How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 35 – Cat Boy

Chen Xing closed his eyes and calmly sensed the subtle killing intent. He stood still in place, unmoving.

The live chat once again filled with question marks:

“What’s going on? Did he get scared by a child?”

“That kid doesn’t look too old, maybe thirteen or fourteen at most, and he’s already on the B List? Participating in the competition?”

“It seems he’s also a prodigy!”

Zero, in Chen Xing’s arms, was too scared to move when he saw Chen Xing like this. He didn’t release his killing intent at the moment, but she still felt that Chen Xing was intimidating!

Internally, she felt a bit scared: Why is he like this again? No, tonight I have to properly educate him! He can’t be so fierce!

Suddenly, Chen Xing opened his eyes, devoid of any emotion.

Like a stagnant pool, if there were experts present, they would be able to see that even with his arms around Zero, he had no flaws in his entire body!

If the enemy doesn’t move, I won’t move, even if that young boy is lurking in the shadows, Chen Xing is in the light! The one who strikes first must ensure it’s a fatal blow!

Otherwise, they will inevitably reveal a flaw. When assassins face off, often only one strike is needed. Of course, Chen Xing definitely has a way to counter-attack the young boy even if he strikes first.

After all, whether it’s skills, speed, or strength, he completely overwhelms him in every aspect. However, he approached this younger assassin with the mindset of educating (thinning out the seedlings) him. What’s the point of being an assassin at such a young age? Isn’t it better to experience love?

Suddenly, Chen Xing spoke: “The one in the cover must not strike first unless their speed is overwhelming enough. Otherwise, they will be defeated.”

The young boy in the shadows visibly hesitated, and his killing intent fluctuated for a moment. He knew that Chen Xing’s words were directed at him! Because his master had said the same thing to him countless times.

“How can your killing intent fluctuate? Sigh, you’re still too young. As soon as you fluctuate, I’ll know where you are.”

“Bang!” Chen Xing suddenly pushed off the ground, unleashing all his strength.

He explosively shot towards an inconspicuous cover and threw a punch! It landed on the cover.

“BOOM!” The cover instantly exploded, and the young boy stared blankly at Chen Xing in front of him, his mouth slightly agape.

A small piece of debris grazed the young boy’s tender cheek, leaving a small bloodstain. However, the larger pieces of debris didn’t hit him but scattered around. This was one of Chen Xing’s martial techniques. Otherwise, with a normal punch, the young boy would have been overwhelmed by the debris.

Chen Xing looked at the young boy in front of him and his eyes lit up. At this moment, the young boy had two pink, cute cat ears on top of his head. They formed a striking contrast with his blue hair. His palms and soles of his feet had all turned into cat paws. He even had a pink tail behind him.

In the live chat:

“This young boy is too cute!”

“A cat boy?”

“This is a beast-type spirit manifestation!”

After his eyes lit up, Chen Xing regained his expressionless face:

“Still dazed? Do you want to die?”

“Swoosh!” A powerful killing intent erupted from him, all converging on the young boy.

The boy finally snapped out of it. However, he couldn’t move an inch! The overwhelming killing intent from Chen Xing made it impossible for him to even lift his feet in fear. He had only one question in his mind: Who is he!?

He had only felt such a powerful killing intent from his master.

“Swoosh!” The killing intent suddenly disappeared.

Chen Xing pondered for a moment. Rarely did he encounter a fellow assassin, and he had some affinity with this young boy. He was in the mood to play with him a little longer. Everything depended on his mood!

Today, he was in a good mood.

He smiled and said, “I’ll give you three seconds to try again.”

As soon as the young boy regained his ability to move, he had already darted out before Chen Xing finished speaking. He had never thought of launching a direct attack because Chen Xing had no openings.

Chen Xing stood in place, watching the young boy swiftly shuttle between the covers.

“Not bad speed, and almost no sound.”

“Oh… I see, it’s those cat paws! The cat paws absorb the sound when landing, right?”

“I see, cats… natural-born assassins, fast, accurate, ruthless. Your spirit manifestation probably provides significant boosts to speed, reaction speed, and body coordination, right?”

“It’s quite suitable as your spirit manifestation!”

The young boy moved between the covers while silently amazed by how accurate Chen Xing’s analysis was. Suddenly, he stopped. He stopped behind another cover.

Seeing him stop, Chen Xing shook his head and said, “Not good enough!”

Young boy: ?????

“Watch me!”

“Swoosh!” Chen Xing suddenly moved. His figure changed multiple times!

At the same time, he said, “Sometimes, it’s not necessary to remain completely silent. Creating sound can also be an art!”

While he was speaking, the boy felt Chen Xing’s voice turning into a 3D surround sound. It came from all directions, and not only could he not see Chen Xing’s movements clearly, but he couldn’t even determine his exact position!

Suddenly, the sounds Chen Xing created disappeared. All movement ceased, and Chen Xing disappeared too! The young boy tensed up, silently sensing his presence.

Nothing! No presence at all!

The viewers in the live chat were also perplexed:

“Where is he!? How did he disappear?”

“Is it possible that he hid in a blind spot in the surveillance?”

“The so-called confrontation zone with no dead angles… actually has a blind spot!?”

“Where exactly is he hiding?”

That’s right! Chen Xing not only evaded the young boy’s perception but also managed to avoid all the cameras in this heavily monitored battlefield.

Of course, he did so with the help of the system’s map. Otherwise, even he wouldn’t be able to locate all the hidden cameras.

Just when everyone was dumbfounded, Chen Xing spoke again: “Before you make a move, either don’t use your killing intent, or spread it evenly.”

“The way you are now, the enemy can easily determine your position based on the intensity of your killing intent.”

The young boy was shocked once again! How could he even determine the intensity of the killing intent? Who was this person?

The viewers in the live chat were the ones truly shocked. They could only hear the voice but couldn’t see Chen Xing.

“What is he saying? Where is he exactly!?”

And at that moment, Chen Xing spoke again. “To be honest, when the old ladies in our village slaughter chickens, their killing intent is stronger than yours!”

Xue Bufu: ??? I feel like I’ve heard this before.

“Put away your pathetic killing intent and try to sense mine!”

The young boy clenched his teeth. He finally understood why Chen Xing was saying all these things to him. He wasn’t mocking him, he was teaching him. Although he was angry, he obediently followed the instructions. He suppressed his own killing intent and silently began to sense.

“Swoosh!” The killing intent instantly permeated the area!

Ning Xin Yan and Xia Zhiqiu, who were battling in the distance, both paused in their movements. They were astonished as they felt Chen Xing’s terrifying killing intent from several hundred meters away. But there was nothing in that direction. Both the young boy and Chen Xing were hiding in the shadows.

Xia Zhiqiu exclaimed in surprise, “What is this feeling? It’s terrifying!”

“An assassin!”

The young cat-like boy, hiding behind the ruins, trembled all over.

He clearly felt that this killing intent deprived him of all his senses. Right now, he was like a deaf, blind, and insensible person, with no sensory perception whatsoever! He was even so terrified that he couldn’t even breathe!

He could only sense Chen Xing’s killing intent. This was because of the vast difference in their strengths.

“Swoosh!” The killing intent vanished, and the cat-like boy gasped for breath.

Chen Xing couldn’t help but furrow his brow. “Tsk… Shut up!”

The young boy was scared, desperately trying to control his breathing.

Then Chen Xing continued in a calm tone. “The method I just showed you was one way of using killing intent. Let me teach you another one. Today’s lesson ends here. I have other things to attend to, so I won’t play with you anymore.”

As his words fell, Chen Xing suddenly appeared behind the young boy. The killing intent appeared once again, but this time it all condensed onto the boy.

“When facing an opponent of the same level, you must release all your killing intent at the moment of attack, concentrating it into one point, temporarily incapacitating the opponent. A single strike, a guaranteed kill.” As Chen Xing spoke, the young boy could only move his eyes among his entire body. He wished he could turn his eyes away and face this extraordinary person.

Chen Xing’s hand was placed behind the boy’s head but didn’t touch him. Although the boy didn’t turn around, he could clearly feel that his head would explode in the next second!

Suddenly, Zero in Chen Xing’s arms tugged at the corner of his clothes. “Chen Xing… you can’t bully kids! Be gentle… hitting their heads will make them dumb!”

The young cat-like boy was momentarily stunned, thinking to himself: Thank you!

Chen Xing couldn’t help but laugh and touched her small head, saying softly, “Alright… my lady.”

“Mmm… you… don’t call me that randomly!”

“Mwah~” Chen Xing quickly pecked her blushing little face and made a smacking sound.

“Mmm…” Zero blushed and buried herself in his embrace.

Millions of viewers: ???

Young cat boy: ???

“Swoosh!” The killing intent disappeared, and the boy’s feeling of his head about to explode vanished with it. He gasped for breath and turned around, incredulously looking at Chen Xing, whose face was filled with a smile.

He also looked at Zero in Chen Xing’s arms. All the actions Chen Xing just did were done while holding her. It was simply unbelievable!

While the young boy was still in a daze, Chen Xing suddenly asked, “What’s your name?”

“I… I’m called Yun Xinghai!”

“Yun Xinghai? Do you know Xue Bufu?”

“Brother Xue! Yes, I know him!”

“Oh! So, you’re the one Brother Xue mentioned, the 13-year-old boy from their village who can knock someone out with a kick. Damn, that’s terrifying!”

Yun Xinghai: “???”

Xue Bufu looked at the livestream, crying and laughing! He didn’t expect Chen Xing to remember.

“And you are…?”

Chen Xing smiled, shook his head, and said, “I’ll teach you one more thing: an assassin shouldn’t casually reveal their name! This is the last lesson. Goodbye.”

As he spoke, he quickly reached out his hand. Before Yun Xinghai could react, a super brain-busting slap landed on his head!

“Bang!” He fell flat on the ground…

Slight concussion.

The spirit weapon attached to him also returned to its human form. The pink cat-like girl knelt on the ground, looking at Chen Xing with a terrified expression.

Chen Xing didn’t say anything and thought to himself: These two have potential! Not bad.

Then he turned around, holding Zero, and walked away. Heading towards Xia Zhiqiu and Ning Xinyan.

Xia Zhiqiu and Ning Xinyan had stopped fighting when the killing intent erupted earlier. They had been watching Chen Xing’s side the whole time. Now, seeing Chen Xing holding Zero and walking towards them, their expressions turned serious. They felt like facing a formidable enemy!

Xia Zhiqiu said in a deep voice, “Let’s attack together and take him down first!”


Chen Xing looked at the two of them and could clearly sense that he had been locked onto by both of them. A smile unconsciously appeared on his face.

The livestream chat exploded!

“The show is about to start! Place your bets!”

“I bet on Ning Xinyan and Xia Zhiqiu to win!”

“I bet on that loli lover!”

“What the heck is a loli lover?”

“Wow! So exciting! B-rank! Ranks 2 and 3 teaming up against Rank 1! The battle of the century!”

“Guys, don’t forget to record the screen!”

Xue Bufu looked at the approaching three individuals and couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“Don’t embarrass me, Ning Xinyan!”

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