How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 32- Strange Weapons

“Boom!” Suddenly, an explosion rang out in the arena.

“Mmm…” The loud noise startled Zero in Chen Xing’s arms, causing her to tremble slightly.

Chen Xing gently patted her head and whispered, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Zero held onto him tightly. “Mmm!”

From behind a cover, Chen Xing peeked out to see how they were fighting. The sky was filled with flashing swords, lightning, gunshots, and explosions. It was a dazzling sight to behold!

There was a person wielding a ten-meter-long sword, swinging it horizontally, vertically, and upwards. The sword effortlessly sliced through iron with ease.

There was another person with two floating knives by his side. The knives rapidly spun in a tail-to-tail motion, creating a whirlwind that surged forward. He blew away many people, forming both an offensive attack and a defensive barrier.

“Ping~” Bullets hit the barrier and were instantly deflected.

However, the bullets from the gun-type Spirit Users, which were designed for penetration, were replaced with paint-filled dummy rounds. Otherwise, it would be ridiculous if they actually killed someone.

When a Spirit Master was hit, paint would be left on their body.

If the system determined that a Spirit Master failed, they would no longer be able to participate in the battle. Needless to say, no one dared to violate the rules in the Training Academy.

Every confrontation tournament brought about a major reshuffle in the B-rank leaderboard within the academy. Everyone would give their all in the battle!

If someone managed to defeat a high-ranking Spirit Master, they could swap ranks. In battles outside of regular rankings, if one Spirit Master defeated another and the winner’s rank was lower than the loser’s, they would directly swap ranks.

The higher the ranking, the more spirit points the academy would allocate.

“Boom~” There was a person wearing a pair of gauntlets, and with a punch, flames burst out!

“WTF!? Is that you, Ace!?” Chen Xing looked dumbfounded. The gauntlets were the person’s spirit weapon (Spirit User’s weapon form), and the flames were his skill.

Another person held dual guns, a red one in the left hand and a green one in the right.

Red paired with green, never missing a target. The person with the dual guns started shooting wildly. Surprisingly, he were shooting at his own allies!

Chen Xing furrowed his brow, thinking, “A traitor?” Why was this person backstabbing his own team?

But soon, he noticed something peculiar. The bullets fired from the red gun didn’t penetrate the target’s body but provided a speed boost instead! Though the boost wasn’t significant, the green gun in the person’s right hand could slow down their target’s speed. If the bullets hit the enemy, the difference in speed would instantly create a gap between them!

According to the famous theory of the Canyon Relativity… if the opponent slows down, it’s like I’m speeding up… So this skill is an acceleration multiplied by 2.

Of course, the opposing side wouldn’t just sit back and let this little support character have their way. They quickly came up with a countermeasure.

One person held two spherical objects resembling reaction balls. Then, he gently tossed one of the balls into the air. It rose and then fell. In the moment it hit the ground, the person forcefully kicked the reaction ball!

“Bang!” One person was caught off guard and directly knocked unconscious.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…” The ball rapidly bounced around the field. Due to its uneven surface, the ball’s trajectory was unpredictable.

Each time it collided with an object, it emitted a burst of light. Strangely, as the ball kept bouncing, not only did its speed not decrease, but it also became faster and faster. Soon, the ball’s speed surpassed what an ordinary person could perceive with the naked eye. It gained tremendous attacking power.

People in the field kept falling.

In this terrain filled with cover, the ball was like a fish in water! Each bounce added acceleration to the ball. Although it seemed like the ball was randomly attacking, not a single ally fell. Only the enemies went down. This indicates that the Spirit Master controlling that high-speed ball had full command over it.

There was also someone wielding a staff, waving it gently to turn an enemy’s Spirit User into a little pig!

Another person held his spirit weapon resembling a small electric fan. Under his control, the fan started spinning… A powerful typhoon suddenly swept out. The terrifying wind blew several people away!

Watching these peculiar skills and diverse forms of weapons, the spirited Spirit Masters in various postures, Chen Xing couldn’t help but reveal a smile of excitement (madness) on his face. This was the kind of stimulation he desired!

This world was truly fascinating. In this world, there were many Spirit Users. The variety of their weapon forms was impossible to count. Swords, guns, body-enhancing forms, and various uncategorized and peculiar weapon forms were collectively referred to as “universal type.” And Zero belonged to the universal type of Spirit User.

Each classification had its advantages and disadvantages. One must leverage the strengths of their Spirit User while avoiding the weaknesses. There were no worthless Spirit Users, only truly worthless Spirit Masters!

Curiously, Chen Xing looked at Zero in his arms.

If this adorable little one were to transform, what kind of spirit weapon would she become? He remembered Zero’s weapon form called “Demonic Zero.”

What would Demonic Zero look like…

His mind couldn’t help but start fantasizing.

Seeing Chen Xing staring at her absentmindedly, Zero asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh… nothing.” Chen Xing didn’t plan to tell Zero about her ability to level up; he wanted to surprise her. Now it seemed that it would also bring a big surprise to Chen Xing when the time came.

What did Demonic Zero actually look like? Chen Xing couldn’t wait any longer! He had to quickly earn spirit points and upgrade Zero!

“System, where are Ning Yanxin and Xia Zhiqiu?”

【 Ding~ Scanning the battlefield…. 】

【 Ning Yanxin and Xia Zhiqiu not found within the range, expanding the scanning range… 】

【 Still not found… expanding the scanning range… 】

Chen Xing waited patiently, watching the map panel in front of him expand. The dots on it became more and more numerous. It was densely packed, like a nightmare for someone with trypophobia.

“Chen Xing, do you really want to find them… they’re very powerful!”

“Hmm? Don’t you believe in me?” Chen Xing smiled and looked at the adorable little girl in his arms.

Upon hearing this, Zero quickly raised her hand and gestured in front of him, shaking her head at the same time. “Not that, not that! I just…”

It wasn’t that she looked down on Chen Xing. She simply wished for Chen Xing to be safe and sound, ideally without any injuries at all!

Chen Xing chuckled and covered her small mouth with his.

Zero was startled and quickly tried to push him away with her little hand. But she couldn’t budge his solid chest at all. She could only let Chen Xing deepen the kiss.

“Mmm… Mmm!” (Let go of me! There are so many people watching! Mmm…)

The audience in the livestream room went wild:

“What is happening!?”

“This is too much!”

“Let go of that girl! Let me handle it!”

“They’ve been hiding here, why hasn’t anyone noticed!?”

“Someone quickly take them away!”

【 Ding~ The positions of Ning Yanxin and Xia Zhiqiu have been scanned! 】

Chen Xing released Zero and looked at the map panel.

Finally, Zero could catch her breath! Her face flushed, she looked at Chen Xing with affectionate eyes…

In her heart: Chen Xing… you big bully!

On the map, Ning Yanxin and Xia Zhiqiu’s positions were far away. Both of them were in Zone A, very close to each other. It seemed like a fight was about to break out.

Zone A was located above Zone C, and Chen Xing’s position was at the edge of Zone C. In other words, to reach Zone A, he had to cross the entire Zone C.

“System, if I defeat a B-rank Spirit Master outside of the mission, how many spirit points and crystal coins will I be rewarded with?”

【 Outside of the mission, rewards are based on combat power. 】

【 50,000-60,000 combat power: 500,000 spirit points, 1 million crystal coins. 】

【 60,000-70,000: 1 million spirit points, 1.5 million crystal coins. 】

【 70,000-80,000: 1.5 million spirit points, 2 million crystal coins. 】

【 80,000-90,000: 2 million spirit points, 2.5 million crystal coins. 】

【90,000-100,000: 2.5 million spirit points, 3 million crystal coins. 】

If someone saw this panel, they would surely exclaim in surprise. This money was too easy to earn!

Chen Xing’s eyes also lit up, and he instinctively said, “Tsk… so much money! Demon Zero, here I come!”

Little Zero looked puzzled and asked, “What’s Demon Zero?”

“Oh… it’s nothing, you’ll know in the future.”

Little Zero, unhappy that he didn’t tell her, pouted and said, “Fine~ Hmph…”

So, under the watchful eyes of everyone, Chen Xing stood up.

Immediately, someone in the livestream room noticed his action and commented, “What is he doing? Is he going to his death?”

Meanwhile, inside the Dean’s office, Lin Tianyi watched Chen Xing standing up on the screen.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and a faint smile appeared on his lips. “Don’t disappoint me!”

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