How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 58.1 – Chen Xing’s Cooking Is Really Good

Serene Haven is very close, but vehicles cannot be driven on the ground. The speed of vehicles in this world is too fast, so they must travel on the dedicated sky roadway called Divine Blessing Roadway.

It took some time to turn onto the sky roadway. Once they were on it, the speed became very fast. Soon, they arrived at the dedicated sky roadway for Serene Haven and went straight into the underground parking garage.

“Which building is your home?”

“One of them.”

“That one must be quite expensive.” Lin Yuexi said casually.

Seeing that Chen Xing could live here at such a young age, he must come from a wealthy family. For Spirit Masters, what they lack is crystal coins, not spirit points. No matter what task they undertake, they always receive more spirit points than crystal coins.

“It’s alright, around 30 million.” Chen Xing felt the opposite. He was not lacking in crystal coins; what he lacked was spirit points! Because no matter what he did, it required a huge amount of spirit points. To upgrade the system’s voice package, it required 50 million spirit points!

Although the Super System’s voice was already quite unique. But in reality, it was because there was still a lot of data from San’er, and the system had not been completely uninstalled, resulting in a strong resemblence of San’er even without upgrading the system. Chen Xing hoped that the Super System could restore the previous save file from the Assassin Star Dimension.

To upgrade super system to be able to modify Zero’s system, it would require 10 billion spirit points! To advance Zero to the next level, it would require 5 billion spirit points!

It was all spirit points, and just thinking about it gave Chen Xing a headache. No matter how much he kissed Zero every day, he couldn’t earn that much. He had to ask the system if there was any shortcut to earn spirit points.

Although he said this, Chen Xing’s words were definitely a bit pretentious.

“Alright, around 30 million!” Is that even a normal thing to say?

Su Su definitely couldn’t let him go full-on with the pretentiousness! “Hmph… It’s just that your family has money…”

Chen Xing ignored her, but Lin Yuexi smiled and said, “Well, I also come from a wealthy family. Otherwise, could you afford to ride in this sports car?”

“Uh… I wasn’t talking about you, Yuexi.”

“Haha…” Lin Yuexi didn’t mind at all; she was just teasing her. At the same time, she wanted Su Su to be more careful with her words.

Lin Yuexi actually thought that Chen Xing was quite good. She could tell that he genuinely liked Zero. Being an heir to a wealthy family, she knew how to read people from their body language. For example, when Chen Xing got into the car, his gaze never left Zero’s sleeping face. Occasionally, a smile would appear on his face.

When they had met in the restroom before, Chen Xing’s eyes were lifeless and cold. But when he looked at Zero, his eyes were full of tenderness.

Lin Yuexi lightly stepped on the brake, and the car came to a stop. The doors flipped up to the roof again.

Chen Xing carried Zero and led the two of them back home. Their house was large, and it would definitely astonish an average person. However, for Su Su and Lin Yuexi, who both lived in villas, it had no impact.

“Have a seat.” Chen Xing sat down on the sofa with Zero in his arms, gently supporting her head with one hand to make her more comfortable while sleeping.

Lin Yuexi also noticed this detail and couldn’t help but feel emotional, thinking that being his girlfriend would surely bring much happiness. However, Su Su still believed that he was just a skilled player acting for them!

“Mmm…” Zero suddenly woke up. Her eyes hadn’t opened yet, but she called out Chen Xing’s name. “Chen Xing~”

Chen Xing looked at her slightly parted cherry lips and couldn’t help but kiss her again.

Su Su: …

Lin Yuexi still had a smile on her face, but internally she felt a mix of amusement and frustration: Everything is fine, except that he’s a bit… oblivious! He completely acts as if she and Su Su don’t exist!

He kissed Zero awake so suddenly, causing her to open her beautiful eyes wide. “Mmm…”

Seeing her open her eyes, Chen Xing gently parted from her lips and asked in a soft voice, “Feeling better?”

“I’m fine! Huhu~” Her little arms tightly hugged Chen Xing, and she rubbed her small face against his chest, just like a little kitten.

Su Su’s eyes almost rolled to the back of her head. Even Zero completely ignored the two of them!


She suddenly shouted, startling Zero in Chen Xing’s embrace, and she let out a startled cry “Ah!”

Chen Xing furrowed his brows, but Su Su was Zero’s best friend. He didn’t glare at her with eyes that seemed like he wanted to kill her.

After Zero reacted, she glanced at Chen Xing and noticed his furrowed brows. She understood why he was frowning.

“Mmm…” She quickly raised her little hand and extended her slender index finger, gently stroking his brows, trying to ease his frown.

“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Chen Xing smiled softly at her response.

Zero also smiled back. “Huhu~”

Su Su’s self-esteem took a hit at this moment. Zero ignored her once again!

It was simply unreasonable! Unforgivable! She had been best friends with Zero since childhood, yet she was less important than a guy she had just met a few days ago!

Just as she was about to get angry, Zero finally shifted in Chen Xing’s embrace.

“Flip flop~!”

Originally facing Chen Xing, with a flip, her bottom was now facing Chen Xing and her face was directed towards Su Su.

“Huhu~ Su Su!”

Su Su, who was still angry, blurted out, “Hey, can’t you get out of his embrace?”

“Mmm…” Zero suddenly realized that she had gotten used to lying in Chen Xing’s arms and had completely forgotten…

Her face turned red, and she was about to get up. “Hmph! Why are you so fierce…” She said, then climbed out of Chen Xing’s embrace and sat on the sofa, still leaning so close to him.

“Well, now you even dare to talk back!”

Zero pouted, making a silly face and said, “Lue lue lue…”

Su Su was so angry that she raised her hand and pointed at her, “You!”

Lin Yuexi couldn’t help but cry and laugh. Zero and Su Su were so amusing. If it weren’t for the fact that each person could only have one spirit user, she would have definitely taken Zero home as well.

Lin Yuexi had seen Zero before, and at first glance, she found this little girl extremely adorable! She even said to her, “Do you want to come to my house? I can take care of you!”

After all, she had money, and she liked cute little girls, so she really hoped that Zero could come and live with her. But Zero didn’t agree; she wanted to rely on herself to survive. Although she was weak in strength, she was strong in her heart.

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