How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 198 – Transgender Demon

Everyone looked at Chen Xing in astonishment.

The Queen inviting someone to watch the battle with her!? This was the first time!

Thousand Moonflower Queen would recruit 1-3 attendants every month. The frequency was quite high.

However, whenever she watched a battle, she would always do so quietly. Throughout the process, she hardly said a word. Not to mention inviting others, even her personal attendants had to keep their distance. Yet today, she suddenly invited someone to watch with her!

People sized up Chen Xing, only to realize, he was quite beautiful (handsome)!

Whispers of admiration arose: “No wonder she was invited by the Queen! So beautiful!”

“Yeah! Really beautiful!”

Chen Xing:”…”

After hearing this, little Zero lifted her small head in Chen Xing’s embrace, “Um…”

Let me see who’s praising my husband’s good looks?

She looked up, immediately drawing astonished murmurs from the surrounding crowd. Once attention was drawn, they finally got a clear view of little Zero’s face.

“Wow! She’s even more beautiful!”

“Um…” Little Zero noticed that they were all looking at her. Quickly, she shrank back into Chen Xing’s embrace.

Seeing this, Chen Xing chuckled softly, gently lifted her up, and stood. Initially, he had been contemplating how to get close to Thousand Moonflower Queen and deliver a fatal blow. But now she had come to him herself, so there was no reason not to go.

Following the maid, amidst the astonished silence of the crowd, Chen Xing headed toward the Succubus Queen.

Thousand Moonflower Queen noticed that Chen Xing was holding onto someone the whole time. She felt very displeased. Her people should belong to her alone!

She began to think about how to kill the person in Chen Xing’s arms. To make Chen Xing submit to her completely!

With a expressionless face, Chen Xing held onto little Zero the entire way and arrived in front of Thousand Moonflower Queen. The maid stood by his side.

The two exchanged glances from a distance.

Chen Xing’s eyes were cold and merciless, while Thousand Moonflower Queen showed a hint of surprise. She felt a bit delighted: What an arrogant look!

At this moment, little Zero in Chen Xing’s arms also lifted her head and turned to look at Thousand Moonflower Queen in front of her.

The Succubus Queen, she must take a good look… to see if she’s pretty or not… just in case she lures Chen Xing away.

However, Thousand Moonflower Queen was wearing a mask on her face, so it was hard to tell.

Little Zero looked up at Chen Xing and noticed that when he looked at the Queen, his face was quite cold. She felt relieved.

Thousand Moonflower Queen looked at little Zero once again and felt surprised: she didn’t expect both of these individuals to be so beautiful!

“Put me down~,” Little Zero suddenly said.

Chen Xing didn’t say anything and gently set her down. He needed to find an opportunity for a sneak attack, and with little Zero in his arms, it could indeed affect his movements.

Once Thousand Moonflower Queen regained her senses, she glanced faintly at the maid beside her. The maid immediately understood and knelt down on the ground.

Then she leaned forward, lying flat on her back. Making herself into a chair!

“Please sit.”

Chen Xing nodded slightly and sat gently on the maid’s back.

However, little Zero couldn’t bear it. Standing beside Chen Xing, she felt somewhat awkward.

Seeing this, Chen Xing chuckled and said: “You can sit on my lap. That way, you won’t be sitting on her.”

“Um…” Little Zero had a vague feeling that something was off, but she couldn’t put it into words.

Then Chen Xing simply pulled her closer into his embrace. And quickly planted a kiss on her forehead.


Thousand Moonflower Queen saw this and a hint of delight flashed in her beautiful eyes. Good attack! I like it!

Although Chen Xing was dressed as a succubus, the resolute male determination on his face had transformed into a heroic quality. A sense of dominance still emanated from between his brows. He appeared like one of those very aggressive older sisters.

Aggressively amazing!

This was exactly what Thousand Moonflower Queen liked! The more aggressive, the more she liked it.


Turning the dominant into the submissive was her greatest pleasure.

This was also the reason behind her martial arts matchmaking. From a group of beautiful women, she would choose the most dominant one and bring her home!

This was a kind of almost crazy obsession. As soon as the dominant became submissive, she would find it tasteless. Then she would change partners.

So, every time a new attendant succumbed to her seduction and turned into the submissive, she would be discarded.

That’s why, even though little Zero was beautiful, she didn’t spark the slightest interest in Thousand Moonflower Queen. Her interest in Chen Xing was far greater than in little Zero.

While Chen Xing was looking at little Zero in his arms, he could still perceive that Thousand Moonflower Queen was constantly watching him.

The closer he got to this person, the more he felt her strength!

Even though she was sitting on Si Dian’er’ body and seemed somewhat lazy in her posture, she still had no flaws about her. So, Chen Xing didn’t immediately take action.

But if her battle power was around two million, her head would have already been severed by now. With her four million battle power, he still needed to be cautious.

This succubus was clearly not an ordinary individual, as seen from her previous attempt to attack and kill Lord Dian’er’ companion.

After Thousand Moonflower Queen closely observed Chen Xing, she looked at the various succubi preparing for combat in the arena. Instantly, she felt disinterested!

Those people, in terms of appearance, couldn’t match up to Chen Xing. Furthermore, their gazes towards her were filled with admiration and adoration. Where was the sense of dominance? In front of Thousand Moonflower Queen, they automatically turned submissive.

But Chen Xing was different!

Chen Xing’s gaze as he looked at her remained undisturbed. That kind of look made Thousand Moonflower Queen can’t help but doubt whether she was truly a queen. Or just a plain ugly duckling.

This doubt only fueled her desire for conquest to its peak! Just thinking about the day she would truly conquer Chen Xing made her excited!

Thinking this way, she became even more impatient, wanting to take Chen Xing home to thoroughly “appreciate” him.

So she opened her mouth and said: “Let’s end it here today. I’ve already made my selection.”


Everyone knew who this selection was. It was the breathtaking succubus the queen paid special attention to.

Indeed, it was Chen Xing.

All the succubi present fell into stunned silence. They hadn’t expected today to end so quickly. In the past, the succubi fought fiercely for the coveted position, often battling each other mercilessly for half a day.

But today, without any fighting, it just ended!

Although it seemed unfair to those succubi who had been preparing to fight below the stage, no one dared to speak out.

Who would dare to speak? Upsetting Thousand Moonflower Queen could lead to a swift demise!

Thousand Moonflower Queen could even kill them without drawing her sword. Just a glance was enough.

“Succubus Queen! Wait a moment!”

Suddenly, a demon’s voice rang out.

Everyone was taken aback!

Internally, they started to sympathize with this demon. Wasn’t this seeking death!? Dare to go against the queen’s command?

Chen Xing’s eyebrows twitched upon hearing this. Because… this voice was a male voice!

Thousand Moonflower Queen also squinted her eyes and looked down towards the arena. The one speaking, surprisingly, was a rather good-looking individual!

He was also dressed as a succubus. Chen Xing subconsciously thought it was a eunuch demon.

【 What the hell! This guy means business! 】


“What’s going on?”

【 He’s had a sex change! 】


A demon who changed his gender for Thousand Moonflower Queen? This was getting a bit absurd! Aren’t male demons supposed to despise the Succubus Queen!

What Chen Xing didn’t know was that the person in front of him was named: Uwa Kanlegi.

He was a member of the male demon underground revolutionary organization!

Over a hundred years had passed since Demon King Moran’s abdication! And Thousand Moonflower Queen, compared to several previous succubus rulers, was even more insane!

She not only oppressed male demons but also separated all demon couples. The population of the demon plane hadn’t grown for nearly a century. It was even decreasing rapidly!

The lifespan of a demon averaged around two hundred years. In a few more centuries, the entire demon plane might be wiped out by her!

But she didn’t care anyway; because she would die much earlier than that.

Under Thousand Moonflower Queen’s rule, male demons endured a dark century.

It started with mass killings and massacres. Then there was collective forced castration. One policy after another targeting male demons was implemented. It made them unable to survive in the major cities of the demon realm. They could only establish villages in remote valleys, forming a separate society.

In the hearts of all male demons, they only had this impression of Thousand Moonflower Queen: A lunatic.

An immensely powerful lunatic.

Powerful to the extent that they couldn’t resist at all, they could only beg for the arrival of the Demon King!

However, they had been waiting for too long. A hundred years had passed, and the Demon King hadn’t appeared yet!

They had been oppressed for so long that they no longer held any hope. So, they devised a twisted plan. Hearing that Thousand Moonflower Queen was looking for a partner every month, they found the best-looking male demon in their village and performed a miraculous surgery.

Turning him into a transgender demon.

He was sent here to assassinate the queen.

But after traveling a long distance to get here, the opportunity was snatched away by Chen Xing. Could Uwa Kanlegi endure this?!

The next matchmaking through martial competition, who knew how long he would have to wait. The longer he waited, the more uncomfortable he felt!

Every night, when he touched his empty crotch, his heart ached. In his dreams every night, he killed Thousand Moonflower Queen over and over again!

Every night, he missed his little brother. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything about it anymore…


As long as he could kill Thousand Moonflower Queen, the elders in the village would help him revert to being male.

He couldn’t wait another day! The pain of transformation, he wanted her to pay for it with her life!

“I demand to compete against that succubus!” Uwa Kanlegi stared at Chen Xing with determination.

To be honest, he was quite handsome.

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