How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 231 – You Can Sing?

In the kitchen, Chen Xing was boredly preparing the fish and meat in his hand. While cooking, he couldn’t help but think about little Zero.

“What’s my precious doing right now? Is she eating properly?”


He wondered what kind of food Yu Yu liked. Maybe he should make something more normal. Little Zero wasn’t here, so he didn’t need to make overly sweet dishes.


How could the Uncanny Valley Effect happen to Zero? He couldn’t figure it out.


He was used to the noisy and lively atmosphere when she was around. Suddenly, without her, it felt strange.


In the living room, San’er and Yu Yu listened to Chen Xing’s sighs, feeling puzzled.

What happened? They didn’t know what was going on, but Yu Yu found it quite amusing. She joked, “Is your chef making the ‘heartbroken’ meal? Why so many sighs just for cooking? Haha…”

She burst into laughter while covering her mouth.

San’er finally breathed a sigh of relief and chuckled. He was glad that Yu Yu had a good sense of humor.

In his heart, he communicated with Chen Xing, “Big bro, what are you doing? Why so many sighs? Can you stop sighing? It’s making me anxious!”

Chen Xing replied, “Sigh… I miss little Zero.”

San’er: “…”

【Ding: Sweetness Points +100】

San’er: “…”

“I’m freaking done…”


However, after Chen Xing sighed like this, it seemed like Yu Yu had finally found her voice. She started chatting with San’er proactively.

Just when the two of them were engrossed in their conversation, Chen Xing suddenly called out in his mind, “San’er!”

San’er: ??? “What’s wrong now?”

Chen Xing: “I want to video call my little Zero…”

San’er: “…”

“Video call!” San’er immediately initiated a video call while cautioning, “Don’t speak out loud, just use your thoughts.”


【Ring… Requesting connection…】

While waiting for the connection, Chen Xing’s face brightened with anticipation, and he stopped sighing.

【Beep! The other party has rejected the call!】


“What the hell!?” Chen Xing couldn’t help but shout out.

Little Zero actually hung up on him!? How was that possible?

That exclamation startled Yu Yu.

San’er was so angry he was sitting on the sofa, and his head was about to spin 180 degrees. But when he reached 150 degrees, he suddenly stopped!

Because he realized that he couldn’t turn his head that far as a human.

Damn it, it’s all Chen Xing’s fault!

Now what? His head was already halfway turned!

Yu Yu looked at San’er with an expression of disbelief. Could a person even turn their head like that!?

Just as she was getting worried, San’er suddenly yelled, “Ah! My neck! Help!”

Yu Yu paused, relieved that he was still human.

“Help! It hurts so much!” San’er’s head was stuck at that 150-degree angle, motionless. He kept clutching his neck, making it look like he was really in pain!

Yu Yu was starting to panic. “What… what do I do? How can I help you?”

Hearing San’er’s cries, Chen Xing put down the kitchen tools and came out. As soon as he saw San’er’s head twisted at that unnatural angle, he couldn’t help but make a strange expression.

“What are you doing, idio…Uh… cough, Mr. San?”

Yu Yu: ???

This chef…

He definitely wanted to say idiot earlier, didn’t he?

But San’er couldn’t worry about that now. He quickly blinked at Chen Xing while secretly communicating, “Stop standing there, help me figure out how to bluff our way through this!”

Chen Xing rolled his eyes and walked over to San’er, looking at Yu Yu casually. “Uh… you’ve been startled, haven’t you? Don’t be afraid. Actually, you see, when Mr. San was a child, because he had a sharp tongue, someone gave him a slap, and his head turned like this.”

“Later, he developed a habit where his neck would easily twist.”

San’er: ???

Yu Yu: “…”

Yu Yu stared blankly at Chen Xing, who had a smile on his face, and then looked at the back of San’er’s head…

I can’t believe you!

Just as she was in a daze, Chen Xing suddenly slapped San’er.

San’er’s head…

Immediately turned back to its normal position, and he looked at Yu Yu.

Yu Yu was dumbfounded!

Damn… Could what he said be true?

“You… are you okay?” Yu Yu looked at San’er in disbelief.

San’er smiled awkwardly. “Cough, I’m fine… Sorry for the trouble.”

Yu Yu: I can’t even force a smile right now! You scared the crap out of me!

San’er had a constant grin on his face but cursed Chen Xing in his heart a thousand times, “I #%! @¥ Chen Xing!”

Suddenly, the system’s voice rang out:

【Ding~ Your wife, little Zero, is calling via video. Would you like to answer?】

!!! Chen Xing immediately perked up.

My wife’s calling!

Needless to say, he accepted the call without hesitation.

“You guys chat slowly; I’m heading back,” he said.

Yu Yu nodded absentmindedly, “Sure, go ahead.”

After Chen Xing left, Yu Yu cast a suspicious look at San’er. “Did you really get slapped when you were a child?”

“Cough… Let’s not bring up the past,” San’er replied.

Yu Yu couldn’t hold back her laughter, “Hahaha…”

Her laughter echoed throughout the house, causing the flowers in the room to shake.

San’er: =.=

What’s so funny, girl!?

Damn it, Chen Xing!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Chen Xing finally answered the phone.

“Husband!” Little Zero’s childish voice echoed in his mind.

Chen Xing instantly felt like his wandering soul had found its home, and his restless heart was calmed by Zero’s voice.

“Hey~” he replied with a smile.

“Husband, I miss you so much~ sob… X﹏X”

The image of little Zero in a dimly lit room with various colored lights appeared before him. The atmosphere seemed nice, but she didn’t have a happy expression on her face.

“I miss you too… Where are you? What were you doing just now? Why didn’t you answer the phone? Is Su Su with you? Don’t wander around by yourself! Be a good girl and wait for me to come back!”

The string of questions made little Zero’s heart feel sweet. Chen Xing was worried about her~

“Hehe… I’ll show you,” Zero said as she controlled the view to show him the surroundings.

The scene in the video resembled a KTV!

In the video, Su Su was holding a microphone, looking at little Zero with a somewhat melancholic expression.

Chen Xing immediately understood.

Zero had gone to KTV?

“I’m at Sister Yuexi’s villa. She has a three-story karaoke room in her house. Su Su was singing just now, and it was too loud, so I paused it and called you!”

So that’s where Su Su’s melancholic look came from…

She was having a great time singing, and little Zero paused the music and called Chen Xing, effectively throwing a little dog food in front of Su Su!

You can’t blame her for that kind of look! Isn’t this bullying single people?

Chen Xing nodded in surprise, “You can sing?”

“Hehe… I can’t sing… I just sing randomly and scream,” she replied, making herself laugh and revealing her two cute fangs.

Chen Xing couldn’t help but want to rush over and hug her.

A smile unconsciously appeared on his face, “Then sing another song for me to listen to…”

“No, no, I won’t sing for you. I’m afraid…” she hesitated.

“Afraid of what?” Chen Xing asked.

“I’m afraid…” Before she could finish, Su Su interjected, “Afraid you’ll be scared by how bad she sings!”

Little Zero blushed instantly, “Su Su!”

Chen Xing couldn’t help but laugh. How bad could Zero’s singing be? She was such a cute girl; her singing should be adorable too.

“Come on, sing one for me,” he encouraged.

“No, no…”

“Come on!”


Lttle Zero quickly changed the subject, “What are you doing? Husb..-“

Then she remembered Su Su was still there and corrected herself, “What are you doing… Chen Xing?”

Su Su rolled her eyes and commented, “Big sis, you called him Husband so many times earlier, and now you remember me? It’s okay, continue calling him. I’m immune.”

Little Zero blushed again. Her best friend always had a way of teasing her!

Chen Xing smiled and replied, “I’m just cooking for San’er and Yu Yu.”

“Oh…” Little Zero nodded, then suddenly asked, “Can I see Yu Yu?”

“Of course!”

Chen Xing controlled the view to show the living room where Yu Yu and San’er were.

“She’s such a pretty lady…” Little Zero commented.

Chen Xing pursed his lips and remained silent.

“Is she pretty?” Zero suddenly asked.

Chen Xing still didn’t respond, and she continued, “Is she prettier than me?”

Chen Xing finally spoke, “Not even half as pretty as you.”

That was the truth.

Blushing, little Zero puckered her lips, “Hehe… I love you.”

“I love you too!”

“Then you’re not allowed to look at her too much! You can only look at me… hmph.”

“Of course, I won’t even glance at her.”

“Hehe… when will you come back?”

“I don’t know, probably after finishing dinner.”

“Oh… I want to see you cooking.”

Chen Xing smiled gently and shifted the view again.

“No… farther, I can’t see you now!”

“Alright, alright~ hehe…”

Inside the living room, San’er was feeling overwhelmed.

Chen Xing and little Zero were having a video call through him, so naturally, he could see everything!

He was thinking, Why do I have to eat their dog food on my date? Who’s even on a date here!?

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