How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 5 – Spirit Masters And Spirit Users

Chen Xing suddenly opened his eyes. His indifferent gaze fell on the face of the female receptionist.

The female receptionist felt a tightness in her heart and didn’t know what to say.

Chen Xing carried Zero and walked into the lobby, water dripping from his body.

“I’d like a suite, payment in spirit points.” With previous experience, Chen Xing was already familiar with the process.

“Alright, please show your ID card.”

Zero had been holding the ID card in her hand and hadn’t put it back in her pocket. She handed it directly to the female receptionist.

“SSS-grade Spirit User?” The female receptionist looked at Chen Xing and Zero in disbelief.

She thought to herself, “He’s actually a Spirit Master with an SSS-grade Spirit User! This young man must have formidable strength.”

“Beep.” After swiping the card, it was returned to Zero.

Then, the receptionist picked up the scanner just like before. Politely, she opened it and reminded them: “That will be a total of 20,000 spirit points.”

Chen Xing nodded.

“Beep~ Deduction of 20,000 spirit points successful. Thank you for visiting Four Seasons Bay, A-grade Safe Zone.”

“Here’s your room card. The elevator is on your left-hand side, room number is 390-11, 390th floor, the 11th room on the left.”

390th floor? Are the buildings in this world that tall?

Chen Xing thought to himself that taking the elevator might take quite a while.

With both hands occupied by Zero, he had no free hand to offer. Zero extended her little hand and politely said while taking the room card, “Thank you.”

“Beep~ Welcome to the elevator.” The doors opened, revealing a row of soft seats, like those in a movie theater.

Chen Xing inwardly commented, “Why does the elevator have seats? Isn’t that unnecessary?” He didn’t sit down but stood while holding Zero.

Quietly waiting for the elevator doors to close.

“Um… Chen Xing?” This was the first time Zero called him by his name, and for some reason, she felt a bit embarrassed.


“Could you put me down first…”

“Oh… You’re so light that I almost forgot I was holding you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay…” Zero blushed and spoke softly.

But in her heart, she thought, “He just said I was heavy, and now he says I’m light… Am I heavy or light, really…”

In reality, Chen Xing had already adapted to his body without the amplification of strength. That’s why Zero now felt light to him.

Zero took the room card and swiped it in the elevator. The elevator made a “beep” sound. But the doors still didn’t close.

Chen Xing subconsciously thought, “Is it broken?”

At that moment, Zero softly said, “Um…”


“We should sit down and fasten the seatbelt!”

“This… Why do we need to fasten seatbelts in an elevator?”

“Otherwise, we can die…”


“Click…” Once he obediently sat down and fastened his seatbelt, the elevator doors finally closed.

Then, a mechanical voice sounded:

“10, 9, 8, 7…”

As Chen Xing listened to the countdown, he was a bit bewildered. The last time he heard this kind of countdown was on Earth, during a rocket launch.

“3, 2, 1”


At this moment, Chen Xing finally understood why he needed to fasten the seatbelt. He even started to doubt if he was in an elevator. This overwhelming sensation must be no different from riding a rocket!

However, this overwhelming feeling only lasted for a few seconds before disappearing.

“Ding-dong, 390th floor reached. Have a nice day!.”

“What the heck was that….” Then, carrying Zero while muttering something, Chen Xing entered the room.

The suite in the A-grade Safe Zone was really spacious! There were two rooms, facing each other like a pair of doors. One was the master bedroom, and the other was a guest bedroom.

The living room in the middle was at least 100 square meters. The decoration was exquisite.

“Which room do you want? Ladies first.”

“I… the one on the left.”

“Okay, then I’ll take the one on the right.”

After saying that, he walked towards his room. He was really tired now. Before traversing, he had played a card game called “Pull the Train” with San’er for ten days and ten nights. They couldn’t determine a winner.

These two people, even while playing “Pull the Train,” resorted to cheating. It was a wonder if they could ever determine a winner. Besides, he got caught in the rain and got covered in the filth of that Spirit Beast.

He needed to take a shower quickly.

“Chen Xing.” Zero suddenly spoke, and Chen Xing paused and turned around.

“What’s the matter?”

“Thank you…”

“You’re welcome!”

After saying that, he entered his room. He quickly took off his clothes and entered the bathroom.

“Drip…” Hot water poured down…

“San’er?” Chen Xing tentatively shouted.

There was no response.


【 Ding~ What are your orders, Host? 】

“I just killed a monster, why didn’t I receive any rewards?” As an experienced traverser, Chen Xing naturally knew that killing monsters and beasts would grant rewards.

【 What are you talking about, Host? I don’t know, 】 the system responded.

“…” Chen Xing was momentarily speechless. He thought the system was pretending to be clueless.

But in reality, it wasn’t the system’s fault. When he first arrived here, the system wasn’t activated yet.

“Let me take a look at the introduction to this continent.”

【 Alright. 】

The system panel appeared in front of him once again. Chen Xing scrolled and clicked on the panel, quickly gaining a general understanding of this world. In this world, there are three types of people:

  1. Ordinary people.
  2. Weapon Spirit Users or simply ‘Spirit Users’
  3. Spirit Masters.

The gender of both the Spirit Masters and the Spirit Users is evenly distributed between males and females. There are no restrictions on pairings, and it is possible for both male-male, male-female, and female-female combinations.

The main factor to consider is compatibility. The higher the compatibility between a Spirit Master and a Spirit User, the greater the attribute bonuses!

Of course, compatibility can be gradually improved over time. However, there is one important point:

Each Spirit Master can only change their Spirit User a maximum of ten times in their lifetime. Because every time a Spirit User is changed, the upper limit of compatibility is reduced by ten percent.

In other words, changing a Spirit User even once means that the compatibility can never reach one hundred percent!

Therefore, many people are extremely cautious and careful when choosing their Spirit Users. Well-known Spirit Masters and Spirit Users often become lifelong partners. Some combinations happen to be between a man and a woman who are mutually attracted to each other and may even get married and have children.

Of course, there are also those who are willing to sacrifice ten percent of their compatibility for a stronger Spirit User. Ultimately, it is up to the Spirit Master to weigh their options.

Ironically, while the Spirit Master needs the consent of the Spirit User to form a bond, the Spirit Master can unilaterally release the bond without the Spirit User’s consent.

From this point, it can be seen that the status of the Spirit User is inferior to that of the Spirit Master. The right to give up on the bond also means that Spirit Users can be mercilessly abandoned.

The most unfortunate are those Spirit Users who are neither strong nor weak and are used as transitional partners. They go through a continuous cycle of being replaced by new partners and subsequently abandoned, which repeats throughout their lives.

In this world, many Spirit Masters do not even consider Spirit Users as people; they view them merely as tools. Once they are used up, they are discarded. Unfortunately, there are many people who behave this way, regardless of gender.

After reading this information, Chen Xing finally understood what had happened. Zero, it seems, was probably abandoned by a Spirit Master.

But theoretically, being an SSS-grade Spirit User, she should be the highest level! How could she be abandoned? It seems that He Yu is incredibly foolish.

As for Chen Xing, his advantage in this world is: He has a super system called San’er.

Whether it’s in terms of functionality or amplification, it can completely overpower the Spirit Users and Spirit Masters. He wonder what kind of effect it will have if he becomes a Spirit Master on top of being an assasssin. Chen Xing began to anticipate it gradually.

He made up his mind. The first step is to complete the system mission and bind with Zero! But how should he say it to her?

Chen Xing muttered to himself while facing the wall: “Become my Spirit!”

“No, that sounds too cheesy.”

“Let’s just go with something casual.”

“This… isn’t a confession…”

Chen Xing was never good with words, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t figure out what to say. He had to seek help from the system.


【 What is it now? 】


This voice, San’er’s flavor is too strong!

“I didn’t upgrade your language pack, did I?”

【 Upgrading the language pack requires Spirit Points: 50 million. 】

“50 million!!! Are you robbing me!?”

Then the system fell silent. Chen Xing speculated that it might be due to the residual language pack that wasn’t properly reset, causing the system to potentially go haywire at any moment.


【 Ding~ What can I do for you, host? 】

This time it’s back to normal!

“How do people in this world usually invite Spirit Users?”

【 Searching… 】

【 Marry me, my sweetheart… 】


【 I love you, become mine exclusively! 】


【 Can you get on top of me? 】

“Shut up… You’re definitely doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” Chen Xing listened to the system while wiping his body. There was a ready-made bathrobe in the bathroom, but he didn’t feel like wearing it now. He lay naked on the bed.

Then the system continued:

【 Become my good brother! 】


【 Brother, will you accompany me for the rest of my life? 】


【 Hey handsome, I really like you! 】

“Wait, how did it turn into a male-male pairing?”

【 Good brother, I’ve actually had feelings for you for a long time! 】

“??? Exit! Exit!”

“What is this nonsense?”

“People in this world can’t really be like this, right?”

“Ugh…” Even just thinking about it sent shivers down his spine! The system was definitely messing with him.

Just then, the system’s voice rang out again.

【 Ding~ System update preparation complete. 】

【 Update contents: Adjustments made for the new world regarding certain functions. Information for the new world is now 80% complete. Some bugs have been fixed. Partial mission logic is ready. Estimated update time: 1 hour. Update initiated…】

“So, it was preparing for an update. No wonder it was acting up.” Upon hearing that the system was going to update, Chen Xing felt relieved and also became eager with anticipation.

After crossing over to this world, the system didn’t seem as proactive as before. Back when it was San’er, it was enthusiastic from the start and even gave him a bunch of beginner’s gift packages. However…

Now, in this new world, the system didn’t give him anything! It even took away 100 strands of his hair, which was just plain infuriating.

“Knock, knock…” Suddenly, there was a knocking sound at the door.

“One moment!” Chen Xing quickly put on his bathrobe and went to open the door.

Zero was standing there. Her hair was still wet and she hadn’t changed her clothes. She was still wearing that damp floral dress. She looked up, her pretty face slightly flushed.

“Do you have a fever?”

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