How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 217 – Little Zero’s Hypnosis

Chen Xing smiled: “I don’t want to peek.”


“I just want to see you in them.”

“Um! I…” Little Zero immediately froze: “I won’t wear this!”

After speaking, she directly flashed into white light. Turning back into her demon form, the alluring demoness.

She thought to herself, as long as she had that alluring demon form, she could deter Chen Xing’s thoughts.

However, Chen Xing didn’t mind. He directly switched the interface. Another bunch of one-piece swimsuits appeared.

Specifically the kind designed for airport runways. They were adorable… in shades of pink…

They had their own charm!

“Um… you, you, you… you’ve gone too far!”

“You… you…”

Little Zero was nearly exasperated by Chen Xing…

The screen was full of runway models. What did this mean! Wasn’t this basically saying… she was a super flat…

But Chen Xing stifled a laugh and said: “What’s wrong? They look so cute, and you’ll definitely look cute in them.”


Chen Xing’s sudden compliment made her blush. She pouted and retorted: “I don’t want to! Hmph…”

Chen Xing didn’t engage further. He pointed to a particular swimsuit set: “This one looks great! Small floral pattern, it suits you so well!”

Little Zero turned her head to look at it: “Um… it’s okay, I guess…”

“Bought it.”

“Huh? Wait…” Before she could finish her sentence, that set of floral swimsuits had already appeared in Chen Xing’s hands.

Zero: ???

“I didn’t say I wanted it! You… return it quickly!”

After hearing her, Chen Xing pretended to be greatly disappointed: “Huh? Return it? I can’t return it.”

【 You can return it.】

Suddenly, San’er chimed in.

Chen Xing rolled his eyes and pouted: “No, I can’t.”

San’er: ???

Zero: ???

“Um… I don’t want it!” Seeing Chen Xing acting stubbornly, little Zero decided to act stubborn too. She absolutely refused to wear it!

However, even though she said she didn’t want to wear it, her mind was already imagining herself in the swimsuit, standing before Chen Xing. It was just… too embarrassing.

Seeing her blushing like this, Chen Xing leaned close to her ear. In a soft voice, he said: “What’s wrong? Feeling shy? We’re an old married couple; I’ve seen you in white lace already.”

After saying this, he lightly blew air into her ear.

“Um…?” A strange sensation instantly spread through her entire body! Little Zero felt like she was burning all over, “Wu wu… don’t, don’t…”

Feeling embarrassed, she quickly hid in Chen Xing’s embrace. She struggled frantically and threw a little tantrum.

“Forget about that, okay!” While burying her face in his chest, she kept struggling.

This amused Chen Xing, making him burst into laughter.

“No laughing allowed… wu wu… forget about it!”

With a pout, she extended her hand: “I’ll pinch you!”

Chen Xing looked at her and realized she was quite serious. Her hand was in front of him, her fingers pinched his face.

In a small voice, she said: “Look at my fingers~! Forget… forget… I’ll count to three, and you’ll forget… 3, 2, 1! Forget!”


As her voice fell, her tiny fist opened up in front of him, unfolding like a blossoming flower.

Chen Xing was momentarily taken aback.

Seeing him stunned, little Zero looked at him expectantly with her beautiful eyes: “Um… do you still remember?”

This was a trick she learned from watching TV at the orphanage when she was a child. She used it on Su Su before, and it never failed!

Actually, Su Su had tricked her with it, but she believed she could really hypnotize someone….

Pfft, Chen Xing nearly burst into laughter. He quickly cleared his throat and decided to play along, “Cough… what did you say?”

“Um…” (☉_☉)

“Did you forget?”

Chen Xing appeared puzzled: “Forget what?”

“Hehe… did it work?” Little Zero’s little fangs lightly bit her lips. She looked extremely delighted.

It worked~ Chen Xing had actually forgotten!

Seeing this, Chen Xing decided not to expose her. He gently set her down on the ground and said: “If you don’t want to go down, I’ll go down by myself to take a look. You wait here for me.”

“Um… oh… alright…”

Little Zero pouted, looking at Chen Xing. She also wanted to go down, to be with him, but she felt embarrassed. Those swimsuits… they were too revealing!

And… even if she wore one, it would be as good as not wearing anything. Her body’s contours would be completely exposed to Chen Xing’s gaze… just thinking about it made her blush.

Naturally, Chen Xing could sense her inner conflict. With a smile in his heart, he jumped into the lake with a splash and disappeared from view.

Seeing him vanish so suddenly, little Zero hurriedly shouted: “Come back quickly!”

Standing by the lake, she gazed at the rippling water’s surface. Muttering under her breath, “Hmph… he ran off without even a kiss…”

Underwater, Chen Xing suppressed his laughter, thinking: Such a little character… if she doesn’t come down, I won’t go up!

He then waited with a smile, expecting little Zero to show up on her own.

With San’er there underwater, there was no way he could drown. Waiting for her was no problem at all.

After a while…

Feeling bored, little Zero crouched down. Her small hand gently dipped into the water, playing with it.

The warm current flowed through her fingers’ gaps. It was quite soothing.

“So warm…”

The weather in the Demon Realm had turned a bit chilly. The warmth of the hot spring became even more comforting.

“Um… stinky Chen Xing… why aren’t you coming up yet…”


Feeling bored, she slapped the water’s surface.


Water droplets scattered, creating ripples that spread out.

This scene fascinated little Zero.

A little more time passed.

She took off her shoes. She adjusted her skirt and dipped her bare feet into the water. Dipping her toes…”Hehe… feels so nice!”

Then she playfully kicked the water, continuing to wait for Chen Xing to emerge.

A while later…

Little Zero began to feel anxious. Why hadn’t Chen Xing come up yet? It had been quite some time… could he hold his breath this long?

Even though San’er was with him, there was still some worry deep inside her.

“Chen Xing?”

“Can you hear me… Chen Xing!?”

After calling out a few times, she held her breath, listening carefully, afraid of missing his response.

However… there was no sound at all. Only the calls of birds and insects from the forest.

“Um… Husband…” She murmured softly, wondering, could he be playing a trick on her?

Taking a deep breath, she yelled loudly: “Husband!”

“Um… if you don’t come out soon, I’ll be mad!”

“Be mad…”




In the woods, her echoes were the only response she got!


With a splash sound, she leaped directly into the lake. In her haste, she even forgot to change her clothes.

She jumped in wearing her casual outfit – a little floral dress and a short-sleeved shirt. The warm water enveloped her entire body, making her feel as if she had entered heaven itself. Warm and cozy.

But at this moment, she didn’t have the presence of mind to care about these things. Underwater, she spun around in circles, searching for Chen Xing.

“H… um…” She tried to shout, but forgot she was in the water. She almost choked!

Quickly covering her mouth, her little legs kicked wildly in the water. Rapidly ascending.

Huff~ Cough cough…

Little Zero resurfaced, coughing vigorously.

At the same time, she kept looking around underwater.

In the center of the lake, mist was rising, reducing visibility dramatically. Beyond one meter, things were barely discernible. Depending on one’s perspective, this atmosphere could be seen as either a fairyland or something eerie. It all depended on one’s state of mind.

And right now, little Zero was both anxious and frightened. The mist only intensified her fear!

She shouted loudly: “Chen Xing… where are you?”

Her voice echoed through the forest, startling a flock of birds. Adding a touch of eerie and terrifying atmosphere.

“Um… stop playing… I’m scared! Wah wah…” Little Zero was on the verge of tears, “Come out quickly!”

What she hoped for most right now was that Chen Xing was just playing a joke on her. Please don’t let something bad have happened!

“Husband…?” Little Zero shouted again, still met with silence.

Just as she was about to return to the water…


The water surface in front of her started bubbling with several bubbles. Instinctively, little Zero looked underwater. She could only see a dark shape rapidly swimming towards her!


She was so frightened that she instinctively shrank her feet in the water, whispering softly: “Husband? Is that you…”

Gurgle gurgle…

Another bunch of bubbles emerged!

Little Zero felt a mixture of fear and anticipation, “Husband… stop playing! I’m really scared! Wah wah…”

Her words had just fallen… she felt something grab her little foot.

And then, with a sudden tug downward, little Zero was pulled underwater!


Before she could even cover her mouth with her hand, those familiar thin lips had gently covered her mouth…

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