the cliff and innocently shrugged: “It’s not really my fault either…”

He held little Zero and prepared to escape.

“Mmm… it’s probably still my fault…” Little Zero’s face was full of guilt.

Seeing this, Chen Xing quickly comforted her: “No, it’s not your fault, why would it be your fault?”

“Mmm… then whose fault is it…”

Chen Xing hugged her earnestly and said: “Blame San’er…”

San’er: 【???】

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